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Falcon's Down Throw: "Fair and Balanced" (EDITED) 
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(Note: This was not tested with DI or with percent. Some other nerd can do that.)
So, these are the characters that it does not work on:
Luigi (all clear for me)
Bandanna Dee

There's a special case with Fox and Falco. At 0, this does not work on them as they fall too fast. However at 30+, Combo Meat.

Now, why is this busted? Because: 1. If Falcon grabs you at 1 end of FD, then ends with an F-air, that's OVER 60 PERCENT OF DAMAGE. And 2., If he manages to carry you to a ledge, he will ALWAYS be able to follow up with a D-air spike. Oh yeah, and at higher percents, D-Throw to Knee.

How do you avoid this? Stay in the air, as much as possible. If your character is one of the previously mentioned, then there's no need to stay in the air.

If you're a falcon main, the easiest character to practice this on is, funnily enough, falcon.

Note: As I am writing this, the current patch is (i think). This may be patched out or may work on characters added in the future.

So, is it busted? Yes, definitely. I'm too lazy to report this and am not a tourney player, so someone report this or use it in a major to get the devs' attention.

Edit: So, turns out, I'm an idiot. Wasn't a surprise anyway, I'm always wrong. DI DOES make a change to this, so true verdict? Only works against newer players and not in competitive play. So, use this against casuals. Now excuse me as I go cry in the corner because I'm terrible at this stuff. So, only busted if you're an idiot. Also, I'm working on "Making Fox Unplayable", which will be much better than this piece of trash. I'll leave it up for some filthy casuals to read.

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Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:02 pm
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theres also so many characters that can chaingrab falcon if you don't keep your wits. it's an unhealthy cycle.

The executes themselves, such as d-throw to knee are fine (as long as there is counterplay such as DI), but a chaingrab never is. The whole grab meta is what's pissing me off. it gets really old after a while, all people do is grab

Either way, chaingrabs aren't bad in beta if you DI. Falcon is balanced, be mindful of the skill gap between you and the player of the last of (x) char you matched against before calling it out

Always 1v1ing

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Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:16 am
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A really easy way to test the effect of DI away is to go into training mode and set the computer to "Evade". Similarly, you can test DI in by setting the computer to "Chase". You might be surprised at how much DI affects moves like Falcon's down throw.

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Tue Oct 24, 2017 2:46 am
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Note: This was not tested with DI or with percent. Some other nerd can do that.)

Then you don't know if its a chain grab. Pointless thread is pointless.

Tue Oct 24, 2017 2:50 pm
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Labbed it. In order to get the regrab, you have to account for DI and dash a very specific amount according to what direction they DI in. Outwards DI is optimal with all characters except the ones that you mentioned. Outwards DI with one of the characters that you mentioned means that specific timing, Falcon can get the regrab at low percents. With the characters that you didn't mention, outwards DI is a much stricter window and stops being true on Mario around 65%.
Good job noticing this DI-dependent chaingrab. You've advanced the Falcon metagame. Well done.

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Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:19 pm
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