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Project M.A.N. : Fan Universe (Made for fan character) 
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What's up MG peps? Long time no see! I didn't know where else to post this, feel free to move it.
(Note: I made all the images in this topic MYSELF, I also have the original PNGs and PSDs to prove it)

I've been rather busy with college, work, and dating life, I won't bore you with the details.

I originally just made the fan character, but it's grown much bigger than that, I wanted to make a world for this character, this is what I've come up with so far.

As my writing (and spriting!) skills improve this will just get better and better.

I will post everything I do to build this world here, and keep this post updated as I continue to work on it and my fan character.

Universe Back-Story:


Project M.A.N. Bio: show
Project M.achine A.ssualt N.anotech was designed to be the ultimate in weaponized cyborgs.

Funded by Hybrid Fury Studios, for their advances in cyborg technology,

Project M.A.N. was created to take advantage of those studies.

Combined with this project's studies into the paranormal and psychosis control of matter,
Hybrid Fury's cyborgs have reached well beyond their initial capabilities, and their potential.

The project was developed for a phase project basis.

Starting with project A. Assault.

Phase A was designed as purely assault based, no psychosis or paranormal aspects, using every form of assault based warfare, hand-to-hand and weapon.

Phase A was an overwhelming success, which led to Project M.A.N being fully funded.

Through the many phases, some had better results than others.

Project P, both phases A and B, proved to be out of control and unfruitful.

The current development is Project T. Currently on revision 93.

Project T incorporates everything from the previous projects, minus failures from Project P, into it.

Making Protect T the ultimate weapon.

Character Himself:
Fan Character inspiration: show
I've used the "LostTman1093" moniker since 2010. I've always wanted to do a fan character based on it.

But I've always sucked at making my own sprites, so I never had motivation to work on it.
I've had a recent surge in creativity and decided to start a back-story for this character.

Then I decided to give the sprite aspect of it a go, and here are the fruits of my labor and my first attempt at frankenspriting.

I used multiple characters from the Neo Geo pocket fighting games as parts for him, the rest I edited. I think he turned out rather well.,

[Currently Draft 0.01]
Character Bio: show
-----------Project M.A.N---------------------
-------Dr. Mogul Monthly Report--------------
--------Subject T.ermination-----------------
------------Model 10------------------------
-----------Revision 93-----------------------
-------Star Date 30.01.3568-----------------

Log Entry 01.2300:

All diagnostics ran as expected.
Mild fluctuations in A.I. Core levels.
Preformed physical trials well.
Preformed poorly in cognitive tests.
Adjustments made to A.I Core for more proficient cognitive results.

Log Entry 01.0500:

Cognitive functions increased.
Subject has shown milestones of increase in academic trials.
Subject has masters degree level of knowledge in almost every area of academic study.
This could prove to be dangerous.
Will conduct adjustments to keep knowledge in check.

Log Entry 01.0900:
Adjustments proved successful, but still wary.
When asking subject questions to answer from non-suppressed knowledge, results as expected.
When asking subject questions to answer suppressed knowledge, results were mostly as expected except in warfare and combat categories.
Subject has shown incredible interest in warfare, martial arts, sword combat, and psychosis warfare.
Psychosis warfare seems to be left over from the second phase of Subject P.
Subject did not seem to be to fond of weapons and weapon warfare, seems aspects from Subject W were repressed.
Ran physical trails again, subject set new records in all categories.
Ran weapon trails, subject preformed well but results were far below Subject W.

Log Entry 01.1200:
Ran final diagnostics.
Shut subject down so A.I. core could process today's trails.

Profile Pic- Two Variations, one with name plate and one without:


Neo Geo Pocket: show

I'm always annoyed by old fighting games because when the fighter turns they just mirror the sprite. This isn't a big problem in most games but in games such as UMK3 when unmasked sub-zero would turn, his scar would change eyes.....really?

As you may have noticed, my character also has a scar, so when he would turn, the scar would appear on his other eye as well. I wanted a legit reason why it would. So, I decided to make the scar artificial something the character himself chooses to have appear on his face, a digital scar.

When He turns the on board sensors that control the look of his face (located in the mask) scan the visible part of his face and place the scar there. I think it's kinda cool

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: show
I copied the basic stance myself and the rest is custom. I know the head is a bit wonky, I'll work on it.


Neo Geo Pocket: show

That's all I have so far!


Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:34 pm
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Just for future reference, it's probably best to reserve sprites and the like for the sprite section. That is, unless you are using it to illustrate a story.


Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:42 pm
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Kiki wrote:
Just for future reference, it's probably best to reserve sprites and the like for the sprite section. That is, unless you are using it to illustrate a story.

Noted, I just wasn't sure because He's technically part of this story. I can always make a separate topic for him.


Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:01 pm
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