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March 16th, 2020 News (Forums Permanently Closing on 4/30) 
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Waifu: Shoggoth. Tekeli-li.
Well, this is it. Dawn of the final day and whatnot. For all of you out there, if you wanna post something, now is the time. Put on your best suits and stay sharp. I hope to see you all on Discord, secondaries and mains.


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Wed Apr 29, 2020 11:08 am
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I'm actually feeling sadder now that closure is less than 24 hours away, I didn't think it would hit me this way.

So long, McLeodGaming Forums...

Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:05 pm
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Please let us see stuff from like 2010-2013 when everything becomes read-only.

I am the base for Event #11: Laagggggg

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Flash Card #10

RIP Forums. Hope you're having a good day, though! Unless you main Marth /s.

Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:14 pm
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Not sure if the forums will be around tomorrow but....

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for ssf2
Lukepi wrote:
read my post in your thread after i locked it.

i'm done. if you send me another PM with a sarcastic s#%$& attitude i'm banning you for 3 days.

go ahead and test me. see what happens.


Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:44 pm
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It has been many years since I've visited, let alone posted here.
But I heard that the closure was near and had to post one final time.

Lots of memories here, and by extension the Expansion forums.
This is truly the end of an era.

Much love.
RIP forums.

"George likes his chicken spicy." ~Kung-Pao

Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:50 pm
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Is it considered cheating if I hijack the last post?

Nah? Didn't think so.

Play Smite with me? (It's like LoL or Dota, but less frustrating)


"Jesus promised the end of all wicked people. Odin promised the end of all ice giants. I don't see many ice giants around."

Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:03 am
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Nah, you're good.

"What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today." ~Phil Conners, Channel 9 Pittsburgh Weather Man~

Jin wrote:
I support the bombing of Israel.

Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:07 am
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