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Packing Up - Departure from ssf2 community (reals) 
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So Bowlers 2 happened. I am now packing up.

I talked about it too often for it to be flash news. Using the keyboard like an arcade stick was a bad idea that has been damaging my hands lately(deadass my hands look like a ebola child). I couldn't find the gc controller to be good. I feel the pain even when I'm not playing SSF2 so I'm kinda worried.

Super Smash Flash 2 is impressive. Put aside the salt and you can't be mad about such dank, it's only a demo lol.I'm just gonna quote someone.
I found out that I never actually had mere fun with it though.

It is so good that people wish to take part of its expansion. Rem (for example) dreams build a local smash flash scene close to where they live.
I kept playing because of the Online Mode and the tournaments. SSF2 was the closest thing I could get to a "smash" scene.
But I've never really enjoyed the game itself. My only source of fun was seeing myself improve and wreck other people. As time flies , I felt like I had to prove something and I took it too far and seriously. SSF2 didn't become a game I wanted to play but a goal I had to work on. I wanted be good at something that was meaningful. When I realized something was wrong , my happiness and excitement gradually faded.

Playing/Competing with the community was overall a negative experience.
Tournaments were just... I'm so stupid.
When I look back , it wasn't worth spending 8 months here lol.
The atmosphere and your behavior was not really what I expected.

(altho this is part of the s*** post I actually agree with this)
I'm dropping the bomb.
This goes to all the players that irritated me. Feel free to think I'm not talking about you.

You've been melting my brain so much.
You guys are so f*** counter-productive. I can't believe you want the community to grow with your mentality. I'm so ashamed I got into this immature s***. Bandwagon effect.
The negativity is real. You vent and blame everything but you if you lose against someone you don't feel was legit.
Instead of progressing , you are regressing others and I can't stand that.
I've never felt such hostility since the LoL twitch chat.

- One could argue that character matchups and tier list are made to decide what character to pick against an other. And I agree. In Melee , people mostly play the high tiers and everyone is fine with it. aMSa , Taj back in the days, Abate are still doing good with their "low" tiers. And if they lose because of their character
limitations or matchups, they accept it, get over it, develop their game and become stronger.
This is why Wobbles could beat M2K's Peach at LTC3 for example.
Armada's Peach started to lose against Leffen's Fox and Hungrybox's Puff more and more. Armada had two options. One is to improve with Peach and outplay both. The other is to switch characters for a better matchup.

In the end he brought up the Young Link at Genesis 2 and now he's maining Fox to solve that problem. Everyone accepted it overtime. Heck, people got mad because Mango didn't try the Fox ditto against Leffen at WTFox. This is so unlike you all.
When there's a problem , you pragmatically solve it. That's how life goes.

Your mindset is the total opposite
You use tier list and matchup discussions as an additional john (how many times did I hear that you only lost "because the matchup is so bad") , nothing more than that. I don't think anything you said on the IRC ever was useful.
The people that beat you are nowhere near pro level, whoever it is/was/will be. So you can just get better and it's ez money. It's not hard to step back and analyze what is wrong in your gameplay.
You can also play other characters or try the ditto. But no "this guy sucks" and "this character is broken" right?
When you lose , you don't think "GG I'd beat if you if I was better" but "BS I totally lost because the game is jank".

- You descended me to your level so damn hard. For example, we (I have to say "we" because I took part of it) are calling Niayre bad and lame. At least HE is decent compared to you. You can talk s*** you want , but his worst placing in a tournament has been 5th place. He's bad? Whatever. But he's definitely better than you scrubs.

You insult other players because you think they have no skill but look who's talking. Do you think you are actually good? b**** please.
You are using the scrubbiest gimmicks and have the most readable patterns ever. The one who wins is not the one who played good , but the one who played the least retarded.
Seriously , this is how most matches look like.
And you think you're "pretty good"? What kind of standards is that?

Some newcomer gets barely decent and is directly called a "ssf2 god" at his second tournament. BRUH
s*** was so free (also you were such faggots I thought you were right) I mostly had to intentionally sandbag with worse characters ( :luffy: :luffy: :luffy: :luffy: :luffy: :luffy: ) I had much less experience with. And it was still a walkover.

- Kyoz... nah who gives a s***. You don't like Lloyd and I don't like you. 17 - 6
I guess you'll keep winning until you die starting today.
It's been 8 months and it feels that the community's skill as a whole stagnated. Nothing changed.

But hey , maybe I'm taking it too seriously. Maybe you guys just want to look better than others instead of actually being better. I don't know.
What I do know though is that you (so am I) are fuccbois and I've lost hope of any upcoming improvement made by you.
tl;dr f*** all of you

Now I'm entering my senior year , life is about to get real.
Also a melee scene is growing my country which is a dream come true.
There is a streamed local tourney this Saturday, stream is or
The Beta stream of Super Smash Con wasn't personally interesting so I will not comeback unless there is another EU vs USA crew battle because we're gonna wreck those American peasants once again. EU>NA
But yeah I never had any legit reason to play this game other than beating people

I met a portion of nice people here but I'll just thank Sekanor.
You are the most positive, cheerful and open-minded person I've met here. I hope I can run into you in a Belgian/French smash tournament.
Nevertheless, before leaving there are 4 other things I need to do here. So you'll see me a couple more days.
Kudos for reading and have fun.

My real message

I'm actually leaving this community and will probably leave all discord servers I'm in. Many reasons result in this. I just got a new pc so I can play melee and now continue to pursue my YT channel. as a certain man that has said something above, I generally didn't like the vibe of this community (stupid a** bandwagon, not willing to learn,etc). I found most people just made the community cancer in many ways. everyone is desperate for attention and for the W's it aint even funny(ive been grimed in 2 cases where people tried to take a W the most nonsportsmanlike way). ive now been banned from every ssf2 server or I left them but mostly bans. I tried doing something for the community anyways before I left and tried to gather frame data for my main and teach newer players in servers but then ofc I get banned when someone rats out WHEN IM TRYING TO DO SOMETHING GOOD. but whateves I could care less, deadass if any devs are reading this ur game is the s***, the game is more balanced and less jank then u think and take ur time for the next patch. for a free game that can be accessed from just a simple google search, its amazing and I don't want the devs to think otherwise. um i'd like to thank my n**** that were cool with me u know who u are and yeah f***. bye l0l (if anyone needs fox frame data or advice on neutral go to the fox discord or dm me on discord vash#5526 :luffy:

Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:19 pm
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Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:02 pm
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Why the frick...

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Speaking of tournaments! ->: ... 29&t=46713

Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:57 am
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The toxicity and negativity of the community needs to be addressed, discussed and put out in the open, mainly within the competitive section. This quote is very telling to me:
vash wrote:
I kept playing because of the Online Mode and the tournaments. SSF2 was the closest thing I could get to a "smash" scene.
But I've never really enjoyed the game itself. My only source of fun was seeing myself improve and wreck other people. As time flies , I felt like I had to prove something and I took it too far and seriously. SSF2 didn't become a game I wanted to play but a goal I had to work on. I wanted be good at something that was meaningful. When I realized something was wrong , my happiness and excitement gradually faded.

The fact that there are some in the community who cannot enjoy this game without being successful competitively is kind of sad. It kind of reaffirms everything I had already assumed about the community in regards to it's behavior and mainly why there is so much criticism to nerf characters in the roster.
Check this thread I made to see what I mean: ... 17&t=45308

Looking back on that thread and looking at this quote shows the underlying feeling of discontent and fear that these players have when something compremises there chances of winning in this game. It makes sense that they constantly complain about these things because if they can't preform well in the game due to character changes, according to them, then that is literally taking away from their happiness and enjoyment of the game. Again, it's sad, but I wish we could discuss it more instead of covering it up with jokes and trolling.


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Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:17 pm
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