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Dev Blog Mini Post #14 - Mega Man 
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The final dev blog. It has been a pleasure providing these and I hope all of you enjoy 0.8. Introducing Megaman, the Blue Bomber!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character Video

YouTube Video:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character Description by Crabby

Megaman’s design in 0.7 was less than stellar. His campy playstyle had you standing far away using the same moves over again. He was boring to play as and boring to fight against. Unlike his 0.7 counterpart, Megaman now has both unique combo game that incorporates his projectiles as well as a great spacing game.

Mega buster can now be used to set up combos.

As you know from the third dev blog, Megaman’s projectiles are now more accessible. You can now choose any of Megaman’s projectiles to use at any time. You’ll find yourself using all of Megaman’s projectiles this time around; each projectile performs a unique role with its usefulness depending on the matchup. Mega buster is one of Megaman’s main spacing tools that can also be used to set up combos. Guts block covers his weakness of being approached from the air, making it useful against characters that are more likely to approach from above. Crash bomb is able to be manually detonated and will automatically detonate after a certain period of time. Black hole bomb not only acts as a useful way to gimp recovering opponents, but also absorbs others projectiles and can alter the knockback of your moves. The buzz blades can be used as a spacing tool against larger characters. As far as other projectiles go, you'll find that forward smash is great for pressuring offstage or teching opponents, while up air can help you continue rack up damage on opponents that fly up out of your reach.

Yes. Spiked by FTilt.

When his other moves are used in conjunction with his projectile game, You’ll find Megaman to be quite the comboer. His new down tilt comes out pretty slowly, but stuns the opponent in place, making it an excellant combo starter. Another great combo move in general is the revamped dash attack: you are now able to jump during it, canceling the attack but retaining momentum, allowing those with quick enough fingers to follow up. Two of his better combo moves are his forward and neutral aerials. His forward aerial now drags the opponent towards you, hitting them out at the end of the attack. His neutral aerial better traps the opponent. Using these aerials along with his throws and projectiles can form some pretty interesting combos.

Sucks them in and spits them out.

All and all, Megaman is now a more balanced character who is tons of fun to play as. I hope you enjoy playing as him in 0.8.


Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:24 pm
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