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Fan Universes In Danger! Applications 
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You can apply your characters here. I'm not revealing the plot until all applications have been posted.
1. (S)he can come from any universe as long as they are not GOD-LIKE.
2. They can have any weapons, abilities, and they may only bring 7 items from their universe. (For Ex.: Chaos Emerald x 7)
3. If they die, they can respawn at their last save point, in which I announce if you find one. As well as this, you keep all items you found before you died.
4. Where they start will be in the Main Area for now. The Main Area is where they will be able to explore, chat, and interact.
5. Everyone will start with an Inventory Menu which can carry 500+ items they find here.
6. There will be times where there will be 'Decision Events' and this is where you will have to make a decision that will affect your's and everyone else's overall ending.
7. Your character must stick with their personality traits until the end of the game.
8. There will be three overall endings: Good, Neutral, and Worst. But your character's Ending will be determined by the decisions you made and will be reviewed by me to get either: Hero Ending, Anti-Hero Ending or Dark Ending.
9. You HP , SP and MP will be determined by your character's age.
10. You must describe and update your character's alignment from time to time.

My Character: Komerl The Hedgezoid (F.U.I.D Universe Version)

Height and Weight
100 cm (3"3'), 35 kg (77 lb.)

Relationships: None

Komerl is an anthropomorphic hedgehog / gizoid hybrid with light brown fur, dark brown eyes and white sclera, Sonic CD's Sonic type spines with green stripes, a "mechanical eye" on his forehead and curcelean bangs as well as a patch of fur on his chest.

He is seen as an anti-hero for the most part due to his excessive motivation and non communication. He does whatever is necessary to get what he wants but not before think of a plan. He does however, have his moments of selflessness, helpfulness and heroism and can be sometimes surprisingly friendly. He also has a large amount of determination and bravery but also loves challenges.

Super speed, Enhanced durability, Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes, Enhanced strength, Limited flight, Enhanced stamina, Swordsmanship, Spin Dash, Chaos Control, Homing Attack, Super Peel Out, and harnessing Chaos Energy.

Age: 16

Teal finger-less gloves, a midnight blue leather jacket with white stripes, a black shirt under that, black pants with leather coating and gray hover shoes.

Species: Gizoid/Hedgehog hybrid

Music Themes : - "Power with a Cost...." Event Theme - "All Out" Event Theme - "A New Day" Event Theme/ First Awakening - "Final Hope" Event Theme - "Inner Strength" Event Theme - "Exploring The City" Event Theme

Mains: :sonic: :bowser: :ichigo:
Evil is a source of moral intelligence in the sense that we need to learn from our shadow, from our dark side, in order to be good.
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