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1.2 Is finally out and now, it is time to test his Pick-Up against the new characters! (thankfully it's still there, i really enjoy it, as buggy as it can get)

Simon: show
+ All of his projectiles can be pocketed
- They're all currently broken: the Cross and Axe cannot be thrown back out and completely break Chibi's DownB. and Holy Water just floats diagonally forward instead of being affected by gravity (Also pocketing the fire will still make you throw the bottle instead)
I forgot to resize the gifs, the next ones will be at half size because it takes much less time to upload

Waluigi: show
- You cannot pocket the piranha plant (even when it is mid-air)
+ Protects you from Waluigi's Dice RNG by pocketing whatever comes out of it except for 2's windbox and 3's poison unless perfectly timed so that he's still invincible during the hitboxes
- You cannot throw the RNG out, but at least it doesn't break Chibi

Ryu: show
+ Hadoken and Shakunetsu can be easily pocketed
• They work as intended, and are thrown in a slightly upward angle instead of straight forward
• Oh, and their sprite doesn't flip if chibi throws it the opposite direction
Image (forgot the other hadoken, but you get enough information with this)

- You cannot pocket any of his attacks as far as i've tested

Krystal: show
+ Can pocket the sniper, grenade (both the grenade itself and the explosion), and curiously enough her Down Smash shockwave (Chibi mains/secondaries, y'all better know this!)
- If the sniper shot was angled even slightly, it will not come out, and even if the angle was unchanged, it will disappear on chibi during the first or so frames (at least the hitbox is still active)
• The grenades plummet straight down when thrown back out

Lucario: show
+You can pocket NeutralB and his SideB (of course doesn't protect from the command grab unless you have perfect timing with the invincibility frames)
+ Releasing the aura sphere actually creates a pseudo black hole! (It comes out as the "charging" projectile, rather than the thrown projectile)
+ Aura Sphere black hole does NOT despawn! Getting some pac-man flashbacks over here..
- Deals only 1% damage regardless of charge.

Doing so will cause a freeze glitch and possibly break the game!


After a little more testing (and some online matches), this is what i got with Chibi's SideB brush
box o text: show
Remember that obviously quite a few other attacks are much more superior than using the Brush, this was mostly just out of curiosity

SideB is actually kinda tough to interfere due to its homing property, usually hovering over the brush or hitting Chibi from below
UpB is alright to deal with near the ledge, but it's not very useful to use the brush
Piranha Plant is quickly taken care of, but is not guaranteed to work
Protects from all but 2 and 6 dice, provided the brush's hitbox overlaps with the dice's

Since he's just Luffy 2.0 when it comes to his stretching hurtboxes, many of his attacks can be interrupted by the brush (though FAir will always be superior since it covers a much wider area, but the brush can drag him near the blast zone while at the same time interfering with his Plum, sooo..)

If you're lucky enough to hit him with the brush during UpB, he can possibly get dragged near the blast zone
Oh, and an uncharged aura sphere (at any aura level) can be clanked with the brush, but it can easily hover above the brush

Hadoken and its variants can be easily cancelled, though they easily hover over the brush if you're on ground
SideB, UpB and DownB are easily interrupted, but Ryu's falling speed makes dragging them onto a blast zone ineffective

Grenades and Sniper are unaffected
UpB and SideB can be somewhat reliably interrupted, and even if you could drag her to the blast zone, you don't even need to.

UpB is surprisingly difficult to interrupt with how quickly he swings (plus hitbox), as for interrupting the pseudo-wavedash, it can deal with it decently
Holy Water is unaffected
the Cross can be interrupted, but FTilt/FAir does a better job with that
the Axe outprioritizes the brush, however Up-Tilt and FAir takes care of it surprisingly well

Image                  Image

Well, old friends, this is the day where everything will be archived for all to see and reminisce about.
This isn't a farewell, but rather a "See you later", as we move on to the next world

who'd've guessed my secondaries bit would have a new purpose!

Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:33 am
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Chibi's still on his fixing but I'll give him another chance for my politeness on every character itself.

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Good times at helping this great community
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Tue Feb 18, 2020 11:08 pm
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