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I'm going to go ahead and assume that Nate was joking, and continue the first round.))


The previously undisturbed sand shifted under the weight of the body that had fallen upon it. Aaelaiyah lay on the ground, dazed. Behind closed eyelids, her mind struggled to recall the events of the past few minutes. “The laboratory,” she thought. “I was in the laboratory.” The memories came back, slowly. She had been in the lab with her team, performing teleportation tests. Everything was going well. . . . BOOM! Aaelaiyah remembered the blinding flash, accompanied by the horrible, ear-shattering sound of an explosion. And then... Nothing.

No, there was something else, something important. A playground. There were children there. A man. But it wasn’t a man. His face shone like the sky, and yet was dark as deepest night. A paradox of simultaneous shadow and light. “There were others too,” she said aloud, as the memories came flooding back. The indistinct images of figures seen only in peripheral vision passed in front of her eyes. A bear, two humans, a blob composed of some unknown substance, a winged creature, a black cloud and a... chandelier? They had all been stuck to a playground, and the sky-faced man had introduced them to each other. But it had not seemed like a friendly introduction. No, the man had said something earlier that gave the meeting a very peculiar tone. Something...

Aaelaiyah bolted upright as the final piece of the memory puzzle popped into place. “A fight to the death! This madman has orchestrated a fight to the death!” The thought terrified and disgusted her at the same time. “This is a crime against life.” She was speaking aloud again, as she often did when engaged in conversations with herself. “An end must be put to this madness. Surely the others would feel the same way.” She hesitated. “And yet, some of them looked dangerous. Perhaps even eager to kill. Would they listen to reason?”

“There is really no advantage to staying put." she said as she stood up. "I suppose I should move on.” Surprisingly, the elf had failed to notice her surroundings before this point. A barren desert landscape stretched out all around, and a black cloud approached from her right. Somehow, she doubted it was a raincloud. She turned away and started walking, glancing over her shoulder at the ominous black shape every few seconds. She need not have worried about it, however. For as her foot fell again upon the dunes, a clawed, nightmarish hand reached out from the sand, grasped her ankle, and dragged her into the earth.

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Yeah let's just.

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