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The Outstanding Snowbird #0.5 
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~Lake Mary, Florida

Rapid gunfire shattered the calm, warm atmosphere.

“UP, UP, UP!” A dark silhouette shot towards the gunman as the helicopter rose into the night sky.

An orange haired con man holding a case of money tore off his mask and goggles, “What the hell was that?!? What happened to Ralph!?”

The winged shadow flew in an arc and back towards the open door of the aircraft. The Man shut his eyes as the Shadow closed in on them.

“Sup!” Across from him was a black, male teenager in blue and purple tights. Large metal ailerons of the same color protruded from his back. He sat with his leg rested on his knee.

“…H-he’s real…?” The Co-pilot’s jaw dropped to the floor and fell out of the Copter.

“Get the #$!@# outta here!!” The Con man brought his gun to the Teenagers head. His finger pulled on the trigger.

The teen in the costume took a deep breath, ”Nope!” He flung his arm upwards, knocking the Conman’s arm up and shooting the bullets into the base of the rotor mast.

Without hesitating, He punched the criminal in the mouth, dodged his counter strike and pushed him out the door.

The Co-Pilot squirmed for his weapon, “Don’t Worry; I wouldn’t let him fall!” The kid in the costume shot a beam of ice out of the Helicopter, which created a slide beneath the falling criminal and the money.

“But as for you two...” Ice grew and enveloped his lower arm before he thrusted it into the roof, “I’ll clip your Wings.” Destroying the rotor mast, causing the Copter to plummet into Lake Mary and sending the rotor blades crashing into a civilian’s backyard.

“ Hehe.” The freak glided through the night sky laughing at his own joke with the thieves in his arms.

The orange haired Con man, kicked in the thick, wooden backdoor to the white two-story house. A blonde boy turned his head from the TV and screamed while running down the hallway to his Father's room.

He scowled and grabbed him as he neared the door.

A Middle-aged man stomped out of his room in a robe “Goddamn it, Jimmy, how many times do I have to tell you not to watch those war movi-!!” He Stopped and put his hands in the air.

“T-this…isn’t a movie, dad…” Jimmy Whimpered as The Armed man pressed the gun against his head.

“Stop this. Please!” Pleaded the father.

“Shut it!” His voice commanded the situation, “Do you have a car?”

“Why are you guys screaming?” A brown haired girl ran down the stairs but stopped halfway to the bottom, “…Dad…?”
The Father looked at her nervously, “Sweetie, don’t--!”

“Dad, what’s going on!?” She sunk to the floor as a bullet dug into her shoulder.

“Sarah!!” The Father rushed over to her aching body.

“I have three bullets left,” He said while walking towards the door, “I will unload them ALL into this kids head If you don’t get your keys and take me where I tell you to.”

Tears began falling from the Father's eyes as he nodded his head.


The Conman pushed the man out the door as the costumed vigilante landed inside the house.

“Help my daughter!! Please!!” The Conman pushed him towards his car, Gun firmly planted on the side of little Jim’s head.

The superhuman quickly ran over to the girl and assessed the damage. Blood was rapidly spilling out her shoulder from both sides. Fortunately, the bullet went straight through. Seamlessly, he created two small pieces of ice that stuck to the opening of the wound, stopping the blood loss.

“Call an Ambulance!” He yelled as he placed her inside the house of a startled family, before taking off after the Conman.

“Faster.” Said the Criminal as the Father drove through the near-empty streets of the Neighborhood, “Drive as fast as your son would die if I pull this trigger.”


A blue glove tapped on the window before punching through it and opening the door. The costumed adolescent jumped into the car and shut the door.

“Hi, I’m Snowbird!” He stuck out his hand.

“Make a move and this kid dies!” The child’s sobs ceased and distorted into general awe.

The Father glanced at Snowbird in confusion.

“So, where we headed?” he sat back and put his arms behind his head, “Tijuana Flats? I hear they have the spiciest hot sauce around. But, as you might see, hot sauce ain’t really my thang.”

The Conman’s eye twitched, “Shut up!” He lifted his gun and fired at him.

In an elegant dance, Snowbird twisted off the car seat, grabbed little Jimmy by his shirt and slammed his palm, cloaked in an Icy gale, into The Conman’s chest, Sending him flying along with the door.

“No, don’t stop.” Snowbird instructed as the Father pressed on the breaks, “Hide with your kid, and call the police!”

“I…I don’t have my phone.” He Stuttered.

Snowbird watched the Conman struggle to his feet, “Uhh, here use mine.” He tossed his phone towards him and jumped onto the road.

“Come back, buddy!” Snowbird froze his foot, “The Police station is this way!” He threw his arm towards The Conman and froze his gun hand.

The Con Man fell to his knee. Wincing from the cold, he reached into his boot and pulled out a small, black cylinder and pointed it at the ice on his foot. With a push of a button, an intense Laser beam hit the ice, Melting it slowly. After carving his foot out, he ran into a patch of trees near the lake. He ran without knowing where he was going. He ran with no destination. He ran with no legs.

Snowbird leaped from tree to tree as The Con man ran closer to the lake. He dove at him and froze the ground causing them both to slide downwards.

“Woo hoo!” Snowbird shouted as he slid on his feet.

“You maniac!” He slammed his ice-encased hand to the ground, pointed his gun at Snowbird and pulled the trigger.


The water stood still for a while. A crimson liquid streaked the surface.

Suddenly, Snowbird swooshed out of the water with the criminal in hand. His wings beat effortlessly through the sky. He landed in front of the Single Father and his son.

They stared at him in awe. He blinked, “Did you tell the police about me?” He asked while taking his phone back.

“Y...yes, but they didn’t believe me.”

“Good. They’re here, make sure you tell them the other two are frozen in front of your house along with the money.”

“Your hurt!” Snow patted the carving he received in his arm from the bullet and smiled with gritting teeth.

“It’s fine. Speaking of which, Your Daughter is being loaded onto an Ambulance as we speak and you,” He bent down and patted Jimmy's head, “Stay in school!” He ran forwards, Jumped into the air and took off for home.


Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:25 am
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