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Requests from the Past! 
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As everyone here knows, Beta has some weird choices. I made this thread so here we can say what we think that could be brought back from old versions to Beta, and make it an overall better game.

Please, no bashing.

Pages from v0.9b: show
Pages were a bad thing in v0.9b imo. However, they seem pretty necessary in Beta, since the stage slots are pretty small and the SSS seems pretty full. Having more pages would make it less full and make the stages slots able to be bigger.

ZSS from v0.9b: show
ZSS was considered OP in v0.9b. I disagreed. Now, she is a bottom tier character. I'd like if she could get back to v0.9b version with a few nerfs. Let's make her unique playstyle worth playing.

Naruto from v0.9b and v0.8b: show
Naruto was pretty annoying in v0.9b. But I'm pretty sure everyone noticed he acted like a barrier between scrubs and average players. All his tools served to make newbies learn about the game, he was like a tutorial. That's pretty cool and official Smash games don't have non-bottom tier/actual-working tutorial characters. I'd also like to see some things from v0.8b Naruto; just the voice is enough. I'd like to see a Naruto with a closer-to-canon voice again.

Wario from v0.8b, v0.9b and v0.7: show
By that, I don't mean everything. I also don't mean the sprites. I mean the moveset. Who didn't like his canon Wario Land + PM moveset? Also, U-Spec could kill before. Bring that back please. By the way, I also don't reall want every move. Ew, old F-Smash. D-Air and dash attack, as well as B-Throw (from v0.9b) and U-Air (from v0.7)is enough.

KK Goku from v0.8b: show
Just the U-Smash is enough. Let's make KK Goku a bit more different than Base, pretty please.

That's it for now. I'd like to know your ideas too!

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Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:29 pm
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You actually went and made the thread...

Anyway, the only suggestion I have is for Naruto's Rasenshuriken to come back to form. It's not necessarily a request from the past but a suggestion for the future. I laid out what I wanted to see from Naruto's Rasenshuriken in a character community post right here: ... 5#p1490214
Also, I'll throw Light Yagami and Renji Assist Trophies in there too because that was fun. Hopefully Skyward Voyage will come back?? Idk.

That's all though. Oh, and for anyone that thinks that Beta is unbearably unbalanced and can't stand it. Guess what??




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Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:55 pm
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Gregory Goku wrote:
:wario: dash attack

SEE DEVS PEOPLE WANT WARIO'S 9B DASH ATTACK BACK GIVE HIM HIS OLD DASH ATTACK :luffy: :luffy: :luffy: :luffy: :luffy: :luffy: :luffy:

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Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:25 pm
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Yeah I vastly prefer Wario's old D-Air and Dash Attack. And I still miss Renji (Rukia's kinda eh compared to him) but they already explained why he was scrapped so

Honestly all I really want back are the missing stages


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