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The Rules of the Forum 
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         Welcome to the McLeodGaming Forums! I'm the owner of the site. This forum is part of my main site I make both Flash games and animations, which you'll find on the main site. Go ahead and post to your heart's content, just make sure you follow these few simple rules:

The Rules

1) Overall, be nice to each other in this forum. No threats, hate messages, topics complaining about specific users, or anything of the like are allowed. (No flaming, trolling, or flame-baiting!) We reserve the right to ban users for being generally unpleasant or rude to the community.

2) No posting spam (This includes quoting another post without adding any real contribution to the conversation, posting a topic with no significance to anything whatsoever, etc.)

3) Do not post in a topic you don’t like. If a topic is rule-breaking, simply use the report button. Do not make a post requesting a lock for a topic - just report it or PM a moderator if needed. This also applies to bot topics.

4) No NSFW images or links.

5) No alternate accounts for any reason.

6) Do not impersonate other users or mods (especially me).

7) No malicious hidden links or anything of the sort. Do not embed flash or videos in your signature or anywhere else that does anything without user consent (play music, open window, etc).

8) No posting anyone's personal information such as name, address, etc. You can post yours if you REALLY want to but it's your responsibility.

9) Please DO NOT make any references to anything that has to do with file-sharing, bootlegging, emulators, roms, modifying console systems, etc. or anything else that could get this site closed down! (That includes discussing potentially illegal activities)

10) Refrain from bumping topics older than 14 days; if it's a topic that you think can make a worthwhile contribution to you may post, however take into consideration that it is up to a moderator’s discretion whether or not you will be warned for it

11) No consecutive posting! (Unless you are updating a topic you made, do not post again in a topic after yourself before getting a response from someone. Just edit your post if you need to clarify something)

12) No posting spoilers of any kind for a book, TV show, etc., without clearly indicating that the post is a spoiler. Use the spoiler tag.

13) Don't post giant pictures or put them in your signature or avatar. An image shouldn't stretch your post box much more than it would if you didn't have any signature or avatar.

14) Don't post flashy animated pictures that can cause seizures or link to websites that contain such images or videos.

15) Don't make organized topics for spamming other forums.

16) Do not claim someone else's intellectual property as your own (This includes someone else's ideas for fan works).

17) Don’t advertise to other users through PMs, referral links, or topics made specifically to advertise.

18) No back-seat modding. This means to let moderators do their work and don't argue with their decisions. If you have a problem with them please contact an admin or another moderator.

19) Do not abuse the report system. This means no reporting a post with no real intention of wanting the user warned or talked to.

20) No discussing mods, hacks, or any internal contents of any of McLeodGaming's game source files


McLeodGaming is not responsible for anything illegal posted on this forum. Overall, use your common sense and keep everything work-safe!

Consequences for breaking the rules:

Consequences: show
         By breaking the rules, you may receive warning notifications via PM. These warnings are recorded in your profile, and if you receive 3 total warnings you will be banned for 3 days. Several other conditions apply:

- Warnings will expire after 14 days upon receiving the warning. These 14 days applies to the date each individual warning was issued, and they will expire one after the other until no more warnings are left.

- You will receive an automatic ban for every warning you receive after the third warning.

- Under special circumstances under my discretion, you may receive a ban before you receive your third warning. Things like mass spamming (spam-section included if you're just posting the same thing over and over), mass account creation, or posting inappropriate material on the site will NOT be tolerated. A ban you receive under these circumstances could last anywhere from weeks, to months, or in the worse-case scenario, permanent!

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Hey guys! The rules have been significantly updated and cleaned up. I would advise that everyone give them a quick glance, there are certainly new rules that you should be mindful of. Thanks!

Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:40 pm
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