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Dev Blog Mini Post #8 - Peach 
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Hi, everyone. In today's character update we’ll be seeing what new things Peach has to offer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character Video

YouTube Video:

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Character Description by Crabby

Peach was one of the best characters in 0.7 for all the wrong reasons. Due to a major engine glitch, Peach had the ability to counter her own turnips, allowing her to stay invincible for the majority of the match. This led to her being an uninteresting character to fight against and to play as. This time, however, turnips will have a more legitimate role in her play, being used for setting up combos and for spacing. Armed with her turnips with her amazing air game, Peach will be one tough princess in 0.8.

Peach is one of the lighter characters of the cast and will often get knocked off the stage at earlier percentages than other characters. However, don’t let her light weight fool you. Peach has many strong moves, has great air speed, and, with strategic use of her and her newfound ability to start a float at any point during her jump and turnips, can string together multiple attacks. Furthermore, her slow fall speed and light weight allow her to escape certain types of combos more easily than other characters.

Just press down during your jump to start floating.

Armed with a float and aerials with auto-cancel frames, Peach’s air game is one not to be taken lightly. Peach’s back and neutral aerials are excellent juggling and combo moves, especially when combined with her float or when short-hopping them to take advantage of the auto-cancel frames. Her forward aerial is a great finisher and can be used to edgeguard opponents when one floats offstage, and her up aerial can both juggle and KO enemies off the top. Finally, when used in junction with her float, Peach’s down aerial can lead into many of Peach’s other aerials.

Looks like there’s more than junk in that trunk.

Many of Peach’s ground moves focus on KOing and putting the opponent into a position to follow up with an aerial. Her throws, most notably UThrow, are great for comboing into her aerials and many of her kill moves. You’ll also be pleased to know that DSmash now performs more similarly to its Melee counterpart.

High damage. High knockback. The DSmash you know and love.

Turnips are a key part in Peach’s game. They now serve the role of projectile spacing and for leading into combos. Turnips can cancel many of the opponent’s projectiles, making them an excellent way to approach.

Follow with an aerial and catch the turnip in midair.

We hope you enjoy playing as Peach in 0.8!


Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:58 pm
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