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The Omnivident 
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Omnivident (adj) - all-seeing: possessing complete, unlimited, or universal sight of the mortal and spiritual planes. omnividence (noun), omnividently (adverb)

Story: show
Spectres. Jinn. Demons. All these are malevolent spirits whose sole purpose is to bring destruction, fear, and ultimately chaos into the lives of mortals. Their presence and influence on the mortal realm remain relatively unknown to most, however there are those who have been blessed, or perhaps cursed, with the Gift of True Sight also known The Omnivident.

The Omnivident can see the happenings in both the physical and spiritual realms, as well as interact with the spirits around them. No one is quite sure what decides the birth of an omnivident child, but their fates are usually quite tragic unless they have been trained accordingly. Most commonly, they cannot bare the unusual instances that they can only see and end up going insane, or even worse, they succumb to a supernatural attack which results in their untimely demise. All is not lost for the Omnivident however, should they receive the proper support as well as development of their abilities they may live full, if not occasionally violent, lives.

This brings us to our present story in the city of Darren, home to the prestigious Arclight Academy.

Arclight Academy is an internationally acclaimed secondary school renowned for its exceptional students and faculty. It is a privately-run school, mainly comprised of those who can afford it, or for those who happen to live in the vicinity of the school, though it also offers various scholarships for the arts, sciences, athletics and business. Those who graduate from the school go on to becoming major influences in their field of study.

Headmaster Doctor Julius Berkham is an award-winning educator and head facilitator of the school. He inherited the school from his grandfather, who inherited it from his grandmother, who inherited it from her father, who inherited it from his father, Doctor Ephraim Sterling, who opened the school in the 1900s. Doctor Berkham, hand picks the teaching staff himself, making sure they are of the best quality to uphold the status of his school.

While it has always boasted the finest in education, it also has numerous extra-curricular activities that are mandatorily required for students to choose from and partake in. The Arclight Albatross teams have been successful in the various competitions that they participate in, some of them being international as well.

Arclight Academy’s reputation and prestige was called into question following the tragic deaths of students belonging to the exclusive Darren Archive Club and their supervising instructor in a horrific accident. The subsequent year a new guidance counsellor was hired, a woman by the name of Miss Rachel, who proactively helped the student body grieve their losses and move forward. The faculty, spear-headed by Doctor Berkham, kept the school engaged with a number of initiatives to regain public opinion and approval. Most notably, the school managed to protect every student under their care when the mighty Hurricane Patricia roared through Darren City.

What most are unaware of however, is that the hurricane was much more than a powerful storm. The Darren Archive Club is a front for a Supernatural Defence Unit. For years, students who have been discovered to have omnivident abilities are recruited and taught to hone their abilities and fight evil spirits. The hurricane was actually the Seventh War of Souls, a supernatural event in which the forces of good and evil rise against each other, usually in league with one of the Artes of Omnividence. Fortunately, the forces of good were able to hold evil at bay, preventing the end of the world as we know it.

Following the conclusion of WoS VII, supernatural activity – of demonic origins – has fallen substantially across the globe and all is calm in Darren City. That is, until Miss Rachel noticed distortions in the veil.

TLDR: Omnivident see ghosts. Arclight Academy fancy. Fancy club = Supernatural Defence Unit. SDU save world. Ghost wall broken? New school year good?

Arclight Academy and Map: show
Arclight Academy

Mascot: Arclight Albatross
Colours: Royal Blue and Dark Grey

Boys Uniform:
Normal: Black blazer with the school crest over a white shirt with a royal blue necktie (or bowtie) and dark grey pants. (Instead of a blazer, students may choose to wear a black vest)
Summer: White collared t-shirt with the school crest with a royal blue necktie (or bowtie) and dark grey pants (blazer/vest is optional)
Gym Uniform: Dark grey t-shirt with the school crest and dark blue shorts. (Grey tank top is available as well)

Girls Uniform:
Normal: Black blazer with the school crest over a white blouse with a royal blue necktie (or bowtie), a dark grey plaid skirt and royal blue stockings or long socks. (Instead of a blazer, students may choose to wear a black vest. Also students may choose to wear pants instead of a skirt.)
Summer: White blouse with the school crest with a royal blue bowtie and a dark grey plaid skirt and royal blue stockings or long socks. (Blazer/vest optional)
Gym Uniform: Dark grey t-shirt with the school crest and dark blue shorts. (No tank tops for girls gym uniform)

Most of the dorm rooms are shared between two people, though some of the upper years get their own rooms. Each room is equipped with a pair of beds, desks, dressers, desk lamps, and bedside tables. Students are permitted to bring various other items to help their room feel more like home.

The Cafeteria now primarily offers a la carte service, though a smaller buffet is available for quick lunches. The menu changes every day containing certain food themes coinciding with holidays and events.


Must complete one chapter before creating another character

Name:(First, Last, (Middle is optional, as are any nicknames) help me if I find a non-Japanese kid with a Japanese name...)
Age: (13 – 16) [Ask for special permission otherwise, most likely to say no though]
Year: 1st – 3rd
Appearance: (Brief description of what your character looks like. If your character has some sort of tattoo or crystal because of their art, or anything else, explain it here.)
Personality: (How does your character react to things? Take in mind your arte is greatly related to your personality)
Biography: (Must AT LEAST include: elementary school career, focus of study, why/how they got into Arclight Academy. [2nd Year and up students have to explain how they reacted to the tragic explosion and the loss of students.)
Arte: (Choose from the Librum Artium.) [*Angelorum choose ONE domum. Animalium choose ONE spirit animal. Antiquorums choose ONE branch. Caelorum choose TWO constellations. Carminis choose THREE songs. Fluunt choose either Way of the East or the West. Naturae choose ONE element. Notatorum choose FIVE sigils. (Those with tattoo only choose TWO sigils) Liberare choose THREE sigils. Totems choose ONE creature. Spiritorum choose ONE Major: and Minor: soul ability. They may choose to have a sixth sense or not.*]
Limits: (I’ll state the limits of your powers here and I’ll edit it as you character develops.)
Skill(s): (Acrobatic? Quick hand? Good liar? State it here. Though you must mention HOW you have this skill either briefly here, or in your bio.) [Let’s not get crazy here folks.]
Weapon(s): (Leave blank for now)
Roommate: (I’ll assign this too)

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Liber Artium

Aside from being capable of interacting with the spirit world, omnivident individuals become disciples of a certain arte. They select only one arte and choose to stay with it for the rest of their lives.

Artes de Alchimia - The Mad Scientists: show
Origins: Alchemy has always been regarded as an early form of “science”; however it was the Babylonians and the Greeks who adapted it to serve as a conduit for the latent powers of one gifted in omnividence. The Artes de Alchimia were continually studied throughout Roman antiquity, although during the Dark Ages as alchemists began to be associated with witches, the Arte became much more hidden until the Scientific Revolution. The tendency of its disciples being regarded as mad scientists however, prevented the arte from becoming popular.

Traits: Disciples of the Artes de Alchimia have a friendly rivalry with the Notatorum disciples for they both have scholarly tendencies. They are intelligent and very inquisitive; usually inclined to scientific studies. Unlike the Notatorum disciples, rather than have their heads stuck in books they prefer to conduct experiments. They are rational and analytical with their thinking, which makes the concept of supernatural entities sometimes hard for new disciples to grasp. Nevertheless, they are quicker to come to terms with it than the Notatorum.

Abilities:There lay direct links between certain alchemical studies and the Artes de Alchimia, particularly in regard of their abilities and the creation of the legendary philosopher’s stone. Similarly to the Crystallorum disciples, they receive a stone, or crystal, referred to as their “salt”. The salt is in fact a stone created from the neutralization process of an acid and a base. Most of their powers rely on their possession of the salt crystal, though the lesser ones do not require it. Overuse of the crystal results in it shattering, thankfully however; unlike the Crystallorum crystals, they are easier to replace. Their powers include:

Calcination – May turn materials of one substance into a hardened stone.
Congelation – Transformation of a liquid into a thicker substance ie: water becoming a gel.
Fixation – Makes a substance fire-proof.
Dissolution – Decomposes substances.
Digestion – Creates heat.
Distillation – Purifies substances, spirits and people.
Sublimation – Make spirits who have attained a powerful physical form, temporarily incorporeal once again.
Separation – Creation of walls of energy.
Incineration – Creates a powerful and destructive fire.
Fermentation – Captures wandering spirits temporarily, especially if they belong to the newly dead.
Multiplication – Creates illusionary doubles of things and people.
Projection – Transformation of one substance into any other substance, organic or inorganic.

The first three abilities are capable of being accessed without the salt-crystal. As one goes downwards, the amount of energy used is increased exponentially draining the user as well as the crystal. Projection almost always leads to the salt-crystal shattering.

*As a sort of rite of passage, higher year students may choose to construct golems. These are creatures of wood, stone, or metal powered by a salt-crystal as well as relatively elusive arcane knowledge. The golem is completely obedient to their master.*

Artes Angelorum - Holy Warriors: show
Origins: Angelorum disciples have existed well into antiquity and get their name from their abilities that seem reminiscent of divine judgement and of angelic beings. In fact, for many years the Angelorum were believed to be the offspring of humans and angels, though this was debunked during the Medieval Era. The Artes Angelorum reached the height of its present prestige during the Roman Empire under the reign of Constantine. As such, it is regarded as one of the Three Great Arts for the rarity of its disciples and the immense power they display.

Traits:Despite the cataclysmic nature of most of their abilities, Angelorum disciples are never leaders. They are warriors obedient to the very letter of their command. To many, they seem aloof and cold in nature, excluding those with Ars Salutis. While they are excellent followers, they are not the best team players, preferring to work alone or with other Angelorum. In combat they are merciless and efficient, they regard their missions with the utmost importance; failure is not an option. There is no grey with these disciples, only black and white. They abhor those who practice the Artes Prohibitum and demons of any sort. Which makes sense, seeing as their abilities have the greatest effect against those kinds of spirits, and are the most successful in exorcisms. What they despise above all else however are those who become rogue Angelorum, as they must be destroyed for being disobedient.

While those with the Donum Ars Salutis are no less powerful than their comrades, they show a distinguishing trait of mercy. This occasionally leads to conflict between Angelorum as they are not as rigid as their brethren.

Abilities: All Angelorum disciples have a strong sense for malevolent spirits. If something is amiss, and something evil is involved, an Angelorum disciple is sure to be able to pick it up. Furthermore, while using their powers faint spectral wings are visible floating around the disciple. It has been revealed that in emergency these wings will appear and cover the disciple, protecting them from harm.

Aside from the fore mentioned gifts, each Angelorum disciple has one donum, listed below:

The Donum:
Armament – The disciple is capable of creating their own personalized weapon comprised of spiritual energy. The weapon can interact with the souls of the mortal and immortal realms. When used on an untouched human, the weapon will be as effective as a butter knife. Against all else, the the creator can manipulate the weapon's strength; making it capable of passing through an object without harming it, or slicing it in half with ease. The weapons do however have an odd quirk of severing spirits attached to bodies for a short amount of time.
Ars Salutis – The disciple has the ability to heal physically, mentally and spiritually. They purify the tainted and banish corruption.
Ignis Aurum – An illusionary fire that the disciple is able to conjure at will. While it produces light and minimal heat, being hit by the flame offensively will cause the victim to witness an intense burning sensation akin to being lit on fire. However, no physical damage will be done. In regards to spirits however, it acts like a natural fire, truly burning the spirit.
Iudicium – Similarly to the fire, the lightning is illusionary, and its effects are primarily perceived through the mind while the body receives no harm. The disciple can call upon powerful bursts of lightning. While it cannot kill mortals, it can incapacitate them for a period of time.
Sancti Scutum – The disciple is capable of generating fields of energy that is primarily used for defense, though it may be skillfully used as a battering ram or even a containment field depending on its user.

Certain Angelorum are further blessed acquiring the title "Miles Angelorum". Not much is known about this rank, as it is a closely kept secret, though it is believed that there is a series of events through which a chosen Angelorum must overcome. Should they be proven worthy, their powers become even more devastating, and they acquire various other abilities as well. Miles Angelorum are extremely rare and are often a clear indicator of impending spiritual warfare.

Artes Animalium -The Beast Tamers: show
Origins: The Artes Animalium are antiquated arts brought to Rome as the empire expanded. It is largely associated with the “barbarian” tribes such as the Gauls and the Goths who were believed to form bonds with creatures of the wild. However, it is known that the art was also practiced in Africa, most notably in Egypt, India and more recently discovered, South America. Its barbarian heritage conveyed a social stigma upon its use until the Late Empire as the Barbarian Kingdoms became formidable foes and allies to Rome.

Traits: The nature of disciples Animalium are as various as the animals throughout the world. Their personality largely reflects the type of familiar that they have. One may be as sly as a fox or as wise an owl. The possibilities are nigh endless.

Abilities: Disciples Animalium form a bond with a specific animal depending on their nature. This animal becomes their spirit familiar which they can call forth at any moment. Beyond that, they gain superhuman abilities depending on the creature; the keen sight of a hawk, the ferocious claws of a tiger, the sonic screech of a bat, the invisibility of a chameleon, and so on and so forth. More experienced disciples are capable of joining their spirit with their familiar, creating a were beast of sorts.

Artes Antiquarum - Guardians of the Ages: show
Origins: The Artes Antiquarum are a truly ancient art dating back farther than most. Thus, its origins lay shrouded in mystery as all great cultures around the world have disciples well versed in this art. Heralded as “the original bridge to the spirits”, it has gained prestige as one of the Three Great Arts. Of all the arts, the Artes Antiquarum are perhaps the most studied besides the Artes Notatorum. Three different branches of the art have been thoroughly developed.

Traits: The Antiquarum disciples tend to have a knack for music, song and dance. Their spirit is strong, and they are very unlikely to have their minds or souls bound by another spirit. They are well acquainted with the history of their family and ancestry which they hold in high regard as to who they are. At times they may seem pompous for constantly flaunting their family histories. Still, they are fairly grounded individuals who respect their elders and those in their authority. They often serve as leaders or influential team members.

Branch 1: Those who call on a specific ancestor to fight alongside the descendant or to lend the descendant their strength, (or other ability that made them notable in the first place).
Branch 2: Those who call on a general collection of unnamed ancestors to fight alongside the individual as an army. In this case, the ancestors come from very old eras and use weapons or armour from the time period they were from.
Branch 3: Those who ask to be protected by their ancestors and are granted weapons and armour from the time period and place of origin of their ancestor.

There is no limit to the number of ancestors that a Antiquarum may form a bond with, and one may find that an Antiquarum will call upon various different lineages as they discover more of their family's history.

Artes Caelorum - Celestial Artisans: show
Origins: The Artes Caelorum were inspired by the early astronomers. Astronomers predominantly from Babylon and Greece found that certain Omnivident manifested powers related to the stars, particularly constellations.

Traits: Caelorum disciples are incredibly self-centred, though they are very talented performers and artists. Like stars they shine brilliantly, relishing the spotlight and disliking those who take it from them. In a sense the world revolves around them. Similarly to the Naturae they are averse to being reigned in, which make them take longer to learn things as they believe they know how to do it themselves. They are charismatic and friendly, their entrance seeming to light a room with their positive attitude and optimism.

Abilities: The most basic of abilities that the Caelorum learn is the ability to fly. Their skills in flight are not as fast or finessed as a Spiritorum gifted with a Soul of Flight, but they are competent flyers in their own right.

Additionally, each disciple has the ability to create "astral lines", a solid strand of spirit energy, and "astral globes" white-gold coloured spheres of spirit energy. By combining astral lines and astral spheres, disciples are able to make images resembling connect-the-dot pictures, which are in fact constellations. These images either manifest as weapons, items, or creatures which the disciple may use at their will. Some constellations draw on more spiritual energy than others, and then dissolving after one use.
Aires – Summons Aries, an astral ram, a living constellation which will obey the commands of its master. Only one may be summoned.
Andromeda – Summons the Binds of Andromeda, celestial chains that can be used as whips.
Aquarius – Summons a jar from which unlimited water flows.
Aquila – Summons Aquila, an astral eagle, a living constellation which will obey the commands of its master. Up to three may be summoned.
Ara – Summons celestial flames to be wielded by the user.
Auriga – Summons a celestial chariot which can be used for transportation.
Bootes – Summons the Sickle of Bootes.
Cancer – Summons astral pincers capable of formidable crushing power.
Capricorn – Summons Capricorn, a living constellation which will obey the commands of its master. Only one may be summoned.
Corvus – Summons an astral crow which will obey the commands of its master. Up to ten may be summoned.
Corona – Summons a celestial halo that allows the wielder to conjure and manipulate light.
Crater – Summons the Cup of Apollo, drinking from it will heal your wounds, and looking into its reflection will show glimpses of the future.
Crux – Summons an astral cross that banishes evil spirits from its vicinity.
Gemini – Summons an astral clone of the wielder.
Heracles – Summons the Cloak of Heracles, a lion skin granting its summoner enhanced strength.
Leo – Summons Leo, an astral lion, a living constellation which will obey the commands of its master. Only one may be summoned.
Lupus – Summons an astral wolf, a living constellation which will obey the commands of its master. Up to two may be summoned at once.
Libra – Summons the scales of libra, which are able to divine truth from lies.
Lyra – Summons the Lyre of Orpheus, its music is capable of putting any being asleep.
Orion –Summons the Club of Orion, a large and heavy crushing weapon.
Perseus – Summons the Aegis, a shield baring the image of Medusa, which when aimed at someone will turn them into stone.
Phoenix – Summons an astral phoenix, which will obey the commands of its master. Only one may be summoned.
Pisces – Summons a school of astral fish (10), which will obey the commands of their master.
Sagittarius – Summons the bow of Sagittarius, allowing the user to fire energy bolts from the bow.
Scorpio – Summons an astral stinger capable of incapacitating others with its poison.
Scutum – Summons an astral shield protecting the wielder
Taurus – Summons an astral bull, a living constellation which will obey the commands of its master. Only one may be summoned.
Vela – Summons a celestial sail that when waved, releases rushes of wind.
Virgo – Summons the maiden’s frond, a leaf-like staff that can conjure and manipulate plant-matter.

To note, zodiac constellations are typically of greater power than most other constellations, thus requiring much more spiritual energy and skill from the user.

Artes Carminis - Muses of Sensation: show
Origins: The Artes Carminis were initially observed in Ancient Greece; the discipline having been inspired by the performance of the Greek choral singers. However, for reasons not entirely understood, the arte disappeared before it could be properly documented. For centuries, the arte remained lost until rediscovered by Omnivident missionaries who had travelled into Africa. There, particular tribes with omnivident members, had thoroughly developed and established the art of song through oral tradition. The missionaries were quick to record all that these people knew and brought it back to their headquarters in Rome where it was finally inducted into the Liber Artium.

Trait: Similarly to the Antiquarum, the Carminis are musically gifted. All disciples are innately talented singers, and their training requires them to continually expand their vocal prowess. They are bright, friendly and inviting to all those around them, making them positive influences on their peers. They are very sensitive to the feelings of others, a direct result of their abilities, and they are capable of understanding what their friends are going through. Strict team players, they feel stronger when around other and vulnerable when alone. In fact, they get melancholic all by themselves. Naturally, they are also talented composers and poets. Their nature is what inherently prevents them from completely taking control of an individual through song and violating the Oath of Will.

Abilities: All Carminis have an innate ability to detect the emotions of others. It is one of the first things they are taught to control, less they succumb to the feelings of everyone around them. They are truly the most gifted empaths of the omnivident.

Aside from the gift of empathy, all Carminis disciples are required to learn the various Songs of Power. Each of the songs have a specific effect, often triggering feelings in the target invoking an effect. The longer a song is sung, the more potent the effect becomes on the targeted individual. Yet, the effect can only last as long as the song is sung, should the singer be interrupted the effect immediately comes to an end. The songs can either be directed at a single individual or object, or they may be directed over a general area. Focusing on more than one target however, weakens the overall effect of the song. Additionally, when Carminis disciples sing together, the effect of the song is amplified exponentially. Novices are taught to master at least five songs in the first tier before moving to the second tier; and then four songs in the second tier before moving to the third tier. The last tier, is only learned after learning every other of the main Songs of Power.

Songs of Power
Tier 1:
Furaha: Song of Happiness – Invokes happy feelings. [Induces healing]
Amani: Song of Peace – Invokes a sensation of peace. [Induces sleep]
Uele: Song of Disease – Invokes a sensation of sickness. [Induces nausea]
Utungu: Song of Pain – Invokes a sensation of pain. [Induces general pain within the body]
Hofu: Song of Terror – Invokes a sensation of fear. [Creates an illusionary living nightmare]
Taraja: Song of Hope – Invokes a sensation of confidence. [Imbues strength of spirit/Strengthens abilities]
Ujasir: Song of Valour – Invokes a sensation of strength. [Imbues strength of will/Defends the mind]
Utulivu: Song of Serenity – Invokes a sensation of calm. [Induces passivity/Lowers guard]
Huzuni: Song of Tears – Invokes a sensation of regret. [Purifies corruption/Heals through sadness]
Maisha: Song of Zeal – Invokes a sensation of liveliness. [Quickens]
Hatia: Song of Wrongs – Invokes a sensation of guilt. [Induces a need to reveal the truth]
Mnyana: Song of Beasts – Invokes a sensation of trust and obedience in animals. [Charms an animal]
Ajabu: Song of Wonder – Invokes a sensation of awe [Induces paralysation]
Hekima: Song of Wisdom – Invokes a sensation of clarity [Improves learning]
Ulinzi: Song of Covering – Invokes a sensation of comfort [Imbues spiritual protection]
Shida: Song of Apathy – Invokes a sensation of apathy [Induces numbness]
Utani: Song of Merriment – Invokes a sensation of hilarity [Induces laughter]
Kuangalia: Song of Anticipation – Invokes a sensation of watchfulness [Induces increased reflexes]
Wakati: Song of Memories – Invokes a sensation of nostalgia [Recalls ancient memories]
Kuoga: Song of Rain – Invokes the winds to stir rain from clouds
Mwanga: Song of Sunshine – Invokes the winds to move clouds away from the sun.
Ukungu: Song of Mist – Invokes the winds to stir the clouds close to earth
Wingu: Song of Shadows – Invokes the winds to move the clouds before the sun.
Kupanda: Song of Flora – Invokes life in plants.

Tier 2:
Mkuki: Song of Spears – Invokes a sharp high pitch sound at the target.
Tari: Song of Drums – Invokes a shockwave of sound from around the singer.
Kikora: Song of Rejoicing – Invokes a sensation of joy. [Induces powerful healing.]
Wazimu: Song of War – Invokes a sensation of anger. [Induces rage.]
Mbali: Song of Shields – Invokes a dome of sound that stops attacks in their place.
Pamoja: Song of Blades – Invokes a sensation of a slicing sound wave away from the singer.
Rudia: Song of Bells – Invokes a wall of sound that reflects attacks.
Kuhawila: Song of Change – Invokes a voice mimicking another voice or sound.
Mbele: Song of Vision – Invokes sight for the singer who cannot see. [Echolocation]
Kupinda: Song of Twists – Invokes a sensation of confusion. [Induces distraction and confusion.]
Ufo: Song of Silence – Invokes silence upon an individual.
Pepo: Song of The Dead – Invokes the spirits of the dead.
Kushiriki: Song of Sharing – Invokes the shared physical/emotional feelings of the singer in others.
Utulivu: Song of Secrets – Invokes a quiet voice than can only be heard by its intended targets.
Mkali: Song of Stars – Invokes flashing lights in the eyes of the target.
Kurudia: Song of Repetition – Invokes a field of echoing sounds.

Tier 3:
Maji: Song of Water – Invokes a sensation of drowning.
Kuoka: Song of Fire – Invokes a sensation of burning.
Dongo: Song of Earth – Invokes a sensation of vertigo.
Hewa: Song of Air – Invokes a sensation of suffocation.
Upendo: Song of Love – Invokes a sensation of love.
Kijini: Song of Strangers – Invokes nearby Fey.
Uhuru: Song of Freedom – Induces exorcism.
Mwindaji: Song of Hunters – Invokes nearby monsters.
Sema: Song of Persuasion – Invokes suggestive commands through song over the target.

Tier 4:
Juu: Song of Heaven – Invokes the angels.
Mwisho: Song of Death – Invokes a slow painful death.

Artes Crystallorum - The Revolutionaries: show
Origin: The Artes Crystallorum are viewed as one of the newer developed arts. While the practice of divination through crystals and gems is by no means a new art, it has only recently gained use among the omnivident in the second half of the 20th Century. As such, most information about the Artes Crystallorum remains vague and indistinct.

Traits: Cystallorum disciples remain fairly rare as new omnivident disciples are most often drawn to the much older, distinguished artes. What has been observed of most Crystallorum disciples is that they tend to be philosophical. They usually question social norms, and the basis of tradition. In general, they are opened minded and accepting to new things. They are perhaps the most inclined to accept the existence of supernatural creatures and adjust to the occurrences. To some they may seem absent-minded, as their minds are usually elsewhere, concerned with the cosmos. However, like a gem, once they have found the right thing to focus upon they do so intensely.

Abilities: All Crystallorum disciples carry some sort of crystal, gem, or prism on their person. Their powers directly rely on their possession of the crystal. Using it the disciples are capable of producing beams of energy, heal minor wounds, trap spirits within the gem, as well as disrupt the flow of energy. Over exertion of the gem may result in its fracture, leaving the disciple defenceless.

Artes Dormientis - The Sleepwalkers: show
Origins: Origins of this arte appear to begin in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, coinciding with the rise of the priests of Amun. However the arte itself appears to come and go within populations without warning. Many times, the arte has been thought to be extinct only to reappear in another part of the world en masse were it had previously only had few to no cases ever recorded. The last eruption happened in the 1960's and 70's starting the psychokinesis craze of the 80's. Because of the touch and go nature of this art it is not considered to be one of the Big Three despite its age.

Traits: Disciples of this arte are typically called unreliable, and never seem to have their priorities straight. They have a distinct mischievous steak, being huge pranksters by and large; which often leads to them being overlooked for not being serious enough. While they aren't the kind of people to make promises often, when they do, they will do all they can to stay true to their word. They often seem groggy, acting as if they just woke up from a nap (usually because they have). They are chronic sleepers, able to fall asleep any time or any place.

Abilities: Dormientis disciples have very detached spirits, reminiscent to the Spiritorum, which grants them a very powerful ability, though at a price of making them the most vulnerable of the Omnivident while using their powers. By going into a sleep-like state, the members of this arte can channel their spirit into inanimate objects and move those objects as if they were made of flesh and bone. Larger and more rigid/dense objects are, of course, harder to move and take more practice to do so. Smaller objects are able to be rudimentarily manipulated without going into a trance. For example, rolling a marble across the floor, or bending a spoon. It has been noted that electrical currents often interfere with the 'possession' of objects, typically to the point where a powered object simply will not be affected, or the charge will force the Dormientis disciple to abandon the object.

Artes Filarum - Spirit Weavers: show
Origins: The Artes Filarum were predominantly practiced in West Africa throughout antiquity. It's existence was discovered during the raids of the Templars, who were quick to declare it a Forbidden Arte after witnessing its similarity to voodoo and measures were taken to stifle the arte. Upon the initiation of the slave trade, the arte spread to North America, the Caribbean, and parts of South America. It wasn't until a century afterwards did Omnivident American philosophers discover the true nature of the arte, and that it had in fact been created as a response to combat voodoo. Unfortunately, by this point there was a stigma upon the arte which repelled disciples of good and attracted disciples of evil. Today, a substantial amount of individuals are disciples of the Filarum, with more knowledge of its abilities having been discovered; however it retains its status as the sole "grey" arte, for it is used significantly for both good and evil.

Traits: Filarum are very connected to the people around them. They are often vital sources of information, having established very prominent social links throughout their lives. They hold onto relationships tightly, often keeping contact with the friends they've made throughout their life up into their old age. Their greatest temptation however lies in manipulation, as they have a very distinct manipulative streak comparable only to those faced by the Oraculum. Giving into this temptation leads them into a darker lifestyle in which they will use everyone and their dog to their own devices. Otherwise, they are generally meddlesome, getting involved with the lives of others, and often times getting themselves in trouble as a result.

Abilities: The abilities of the Filarum lay in "spirit strings", spectral bands of energy which they can use in a myriad of creative means. Whips, nets, binds, mending, the possibilities are nigh endless. Furthermore, the string can be used to share thoughts, emotions, and desires. This is where the temptation arises. Should a disciple attach a spirit string to an individual, the disciple can essentially control the person to do whatever they wish by imposing their desires on the individual. However doing so is a violation of the Oath of Will, making them rogue disciples. In using the arte, the length, number and strength of the spirit strings depends on the pool of spirit energy that the disciple has to draw on. Novices, usually begin with two strings and then work their way up learning to conjure various uses of their strings and summoning more at a time. As they become more advanced, beyond summoning their own spirit strings, they will be able to see various other spirit strings belonging to others: lines of relationship, life lines, love lines, etc. They are able to interact with these, severing them, or repairing them.

Artes Fluunt - Keepers of the Flow: show
Origins: The Artes Fluunt were predominantly developed in the Far East, though technically any omnivdent person, like with any other arte, are capable of being a Fluunt despite lacking any sort of Asian heritage. The existence of the Silk Road allowed the Artes Fluunt to spread to Rome where it was acknowledged and included in the Librum Artium. Of course, Roman prejudices prevented the Artes Fluunt from being thoroughly studied until the Renaissance. However in Asia, the skill was continuously studied, leading to the two differing branches of the art in the present day.

Traits: Fluunt disciples exhibit two general types of personality traits due to the differing natures of the two branches; however a common trait they both share is a general air of calmness and discipline.

Those belonging to the Way of the West have a militarist sense of hardened discipline rivaling that of the Angelorum. Similarly to the Angelorum, they prefer to fend for themselves, though they will stand honourably with their allies should the need arise. They find weakness of spirit and strength distasteful, and despise those who succumb to darkness. As this branch’s abilities revolve around manipulating “the flow” to enhance their bodies; they regularly train themselves to the peak of physical prowess. Despite their disciplined nature though, they have a lack of patience for things they deem lost causes.

The Way of the East is disciplined in the same sense, though more flexible with their minds open to new philosophies and ideas. They have a tendency to be very concerned with the well-being of the universe and are sensitive to the movements of “the flow”. This makes them seem a bit spacey as they are constantly paying attention to the balance of the forces of good and evil. They also tend to be patient, understanding and excellent listeners with wisdom beyond their years.

Abilities: All disciples of the Artes Fluunt have trained in martial arts and serves as the basis in training them to manipulate spiritual energy aka “the flow”.

Way of the West: Disciples of this path use the flow to augment their own natural abilities. This makes them harder hitters, higher jumpers and faster runners. They are capable of incredible physical feats such as running up walls or standing upon a pin point.

Way of the East:Disciples of this path have a differing connection to the flow that allows them to create ethereal binds and exorcise spirits almost as well as the Angelorum. Their connection to the flow allows them to imbue it on mundane objects with energy making them effective spiritual weapons. They too are capable of supernatural feats such as developing a “third eye” which allows them to sense when things are attacking from behind, and limited levitation

Artes Malorum - The Wicked Ones: show
Origins: Throughout antiquity there have been legends of people or things capable of trapping the souls of others into objects. It is quite safe to assume that the Malorum are the progenitors of all these legends. No one is quite sure how the arte developed, some say that Lilith herself taught certain black-hearted Omnivident individuals how to capture the souls of others to do their bidding. While the Sanguinis are regarded as the first Forbidden Arte, an arte that fell from light to darkness, the Malorum is the Original Forbidden Arte, an arte of pure darkness and evil. They were the ones that initiated the First War of Souls.

Traits: The Malorum are fake. It is quite safe to say that no one can ever trust a Malorum. The most powerful souls are those belonging to the pure of heart, and thus, in order to lure their victims into their grasp they befriend innocent people. They are often surrounded by people who are positive and friendly. They exude a distinct aura of darkness, with more powerful Malorum almost being mistaken for lesser demon auras. They are often watchful leaders, who allow others to do their bidding and fighting then striking the killing blow themselves.

Abilities: Malorum have the ability to capture the souls of human beings in objects, often weapons, through killing the individual. Depending on the type of soul imprisoned, a Malorum disciple's weapon will display a specific ability. In order to maintain the power of the main soul however, the disciple must capture other lesser souls to feed to the main soul, further twisting and corrupting the soul.

Once a Malorum is killed however, all souls that they have captured are released. This subsequently releases a collection of corrupted spirits upon those who killed the Malorum disciple.

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Artes Mutationis - The Face stealers: show
Origins: The Mutationis were prevalent in various cultures of the world, though it thrived in the early Slavic civilizations and in the civilizations of the Far East. They seemed to have developed in conjunction to the rituals involving various masks. In the Slavic culture, practitioners of the arte served as wise shamans, while in the East, they were celebrated as royal court advisers. The dependence of rulers on these individuals led to greed and a lust for power among the disciples. They used their abilities to stir chaos and confusion within their home nations and violated the Oath of Will, subjugating innocents to their powers. Thus, during the Omnivident Renaissance, the Mutationis were declared a Forbidden Arte.

Traits: The disciples are incredibly deceptive. While appearing as a friend, their true identities often remain hidden until a crucial moment to their benefit. Truly, they can be described as twofaced. They are clear-sighted and excellent tacticians, carefully observing the playing field before making their move. They handle rejection poorly, and will often seek revenge, feeling that they have been greatly wronged. Lastly, they are manipulative and use others to suit their purposes.

Abilities: The Mutationis are flawless impersonators. Placing their hands on the face of an individual or spirit allows them to take on the appearance and abilities of said individual. If the process was voluntary, there is usually no consequence bar the Mutationis disciple staying in the form of the other individual for too long and forgetting who they are. If the process was involuntary, it has a negative impact on the victim and the disciple. The victim has fragments of their soul ruptured, often times resulting in a drastic change of personality, and a feeling of "something missing" until the damage is healed. The disciple who forcibly uses their powers on another individual risks being taken over by the part of the soul they have taken. As a result, Mutationis often have split or multiple personalities. Of course, this is assuming that the disciples will is stronger than that of their target which determines whether they are successful or not in their "face stealing".

Artes Naturae - Demi-Gods of Legend: show
Origins: The disciples of the Artes Naturae have been highly regarded throughout history. Their powers over nature itself has had led them to be seen as demi-gods of Greek myth and legend. This insistence however began to die out as Christianity and Islamism rose in prominence. However what remained undeniable was the raw power the disciples displayed which led to the prestige the Artes Naturae currently has, marking it as one of the Three Great Artes.

Traits: The disciples of Artes Naturae are often very free-willed in nature and have a strong dislike of others who attempt to control them. They have a tendency to learn things the hard way, rather than listen to those who have greater experience. As a result of this rebellious nature, fine tuned manipulation of the elements is a much more gradual process. They have a very strong link to whatever element they have been bonded to; which also affects their personality and hobby. A water disciple of the Artes Naturae is very likely to be an excellent swimmer, while a fire disciple may be a great chef, or a wood disciple a gardener, etc. Essentially, they are powerful wildcards.

Abilities: Disciples of the Artes Naturae have a special bond with a particular embodiment of nature which allows them to control it. While they may manipulate it freely, they rely upon a source. A fire disciple needs a source of fire in order to manipulate it. The more the source has been tampered with by man, the less likely a disciple may be able to use it. Ie: Earth Ars Naturae disciples can rarely control most metals found around them because they are not raw minerals.

Air Disciples– common; the disciple has the ability to channel air at their discretion from gentle breezes to whipping gales.

Earth Disciples – common; the disciple has the ability to move or shake the earth and its minerals.

Water Disciples – uncommon; the disciple has the ability to manipulate water in its liquid state. They cannot adjust the temperature of the water allowing it to freeze or evaporate. It is thought to be somewhat limiting because the disciple must have a source of water nearby or on their person.

Wood Disciples – uncommon; the disciple has the ability to manipulate wood and plants, accelerating their growth or altering its movement. Like water, it is also limiting in that it requires the user to be around a living plant or tree.

Fire Disciples – relatively rare; the disciple has the ability to channel any open fire at their discretion. It’s fairly limited due to the absence of fire around the individual.

Lightning Disciples–extremely rare; the disciple has the ability to safely channel lightning. It is even more limiting than fire because lightning is not a common occurrence. *Note* Lightning produced by a disciple of the Artes Angelorum can be channeled by this disciple.

Artes Notatorum - Sigil Scholars: show
Origins: Having been studied from ancient times in Greece, and later spread throughout the world as it was absorbed into the Roman Empire, this arte has a profound historical background. Hundred of books, some lost in antiquity, others, their meanings no longer understood, have been written regarding the various sigils of power. However its perceived commonness, (despite reading being an elite ability at the time), prevented it from gaining the prestigious status as a “Great Arte”. Its existence nearly died out during the Dark Ages, though it arose once again during the Renaissance.

Traits:Disciples of Artes Notatorum are usually very book-smart and good with numbers and words. They are fairly intelligent and often inquisitive about the mystery of things. They are often practical and realistic, which makes having them accept the existence of supernatural phenomena difficult at first. Studying for a disciple of the Artes Notatorum is a trivial thing, and their memories are very sharp.

There exists an odd quirk however; occasionally those who don’t fit the standard mentality of a disciple of the Artes Notatorum find themselves studying this art. They are by no means unintelligent; however they are extremely lazy and often unwilling to study. Rather than expand their knowledge learning as many sigils as they can, they choose to tattoo up to two sigils onto their body that they can activate whenever they wish.

Abilities: Disciples of the Artes Notatorum study various sigils and their properties for use with mortal and immortal dealings. Sigils can be drawn/carved/ scraped/written anywhere on anything or anyone. Depending on the will of the maker, they can be either activated immediately, or caused to be triggered by someone or something. While there is an entire library worth of known sigils, beginners choose to start with five.

Abax – Sigil of maths: Sigil that counts whatever it has been fixed to counting. Number.
Aevus - Sigil of time: Sigil that ages any inanimate object it has been placed upon. Decay.
Animus – Sigil of the soul: Sigil that makes one’s will unbreakable. Spirit.
Ardor – Sigil of flames: Sigil that produces heat on what it has been placed upon. Melt.
Arx – Sigil of refuge: Sigil that grants protection to anyone or anything it has been drawn on. Fortify.
Astrum – Sigil of stars: Sigil that flashes light intermittently. Flash.
Augmen – Sigil of growth: Sigil that spontaneously grows tendrils of vines from the symbol. Birth.
Bullio – Sigil of bubbles: Sigil that spontaneously releases bubbles. Boil.
Canta - Sigil of songs: Sigil produces music wherever it has been placed. Distract.
Cingo – Sigil of cycles: Sigil that loops actions and happenings. Repeat.
Constuare – Sigil of creation: Sigil that creates 3D basic polygons. Create.
Eluo – Sigil of renewal: Sigil that refreshes that which it had been placed upon. Cleanse.
Excidere – Sigil of slicing: Sigil that sharpens what it has been placed upon. Sharpen.
Ferrum – Sigil of iron: Sigil that turns to iron that which it has been placed upon. Metalize.
Flumen – Sigil of flow: Sigil that fills the vicinity with water. Supply.
Fors - Sigil of chance: Sigil that grants uncanny luck to that which it has been placed upon. Favour.
Fragor – Sigil of crashing: Sigil that spontaneously combusts where it has been drawn. Destroy.
Glace – Sigil of chills: Sigil that produces ice and cools temperatures. Freeze.
Helix – Sigil of twists: Sigil that turns that which it has been placed upon. Spin.
Immolo - Sigil of vengeance: Sigil that reflects what has been struck against it. Counter.
Incus – Sigil of forges: Sigil that strengthens weapons of metal. Cast.
Infans – Sigil of youth: Sigil that gives a youthful appearance on what it has been placed. Rejuvenate
Iter - Sigil of journeys: Sigil that shows the way. Direct.
Ligare – Sigil of binding: Sigil that halts the movement of whatever it has been placed upon. Cease.
Lux – Sigil of light: Sigil that emits light. Brighten.
Mel – Sigil of adhesion: Sigil that sticks things together. Cling.
Mensura – Sigil of size: Sigil that can change the size of what it has been placed upon. Stretch.
Mons - Sigil of stone: calcifies that which it has been placed upon. Harden.
Muto – Sigil of change: Sigil that changes the appearance of what it has been placed upon. Transform.
Nix – Sigil of snow: Sigil that releases snow. Cool.
Nebula – Sigil of mists: Sigil that emits a thick cloud of fog. Shroud.
Obex – Sigil of shields: Sigil that emits a physical barrier of protection. Defend.
Pondus – Sigil of gravity: Sigil that changes the weight of what it has been placed upon. Weigh.
Potens – Sigil of power: Sigil that strengthens whatever it has been placed upon. Strengthen.
Prisma – Sigil of splitting: Sigil that creates seven copies of an original in the rainbow spectrum. Divide.
Purgo – Sigil of removal: Sigil that erases other sigils. Purge.
Quiris – Sigil of jabs: Sigil releases energy in a straight line. Thrust.
Rancor – Sigil of stench: Sigil that releases a horrible decapacitating smell. Disgust.
Rete – Sigil of weaving: Sigil that tangles objects together. Snare.
Rudens – Sigil of knots: Sigil that releases an infinite amount of rope. Tie.
Salvatio – Sigil of holiness: Sigil that blesses that which has been placed upon. Sanctify.
Sapidus – Sigil of deliciousness: Sigil that makes what it has been placed upon tasty. Sweeten.
Sapo – Sigil of cleanliness: Sigil that keeps clean what it has been placed upon. Wash.
Scissio – Sigil of cracking: Sigil that forms a fracture in that it has been placed upon. Breach.
Secretum – Sigil of secrets: Sigil that hides what it has been placed upon. Hide.
Sero – Sigil of sealing: Sigil that locks things within which it had been placed upon. Lock.
Solis – Sigil of sunshine: Sigil that emits daylight (uv rays). Dawn.
Spons – Sigil of freedom: Sigil that preserves the will of the being it has been placed upon. Liberate.
Sufflatus - Sigil of wind: Sigil that releases a continuous gust of wind. Blow.
Telum - Sigil of focus: Sigil that grants the user enhanced sight and precision. Focus.
Timor – Sigil of fear: Sigil that causes those who approach it feel a sense of dread. Frighten.
Toxicon – Sigil of decay: Sigil that hampers that which it has been placed upon. Weaken.
Turbo – Sigil of storms: Sigil that attracts bad weather to its vicinity. Squall.
Umbra – Sigil of shadows: Sigil that enshrouds what it has been placed upon in darkness. Darken.
Ustio – Sigil of brands: Sigil that burns into whatever it has been placed upon. Sear.
Velox - Sigil of dexterity: Sigil that grants agility and speed to anything it has been placed upon. Quicken.
Veritas – Sigil of truth: Sigil that reveals what has been hidden. Reveal.
Vetus – Sigil of antiquity: Sigil that gives the appearance of what it has been placed upon as old. Age.
Vis – Sigil of force: Sigil that pushes things away from the sigil’s location. Move.
Volans – Sigil of flight: Sigil that causes whatever it has been placed upon to levitate. Float.

Note: Sigils can be combined with up to two others. The combined sigil takes it’s attributes from its describing, action word at the end.

Commonly combined sigils
Purgo+Eluo+Potens = Can dispel the effect of most sigils.
Sero+Ligare+Glace= Strong, lasting bind.
Secretum+Fragor/Vis/Augmen, etc = Hidden trap attack sigil.
Potens+Arx= Strong defense

Artes Notatorum Liberare - The Free Writers: show
Origins: An eastern cousin to the Artes Notatorum, this arte was first documented in feudal Japan, later spreading across Asia during Japan's Nationalist years. It is a rare arte, made rarer by the fact that it is only seen in certain blood lines where omnivident births are common. Cases have been made that the arte may have first existed in ancient China, due to its connection to Kanji. Rather than spreading on the Silk Road as the Artes Fluunt had, the Notatorum Liberare remained largely in Asia until globalization and immigration in the 20th Century.

Traits: Just as smart has their western counterparts, disciples of the Artes Notatorum Liberare are also good with words and numbers, however the followers of this mostly eastern arte are more inclined to learn things for themselves, instead of using 'borrowed' knowledge. They are fond of nature and thus base much of their knowledge on observations of it. They also are likely to pick up many rigorous physical and mental hobbies as training methods, due to the stress put on them from their arte. However unlike the Notatorum disciples, there is no tattooed sub-variant of the discipline.

Abilities: Disciples of the Artes Notatorum Liberare have a speed and mobility that their cousins lack, though by no means are they incredibly athletic. By channeling their spirit they are able to project energy bands through their fingertips (or sometimes toe tips) onto any surface, though more commonly free-floating in the air, to form their desired sigil. This does come at price--akin to other projection artes these bands cannot be maintained for very long. The sigils used by disciples of the Artes Notatorum Liberare behave slightly different than the Notatorum sigils, rather than bestowing an attribute, Liberare sigils more often manifests a creation. (IE arx manifests as a solid shield to provide its protection), however the “official” names for each sigil still apply to this arte. Additionally, due to the demanding nature of this arte beginners typically are only allowed three sigils.

Abax – Sigil of maths: Sigil manifests an abacus for counting.
Aevus - Sigil of time: Sigil manifests an hourglass which slows time in a limited perimeter.
Animus – Sigil of the soul: Sigil manifests an imperfect copy of the individual.
Ardor – Sigil of flames: Sigil manifests an everlasting torch. *
Arx – Sigil of refuge: Sigil manifests as a shield of energy.
Astrum – Sigil of stars: Sigil manifests star-shaped energy flashes.
Augmen – Sigil of growth: Sigil manifests a flurry of sakura petals with a strong scent.
Bullio – Sigil of bubbles: Sigil manifests a bubble wand capable of releasing explosive bubbles.
Canta - Sigil of songs: Sigil manifests an instrument which brings an air of peace and tranquility when played.
Cingo – Sigil of cycles: Sigil manifests a long ribbon that reflects that which it touches.
Constuare – Sigil of creation: Sigil manifests 3D basic polygons.
Eluo – Sigil of renewal: Sigil manifests a sword of life. **
Excidere – Sigil of slicing: Sigil manifests an incredibly sharp katana.
Ferrum – Sigil of iron: Sigil manifests an iron rod – particularly used to deal with Faekind.
Flumen – Sigil of flow: Sigil manifests a teapot that releases jets of water.
Fors - Sigil of chance: Sigil manifests a good luck charm
Fragor – Sigil of crashing: Sigil manifests a lit firecracker.
Glace – Sigil of chills: Sigil manifests a horn that when blown into releases a chilling wind.
Helix – Sigil of twists: Sigil manifests a small tornado in air or a whirlpool in water.
Immolo - Sigil of vengeance: Sigil manifest a flaming rapier with a toxic burn.
Incus – Sigil of forges: Sigil manifests black smith gloves capable of manipulating metal.
Infans – Sigil of youth: Sigil manifests a rattle that turns oneself into a baby physically.
Iter - Sigil of journeys: Sigil manifests a compass that leads you to what you're looking for.
Ligare – Sigil of binding: Sigil manifests binding chains.
Lux – Sigil of light: Sigil manifests a lantern that shines brilliantly.
Mel – Sigil of adhesion: Sigil manifests grips on the hand and feet to climb surfaces.
Mensura – Sigil of size: Sigil manifests a magnifying glass that grows things that are seen through it on one side and shrinks things that are seen on the other side when looked through by the user.
Mons - Sigil of stone: Sigil manifests a wall of stone.
Muto – Sigil of change: Sigil manifests a mirror allowing one to change their appearance.
Nix – Sigil of snow: Sigil manifests a flurry of snow with a cool breeze.
Nebula – Sigil of mists: Sigil manifests a flute that causes a thick fog to roll in.
Obex – Sigil of shields: Sigil creates a physical personal shield.
Pondus – Sigil of gravity: Sigil manifest wings on their feet that allow the user to become extremely heavy or weightless.
Potens – Sigil of power: Sigil manifests a bronze arm guard that strengthens the body.
Prisma – Sigil of splitting: Sigil manifests seven copies of the individual, all weaker than the original and bearing different temperaments and colours according to the rainbow spectrum.
Purgo – Sigil of removal: Sigil manifests a scythe that slices through other sigils and nullifies them.
Quiris – Sigil of jabs: Sigil manifests a spear capable of extending its length of reach.
Rancor – Sigil of stench: Sigil manifests an incense stick that releases a horrible decapacitating smell.
Rete – Sigil of weaving: Sigil manifests a net capable of ensnaring large creatures.
Rudens – Sigil of knots: Sigil manifests a prehensile rope that can be manipulated by the user.
Salvatio – Sigil of holiness: Sigil manifests a powerful ofuda capable of purifying the ground and exorcising.
Sapidus – Sigil of deliciousness: Sigil manifest a stirring rod that sweetens everything it is stirred in.
Sapo – Sigil of cleanliness: Sigil manifests a scrub brush that creates its own soap and water to clean.
Scissio – Sigil of cracking: Sigil manifests a rumbling fissure in the immediate vicinity.
Secretum – Sigil of secrets: Sigil manifests a cloak of darkness that hides its wearer.
Sero – Sigil of sealing: Sigil manifests a lock that traps within whatever it has been placed upon.
Solis - Sigil of sunshine: Sigil manifests a headdress shining forth with the warmth and light of the sun.
Spons – Sigil of freedom: Sigil manifests a key that can free others who have their mind controlled.
Sufflatus - Sigil of wind: Sigil manifests a parasol that releases winds in the direction it is pointed.
Telum - Sigil of focus: Sigil manifest a yumi (bow) that fires energy projectiles.
Timor – Sigil of fear: Sigil manifests the worst fears of its target.
Toxicon – Sigil of decay: Sigil manifests a vial of poison enough for one sip.
Turbo – Sigil of storms: Sigil manifests a powerful whirlwind.
Umbra – Sigil of shadows: Sigil that animates the user’s shadow to manifests illusory shadows.
Ustio – Sigil of brands: Sigil that manifests a flaming branding iron.
Velox - Sigil of dexterity: Sigil that manifests sandals that grant the user increased speed.
Vetus – Sigil of antiquity: Sigil that manifests a pocket watch that allows the user to make themselves look older by moving the hands on the clock.
Veritas – Sigil of truth: Sigil manifests spectacles that reveal the invisible.
Vis – Sigil of force: Sigil manifests fans that when directed pushes things away.
Volans – Sigil of flight: Sigil manifests wings that allow the user to fly.

Unlike the sigils of the Notatorum, the sigils in the use of a Liberare disciple cannot be combined as each sigil draws a great amount of spiritual energy.

*The flame of the torch burns eternally, however the flames that spread from the torch can be quenched.
**The sword of life rather than cause physical harm brings life in its stead and dispels sigils of destruction, harm, binds, and anything else negative.

Artes Oraculorum - The Golden Speakers: show
Origins: The Artes Oraculorum are as old as the first structured languages. It is pre-dated only by the Artes Antiquarum, and developed around the same time as the Artes Spiritorum. The disciples of Oraculorum were initially believed to be gods; it seemed like there was nothing that they could not do. Some of the disciples used this to their advantage, inciting revolutions and wars, though no matter the consequence the disciple managed to manipulate the outcome in their favour.

A man by the name of Matutinus, a disciple of Oraculorum himself, saw the threat posed by his peers, as no other arte could oppose him or his brethren. However, rather than permanently extinguish the arte, he chose to vastly reduce the amount of people who could develop the ability. Matutinus developed an irrevocable contract, offering up all his descendants who bore his name to defend humanity and in return only his blood would ever develop the abilities of Artes Oraculorum.

For centuries those who had the family name Matutini (of Matutinus) valiantly served as demon hunters, monster slayers, oracles and advisors. Attempts of extinguishing the family were made, but their abilities always managed to overcome the assassins. In the 1600s, the Matutini changed their last name to Dawn and it has remained so to the present day. The arte remains one of the more obscure, and has gained a myth-like quality.

Traits: Members of the Dawn family are often intelligent and charismatic, though they are not as inquisitive as the Notatorum or the Alchimia. They have a way with words that transcends paper and ink, and are extremely persuasive. They are perfectionists, and their perceived failures are monumental to them. They have a manipulative and controlling streak in them, which leads them to bumping heads with the Naturae and the Crystallorum. However they also have a near infinite patience. To others the Dawn family appears to be a very serious and driven family. They strive for excellence of themselves as well as their peers, and take their tasks with the utmost importance. Commonly, they have wisdom well beyond their years, and normally know what to say at the right moment.

Abilities: The Artes Oraculorum’s abilities lie in the power of voiced words. Whatever they command to happen comes to pass. They can bend the rules of time and space, though they cannot bring people back from beyond the veil, meaning they cannot resurrect the dead. They also seem to always have a knowing of things, be it about someone, an event, or the location of a thing. *NPC ONLY*

Artes Portarum - Watchmen of the Veil: show
Origins: The Artes Portarum have existed throughout antiquity, though in comparison to many of the other artes it has been greatly overlooked. It was considered to be a part of the Spiritorum abilities for centuries, though after it was established that true Spiritorum disciples were “two-souled”, the Artes Portarum were declared a distinct discipline. Even today the Artes Portarum remains one of the lesser known artes.

Traits: The disciples of the Artes Portarum are perhaps one of the most loyal followers with rarely an aspiration for leadership. They are stalwart defenders, who in their early years of discipleship focus their energies on protecting their allies. Portarum disciples are humble and laidback if not quiet. They are overall fairly easy to get along with, as they don’t do much to disturb others. Their patience is legendary, and their will is unbreakable.

Abilities: Disciples of the Artes Portarum are capable of manifesting their spiritual energy as a nigh impenetrable “door”. The strength of these shields surpass those created by the Angelorum, however they are only capable of maintaining one door at a time. The true nature of their ability lay in being able to make these “doors” open and have them act as portals once their powers have matured. These doors can be cause to lead to wherever the disciple wills, though greater distances require a larger amount of spiritual energy to draw upon. A skilled Portarum user has the ability to gain access to the other side of the veil, and travel into the spirit realm.

Artes Procellae - Tempest Incarnate: show
Origins: The Artes Procellae were considered a part of the Artes Naturae throughout history. The disciples were commonly referred to as Naturae Magnae because their powers were significantly greater than their peers. As their presence diminished following the decline of the Greek Empire, their existence took on a mythical cloak, making them seem more fable than fact in the subsequent centuries. During the Omnivident Renaissance, in which all known information of the Spirit Realm and the Artes were studied and the second edition of the Liber Artium was compiled, the classification of the Naturae Magnae was adjusted. The Naturae Magnae were separated from the Naturae on the basis that they did not draw upon a particular element to use their powers, neither could weather be attributed to a single element, and thus they were called Procellae after the destructive forces that they wielded. Today, the arte remains relatively rare in the omnivident population, appearing in one in five hundred Naturae disciples.

Traits: Disciples of Procellae are very calm individuals for the most part. Their emotions directly influence the weather and as such, one of the first things they are taught to control as part of their training is their emotions. Nevertheless, should something cause them to snap, their tempers are fierce and frightening to behold. They are of noble character, acting as observers and listeners; they support their allies rather than lead outright. They have a strong connection to nature, usually taking up hobbies concerning the environment and the outdoors.

Abilities: The disciples of Procellae are able to produce and control the weather. Unlike Naturae they do not require an elemental resource, allowing them to create meteorological events in all locations, including indoors. They are however dependent on vast pools of spiritual energy to fuel their abilities, and must meditate often to build up their reserves. Interestingly descendents from differing geographical locations are innately attuned to specific types of weather.

Descendents of Northern European, Slavic, Russian and other former Viking nations are attuned to blizzards, snow and ice storms.
Descendents of Oriental nations are attuned to typhoons, and various other wind storms.
Descendents of Southern European Nations, western civilization and South America are attuned to thunder and rain storms.

Artes Sanguinis - The Oath Breakers: show
Origins: The use of blood in rituals to contact spirits is what stirred the development of this arte in antiquity, making it almost as old as the Antiquarum, Animalium, and the Oraculum. It was once an arte of great healing, though its practitioners succumbed to corruption during the Second War of Souls. They turned from their duty of protecting humanity from creatures of darkness in order to elevate their status as rulers. It was thus named the first of the Forbidden Artes in both the West and the East. The practice of the arte became secretive as a result; small groups congregated in Africa, though the arte was believed near extinct. That is, until centuries later when the first Spanish conquistadors, some who were omnivident, discovered swaths of indigenous groups practicing the arte. The Fourth War of Souls saw the arte once again stamped back into the darkness. Alas, even today, there are those who seek to obtain the power from this arte.

Traits: The Sanguinis are often bright and vivacious individuals. They do however, have a very sharp sadistic streak. They take delight in the misfortunes of others and they have no qualms with making others suffer. Naturally, they are interested in the workings of the human body in both a theoretical and practical sense. Like all practitioners of the Forbidden Artes they are very manipulative and will do whatever it takes to get their way. They do not care for the Oath of Will, and will use innocents as they see fit.

Abilities: The power of Sanguinis lies in blood. In times past, Sanguinis would use animal blood or their own to perform miraculous healings, though since they fell into darkness this particular skill seems to have disappeared from among their ranks. Presently, they are able to manipulate blood much like a Naturae would manipulate his or her own element. The learning curve however is not as steep for this arte, and novice Sanguinis are capable of shaping blood in beautiful, and deadly ways. They use the blood of other humans as a medium of their powers and are thus often found in the company of Strigoi. NPC ONLY

Artes Spiritorum - The Living Phantoms: show
Origins: The Artes Spiritorum have existed for almost as long as the Artes Antiquorum, however much of it remains a mystery. It has often been described as the “left over artes” because many unclassified Artes where shoved into the Artes Spiritorum until they were further developed and understood as their own distinct Arte. As such, it never gained any sort of prestigious title. Today however there appears to a common aspect distinguishing the Spiritorum from the rest of the Artes. Disciples seem to have the presence of two souls intertwined into one within their spirit. There is a dominant one, which most of their power is derived and a lesser one which seems to aid the major one.

Traits: Disciples of the Artes Spiritorum have a very strong spiritual sense, and are usually the first to pick up on disturbances in the spiritual realm. Even at an early age, before one realizes that they are omnivident, they are capable of sensing various spirits. As a result, they are usually the most susceptible to supernatural attacks. It is this nature, as well as the semblance of their abilities to common phantasmal abilities, that this arte acquired its name. They all seem to share the odd instance of a near death experience in which they died for a short moment, which speculatively may be how they became “two-souled”. Aside from the omnivident sense, they usually tend to have some sort of sixth sense. Seeing as they always seemed to “know” about the presence of spirits, they usually come to terms with the supernatural the quickest.

Sixth Sense: These abilities do not grow over time; they’re just odd additional quirks.
[None] – No sixth sense.
[Vis] – Occasionally has a vision of the future.
[Emp] – Can sort of feel what others are feeling.
[Evri] – Has a knack of knowing where to find someone or something.
[Ali] – Can sort of tell whether people are telling the truth or not.

Seeing as the disciples of the Artes Spiritorum are “two-souled”, their abilities act in the same manner. They have a dominant ability which develops slowly though can be honed to accomplish powerful feats and a minor ability which develops quickly though is by no means as powerful as the dominant ability. Their abilities are referred to as “souls”. While some of the souls are strictly major and minor, there exist other souls that appear to coin flip between major and minor development.

Soul of Metal
Major: Grants the ability to create and manipulate chain links

Soul of Sound
Major: Grants the ability to produce vocal sonic waves.

Soul of Light
Major: Grants the ability to create wisps/spheres of light.

Soul of Shadows
Minor: Grants the ability to become intangible.

Soul of Glass
Minor: Grants the ability to become invisible.

Soul of Disgust
Minor: Grants the ability to exude a gelatinous slime.

Soul of Ice
Major: Grants the ability to create ice and absorb heat.
Minor: Grants the ability to absorb heat.

Soul of Life
Major: Grants the ability to absorb spectral energy.
Minor: Grants the ability to regenerate from wounds a bit faster.

Soul of Flight
Major: Grants the ability of telekinesis.
Minor: Grants the ability of levitation.

Soul of Lightning
Major: Grants the ability to produce bio-electricity.
Minor: Grants the ability to disrupt electric fields.

Soul of Terror
Major: Grants the ability to produce illusions.
Minor: Grants the ability to exude an aura of foreboding.

Artes de Totem - Masters of Myth: show
Origins: Study of the Artes de Totem has existed for many years, however as it was a tradition widely practiced in North America; most of it remained an orally taught practice until European colonization. Upon colonization of the Americas this Arte was found to be yet another channel of use by the omnivident and it was incorporated into the Liber Artium. This is why its title does not accurately translate into Latin.

Traits: The disciples of Artes de Totem are generally patient people, though in a similar fashion to the disciples of the Artes Animalium, the personality they have and the creature they have bonded with are usually closely related. The regal authority of a griffin, or the sphinx’s love of riddles, is just a few of the many examples.

Abilities: The disciples of the Artes de Totem all carry or wear totems (trinkets usually of sentimental value) on their person. These totems allow them to call on mythological beasts to aid them in battle. The strength of the creature directly relies on the physical and mental strength of the summoning disciple. Overexertion or prolonged summoning of the beast will cause the disciple to pass out, or even worse, break the totem. Totems that have been broken cannot be easily replaced, as the mythological beast has bonded with that specific item, recreating that bond is a long and arduous practice.

While its origins largely involve North American Native culture, mythical beasts summoned can be of any heritage. Summoned creatures can be summoned at their full might, with all their powers and abilities, or they can be summoned as a diminutive form. In their diminutive form, they are drastically smaller in size, and the strength of their abilities is greatly decreased. However, the exertion of summoning the creature in their diminutive form has much less of an impact on their body, mind and spirit.

Artes Umbrae - The Shadow Walkers: show
Origins: The Artes Umbrae have always been a secretive arte. Even when it arose in the Ancient Far East, not much was known of the arte until the advent of the Silk Road allowed knowledge of the arte to travel into Europe. Essentially, the arte was developed with the purpose of assassination. Their ranks were kept small, disciples-to-be had to go through a series of tests to determine whether they would be acceptable as Umbrae. Even today, the Umbrae hold to very ancient traditions that keep their ranks very small.

Traits: They are lone wolves who remain extremely loyal to their superiors. They have a strict militaristic nature as seen in the Angelorum and the Fluunt West. They are quiet and reserved, choosing to refrain from sharing their thoughts and feelings with their peers, while remaining observant. Their behaviour makes them fairly awkward in social circumstances as they will allow awkward silences to grow due to their lack of input into conversations. Getting past the barriers of an Umbrae however reveals a fairly introspective and observant individual. Most people however, have a tendency to mistrust them due to their secretive behaviour.

Abilities: The intense training of an Umbrae requires that all disciples are highly trained fighters with two weapons, as well as competent in pressure-point martial arts to disarm or disable their opponents.

Regarding their abilities connected to their spirit energy, the Umbrae are proficient wielders of darkness and shadows. They are capable of manipulating shadows and darkness in very efficient and creative ways. In fact, their nickname comes from their notable ability to travel seamlessly from shadow to shadow. Additionally, they have a "shadow vision", which allows them to see the exact pressure-points of an individual, aiding them in their martial arts.

Artes Vitri - Glass Seers: show
Origins: The Artes Vitri largely developed in the South American civilizations. However they strongly opposed the reigning gods, because they believed most of them to be demons, an idea propagated because of the large amounts of human sacrifice. This lead to the disciples of Arte Vitri being viewed as heretics and they were hunted and ostracized as a result. While they too resisted the Spanish conquistadors invading their lines, the few monks who were wielders of artes recognized the omnivident ability in the natives and had the ability inducted into the Liber Artium to be further studied.

Traits: Disciples of the Artes Vitri have a mysterious aura about them that make people around them feel that there is more to them than meets the eye. Disciples that are aware of this fact at times play with this, and make it seem that what they say have a deeper meaning than perceived. They have a knack for being fairly superstitious, especially in regards to mirrors. They read omens in the slightest things that might actually mean nothing at all. In regards to sensing various spiritual phenomena, they are up there with the Spiritorum, Angelorum and the Fluunt. Oddly, they do not get along with the Crystallorum disciples, whom they find too flighty.

Abilities: The heart of an Artes Vitri’s abilities lies in glass. They are powerful scryers, capable of seeing where people or objects are generally located by looking into a mirror or other reflective surface. They can travel through mirrors, so long as their reflection is visible in the next mirror they are travelling into, as well as manipulate their reflection to act on their behalf. Their greatest offensive abilities however is the capability to shape glass at will, while not all Vitri disciples walk with glass on their person, those that do are able to divide, combine, and change the shape of any glass within their vicinity. The greatest of their abilities though is the ability to see glimpses of the future through glass.


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Accepted Characters

KP - Alice: show
Name: Alice Pearson
Age: 18, almost 19
Year: Fifth year student
Appearance: Alice is a very beautiful woman, her blonde hair is thick and long, falling in waterfall-like streams of golden silk down to her waist, and the form of her body is so appealing to the male fantasy that she has trouble keeping all the men away. Her bust is large and cushy, her waist is thin and her hips are wide, though if you were to touch her body you'd find that she is simply covered with lean muscle that simply fools everyone into thinking she's made of cushy, feminine flesh. She knows how to use her attractiveness to her advantage, as well, with her baby blue eyes seemingly going on forever if you look into them. Her totem for Phora, a red bow, rests on the side of her head, and her totem for Sorbet, a platinum ring she wore on a necklace around her neck.

Her face is warm and welcoming, a bit rounded and almost reminiscent of a child's, though anyone would acknowledge its simple beauty.

Her familiar, Phora, looks similar to her, except her hair is an icy silverish-blue instead of blonde and her teeth are a good bit sharper and more fanglike. She has dainty silver and blue butterfly wings coming out of her back, and big retractable claws that can be quite terrifying.

Her second familiar, Sorbet, is no longer a fluffy chick but a phoenix fledgling. Most of his chick fluffy feathers have fallen out, aside from his fuzzy white underbelly, and new juvenile feathers have taken their place. His feathers are predominantly teal, covering the majority of his body, with a crest of dark blue feathers sprouting along either side of his deep green eyes. His legs are a bit gangly and his talons are small. His flight feathers haven’t fully grown in yet, but he can now glide with ease from various perches.

Personality: Alice is a sweet and loving woman, though she can be childish and silly, as well as a bit of a prankster. She is very intelligent and clever, and people who she fancies are fortunate enough to be showered in her motherly affection. Making her angry is a terrible idea, and she will make you regret it!
Her bipolar disorder rarely comes out of her. Her experiences at the end of the previous year soothed her heart a little as pertains to the bus accident that killed her friends, after discovering who was responsible for the act and subsequently defeating the individual.

Phora is a lot like Alice, though she can be a bit more childish and moody, causing problems with her pranks and jokes. But Phora has promised Alice that she will try to be good from now on and cause less problems and be more responsible. Watching Alice and Lloyd’s romantic interactions has opened her heart to the idea of having someone special for herself, which concerns Alice kind of a lot, understandably.

Sorbet has begun to communicate – having learned the human tongue innately through his bond with Alice. He is very much a child, with an avid curiosity, but he also displays moments of deep profound wisdom. He is different from Alice and Phora, having less of their excitable energy, and more of a calm watchfulness. Still, as a fledgling phoenix, he can get himself into trouble by attempting to get into situations he is not yet prepared for.

Biography: Alice is perhaps the most experienced user of her powers amongst the entire club, she started training in Elementary school and continued on until this point. Before Phora was tamed and learned to accept the machines and societies of humans, the pixie caused Alice a lot of trouble and even hurt her loved ones sometimes. But now they are a close family, and Alice loves her totem greatly.

During High School she was brought into the SDU with great expedience, where she excelled and impressed her superiors with her power and discipline. However, her happy life was brought to ruin when the bus carrying most of the club members exploded, leaving her with no close friends for the most part. The year after that was difficult, especially when her co-president abandoned her to lead the SDU alone. Through emotional trials Alice was granted the rare opportunity of a second totem, an ice-phoenix which she named Sorbet.

Together with Phora, Sorbet, and the rest of the SDU, Alice led the team against the growing supernatural problems arising in Darren City. She eventually discovered the identity of the demon responsible for the accident and defeated it – enraged at being bound by a cruel alternate reality that fulfilled all her deepest desires. The angel Yuriel gave her peace and she was able to quickly jump into the next battle alongside her new friends that would result in saving the world itself.

After the War of Souls, Alice took some time to reflect on her experiences, forming deeper bonds with both her familiars. Alice also took time to maintain her relationship with Lloyd over the summer, her boyfriend having returned to his hometown after the events of the previous school year. They were in constant communication as they planned to attend the same university in the next year. With great resolve, Alice, Phora and Sorbet stand ready to continue their services to the world during their requested fifth year at Archlight Academy!

Arte: Artes de Totem

Phora - Her totem is the small red ribbon she usually incorporates into her outfit somehow, oftentimes in her hair. With it she can summon a Pixie who goes by the name of Phora. The creature is about two feet tall when conjured in her diminutive form and looks like a very young girl with silvery white hair, light blue eyes, and blue butterfly-esque wings that are about 1.5 times her size. This iteration of Phora is very mischievous and childish, even for a pixie, and is somehow able to summon herself against Alice's will (Experts believe this is only possible when a totem user secretly longs for their partner's presence). During battle, her wings scatter a thick powdery substance. Inhaling it will make one's mind feel fuzzy and disoriented, while larger doses can induce a deep sleep. As a pixie, she is proficient with air magic and her retractable claws were once used to slash Doctor Kormich's tires after he assigned a particularly absurd workload.

Her true, adult form is over six feet tall, with hair that cascades down her body and a voluptuous figure. Luckily, her wings don't maintain the same 1.5:1 ratio and instead are about one foot taller than her. The powder she produces is now not only a powerful hallucinogen, but also comes in clouds thick enough to choke a human adult, and her air magic becomes a deadly weapon on its own. As an adult, she is obviously much more mature, so her personality is closer to that of her host. As a conduit through Alice, Phora in this form has access to a number of ancient spells over wind.

Sorbet – His totem is a platinum ring, often worn on a silver chain around Alice’s neck. With it she summons the ice-phoenix that she named Sorbet. Sorbet’s existence is quite unusual as he was born on Earth as opposed to Avalon. As a young phoenix fledgling, Sorbet is about the size of a robin, and does not have a true adult form yet. However, he is able to vastly chill the air around him and has recently learned how to breath a cold blast of air and ice pellets. Using his talons, Sorbet’s scratches can immediately freeze surfaces. He cannot yet fly, however.

Limits: Sorbet’s growth has had a noted impact on the energy reserves of Alice. Although Alice has grown accustomed to the drain of Phora, she now has to further train to ensure that she has enough energy for two totems – which is quite unheard of. Over exertion of one totem over the other can lead to both being weakened as the limited energy is shared between the two of them.
Skill(s): Very sociable, a natural leader, quick-witted
Weapon(s): Alice is proficient in a number of medieval weapons though she prefers her simple magic sword or crossbow.
Roommate: Single room.

Kiki - Evelyn: show
Name: Evelyn Victoria St. Augustine
Age: 15
Year: 2nd

Appearance: Evelyn is of average height and petite, though her body is toned from combat. Her bust has shown slight signs of maturing, though is of average size for a girl her age. Her eyes are light brown, with an often intimidating and occasionally icy gaze. Her brown hair has been styled into a straight bob, resting just above her shoulders, with an off-centre part that allows her to brush her bangs behind her right ear. It is quite clear that Evelyn is starting to grow into her figure.

Her uniform is well maintained and steamed to keep it free of wrinkles. In her day-to-day wardrobe, Evelyn remains up to date with the latest fashion trends from Paris, Milan and New York. She keeps her accessories minimal with simple diamond earrings and her silver crucifix that usually remains hidden beneath her top.

Personality: While Evelyn is by no means a “warm” individual, she has worked on becoming a lot more approachable. She has found worth in developing friendships inside and outside the Archive Club. Her tolerance for stupidity remains quite low, and she will rebuke those who act foolishly, but her patience has grown considerably in the last year. Evelyn has a noted air of self-confidence, focusing on her strengths and actively trying to overcome her weaknesses. However, her strong sense of pride prevents her from opening herself to most people and repressing her emotions. She’s still a bit uptight but is learning from her peers how to be more of just a kid and less of a defender of mankind against the supernatural 24/7.

Biography: Evelyn comes from a very long line of Omnivdent people, her ancestors being descended from the few Omnivident Bloodlines. The youngest of four sisters (Stephanie, Helena and Olivia) Evelyn was home-schooled throughout her childhood receiving an unorthodox education that went beyond the typical grammar and arithmetic, for it included extensive teaching on the supernatural and how to fight it. At the age of 14, Evelyn was sent to Arclight Academy. The school was one of many throughout the world that had a program for the training of omnivident children.

Her initial experience at Arclight was rough, though she gradually learned to form genuine friendships both inside and out of the Archive Club. The events of the school year had a significant impact on Evelyn, testing her abilities and developing them in new and fascinating ways. She was deeply disturbed by Simon’s betrayal, for she had seen him as a great Spiritorum role model, and his preaching did cause her to question the greater structure of Omnivident Society. Still, she fought alongside her friends to bring him down and put an end to the impending Armageddon.

In the wake of a world seeing much less supernatural activity, Evelyn found herself feeling quite empty. After years of training and fighting a constant escalation of darkness, Evelyn was faced by the realization that she didn’t know what to do with herself.

Arte: Artes Spiritorum - [None] Major: Soul of Light Minor: Soul of Flight
Limits: Evelyn’s Spiritorum senses allow her to keenly sense the spirits of all beings and identify them accurately based on their energy signatures. She has learned to slip in and out of the spiritual realm with relative ease.
-Soul of Light-
Evelyn's soul of light allows her to conjure up to ten light wisps at a time. In their basic state, each of these wisps are approximately the size of a soccer ball, providing both light and minimal heat.
Evelyn has control over various characteristics of the wisps allowing her to control:
-size: as small as a firefly to as large as a beach ball
-durability: soft as jell-o to as hard as lead
-explosivity: concussive blast to fiery explosions
Other abilities arising from the wisps:
-Conjuring a light veil – a wisp exploded to blind enemies and hinder the sight of the untouched in its radius.
-Conjuring beams of light – a wisp concentrated into a beam that does not burn but releases powerful kinetic energy in its wake.
-Soul of Flight-
Evelyn's soul of flight allows her to fly confidently through the air for an indeterminate amount of time. As this soul requires less energy she almost always has access to this ability. She is capable of performing acrobatic aerial feats, as well as flying at a pace faster than the average running speed.
Skill(s): Extensive knowledge on spirits; exorcisms; literate in Latin; conversational skill in an assortment of European languages.
Weapon(s): Glaive; rapier
Roommate: Bernice Yolanda Holiday

Jack - Damian: show
Name: Damian Grayson
Age: 16
Year: 2nd
Appearance: He is a caucasian male (slightly tanned) with black unkept hair and dark blue eyes on a sharp face that's generally appealing enough to the eyes but doesn't stand out. He clearly works on his body as he has a noticeably toned build with a natural lengthy frame though he seemed to lose some of his definition over a fairly inactive summer. He is 6"1 and weighs 193. He wears the school uniform which covers several scars on his chest though he'll opt for any kind of jacket over it if he can.
Personality: Despite a crippling laziness at times when it comes to academics, he embraces work and challenge where he feels it could improve him, especially in areas he's interested. Though fairly kind and sympathetic overall, he will generally treat others just as they treat him if they do so consistently. Damian likes being fair when he can and is selfless enough when it comes to people he likes. He also can be rather sarcastic at times though it's usually light-hearted. While he delights in causing laughter, he's not great at it as far as he's concerned. He can be short-tempered usually and easily frustrated, though his experience with Omnividence has helped him build patience and some discipline. After everything Damian's been through at Arclight, his pessimism shines through more than it used to. An effort might be made to be optimistic but he tries not to 'get his hopes up'.
Biography: Damian was born to a stable middle class couple. His father, a construction worker and his mother, a nurse raised him. Despite their job stability, they lived in below average conditions but managed to sustain themselves and when needed, Damian's wealthier uncle provided financial aid to the family. At a young age, Damian displayed a sensitivity to spirits that he did not understand but being a child, he thought nothing of it. The parents too, never assumed much of Damian's odd behavior at times, but his uncle, being an Omnivident individual with Artes Portarum, became intrigued. He became more of a steady presence in their lives, rather than just providing help when needed.

Although a moderately intelligent boy, Damian displayed a lack of effort or dedication to school, he struggled academically as a result up to the point where he failed twice in Middle, though the second repeat in 8th was mostly on account of his accident. Shortly after his first time being held back, his father had quit after suffering a knee injury at work and helped Damian with his school struggles and they moved to a less costly apartment. During 8th grade, on the way to school, an individual ran a red light and struck the vehicle Damian and his father were in. The impact on Damian's side of the vehicle left him unconscious and his father with lesser injuries. Both were rushed to the hospital with Damian in critical condition, surgery on his father was succesful. Damian's heart however, had stopped for about a minute during the emergency surgery but in the end was succesfully revived and after some grueling hours for the family, surgery was a success, relatively speaking.

After spending some time recovering, he was able to return home. His spiritual sensitivity was extremely heightened after he had woken up and his uncle seemed convinced some time after Damian returned that he was Omnivident. Later on when Damian had finished middle, his uncle had suggested he go to Arclight Academy despite the considerable distance, the parents initially weren't too comfortable sending Damian so far but they relented and allowed him to take Damian there and let him stay. Unbeknownst to Damian, the academic aspect of the Academy had little to do with his being there.
Very little time was wasted at the Academy, with Damian meeting Johnny and Carter and rather quickly, finding friendship. Soon after, he was invited to the Darren Archive Club and Damian to his shock would find them there, discovering that he was Omnivident and that everyone there was like him.

Very soon after, the young man would come to realize that he had much to learn and despite only brief experiences, came to regard Evelyn as a Spiritorum model of sorts to aspire to as well as a pseudo teacher. The experience of competing and even fighting his fellow club members on the other hand would teach him something much different. Despite his awe at his own power, each of his classmates had something just as effective to offer. A fair share of embarrassment after utterly snapping would leave him subconsciously aspiring to be the best he could (and to control himself). The cruel reality of loss would soon reveal his entire membership at the club to not be a dream when Carter was lost, a moment that compelled him to take things as seriously as he should. Since then, he's taken great pride in every token or item that he sees as progress, from his glass bauble to the brooch he received of green forked lightning. As ambitious and driven as he is to wage whatever war necessary on the supernatural, he's found himself just as disturbed by it, especially from the possession of his friends. Worse still, the revelation of fellow rogue Spiritorum working with cruel intent and malice has shaken him to a degree, especially considering how greatly he respected Simon in particular for some time. While not lamenting Simon's fate, he is upset about how to some degree, he almost agreed with Simon about the Spiritorum being underappreciated.

Now with the knowledge that not all use the Omnivident gift for good, he's ready to return for another year of school without a War of Souls, but with the same uneasiness that such peace does not guarantee everything will be alright.
Arte: Spiritorum. Soul of Lightning Major, Soul of Glass Minor.
Damian has developed his spiritual senses considerably, allowing him to sense a number of spiritual presences with accuracy. In particular, it should be noted that he is now able to roughly sense the omnivident abilities in others, indicating the nuances of spiritual perception. His training with Simon has also allowed him to slip into the spiritual realm, but he still has difficulty doing this for an extended period of time.
- Soul of Lightning -
Damian is capable of generating a field of electricity that can disrupt electrical devices and other electrical signals. He has considerable control over electronic devices, being able to manipulate them as if he were touching them himself.
He can release bolts of green lightning from the palm of his hands, being capable of maintaining a steady stream of lightning that can jump from one target to the next if he wills it. He is now capable of shaping and guiding the lightning in unnatural paths and shapes, though he still needs to train further in this regard.
He still uses the glass bauble to charge up and store electrical energy, but Damian is now capable of making the bauble float and move according to his will as well.
- Soul of Glass -
Damian is able to become invisible with relative ease and remain so for an indefinite amount of time. Any objects in his possession also become invisible without training too much of his energy.
Simon has coached Damian to make up to five other people invisible with him, provided that they remain physical contact with him. However, while in this state Damian is using a lot more energy and has not yet figured out how to maintain group invisibility as well as using his electrical abilities.
Skill: Very athletic through training and exercise.
Weapons: Axe
Roommate: Daniel Sweeny

Name: Yamikatsu Tsubaki
Age: 15
Year: 3nd
Appearance: Tsubaki is four foot eleven! Though her new boots still have a decent heel to them, and while only being lower-calf high are just as white as her old ones. Her hair is longer and more ridiculous than ever. It's still held at the top of her head with a large blue bead, but now splits in two, falling to each side in a pig tail fashion, each held together by yet another blue bead. Her brown eyes sparkle with life and she's quite expressive with them. Her nose is still small and close to her face, but her thin lips and eyebrows are accented with just a touch of make-up. Her thin body is coming into it's own now, but she's not expecting much from it. She follows the dress code very closely, as she doesn't want to stand out too much, though the rest of her appearance with her white jacket may ruin that plan just a bit. Her old satchel has a smaller, trendier replacement. One might call it a small purse, it's straps, strings of small blue beads.

Her white ceremonial dress is not quite what it used to be, in fact one could say it's more of a ceremonial skirt now. Cut too are the large belled sleeves, in place a pair of white elbow length gloves that leave her middle and index fingers, as well as thumb exposed. The same light blue wavy frills on the underside of her shirt run the outer length of said gloves. In fact they're what ties the whole outfit together, a frill and a bit off puff around the neck and also being a literal tie around her waist were once was a corset, it's large left overs hanging being her. In all tradition has given way to usability and a bit of personal flair.
Personality: The word tsubaki means camellia, also know as the fragrance-less flower, and at first that seems to describe the shy Tsubaki. Only at first. While her nerves might show, she won't sit on the sidelines any more, not that she could if she tried. It might be surprising but people have even called her dependable recently, and she's taken that trait and tries her best to live up to it. If you need something ask Tsubaki and she'll try to help. Of course breaking out of her shell had consequences, she has a habit of humming or even singing now even when she's not alone and it's pretty embarrassing to get caught.
Biography: Tsubaki has recently learn her past is quite a stormy one, even to the point her Arte may not be what it was intended to be. Over the summer she was contacted her father who left her and her mother before she could walk when he violated the Oath of Will in an attempt to kill Tsubaki's grandfather on her mother's side. The story was not so simple as it would turn out, Tsubaki's mother's family have long been Notatorum disciples, and a group of them, lead by various members through out the years had been using their powers to attempt to manipulate souls by inscribing their sigils directly into them. Though the attempts couldn't usually be described as successful, some did at least have a linger effect if not the intended one. Though it was once her grandfather took charge of the cult that they started experimenting on infants. Risky as there was no way to know for sure the child would eventually become one of there own members, bets were hedged when Tsubaki was born. Her father never had the heart to tell her mother what he had found out, and after the attempt on the old man's life and being declared a rogue disciple, she wouldn't have listened to him any ways. But Tsubaki gave him a chance, and after digging around for information eventually took a gamble and told her mother of what she had found out. Momoe was not pleased and took action herself. Hearing details later Tsubaki was glad she was not present.

It hasn't been all bad for her though. While in her time in America she grew in power and as a person, even if she did have to fight in a War of Souls, and she was able to take that growth and reapply it once she had returned to Japan, making friends with two younger Omnivident girls, the excitable Mikiru that didn't understand the concept of personal space or being modest, and narcoleptic Bakana who was usually just asleep and towed around by the former. Together the three of them ran into their fair share of demons and ghosts, and developed a close bond as they went from fleeing and getting more experienced Omnivident to dealing with them themselves. Perhaps the most notable was defeated almost accidentally, but left a lasting effect of Tsubaki's life. A minor demon, it fed on embarrassment and amplified it, causing cases of panic and even heart attacks in performers at a local concert venue. After having their singer hospitalized, a band in need of practice asked for Tsubaki's help. Reluctantly and pushed into it by Mikiru, she accepted and the fiend thought it had a prime target. It was wrong, once it turned on the speakers and threw open the stage curtains Tsubaki owned the stage, causing it to attack and the performance only to be amplified. She sorta accidentally became an overnight pop idol. Ooops.

"Arclight should be starting classes soon," the idol pondered outloud to none but the empty space in the jet taking her to concert. She felt like she should have arrived by now, but her pilot had told her once before that he'd leave the singing to her if she left the piloting to him so she would. Of course once she did finally land, the air port wasn't the one she expected but one familiar. Arclight airport. Hurrying to the cabin, there was no pilot to be found. Her cell was the same from last year so she knew it would be able to call home. No response from her mother. None from her manager. But there was one number she got through too.

"Hi Miss Racheal? It's Tsubaki Yamikatsu, and this would probably sound weird to anyone else but..."
Arte: Notatorum Liberare, with the sigils of Arx, Augmen, Canta, Cingo, Incus, Ligare, Vis, Iter, Lux, Purgo, Secretum, Solis, and Spons.
Limits:Tsubaki is quite capable of projecting her sigils onto anything or have them float in the air for 30 minutes. Her sigils that manifest an item will last for up to two hours without exhaustion, while her sigils that cause effects will last for 30 minutes. She is now capable of manifesting three different sigils at once. She is much more efficient with her spiritual energy, allowing her to switch from one sigil to the next much quicker. (Although always technically within her skillset, her personal growth has freed her from her hang-ups and she no longer needs to touch or say a sigil's name to activate it.)
Skill(s): Tsubaki is a good observer of things and tends to be able to tell when something is out of place or different than it should be, and has some experience in music and dance, the later proving useful in evading attacks. Slowly but surely she is gaining the ability to create ofuda.
Weapon(s): Kunai
Roommate: Sangeeta Purjati

Wizzquizz - Lotus: show
Name: Lotus Acula
Age: 14
Year: 2nd
Appearance: Lotus weighs 115lbs and stands 5'7". She has long white hair that goes down to her mid-back area. She wears a black headband with a bow in her snow white hair. Her more feminine features haven't developed yet due to her age (depending on how long this goes on they may develop more).Due to her Asian heritage she has soft attractive features, leading her to become quite popular in usual school settings. Her eyes are a striking blue that resembles a pair of sapphires.

She wears a black and white vest (or jacket depending on the season.). She has long white thigh-highs with black strings that cover any panty hose she's wearing. She also wears a plaid skirt. When she's allowed she wears her father's sword which has a sheath made from a birch tree with a black cloth wrapped around it.

Personality: Lotus is very protective of those she cares about. She has random moments of cleverness and bravery although as well as those moments come moments of stupidity.
Biography: On June 18th, a baby girl was born to Dr. Richard Acula, an Artes Animalium disciple, and his wife, and she was named Lotus after the flower. Oddly enough their tiger and Dr. Acula's familiar, Surasshu, disappeared. Shortly after the family had settled Surasshu reappeared.
She lived a largely mundane life, though at the age of 4, Dr. Acula noticed that she was drawn to tigers as he was as a child. Lotus would spend time “drawing” tigers and watching shows starring tigers. She loved these shows so much she often threw a tantrum when unable to watch them. Lotus began to learn more being a child of two cultures, Lotus was taught both Japanese and English languages, traditions, and cultures.

By the age of 12, Dr. Acula found that his daughter was extraordinarily talented with a sword. He began to train her to fight and defend herself and most importantly defend those that can’t defend themselves. The training was ruthless and exhausting, although Lotus remained strong throughout it.

Though two years later, Dr. Acula began to suspect that his daughter may be omnivident like himself. Knowing that with Omnividence came danger, Dr. Acula sent his daughter to Arclight Academy so that she could train her burgeoning abilities, sending her with sword as a guide to remind her of home, though really intended for her to use against the enemies that would surely arise. However he refrained from telling her that she herself was gifted with omnividence.

The events of the previous year were a lot to hand for the girl and her tiger. She had made friends, but she had seen horrific things as well. Despite the ups and downs of her adventures, she mostly struck by her "boyfriend" Daniel's revelation of being a sage. It was quite a lot for her to take in, and she did not truly understand what it meant for her. The summer was an opportunity for her to reflect on the revelation - as well as rest after saving the world. They were currently on a "break" to say the least. She used the opportunity to hang out with her friend Chantelle.

Arte: Animalium-White Tiger named Dot.
Limits: The bond between Lotus and Dot is incredibly strong, serving as a source of even mental protection as Dot is able to bolster the Lotus' mental defences from outside influences.
Drawing on Dot's energy, Lotus is able to manifest sharp claws for nails, fanged teeth with a strong snapping jaw, silent-padded footsteps, enhanced night-vision, incredible acrobatic proficiency and overall heightened senses.
She is quite proficient in communicating with various feline species and has a slight ability to control or "charm" them temporarily while in their vicinity.
Siphoning more energy into Dot, Lotus can increase the strength and size of the white tiger, allowing her and at least two others to ride on her back with ease.
Lotus has basically mastered the were-beast transformation, allowing her to take on the feature and abilities of a white tiger. She can maintain this form for approximately an hour before needing to recharge her spiritual energy.
Skill(s): Skilled with a sword, swift counters, dodges, and stealth when she chooses to be.
Weapon(s): Katana
Roommate: Fiona Brennan

KP - Daniel: show
Name: Daniel Sweeney
Year: 1st
Appearance: Very short and skinny for his age, standing at 5’ 3” and weighing only about 110 pounds. His skin is very pale due to his reclusive lifestyle. Many people call him creepy because his brown eyes look glassy and dead even without the dark circles underneath them. While he maintains decent hygiene habits, his mid-length brown hair is unkempt. Prefers baggy clothes with simple colors and details.
Personality: Daniel’s “weirdness” has kept him from making friends for most of his life. He’s quiet, but only out of habit. It would be wrong to call him a true loner because it’s mainly other people who avoid him instead of the other way around. In fact he doesn’t really understand the reasons why nobody talks to him. He does, however, realize that people are creeped out by him so he refrains from speaking or associating with people in general without a good reason.
Biography: Born to Mark Sweeney (a wealthy, light-skinned investor) and Tlalli Perdomo (a successful Ecuadorian immigrant), Daniel should’ve grown up a good religious boy like his parents, surrounded by friends and excelling in school. However it was apparent from an early age that he had inherited neither the social skills or brainpower of his parents. During the first few grades of elementary school he performed about average, and made a decent amount of friends, but as time went on he found himself unable to keep up and his peers cut ties with him one by one to move into the normal cliques and clubs. It wasn’t long before the boy was a struggling “loser” whom nobody wanted to be caught dead interacting with. Teachers didn’t trust him because of his sleepy gaze and bad grades so the child often took the blame for whatever mischief occurred during the day. His parents began to think of him as a problem child, which was a serious thing to Mark and Tlalli who felt the boy’s failures were their failures as well.

Throughout middle school Daniel became interested in Witchcraft after finding an old magic trick book, and collected tarot cards, Ouija boards, along with various other things associated with the occult which he kept secret from his Christian family. The feeling of having a private world, filled with things only he knew about, had a profound effect on the adolescent. One day, having been scolded by his father for the umpteenth time, he was told to “take a long, hard look at himself“. The boy took this as genuine advice and did as his dad said. Staring into the bedroom mirror, his frustrations and pain poured out of him, until finally he admitted to himself that he will probably never be able to connect with people and live a normal life. Gazing once more at his reflection, he was overcome with grief and the desire to turn away from his own image. But it wasn‘t Daniel who turned away -- His reflection looked to it’s left instead. He was amazed by the spectacle. The child tried willing his copy to do a myriad of simple things and it responded in kind, like an extension of his body. With a few minutes of experimentation he found that he could manipulate his reflection in the bathroom mirror, the sliding door, windows, and any other glass surface.

The next day Daniel noticed that the entire world seemed different. It was as if he could feel those around him as well as he could see them, an indescribable sixth sense that at first only served to disorient him. From time to time he would catch a glimpse of a strange person engaged in a bizarre activity, floating, bending at strange angles, having flaming eyes, etc. Reading thousands of pages of Wicken tomes tends to change one’s thought process, so instantly he thought them to be ghosts. The excitement was unbearable. If ghosts were real, like the books said, then what did that mean about all the magic he studied? Despite his enthusiasm, he remembered that the books described spirits as being dangerously unpredictable, so he decided to wait before attempting to make contact with the ghosts. Meanwhile he continued to explore and practice his abilities in secret, during the middle of the night in his bedroom, surrounded by Witchcraft books. Eventually he found himself able to manipulate glass in the same manner as his reflection, at the cost of lots and lots of energy. At this point he was beginning to think of this power and magic to be his calling in life. He carried glass with him everywhere, using it to entertain himself, constantly combining, dividing, shaping, and moving it in new ways.

A few months later, the then twelve year old boy walked towards his usual bus stop, examining his reflection in a small orb of glass he liked to carry. But before he turned the last corner, the image in the orb was illuminated in a fiery red light coming from somewhere behind the doppelganger. He saw himself get incinerated by a massive ball of fire, and from behind his actual self he heard a rumbling sound. Fearing the worst he leaped into the grass next to the sidewalk, and the fireball roared past him. There he saw a man in a black cloak, along with what appeared to be one of the more disturbing ghosts, looking amazed at him and the orb in his hand, before trying once again to fry Daniel. For some reason he felt exhausted, but he once again managed to dodge the attack. “Magic?!” was his first thought after avoiding the fireball. With all the energy he could muster he transformed the orb into a crude blade and threw it towards his assailant. The man was struck in the shoulder, and retreated with blood soaking into his shirt. Before breaking into a run, he stumbled and dropped a small black object onto the ground, and was far too panicked to turn and retrieve it. With a quick look around Daniel confirmed that nobody witnessed what just happened, so he caught his breath before examining what that man dropped. It was a black book covered in bizarre symbols he had never seen before. The writing looked like some sort of claw marks. He had missed his bus, but that didn't concern him, because this book was far more interesting than remedial math class.

That being said, he had no idea how to read it. The contents had little in common with any of his wicken books. But in his mind, he had still made a giant leap in progress, as he remembered that the man who attacked him was accompanied by one of the local ghosts. Perhaps that man was trying to use his soul for something? There was no way the boy could know, but he at least discovered that ghosts were, in fact, connected to the “real magic” that had captured his imagination since birth. (It also seemed as if foresight was within his abilities, but he couldn’t figure out how to trigger it again.) So he began to hunt down ghosts and destroy them with his powers, searching for the one who accompanied the attacker, and learning some techniques for eliminating spirits. The one he was searching for had made itself elusive, however, so he rampaged through Oklahoma City for almost a year and a half before coming across a group of similarly clothed men while pursuing a ghost.

For once he took the initiative and tried to speak with them. “I have a book you might be interested in. If you let me join you, and teach me about what it says in there, I have no problem with giving it back to you.” The men looked at him and laughed hysterically.
“Look at this kid! He wants to play with magic!” One said. “Think he’s the one whose been wiping out the ghosts? Bet he can’t handle the big leagues.” The man was right - Daniel was no match for them, and quickly fell unconscious from the pain of their torment. Luckily, it seemed a group of Omnivident were also on the trail of the ghosts, so the sorcerers had to flee or risk discovery. Daniel was hospitalized, and upon recovery the Omnivident who rescued him had him placed into Arclight Academy. The teen was delighted to be sent to a school dedicated to people like him. He was even more happy when he managed to sneak in the strange black book undetected.

Arte: Artes Vitri
Limits: Daniel can manipulate glass freely while touching it, and has now begun to learn how to adjust the shape of glass slightly through the power of his mind alone. He can manipulate his reflection, allowing him to have it do various actions on his behalf, though if he focuses for over twenty minutes his power will be drained. Illusions have a slight effect on him, though he is the first to realize their false nature. On random instances, he will see the future in the reflection of objects, though he cannot control when this happens.
Training himself in magic, Daniel is capable of wielding the various spells he has learned from the magi with confidence. His proficiency in potion crafting however is still quite untouched, and thus neglected.
Skill(s): Fairly experienced with low-level spirits.
Roommate:Damian Grayson

Wizzquizz - Idelia: show
Name: Idelia “Id” Saxson
Age: 16
Year: 3rd

Appearance: Id stands about 5’11 and is skinny. Id is a fiery short haired redhead. She wears long pants and a shirt that had followed school code, before she ripped them into capris/a sleeveless shirt. Then a golden ring that has been slightly warped due to intense heat of a fire is wrapped around her finger.

(Picture Onyx drew of her: Image )

Personality: Idelia is rash, quick witted and often has an explosive temper. She despises people that think they’re better than her. She also has a deep hatred for those she can’t beat, often going into a rage. Although when she’s not interacting with anyone she enjoys a nice peaceful fire.

BiographyIdelia was born to a nice, average family. She began to show her omnivident powers at a young age. She began to hear and see strange things. They scared her and helped influence the small child. She cried out for help to her parents which, in turn, didn’t believe her. They thought she was “special”. The dark beings began to teach her their ways, she listened to them, starting small fires. Until one day she started the very fire that ended up taking her parents life. Idelia doesn’t remember much only the screams of her parents mixed with the demon’s laughter.

Idelia was then sent to a foster home, with only one thing to remember her parents by: Her mother’s golden wedding ring warped by the fire. The child had no one. She lived in fear due to the horrible living conditions and treatment she received. While in the foster house she was beat on a daily basis. Though one day a mighty bird appeared and attacked Idelia’s attacker. The regal phoenix then bonded with the orphan.

Idelia began to get thrown from foster home to foster home, from orphanage to orphanage. She eventually was sent to another Orphanage in Darren City. She lived in poor conditions again although she was allowed to go to school. Then in her free time she began to steal and perform acts arson. Through her time stealing and being an arsonist she developed a drinking habit. She began stealing more expensive things and vodka, then went to juvie. She began to live a slight criminal life, she enjoyed being the free bird that she was.

Along her ventures around Darren she befriended a fellow orphan named Dante. He was a large dark skinned man with broad shoulders and was extremely tall. Dante was about to become old enough to leave. They began to form a relationship. He was constantly helping her out of several situations and he even visited her during her time in juvie. Until the day came when he had to move out of the orphanage. Id wasn’t about to lose one of the few people she cared about. She helped him do random jobs around Darren until Dante bought a large building. It was a ruin. Id and Dante began work on the two story building.

After several days Id began to hear all too familiar voices and a ghost began to torment her. One day she snapped. Dante was in the building as Id began to curse at it. He quickly run into the room only to become a target. The ghost attacked him. Id summoned her pheonix. After a long fight the dou finally struck down the spirit. After some explaining to Dante, he began to accept this world he had been shown. They returned work on the building eventually creating the popular bar “Inferno”. Dante had a bar/club in the lower half of the building with his house in the upper part of the building closed off to the public.

Id continued her crimes with regular visits to Dante. After being spotted by a teacher at Arclight Academy she was sent there to train. Her first year ended in her failing that school year. She managed to pass her second first year. A quarter into her third year (First Second year) she got caught again and was sent to juvie. She was in Juvie during the bus explosion but she has described it as true, beautiful, unmatched flame with almost a sick enjoyment. She has finally been released early for good behavior, returning to Arclight with a sadistic smile.

Idelia's return to Arclight was not easy. Despite the facade that she had built up, the emotional toll of having lost her friends, and most importantly, her girlfriend, had left deep emotional scars. She played nicely - for the most part - playing her role on the SDU and fighting when needed, but as the year progressed and things got worse, she began to spiral. Falling into an illusion where none of that happened almost seemed to good to be true, but a part of her wished that the illusion was never broken. The angel Yuriel was somehow able to give her a sense of peace, allowing her to rally and fight in what would be the most important battle of her life thus far. When it was all over, and the world was saved, she did not feel relief, but she felt that she could finally move on.

Arte: Arte de totem. Her mother’s ring works as her totem. She is able to summon a phoenix named Ego. Ego’s small form is about the size of a hawk. His flight feathers are coal black while his down is a mixture of red and yellow. Ego can fly at 105-15 mph and can use a burst of energy to fly at max speeds of 200 mph. In this form Ego can exhale thick smog. After releasing the smog he can ignite it by creating a spark either by snapping his beak shut or scraping his talons together.
His true form is 6’7 with a wingspan of twice that. Ego becomes made of flowing lava except for his beak and legs that seem to be made of dark obsidian. In this form Ego is capable of spitting molten lava.

Limits: Idelia's bond with Ego is incredibly profound. The two have gone through much together, and can know what the other is thinking through their psychic link. Idelia has an unnatural resistance to heat and fires take much longer to actually burn her, allowing her to walk through flames largely unharmed.
Her spiritual reserves allow her to sustain Ego in his full form with relative ease.
She can successfully fuse with Ego with very little effort, granting her access to a myriad of pyrokinetic abilities and flight. She can maintain the transformation for a significant amount of time, but over exertion will leave her in a weakened state.
Skill(s): Idelia is good at pickpocketing. She knows how to breathe fire (as in the Carnival trick). She also has a knack for starting fires. She swims like a rock.
Weapon(s): HAHAHAHA....Fire.
Roommate: Off campus


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Accepted Characters

Deci - Antilita: show
Name: Antilita Francheska Pavlushkin
Age: 13
Year: 1st
Appearance: Antilita is a pipsqueak, but of course, as she inherited her mother's thin frame and beauty, and her father isn't a large man, but an intellectual, himself. Her upbringing is shown in first impressions, a perfect stature, a smug grin, and clothes that are simply too expensive. These clothes are usually reds or oranges, so she's a bit disappointed in the school's uniform but wears it to code just fine. A necklace, painted nails, or shoes can splash in her color of choice when needed. As well as the orange ribbons tied around her twin platinum blonde buns, small little things, more for show than anything else, as her hair still ends up past her shoulders with long enough bangs to tuck behind her ears. On a bad day you might catch her in glasses, but chances are probably not, she's a contacts kind of girl.
Personality: Antilita is a busybody. She likes to know what is going on with everyone at all times and she likes to give unsolicited advice even more. She doesn't usually mean to be malicious, but her drive for perfection in herself and others can lead her to be quite blunt, rude, demanding, or outright controlling. That said if she's "offering advice" to you it probably means she considers you a friend, and to Antilita a friend is family and family is the most important thing in a person's life.
Biography: Antilita was born into a rich Arclight family, her father a movie director, her mother often the star of his and other's films. Needless to say she was groomed to high society from the start, always being enrolled in advanced and preparatory classes since before kindergarten, as well as etiquette courses and various extra curricular activities like child modelling. However she was still young when the hired help became almost solely responsible for scheduling and taking her to these things, due to her parents' frequent travels. One might consider this luck though, as when she started showing signs of stronger than average connections to the spiritual, the diverse pool of caretakers were able to simultaneously keep it under wraps, and delve deeper into understanding what was happening with her.

It was fairly easy to convince her parents to higher on a yet another tutor for the girl, they wouldn't know that she wasn't actually struggling in history classes, after all, and so she was soon introduced to the Omnivident world in the safety of her own home. Being somewhat of a recluse do to her tight schedule she chose the path of an Animalium, hoping in to gain a friend in life for once. And so she did, a fine and perfect Termite Queen. One she could respect, for all she did for her family, perhaps because that's what she always felt her life lacked.

Since her path in life was always leading to Arclight it soon became time to tell her parents of her abilities, however something happened that stopped her and her servants from doing so. A fatal bus explosion killed a number of attending students, it could be no coincidence those very students were the Archive Club, a cover for the Omnivident students that trained there. She couldn't risk not being allowed to attend so she remained silent and redoubled her training. If there was something hunting Omnivident out there she'd find it. And kick it's a**. These efforts were rewarded as, she was able to resist the assault on her family's estate during what she'd later find out was a War of Souls a short while later and protect the staff within, long enough for someone else to end it. Though it did not come without some rather severe property damage due to the nature of her Arte.
Arte: Animalium (Termite)
Limits: Drawing upon the energy of her termite colony, Antilita is unnaturally strong, being capable of lifting three times her own weight. She is also quite resilient, her bones and skin taking on the qualities of a termite's exoskeleton. She is able to wordless commune with normal termites, willing them to follow her commands. Antilita is also able to decay and break down materials through direct contact, more complex materials take longer to decay as well as those that are inorganic.
Skill(s): Antilita has an eye for detail, and can fairly easily access the quality and material of common items like jewellery, clothing, furniture, and art, something pointless and dumb, but necessary in her station in life. In kind she also never forgets a name, as there is nothing more rude than guessing an honored guest's name.
Roommate: Camille Ending

Ezly - Joey: show
Name: Joonho/Joey Choi
Age: 14
Year: 1st
Appearance: Tall for his age at 5'9", Joey looks like an ungainly giraffe: skinny, long-limbed, and prone to falling over himself. He almost always has scrapes or bruises from his own clumsiness. It doesn't help that his messy black hair, parted in the middle, is long enough to fully cover his eyes and stick up at the back of his neck. He'll occasionally use hair clips or a headband to keep his hair out of his face, but he's equally likely to just suffer through having obscured vision.

His face is round and cheerful, with upturned brown eyes, a round nose, and a smile almost always on his lips. When in uniform, he tends to take off his blazer and either sling it over his shoulder or drape it over his arm. Outside of uniform, he's the kind of person who'll wear a T-shirt and shorts in the middle of winter.
Personality: Joey is a theater kid: dramatic, outgoing, and basking in public attention. He strikes up conversation and tries to befriend anyone he meets, usually with a bad pun or a witty observation at the ready. Silence makes him uneasy, and he quickly becomes bored and lonely. While a loyal and empathetic friend, he is extremely conflict avoidant, and will spare people's feelings first and tell white lies without considering long term consequences. He always has good intentions, but in general he's impulsive, a poor planner, and not very pragmatic.

Joey is surprisingly knowledgeable about music and theater and takes the subjects very seriously, given his average grades and goofing off in other classes. He'll gladly spend hours learning about his interests, but he doesn't care about much else. He won't take criticism on this, or many things really, as he's self-assured to the point of arrogance at times.
Biography: Joey is from a typical, middle-class Korean-American family. He has one brother 2 years younger than him, Myungho, who is essentially his exact opposite. They get along fairly well, with a typical amount of sibling teasing.

Joey's parents had him start piano lessons at 5, expecting it to be nothing more than a nice, shiny extracurricular. To their surprise, Joey took to music eagerly, but his dedicated work ethic with music was completely absent when it came to typically academic pursuits. He made friends quickly, but his grades were mediocre.

Landing the starring role in an elementary school musical set him on a new path. He cheerfully announced to his parents that he wanted to be an actor in a musical, and he insisted on taking vocal lessons and joining in local youth theater productions. His parents initially resisted, but had to relent upon realizing it was genuinely his passion.

As a child Joey had some odd quirks, seeming to be highly accident prone and imaginative. He gave nonsensical explanations when his parents asked how he'd gotten scrapes and bruises, leading them to worry he was being bullied for some time. He had an invisible friend and was terrified of the dark for a longer time than typical for a child. By now he's 'grown out of it,' learning to hide atypical behavior. If he seems to be talking to thin air or staring at nothing sometimes, he's quick to explain that he was just practicing his lines or getting into character.

Though his parents still despair over his lackluster academic career, there's little doubt that he excels at his passions. After all, he qualified for a scholarship at the prestigious Arclight Academy. While Joey is interested in the school's reputation and hopes it will be a good start for a future career, his parents hope that the teachers there may be able to challenge him and improve his poor work ethic, so he's a better role model for his brother.
Arte: Artes Carminis - Songs of Power: Furaha: Song of Happiness, Taraja: Song of Hope, and Ajabu: Song of Wonder
Limits: Once awakened, Joey is beginning to sense the feelings of those around him. As his skills are yet unrefined, he can sense general collective emotions, but not those of individuals unless one-on-one. At times this can be overwhelming as he grows accustomed to the sensations around him.
Similarly, his abilities of targeting his songs is still limited, he can focus on friend or foe, but not on individuals. As a result, the effects of his abilities become diluted as more individuals join the group.
Skill(s): Joey can memorize things fairly easily since he's used to memorizing scripts/music (though good luck getting him to care enough to memorize anything else). He's also a good liar, with practised acting skills, and obviously he knows how to sing.
Roommate:Sam McDougal

Kiki - Fiona: show
Name: Fiona Brennan
Age: 14
Year: 2nd

Appearance: Fiona is roughly 5’4 with a thin build and a rosy complexion, her face rarely seen without a friendly smile. Her eyes are a vibrant green with a warm gaze. Her dark red hair is quite long and straight, reaching to the middle of her back, but is usually kept in a long ponytail. She has matured a bit over the summer, her bust showing signs of development, but her overall looks haven’t changed significantly.

Although she has opted to wear the school uniform’s skirt this year, she still feels most comfortable wearing jeans and sweats while in her day-to-day clothing after class.

Personality: Fiona has gone through quite a lot since coming to Arclight Academy, but Fiona’s upbeat and cheerful personality often prevails. She is charming and personable, which allows her to make a number of friends quite easily. Gifted with knowing the truth, Fiona strives to be truthful herself and admires it in others. After being possessed, Fiona became a bit more reserved but quickly learned to trust her friends in the Archive Club. She is hardworking and determined with a strong sense of confidence that many in the SDU may not have even realized was once there before. She still enjoys singing, writing, and song writing, and has found through these hobbies a means to express herself when dark memories haunt her. Plucky and enduring, Fiona feels as if she has become a competent member of the SDU.

Biography: Born to a lawyer and a housewife, Fiona would’ve had a relatively ordinary life. That is, if it weren’t for her powers. Bedridden by a strange illness that no doctor could explain, culminated in a moment of near-death. She eventually recovered by not without strange aftereffects; Fiona saw things that no one else could see, and had uneasy feelings she couldn’t describe, especially when people talked.

A local of Darren City, she attended Arclight Academy the year after the bus explosion. By the time she had enrolled, she had begun to manifest her arte, though she rejected Miss Rachel’s offer to join the Supernatural Defence Unit. Instead, she learned how to suppress and conceal her abilities under the training of Ms. Shields, hoping to maintain a relatively normal life. Unfortunately, her possession at the Winter Ball turned that idea on its head, spurring Fiona to join the SDU to regain control over her powers and defend humanity from the growing threat of the supernatural.

The Archive Club became a source of new friendships and a deeper understanding of her powers. She became a better fighter and eventually an integral member of the team. She had formed a bond with her fellow Spiritorum, Damian – and perhaps less so – Evelyn, who showed her the ropes with her active powers. Greater still, she learned that she had been permanently scarred by possession, though she could work with the changes it has had on her abilities through Johnny’s guidance.

Fiona had never heard of a War of Souls, and yet she had found herself in one after the betrayal of Simon. She couldn’t help but blame herself for not seeing through his lies. The entire experience only showed her that she still had much to learn in the supernatural and with her own abilities. Although they had somehow managed to save the world, she couldn’t help but feel that she needed to keep training to be on guard for whatever came her way next time.

Arte: Artes Spiritorum - [Ali] Major: Soul of Metal Minor: Soul of Flight
Limits: Fiona’s Spiritorum senses allows her to sense a broad variety of spirits and identify them. In particular, she can pinpoint demonic presences after her experience of possession. Her arte has also gifted her with truth-telling, allowing her to sense when one is telling a lie.
-Soul of Metal-
Fiona is able to conjure and manipulate four chain links of approximately four metres each in length. The chains are prehensile under her mental control. She can also individually control separate pieces of chain to fire them as projectiles. Further, as a result of her possession, Fiona is able to charge each chain link with fiery energy making them hot to touch.
-Soul of Flight-
Fiona is able to stay in the air for an indeterminate amount of time, however her preference for the ground has not allowed her to train her abilities in flight with finesse. Instead, she has allowed her soul of flight to augment her acrobatic feats, making her incredibly agile as she moves about in a battle.

Skill(s): She’s very acrobatic and a fast runner
Weapon(s): Morning star
Roommate: Lotus Acula

Kiki - Adi: show
Name: Adi Shuresha Singh, behind his back he is referred to as "a******"
Year: 4th
Appearance: A buzzcut adorns the top of his head. All of his features are a dark brown, fitting of someone of his ethnicity. Though shorter than the average due to genetics, his body is well muscled from the discipline he commands in his life. Still, the features of his face are pretty sharp, though not so much that it was a distinguishing characteristic.

Personality: Adi has learned to lessen his sense of rigid discipline through his time spent with the angel Yuriel, who forced him to face many of his internal struggles. The emotional journey has opened his eyes to broader perspectives and in turn allowed him to develop feelings he had refused to acknowledge before. While discipline is no longer the driving force in his life, he still maintains a disciplined lifestyle and expects similar from his subordinates. It seems that it is only with Li that he is truly able to acquiesce to a calmer demeanour.

Biography: Adi Shuresha Singh is the son of a minor Indonesian diplomat and for almost all of his life had lived in Darren City. His father, Adit, is an expatriate, working at the Indonesian Tourist Board in one of the highrise offices on Mackenzie Road. His mother, Sifa, was an ordinary housewife. Together, the small family of three lived in a condo on Alkem Avenue. In addition to his work, Adit's hobby was Pencak Silat, which he was also qualified to teach though he was not a guru.

From a young age Adi trained with his father in the art of Pencak Silat. A pastime that allowed the boy and his father to grow incredibly close. Upon discovery of his omnividence Adi was admitted into the Supernatural Defence Unit much to the chagrin of his father who was greatly worried about his son. It resulted in a barrier developing between the two of them, save for the moments they spent sparring with each other.

His father's fears were confirmed following the bus accident. It was soon to become the third year and finally the two had an argument. Not with fists but with words. Adit threatened to withdraw his support if his son continued to delve further in to the spiritual realm. Adi for his part knew the true reason behind the flames, swearing vengeance in his heart whilst he outwardly remained impassive at the outcome, and could not accept his father's demands. In the end, his father withdrew financial support in regards to tuition fees and the like and Adi applied for a scholarship. It was a minor one, it paid for tuition and smaller fees and he could still attend school but every morning when he set out with his father, it was no longer a jovial jog down the road. It was always a dismissal of attending "that accursed school".

To this end, his main fields of study are biology and athletics and outside of the Darren Archive Club is part of an informal association of Asian martial arts students at Arclight Academy.

His time spent with the Angel Yuriel has changed him. Certain preconceptions and new notions had been brought to light. It had been accompanied by an increase in physical ability and internal turmoil. On one hand, it has made him less actively antagonistic but on the other, he was endlessly distracted outside of a combat situation. His training revealed that he was marked as “Milles Angelorum”, granting him strength, speed and a holy aura surpassing his peers. He relished the power but feared what it meant – for Milles Angelorum are only birthed before times of calamity.

Adi’s fears were quite warranted, for soon the SDU found itself engaged in a War of Souls. Trapped in an alternate reality in which the bus explosion never happened, Adi was able to discern that it was false. Still, he was not prepared for the emotional ramifications of losing everything and everyone once again. Despite defeating the demon prince, who had been the source of all their suffering, and saving the world from Armageddon, Adi felt no sense of relief. Worse, Yuriel was no longer by his side to guide him and question his motivations.

Only Li could see and understand what Adi was going through, or rather, that was how Adi felt. Relying on Yuriel’s wisdom, Adi opened himself and shared his internal struggles with his friend. They mourned together. They trained together. They spent most of their time together. Through Li’s support, Adi was able to rebuild his relationship with his father, and through Adi’s support Li was able to worry less about the wrath of his parents. It was only a matter of time before they realized they had feelings for each other.

Feeling refreshed from a summer of healing, Adi felt that he was ready to take on the world in the new school year.

Arte: Artes Angelorum, Armament:Karambit

Limits: Adi's conjured Karambit is comprised of what can be described as holy energy. He can control how sharp it is, how large it is, and he can make it move with his mind alone. However, what appears to be it's major drawback is that this weapon has no effect on holy beings. After his time training with the angel Yuriel, Adi's abilities have augmented so as to give him supernatural strength, speed, and resilience. His strength and speed are at a level of superhuman, and his resilience is enough to brush off most physical assault by weaker supernatural creatures and remain largely untouched by humans.

Skill(s): Proficient at Pencak Silat, an Indonesian martial art.
Weapon(s): His body, and his Arte
Roommate: Off Campus

Kiki - Li: show
Name: Xhu Chen Li (Most people will call him Li)
Age: 17
Year: 4th
Appearance: Li is of average height for his age, and while he appears slim, he is quite physically fit. His black hair is short with the front styled slightly to the left and the sides buzzed lower. His complexion is clear, with a face only moments away from breaking into a tender smile. His eyes are dark brown, and glisten with a sharp intellect as they read the movements of those before him. A pair of black square-shaped glasses rest on his nose, that he pushes up every now and then.

As expected of him, Li wears the uniform and keeps it in a well-maintained condition. While off campus he still dresses quite preppy, wearing buttoned up shirts and semi-casual pants.

Personality: Li is a very calm and gentle soul. His connection to the flow heightens his need to feel connected to those around him and to maintain harmony. He is the type who is keen to mentor others and can sometimes take a parental role around those under his command. He is incredibly patient and observant, which causes him to sometimes slip into the background unnoticed – which he is quite fine with. He enjoys teasing Adi now that they are a couple.

Biography: Li was the oldest of three children born into an upper class family living in an condominium directly behind Tea Tyme. His parents only accepted the highest class of education for their children. From the moment Li was admitted to school, he was sent to Ephraim Elementary to study. He achieved top marks in all of his classes and graduated with honors.

When Li moved over to Arclight Academy, his trend continued, keeping high marks in his classes. Despite the relative ease Li seemed to know all the answers in school, most did not realize that Li studied quite extensively in his free time. This was in part driven by his own ambition but also by the fear of his parents. His youngest brother Jin did not always meet their standards and faced the brunt of their abuse. That threat alone was enough to ensure that Li rarely ever strayed from his studies.

Li’s studies primarily focus on math and science, with the aspiration of studying to become a pediatrician. He is also a member of Adi’s informal association of Asian martial arts students at Arclight Academy.

When the fatal crash happened, Li's marks started to drop. Many of his friends were on that bus and Li felt as if a part of him died. Nevertheless, the younger members of the SDU looked up to him, Adi, Alice and Lloyd to lead them through those turbulent times. It wasn’t easy, a particular low point being when he and Adi had a substantial falling out, but Li constantly persevered and strived to hold the team together. Waking up in a reality where none of the horrors he witnessed had happened, Li was not prepared for it to be revealed as an illusion. He fought together with the rest of the team and saved the world, but he wanted to quit - for his heart could not bear anymore losses.

It was then that he found that Adi was spending more time with him and they were confiding in each other. The horrors of the past school year had greatly affected the two of them, and they wanted to move past them. Over time they were able to heal and eventually they came to realize their feelings for each other. Together, Li felt that they could accomplish anything, and he had the strength to stay with the SDU for the new school year.

Arte: Artes Fluunt, the Way of the East
Limits: Li has an incredible control over "the flow", allowing him to use it powerfully and efficiently. By imbuing his hands with energy, he is capable of exorcising common spirits, lesser demons and weakened Exitium. Imbuing objects with spiritual energy is a simple matter that requires little energy and he is confident in his ability to set up spirit wards and binds. He has mastered levitation, allowing him to float above the ground and move through the air with skill.
He is still learning to master the "third eye"; once he activates it, his senses are heightened to great extents allowing him to sense individuals, objects, etc, both spiritual and physical, in a vast perimeter all within a few seconds. However, he cannot maintain this for an extended period of time.
Li is starting to dabble in deep meditation in hopes of learning astral projection.
Skill(s): Li is quite athletic from his martial arts training. He is also very good at staying calm in dire situations.
Roommate: Off campus


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Darren City: show

General Districts of Note:
Business District - Merivale Street and Mackenzie Road
Upper Class District - Arclight Galleria Mall and the surrounding areas up til Exotique, the office high rise, and the condominium on Regina Avenue. Also including Alkem Avenue and Saunder Street.
Middle Class Residential Area - All the unnamed small streets around Ephraim Elementary.
"Sketchy" Area - Timor Way and Regina Avenue West up until the other side of Darren Rehab.

Location Info: show
Trendy’s Café: A small student friendly café run by Jessie Trendy. He tends to hear a lot of things about the school from the students who come to his café. It’s a popular study spot.

Arclight Plaza: A plaza with a small candy store, a small convenience store as well as an arcade. It tends to be where a lot of freshmen go to skip classes. Unfortunately for them, the faculty knows this as well.

Arclight Park: Believed to be the oldest park in the city it is fairly old with wide open spaces. As it is on the outskirts of town, and beside the cemetery, most people avoid it after dark. Various rumours of commotions occurring there after dark make people think that it is haunted.

St. Martin’s: The community church. Father Albright resides in the church. He is well loved by the community and many go to him seeking advice, religious or otherwise.

Ephraim Elementary: Built by the same family that owns Arclight Academy, it also boasts excellent standards in education. This notoriety of this school however is not as wide-spread and it is not an international school. Most of the students in Ephraim Elementary go to Arclight Academy.

A Little Taste of Heaven: A small shop that specializes in deserts. Many people head here after going out for dinner. The shop is owned by Loretta Shields, sister of Greta Shields.

Antonio’s: An old pizzeria owned by the Ferrorio Family. Antonio Ferrorio, the founder of the store is long dead, though his descendants Giavanna and Lorenzo presently own it.

Pastry Palace: A new and successful bakery. It used to be a Laundromat before the previous owners moved out.

Ericson Pawns: A pawn shop owned by the crotchety old man Elias Ericson. He isn’t fond of children.

Jonah’s Ark: A pet café owned by Jonah James Trumblin. He is very fond of pets and even takes care of them for others who are unable to have them. He takes in many stray animals.

The Mystorium: An odd shop owned by Sharon Ignianus. The old woman sells various “magical” items and reads fortunes of those who enter her shop. The store is regularly deserted, though she never seems to mind, she’s never lonely.

Nick’s Knacks: Another pawn shop type place that also sells various other odds and ends and other useless keepsakes. Nick’s seems to have a creepy demeanour and a very silent walker, seeming to appear out of nowhere.

Sunnyside Up: A breakfast nook. A diner owned by the friendly Thalia Verthousan. She likes to think of herself as reigning gossip queen and advice extraordinaire. She’s usually right about most things.

Rex Diner: A grungy diner. It isn’t the cleanest of places, but if one is craving greasy gut-filling food, this is the place to go.

Blue Moon Bar: A bar where the lonely and broken hearted goes to drown their sorrows.

Bacchanalia: The most popular night spot in the city, owned by the beautiful and seductive Miss Sarah Finley Falls. While regularly most of the students can’t get into the club there are certain special “all-ages” events that allow their entrance.

Warehouse: Largely abandoned, though squatters tend to take up residence there often.

Renard Inn: At one time this inn used to be the largest hotel in the town of Darren; however as the city developed Renard Inn grew more and more neglected. Presently the inn seems rundown and only those who are extremely cheap seek it as a place to stay.

Sloppy Joe’s: As its name implies it is a laidback diner specializing in greasy meals, particularly sloppy joes.

The Muse: A jazzy bar with live entertainment every night. It is a fairly popular bar at night.

Eden: A flower shop ran by Delilah Cane.

Arista Lounge: An exclusive VIP lounge for the rich.

Exotique: A clothing and furniture boutique specializing in animal skins and prints. Favoured by the richer residents of Darren.

Red Stag Country Club: A Country Club with a very expensive membership fee.

The Grand Palace: The newest and most successful hotel in the city. Many who come to the city stay in this five star hotel.

La Reine: French Bistro shop existing from the early days of the city before its name change to Darren.

The King’s Pawns: A higher end pawn shop selling much more expensive items.

Sterling Opera House: Constructed by Doctor Ephraim Sterling in the early days of the city’s development.

Shelly-Ann Living: A franchise furniture store owned by homemaker turned CEO, Shelly-Ann Thompson.

Organix: Healthy living and organic food care store.

Tea Tyme: A teashop owned by Harrison “Harry” Kline, descendent of Mr. and Mrs. Kline who moved to the city before its name change.

C’est La Vie: A store specializing in Imperial French furniture.
Little Einsteins: A baby store dedicated to mental childhood development owned by child psychiatrist, Dr. Terrence Genson.

Dr. Gent: Dr. Genturri is the presiding physician of the clinic.

The s****


Location Info

There are two entrances to the s****, indicated by the triangle lined up pieces. One way is through Miss Rachel's guidance counsellor office and the common way, is through the club meeting room, in the small triangular room in the Business Quarter of the school. The club is located at several feet beneath the school, so nothing done in the club, no matter how explosive, has no effect on the school itself.

The main area is an extremely large common space, it is most often used as a general training area. Training involving the entire team, occur here. A few of the walls that are closer to the common entrance are lined with books and a small sitting area.

The weapon vault comprises most of the weapons necessary for a mission. There is another section to the vault that is inaccessible by everyone except those granted special clearance. The back part of the vault has powerful relic/weapons of lore used to kill particular creatures.

The hall is a...regular hall, it connects the main area to the testing/training area.

The Testing/Training Area is more of a gym in comparison to the main area. There are various tools and equipment located in the vault connected to this area which members can use to practice with. Small sparring matches are also held in this area. On certain occasions, the room is used to test weapons, experiments, crystals, etc that have a level of uncertainty. The walls in this section are doubly reinforced in the event of an experiment gone wrong.

The Sickbay is a general infirmary, though it also has the adequate tools for supernaturally related illnesses.

The Lab is generally occupied by the Alchemia students. The lab houses various state of the art equipment as well as various other medieval artifacts and materials in order to conduct experiments. Most importantly, this is where the crystals used for the Crystallorum and Alchemia are created.

The Library the room is of course filled with various books filled with information on spirits, etc. There also exists various spell books, and other tomes of power located in the library. The library presently is a disorderly mess, so finding things take a long time.

The Ritual Room is essentially the room where rituals take place. Its walls, floor and ceiling are covered with seals and inscriptions from various cultures. Almost anything summoned, or conjured in the room is trapped in the room until the ritual has ended.

The Sanctuary is a safe-house of sorts as well as a resting area/lounge for the members. The room is impenetrable by any supernatural being and is the only room where even Sir Williiam cannot enter. Those who are being hunted may stay in the sanctuary until danger passes.

The Warded Zone is forbidden to everyone aside from Miss Rachel, Basil, Alice, Adi and Li. Similarly to the Ritual Room the walls, ceiling and floors are warded with various seals to prevent spirits, and creatures trapped within. Though not often practised, it is also where torture has occurred in the past. There is a weapon vault in this room as well, however the weapons have been inscribed with powerful seals preventing malevolent beings from using them.

The Holding Cells while creatures are not regularly held for prolonged periods, in the event that they need one captured, it is held in here. There are various wards and protections put in place to prevent their escape.


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Creature Compendium

Asura: A creature that appears relatively human though they are supernaturally strong and have the ability to manipulate metal. They are well known for their greed and will go at any length to gain wealth. While they do not prey on humans for food, they do swap children from their cradles to place their own children in them, as they are too lazy to raise their own.

Banshee: A ghost, usually of a woman or child, with a loud wailing scream. The scream is capable of shattering glass and can be projected as a solid concussive force against others. Like all ghosts, the banshee is particularly susceptible to anything made of iron.

c***: A c*** is an odd creature, it is chicken with all but its head covered in scales usually of green, blue or grey, and a thin tail that resembles a snake with the wings of a dragon. Legend states that it was capable of turning man to stone by breathing upon it, while in fact, the c*** simply paralyzed its target by releasing neuron-inhibiting enzymes from glands within their beaks, this condition is thankfully curable. A c*** may only be killed by cutting off its head.

Ementius: A demon whose purpose serves to deceive. They spread lies and dissension among groups. However they are most notorious for their ability to create illusions that lead to destruction. Often times they will create illusions of children in peril prompting an individual to go save them but ultimately puts themselves in danger (a la a speeding truck) leading to their deaths. This demon, like most, is susceptible to holy artifacts, and holy energy.

Exitimus: A demon of chaos that comes in forms both corporeal and incorporeal. It only seeks destruction and chaos. If it is the type to take a corporeal form, it is often a man dressed in a black suit. They have an incredible control over telekinesis and can call other lesser creatures to its side. They can disappear and reappear at will, and have a refined telekinesis. The incorporeal form seeks out a human host and literally drives them mad causing them to commit various atrocities as well as granting them access to various abilities such as telekinesis, super human strength, speed and agility. They can bend their body into what is perceived as impossible positions and alter their appearance. They can be exorcised from the body, though they are more difficult than many other demons. They are susceptible to holy artifacts, though less so than other creatures, especially those of the Angelorum. They are aggressive and unpredictable. Handle with care.

Fallen: Fallen refers to the group of angels who were banished from heaven. Many of them have retained their powers and glorious appearance, which they use to lure mankind to unspeakable evils. Their powers can be quite cataclysmic, though more often than not they use them to manipulate individual to their own devices. They often twist the words of others and spread discord and chaos wherever they go. Their agenda is the destruction of mankind. Angels cannot be killed; however, preventative wards as well as certain seals can keep them away.

Futakuchi-onna: A creature that normally appears as a regular woman, however underneath her hair is a voracious mouth. Their hair is incredibly strong and they are capable of manipulating it freely as if it were an extra hand. In order to truly kill this creature, one must attack the mouth.

Ghost: The common ghost is the remnants of a being who once was, usually with unfinished business. They are capable of a myriad of things, each depending on the strength of the particular ghost, or a skill they had in a past life. They can be banished with iron, or completely destroyed by burning the bones of the body to whom the ghost once was.

Goblin: A goblin is a primitive peoples belonging to the fae race. Their skin is tough and boney, and comes in shades of brown, dark grey, and green. Alone, they are cowardly and harmless, however in large groups they become vicious and cruel. King Arthur and his knights, as well as the Omnivident Templar Order hunted these troublesome creatures which led to their making their lairs deep in the earth. However recent excavations have stirred goblin activity on the surface of the earth once again. They can be killed like any other mortal creature, though they are especially susceptible to fire and light.

Gremlin: They are small creatures that appear cute and fuzzy, but have a frighteningly dark alter ego when provoked, or juiced with electricity. They grow fangs and teeth, and shed their fur while gaining a monstrous rat-like appearance. They have a tendency to sabotage large mechanical objects, and they get stronger as they are fed more electricity. They can be killed like any other mortal creature, though they are much harder to kill while juiced.

Grey Lady: A lady usually dressed in a long white dress, her hair is long and grey, though she is quite beautiful. She appears at the sides of roads, or abandoned areas and beckons those who see her to follow her. She has the ability to stop the hearts of her victims, or shock them into a comatose state. It is then that she will try to take over the body in order to live life once again. She is susceptible to iron while in her ghostly state. However, in the event that she has managed to possess a body, she must be first exorcised.

Hell Hound: Large growling dogs usually with black charcoal coloured fur and red glowing eyes. They’re usually assigned a mission, most often to retrieve a debt owed. They are incredibly vicious. Oddly, they are very corporeal, and their destruction is visible to even those who are not omnivident. They cannot be tamed though they are susceptible to omnivident abilities, and temporarily hindered through physical efforts.

Imp:A small creature the size of a child with skin in various shades of purple, pink, green and blue with small horns and a tail ending in a barb. They are very mischievous and steal small objects throughout people's homes. When they assemble in groups however, they become a dangerous mob, threatening to destroy all in their path.

Incubus: An incredibly attractive male demon of lust. They appear in the form perceived most attractive to their target. They kill during sexual intercourse by draining life energy from their victim, though they have a much more subtle means to obtain energy through a kiss. They gain more power as they go through more victims. Despite being demons related solely to desire, they are incredibly strong physically and are capable of punching through walls after feeding. They can be killed with holy weapons; though in order for it to be the most effective, it must be when they are using their energy draining powers.

Ira: A demon that incites people to commit acts of wrath. While they have corporeal forms, they commonly remain invisible, whispering vile suggestions to their target. After their target commits the act of wrath they prompt the individual to commit suicide for their heinous deed. Ira have a fine tuned control over fire and heat. Water in their vicinity evaporates, making holy water unusable, though they can be destroyed by holy fire, either that of an Angelorum or caused by anointing oil.

Jinn: A powerful spirit of middle-eastern origins. By being bound to an inanimate object centuries ago, voluntarily or otherwise, these once mortal magicians gained great power in expense of their freedom. They have the ability to grant 3 wishes of whatsoever their "master" desires, however the wishes often come with a severe price or a meaning beyond what the master intended. Those foolish enough to wish the jinn free release a powerful being capable of great destruction (see Babylon) They can however be defeated by resealing them to the object which they were bound or through the destruction of the object.

Jirogumo: A creature with the lower body of a spider and the upper body of a woman. While all of them are capable of producing silk, some of them are also knowledgeable of magic. They have the ability to take the form of a human female, though it is an ability that occurs as a result of puberty. They hunt for men with whom they will have children and then kill to feed their children.

Lady In Red: A creature similar to an incubus in that she is an extremely beautiful woman, though dressed in a red motif. She preys on men who seek to have a quick overnight encounter. However once she gets the man alone she reveals her true monstrous form in which she will slowly kill the man and then consume his heart. She can only be slain by decapitation.

Lich: A Lich is the result of a sorcerer using dark arts to obtain immortality. Their immortality is flawed however, as only their bones remain over the years. They have vast magical knowledge and a powerful command over the dark arts. A lich is normally dependant on some sort of mystical artifact which is the source of their immortality. Destroy the artifact, you destroy the Lich.

Lilith: Often regarded as the mother of demons, even though she is not. She feasts on man, woman and child, and her powers have been regarded as near immeasurable since the days of Mesopotamia. She is known to walk the Earth, on both plains of existence; her presence causes many misfortune to befall all those within her area of influence. Most are unsure as to who or what Lilith is, some assume she is of the ranks of the fallen, others a demon or a spirit, and others a wicked human who ate from the Tree of Life. All that is clear is that she cannot be killed. Avoid with extreme caution.

Ludus: A demon whose purpose is to make deals with mortals, typically summoned through rituals. The demon will grant whatever the person asks for, though after a certain time limit, the demon will come back for the debt. The debt is usually, their first born child, sacrifice of an individual, their life, or their soul. They have full reign over hell hounds and usually walk with a weapon, commonly a scimitar or a scythe and have a telekinetic control over the weapon. Like all demons, it is particularly susceptible to holy objects.

Lycanthrope: This creature is the origin of the werewolf legend, however rather than turning into half man and half beast, they turn into a man-sized wolf. Contrary to common lore, they do not rely on a full moon to transform and they are not susceptible to silver bullets. They do however have an accelerated healing process, and have a vicious nature rivalling that of a hell hound. One must completely destroy the beast and then set it on fire to prevent it from healing.

Morbus: The morbus are a demon designed to spread disease, usually existing in the plural. In their lingering presence they bring an onset of various sicknesses that lead to a long period of suffering and eventually death. They are incorporeal and thus, must be exorcised from the body and then destroyed.

Naga: A creature that is half human and half snake. They have a humanoid upper body, but from the waist down they have long snake tails. They are masters of transformation magic capable of making their snake tails into legs which allows them to lure unsuspecting humans to their homes. They eat human flesh. They are also capable of producing a toxic poison in their saliva that causes those who ingest it to hallucinate and slowly paralyze their body, though the individual is still capable of feeling pain. Oddly, they are highly allergic to their own toxin and are often killed by it.

Oni: A creature resembling the stereotypical demon of lore, its skin is red and it has horns and long fangs. It carries a giant club. Generally these creatures do not interact with humans or cross paths with the omnivident, however it's lack of intelligence allows many influential spirits and creatures to compel the oni to do their bidding.

Phantom: A ghost that appears in a black hooded cloak. They do not speak, though they lead people into shadows, and scare their victims to death, literally. They are susceptible to iron and light.

Poltergeist: A powerful ghost, having a very strong presence in the physical world. They are even capable of affecting the weather in their vicinity. Most poltergeists are vengeful, and attack all humans in the place where they choose to reside. They are capable of taking control over another body. They have a touch that can either burn like fire, or freeze like ice and have a very powerful telekinetic control. Neither light nor iron has any affect on them. The omnivident abilities are solely effective on this spirit. (Certain spell tags can temporarily incapacitate it though)

Shade: A shade is a spirit that takes the form of their target's loved one. They have the ability to twist emotions so that their target does what they will in the guise of their loved one. They often plead with their target, asking them to join them in the afterlife so that they can be together. They are susceptible to iron as well as an omnivident individual's abilities.

Strigoi: An undead creature that is the result of the violent death of a human, or a ritual involving the consumption of blood followed by death, whether voluntary or involuntary. Upon awaking as a Strigoi, they have the ability to transform into various nocturnal creatures among a myriad of other supernatural abilities. Commonly they are known as Vampires, serving as the origin for those legends. They are incredibly intelligent, forming Clans, essentially families of turned Strigoi. They are susceptible to holy water, and anointing oil. However in order to permanently kill a Strigoi, one must completely cremate the body after "killing" the Strigoi with a holy weapon, decapitation, or a fire-hardened stake through the heart.

Succubus: An incredibly attractive female demon of lust. They appear in the form perceived most attractive to their target. They kill during sexual intercourse by draining life energy from their victim, though they have a much more subtle means to obtain energy through a kiss. They gain more power as they go through more victims. Despite being demons related solely to desire, they are incredibly strong physically and are capable of punching through walls after feeding. They can be killed with holy weapons; though in order for it to be the most effective, it must be when they are using their energy draining powers.

Swamp Hag: A spirit who takes the shape of an old woman who lurks by swamps and sewers. It calls for help until someone gets near enough to where it lies in wait and then drags them into the murky waters. In order to completely settle her spirit, one must put salt water into the location where the hag resides.

Tengu: The tengu is a bird-like creature with certain humanoid characteristics. It has the ability to control fire, and stir emotions of anger. By shooting a flame tipped arrow into its chest, the tengu will die. Killing it in any other fashion will lead to the four Tengu immediately rising from the ashes.

Troll: The troll, is a large beast belonging to faekind. They are covered with shaggy fur, and have a tremendous rage with tusks protruding from their mouths. They were hunted to near extinction, but their fortitude proved too great for even the Omnivident Templar Knights, and they now inhabit mountains and forests. It is rumoured their claws produce a paralyzing neurotoxin. They are mortal and can thus be killed by conventional methods, though their strength and their tough hides make them difficult to kill, even with weapons. Handle with care.

Wendigo: This creature is usually the result of a hunter who got lost in the woods and resorted to cannibalism. Over time they forget who they are and become haggard looking with extremely long limbs. They prey on humans and are incredibly fast runners and jumpers.

Zombie: An animated corpse. Due to decay, they lack decent motor skills and intelligence that allows them to do little beyond direct simple commands. Contrary to common conceptions, their bite does not turn one into a zombie, however there are various other natural infections that can result by being bit by a corpse.


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Not required reading, but certain rules in the world are drawn from here.

Concerning Faekind: show
Faekind refers to any creature who, rather than being comprised of body, soul and spirit, are comprised of body, soul, and ether. In essence, their abilities derive from ethereal energy. No one is quite sure how they came to be, or whether they were here before humans themselves. It has been stipulated however, that faekind are the result of various aspects of creation being mutated by the ether.

Humans and the Fae had very little interaction between each other until the establishment of human civilizations. The Gold Bloods; the dragons, the sphinxes and the griffins; had a tendency to prey upon these settlements, in search of food or treasure. Hence, many myths of this time regarding mythical beasts refers to these Fae.

As the Greek Empire flourished, philosophy and art abounded, as the Naturae rose in prominence and ability. This prompted the Silver Bloods and the Green Bloods into interaction with humankind, inspiring art, literature, and music. Meanwhile, in Western Europe, predominantly in what is now called Scotland and Ireland, the Blue Bloods were establishing their kingdoms and cities in many of the forests and mountains.

For centuries, relative peace existed between the Fae and Humans. Merlin, trusted advisor of King Arthur, and the first human Sage was trained to wield magic among the Elves as a youth. The sword Excalibur was forged by the Dwarves and granted to King Arthur by a water elemental referred to as the Lady of the Lake. Thus, it was no surprise that King Arthur declared the Foedus Fines, a pact promising that humankind would not encroach upon fae territory.

Unfortunately, this vow was forgotten, as King Arthur and his court became nothing beyond legend. The short-lived humans reproduced much faster than the fae, and soon began to enter into their forests to build settlements. Initially, this was met with a slight backlash; fairies would kidnap children, or harm wayward travellers; they took on a darker, mischievous light. Faekind could no longer trust humans who destroyed their homes, so they created a veil (one similar but not quite as powerful as “The Veil”) which made them near invisible in the presence of humans; it was only the Omnivident who could see through the spells.

The era of peace between humans and fae came to an end with the War of Beginnings. A settlement encroaching on Fyrindal prompted Queen Titania and her army to come out of hiding and declare war on the humans. The outbreak of war spread to various fae kingdoms sharing the sentiments of Queen Titania, stirring war throughout much of Europe. Despite their prowess over magic, they were unable to overcome humankind's most potent talent; their spirit. Human spirit drove them to accomplish feats that faekind did not even believe possible. Most of the Omnivident however, had no part to play in the war, abstaining from joining either side.

Things came to a head in Ireland at the Battle of Dunloe. King Oberon could see that faekind would not be able to defeat humankind. They were too numerous, and their spirit unbreakable. Thus, he accomplished what none other has been able to accomplish since. In short, he became one with the ether, sacrificing his body and soul to create an entire dimension. It is through this sacrifice that Oberon was able to create a new world. It was a world similar to Earth, yet untouched by mankind, and the ether, Oberon's spirit, flowed through all things. He called this new world Avalon. Such a feat released a tremendous amount of energy, resulting in what is today known as the Gap of Dunloe. The event had a profound effect on the ether on Earth, warping it so that it functioned differently, becoming the unstable force as we know it today.

The humans withdrew from the destruction of Dunloe, and the war seemed to wither away, as their fae assailants seemed to all vanish. In truth, 87% of all remaining faekind on Earth journeyed to the Gap of Dunloe to what was called Oberon's Gate. The remaining fae either went into hiding, or continued fighting, only to be hunted into extinction. Rarely now, does faekind ever interact with humankind. Their sole reliable bond seems to be with the Omnivident, whom they support through the Totem disciples, providing familiar partners to fight alongside them against the evil that plagues Earth and Heaven.

Even though Oberon essentially "died" to create Avalon, he is seen as a deity by faekind.

The Five Bloodlines of Faekind

There are five bloodlines within the Fae species.

The Red Bloods

They are the most simple of beasts. They are rarely intelligent, sometimes forming tribal societies, though are known to prey on weaker species. They tend to rely more on instinct than reason, and often have little to no magical abilities. What they lack in magical prowess however, they typically more than make up for in strength, ferocity or numbers.
Members include: trolls, ogres, goblins, etc.

The Gold Bloods

They are hailed as the most noble of beasts. They are respected, feared and admired as magnificent creatures of the land, sea, or air. They are usually known for their wit, intellect, and power. The more common of the Gold Bloods are known for their love of gold. Their magic varies from one creature to the next, though it is inborn, meaning that they learn it on their own. They do not use The Speech.
Members include: dragons, griffins, sphinxes, unicorns, etc

The Silver Bloods

They are the embodiment of nature itself. They are very mysterious and illusive, often taking an impartial stance, which is why a significant number of them remained on Earth. They are the most long-lived of all faekind. All of their magic draws on the aspect from which they are derived, though they speak in The Speech to communicate.
Members include: elementals, muses

The Green Bloods

They are a clever peoples bearing the body of both man and beast. They are well known for their intelligence, rivalling that of the Blue Bloods, and for their beautiful musical talents. They have certain inborn nature-magic talents, though they are capable of learning The Speech and using it like the Blue Bloods.
Members include: centaurs, satyrs, merfolk, harpies etc.

The Blue Bloods

They are considered the most beloved children of Oberon. They are the most numerous of all the bloodlines in Avalon. The Blue Bloods, are perhaps the most similar to humankind, though they would never admit such a thing, they are known for establishing kingdoms, cities and magical academies throughout Avalon, becoming central hubs of society. The Blue Bloods are avid scholars of The Speech, many children being taught various spells from a young age. Certain Blue Bloods are also born with inborn magical abilities, allowing them to accomplish feats without the need of The Speech.
Members include: Elves, Fairies, Pixies, Gnomes, Dwarves, Halflings, etc

Fae Magic

There are two forms of magic available to these beings: The Speech, what would be considered magic spells, and inborn magic, magical abilities that are innately learned by a specific individual.

The Speech is an ancient tongue developed by Faekind. It serves as a universal language uniting all Fae peoples, however it also serves as a means of communing with the omnipotent force of The Ether. The subjunctive mood of The Speech rouses the Ether, allowing it to accomplish nearly anything. This form of magic draws not only upon the ethereal energies within a fae, but also the ethereal energies in the environment around the individual found within all things. Thus, a focus of stored ether energies may also be used to strengthen spells or extend their duration.

Inborn magics are the abilities natively born to an individual. It may not rely on a vocal command, or even a physical command. However, these magics still draw on the power of the ether, though it primarily relies on the internal reserves of ethereal energy that an individual fae has. A dragon, for example, has the magical ability to breathe fire, this is a type of inborn magic. This type of magic is quite parallel to those abilities of the Omnivident.

The Totem Pact

The totem pact refers to the ancient agreement that exists between fae and humans. The Fae will send some of their greatest warriors to Earth, and in return the Omnivident Humans protect Avalon. This pact is incredibly important, as once Avalon-born Fae journey to Earth, they no longer have access to their ethereal reserves of power. Instead, they rely on the spiritual reserves of the totem disciple with which they have bonded. Thus, various Fae go through a series of trials to determine whether they are strong enough to venture to Earth and that they are capable of working with a human.

Concerning Sages: show
A sage is a human who is born omnivident being able to wield the spells of a magus, conjure the potions of a witch, sing the sacral hymns of a priest, and commune with the Ether through The Speech. They are the perfect crux between the different arenas of the supernatural, serving as a mediator between each of them. Merlin, although known as a wizard, was the first sage, recognized as a great mediator between human and fae kind.

Sages are incredibly rare, with only one ever existing at a time. However, generations could go by without a sage ever being identified. They typical arise during eras of great importance to the supernatural. To note however, a War of Souls does not always warrant the awakening of a sage. Scholars have tried to recognize familiar patterns surrounding the ascension of a sage and have only noted that the fae are typically involved in the event.

One of the key identifiers of a sage is an omnivident individual who is able to wield magic from the ether without drifting into madness or the weakening of their arte. A sage must train in the four supernatural abilities of omnividence, magic incantations, witch conjuration, and sacral hymns before they are able to take the final and most important step of ascension. The sage in training must make contact with the fae in order to be taught The Speech. This is the most difficult step, for they must earn the trust of the fae in order to learn the secrets of their ancient tongue. The journey a sage takes in their learning is what gives them an impartial view of the five communities of The Omnivident, The Magi, The Witches, The Priests, and The Fae.

Although one may be born a sage, they may not always fully ascend to the status of “Sage” if they cannot master the five supernatural abilities. Thus, while they may be able to fulfill the requirements of a potion, they will not have access to all their abilities nor will they be recognized by all of the communities as the chosen mediator between them.

Concerning The Touched: show
A touched individual is one who has had some sort of interaction with a spirit or supernatural creature. As a result, their eyes have been opened to seeing those belonging to the invisible realm, though they lack the abilities that come with those born with Omnividence.

Certain family lines that were involved in monster slaying in antiquity had their children exposed to spirits on a regular basis so that they could see what their parents were fighting and defend themselves in the event of an attack. Oddly, though not surprisingly, this resulted in these particular family lines being rich in Omnividently born children.*

*Omnividence is not hereditary. Aside from these family lines, where ghosts practically run through their blood, its a chance occurrence, the chance is greater however if the parent or parents are omnivident because of their interaction with spirits.

Concerning The Veil: show
The Veil is what separates the living from the dead and all other spirits, though it is also what in layman's terms is referred to as the Spirit Realm. Excluding the abilities of an advanced Portarum disciple, it is near impossible for a living body to cross over from the land of the living into the spirit realm. While for most of the year the veil is impregnable, there are certain times, days, places, and astronomical events that weaken the veil allowing more spirits to cross over.

Spirits that cross over remain invisible, as if covered by the veil, however the abilities of Omnivident individuals and the touched allows them to see spirits despite the shroud. The average human on the other hand will remain ignorant of the spirit, as they cannot see it.

Essentially, the veil prevents the plethora of spirits, vengeful or otherwise from storming onto earth and causing mayhem.

Concerning The Raising of The Dead: show
While it is extremely taboo to go beyond the veil to bring back a spirit and soul to a body, it is possible through magic, though often has dire consequences.

Spiritual energy and demonic energy cannot bring back the dead, though through the aether one can raise the dead. Using the aether requires more than just the power of the aether however, as it also requires the life-force of a living being. Necromancy draws on the life-force of the necromancer, though this can be avoided through ritual, which causes the necromancer to draw on the life-force of another individual.

The undead are creatures, who were usually once human, who through various methods have entered a state of being that is neither living or dead. They retain their bodies, but their soul has been corrupted at varying degrees and their spirit has been abnormally enlarged granting them abilities beyond human, or in the case of zombies, missing entirely. Undead creatures often have to consume the living in order to survive, for example, a Strigoi must consume blood of the living to survive.

The only true raising of the dead to bring back a person wholly is through the powers of a talented Angelorum gifted with Ars Salutis or the rare chance of a priest of whatever religion with a powerful spirit and a gift of healing. The revival is quite often related to whether the person who died met their potential.

Concerning Ghosts: show
Once an individual dies, the bonds holding the spirit and soul to the body are loosed allowing the individual to go beyond the veil and into The Light. No one is quite sure what The Light is but, what has been observed is that once a spirit has gone into the light, they cannot be found on earth or beyond the veil in the spirit realm. It is believed that spirits that enter into The Light are at peace, and therefore no longer need for concern.

There are however various reasons preventing spirits from going into The Light. A spirit may simply not know that they have died and continued their lifestyle unaware that they are dead. A spirit may have unfinished business in the realm of the living, preventing them from passing on. A tragic or sudden death may prevent a spirit from passing on, and possibly result in them reliving their death. Powerful creatures, demons or magic can trap spirits and prevent them from entering the light. Lastly, a spirit may voluntarily choose to not enter the light, preferring to live within the realm of the veil.

Whatever the reason, the longer a spirit spends their time in the veil or here on Earth, the more likely they are to become a vengeful spirit. A vengeful spirit is a spirit that has lost its humanity, seeking only to wreak destruction and carnage. They are often twisted semblances of the individual they once were. There are certain spirits however that manage to retain their humanity despite the years or centuries that have passed. These spirits are incredibly powerful and are called poltergeists.

When a spirit is “killed” with iron, etc, they are sent deep into the veil. This method is now perceived to be an incomplete method of dealing with spirits as they can eventually return from the depths of the veil and cross back over into the realm of the living. This is why certain places seem to be haunted for a while, then not haunted and then become haunted again a few years later. This is a classic case of an omnivident individual defeating the spirit and then the spirit returning years later from the veil.

In antiquity, before the early artes were developed or even discovered, omnivident individuals who were then referred to as "see-ers" in their native tongues, the early seers, often tried to make peace with the spirit in order to get it to enter into The Light. Once it was discovered that certain materials could be used to “kill” spirits, these were used as a faster method to expel ghosts from homes. The eventual development of Omnividence in mankind was an even more efficient way to remove ghosts, and the practice of getting ghosts to enter The Light became more of a priestly practice. However in the late 20th Century, following a renaissance of scholarly studies in Omnividence and a widespread increase in spiritual activity across the globe, many have been wondering whether it would be better to attempt to get spirits to enter The Light.

The question remains however, how does one pacify a vengeful spirit in order to allow it to enter into The Light?

Concerning Demons: show
No one knows the origins of demons, various cultures have their explanations, though one thing that all agree on is that they seek the destruction of humanity. They are a malevolent species of pure evil; there is no such thing as a “good” demon. They bring destruction and chaos wherever they go, though according to the Judeo-Christian religion they have an ultimate end resulting in their eternal defeat. Their present task is to ensure that they don’t go alone by bringing as many humans as they can with them.

While the kingdom of darkness is generally unorganized, with demons backstabbing each other in order to elevate their own status, there are ranks amongst demons. Lesser ranked demons have no true form; they are simply clouds of black smoke that aim to possess a willing, or weak-willed, individual. The rest of the demons have a humanoid form, or take on various characteristics from other animals, during the medieval era, goat hooves and horns were popular. In the present era, suits of black are the norm. Above the demons that have specialized are the demon princes or lords who reign over a particular territory on earth. Above the lords rule the fallen angels, who often sit observing from the sidelines, with their commander Lucifer. In regards to Lilith, no one is quite sure who or what she is. One thing that is for sure is that she allies herself extremely close to the kingdom of darkness.

Demons cannot be killed, for they will be destroyed on judgement day or whatever Armageddon as believed by various religions and cultures. When a demon is “killed” by an omnivident or priest, all that remains is black ash, sulphur. However, similarly to how spirits are sent deep into the veil, demons are sent back into the pit. Depending on who sent them, they may be eternally imprisoned or they can eventually return, often with a pack.

Concerning The Wars of Souls: show
War of Souls I
- Mostly legend, because it happened during the mythic era (when most of the artes were still being discovered/observed)
- Coincided with the height of the Greek Empire
-Largely revolved around the Malorum stopping the souls of the dead from passing on (hence, "War of Souls") Instead they were keeping the souls for themselves to become gods among mankind.
- Two legends revolve around Malorum: 1 – Malorum were always evil, keeping the souls of others trapped for their own benefits; 2 – Malorum were actually called the Praesidium, their arte was used to protect the restless souls of the dead and help them complete their unfinished business to rest in peace.
- Praesidum appeared around the same time as Spiritorum and Oraculum
- Legend 1 is the prevailing history, put in almost all manuscripts, and legend 2 has been pretty much wiped out of history.
-All known Artes at the time (Antiquarum, Spritorum, Oraculum, Dormientes, Naturae, Animalium, Sanguinis, Angelorum, Fluunt, Mutationis, and Notatorum) united to defeat the Malorum disciples.
-War of Souls ended when the Malorum were finally defeated and the Artes of Light were the victors
- Led to establishment of more artes and more omnivident individuals coming together to study their abilities as well as learn and teach each other. (The first Liber Artium was created, detailing the artes)

War of Souls II
-More documentation, though still mostly shrouded in legend.
-Largely revolved around the Sanguinis disciples being enticed by their leaders to turn away from their "lowly" status as powerful healers, instead choosing to be rulers among the omnivident. Seeking to control the souls of their allies.
-Sanguinis are somewhat believed to have triggered the disappearance of Artes Carminis throughout Europe and Asia
-A shorter war, the Sanguinis were not able to defeat the combined power of all the united Artes.
-End of the war led to an era of peace and prosperity (height of various empires at the time)
-Saw an intercontinental connection between the various omnivident communities that were growing and evolution of artes that had been established: fluunt and notatorum

War of Souls III
-A an extremely brutal war waged among the omnivident
-Revolved around the re-emergence of the Malorum and the Sanguinis, joining forces with creatures spawned from Echidna, many of them twisted even darker into worse monsters through the powers of the Malorum and Sanguinis (Namely: Vampires, and many other creatures that draw their powers from blood)
-The war was very long, though saw major militarization of the omnivident community, much energy was used to train omnivident individuals in using their abilities for combat against creatures of darkness.
- The artes of light were ultimately defeated by this coalition, (they were vastly outnumbered by the monsters because omnividence was a much rarer gift).
-The defeat of the artes of light led to the fall of the Roman Empire, and saw almost all of Europe, parts of North Africa and Asia plunged into an era of great darkness.
-During the era of darkness, there was a tremendous loss of both omnivident and innocent human life
-Also during this time, was the war between Humankind and Faekind, but the omnivident didn't play much of a part because of low numbers following the war of souls III
-In order to raise their numbers, omnivident generals started practicing a forbidden ritual that led to many of the present day omnivident bloodlines (ie: Tsubaki, Evelyn and Maximilian's ancestors )
-All of the bloodlines are cursed with a mild to severe allergy to metallic iron.
-The Mutationis tried to trigger a fourth war of souls by controlling the souls of the ruling monarchs but they were stopped by the larger force of omnivident warriors (also believed to be the result of the ancestors of the bloodlines practicing their rituals)
-The minor victory combined with the increased numbers of omnivident individuals led to the Omnivident Renaissance, slowly bringing them out of the era of darkness.

War of Souls IV

-A shorter war, saw the uprising of the Sanguinis in South America
-Fooled many of the early civilizations to practice dark rituals to summon powerful creatures of darkness that would consume the souls of the innocent
-The omnivident communities were smaller in south america, but the arrival of omnivident from Europe helped the local communities in defeating the Sanguinis
- As a result, two other omnivident bloodlines were discovered in South America
-They were both created accidentally in the first uprising of the Sanguinis through the blood rituals
-Led to the era of understanding, a very long era that saw the growth and establishment of omnivident communities throughout the world, particularly an explosion of development in the Americas
-Era of understanding not necessarily peaceful, with minor battles of rogue users of artes though all in favour of the artes of light.

War of Souls V

-A very intense war revolving around the joint re-emergence of the Malorum, Sanguinis and Mutationis
- The Mutationis used their abilities to manipulate events bringing about World War I in order to trigger a mass displacement of souls through the destruction that was waged.
-The first instance in which the omnivident fought side by side the untouched.
-It was a war in which both the supernatural and the natural were parallel to each other.
-Both wars ended at the same time, with the artes of light being victorious over the Mutationis.
-Their victory led to the "Silver Era" an era of prosperity among the omnivident communities, and also known as the Second Omnivident Renaissance.

War of Souls VI
- A very powerful Oraculum by the name of Adolf, sways an entire country to exterminate the Jewish population, in doing so, using their souls for a much darker goal that was ultimately never revealed.
- The Second World War II is a direct product of an omnivident violating the Oath of Will
-All of the artes worked together to battle on the various fronts, though it was mostly through the efforts of the untouched that brought an end to the war.
-It was the second time in all of history that a very specific war intersected in both spiritual and natural realms.
-Adolf ultimately killed himself, in part at his own failure, but also because he was commanded to do so by one of his own kin, an Oraculum like himself.
-The Oraculum have since taken a much lower profile and are much rarer among the omnivident community.

War of Souls VII
- A smaller war in comparison to the previous war, but with high stakes
- Rogue Spiritorum led by a fanatical leader unite their forces with the Dark Kingdom
- In doing so, the Dark Kingdom reveals an inherent (yet unexplored) ability of Spiritorum to take possession of living beings
- In return, the Spiritorum travel throughout the world to key locations where the veil is the thinnest in order to open a series of portals to the nether realm and trigger the end of the world through Armageddon.
- A united effort by many of the omnivident inhabitants of the towns that were established nearest to these supernatural hubs allowed them to seal the portal and prevent Armageddon.


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Concerning Magic - Intro: show
Magic is an oft forgotten though utilitarian, if not hazardous, force within the universe. At its most basic, magic is the result of drawing on a source of energy in order to cause things to happen, be it in your favour or otherwise. Through magic one can do almost anything, though there is always a cost to its use. One who practices magic is called a magus, or more commonly, a mage.

There are various means for which one can access this unlimited power, the most common being through incantations. An incantation is a set of phrases or words that dictates to the source of the magic power what the caster wants done. Most modern day incantations originate from Latin and a “Latinizing” of Aramaic, and Kanji, which involved the rearrangement of syllables in words and commands to create new “magical” words. These words act as bridges to the source of power being drawn from in order to cause the magical feat to occur. Despite attempts made by the church to extinguish these “heretical” books, many ancient spell books exist throughout the world. Three such books belonging to the Darren Archive Club, two of which remain in the library, and one locked away.

Concerning these “power sources” there are three primary ones: spiritual energy, the aether, and forces from the other side of the veil.

The first is one’s own spiritual energy. A human being is comprised of body, soul, and spirit. The body is the anchor to the physical realm, what you look like on the outside and is temporal. The soul is the core of your emotions, of which comprises your heart, will, and mind and makes up your personality. The spirit is the bridge beyond the veil and where one’s power lies. The average spirit remains relatively passive until death, in which the spirit and soul are freed from the body to go beyond the veil to live eternally. However there are certain humans born with a strong spirit that makes them more sensitive to the world beyond the veil, as well as granting them odd abilities beyond an average being. Omnivident individuals are born with an abnormally strong spirit which is the core of the powers. Magic draws on the spirit’s energy to act. Spirit energy is a limited quantity, and is used up according to the energy needed to perform the magical feat. Those who are Omnivident and use magic will find that their Omnivident discipline abilities become less potent or even inactive depending on the energy spent through magic. Thus the incantations are simplistic and short in order to use spirit energy as economically as possible. Over time, however, the spirit pool will replenish.

The Aether on the other hand is a limitless and chaotic force of energy that exists within the universe. It is believed to be infinite and can be shaped to do anything, though there is thought to be a perceived neutrality that must be maintained otherwise resulting in what may be a cataclysmic occurrence. It is also a whimsical and possibly sentient force, while it may do as wished, it may also do the exact opposite of what you wanted. Scholars have theorized that the powers of genies are derived from the aether because of the similarity of the nature of a genie’s wish granted and the nature of the aether. Despite its unpredictable nature however, the aether is the most often used source of power for magic spells. Incantations drawing from the aether are much longer, usually entire phrases rather than commands. This is so that the Aether is given as little leeway in acting on its own as possible. These are the typical “spells” of legend. Aether spells are very precise, misreading a spell can lead to the spell not working, backfiring, or more commonly, producing unwanted effects as a result. There are however certain spells and feats that are beyond the capabilities of aether, which often leads those who use magic to seek more powerful sources.

Power from the other side of the veil, meaning power drawn from spirits or demons, is a much more complicated process. In the case of spirits, one must first conduct a ritual and call forth the spirit with an incantation. The ritual being done properly will bind the spirit in the location desired and then the practitioner must use another incantation to bind the spirit to their own. As a result, the practitioner will have an increased spirit pool to draw upon and cast spells akin to someone with a large amount of spirit energy. However all spirit energy is limited. The spirit acts as a battery of sorts, and it will eventually run out. Those who dip into these darker means of magic usually bind multiple spirits to their own for an extremely large supply of energy. This process is seen as abhorrent to the Omnivident, as it not only subjects another spirit to magi's will, but it also severely corrupts the spirit, leaving them violent and vengeful once the majority of their energy has been used.

In the event that one wishes to gain access to demonic power, one must conduct a ritual in order to summon the demon. There are many incantations to summon the various rank and ability of demons, and the rituals usually require dark ingredients. Once the demon has been summoned there are two paths that one may take to gain the energy to cast spells. The first is a contract between the user and the demon: the user must give some aspect of their being, typically the soul, and in return the user has a vast supply of energy from which to cast magic. The second is that the user will allow the demon to partially possess them, granting them the demon’s abilities, as well as the demon's spiritual reserves, granting them access to magic. Of course, in being possessed, that means that the demon has the opportunity to take total control of the individual at times. This means of drawing energy is considered vile and forbidden, even by most magi. It is however, the easiest and quickest means to become a powerful magus.

What differentiates magic from an omnivident ability is that magic is an unnatural phenomena directly leeching from your spirit while omnivident abilities work in tandem with your spirit allowing it to grow stronger through use. This is why magic has a stigma regarding its use among omnivident circles. Every spell is viewed as a gateway drug, the more one uses magic, the more one desires power, which eventually leads to making a deal with a demon or something worse. Additionally, magic has an inexplicable lure to those with powerful spirits, which makes omnivident individuals have an innate desire to learn magic, which often inevitably leads them to darker magic. While magic isn't necessarily viewed as good or evil, it is ill-advised to practice to young disciples.

*PM me if you would like to introduce a specific spell*

The Laws of Magic: show
1) Magic requires a source of energy to operate. Should access to this source become depleted or interrupted, the magic will cease to function.
2) Magic is bound by the laws of life and death. It cannot grant perfect immortality or perform perfect resurrections.
3) Magic cannot grant access beyond the veil. It can allow things in from the other side to the physical realm, but one cannot go from the land of the living to the land of the dead.
4) Magic cannot create something from nothing. Items conjured purely through magic only last as long as their invoker can maintain the spell.
5) Magic cannot unravel existence. One cannot use magic to make something cease to exist as if it never was.
6) Magic is bound by time. Magic cannot stop time, nor can it allow one to interfere with things of the past or the future. These appear as illusions to the time traveller, with which the magus may not interact.
7) Magic cannot grant knowledge of magic. All spells, skills, and knowledge of magic can only be obtained through study and practice.
8) Magic spells can all be broken. There is no spell that does not have a means of being unravelled.

There are six schools of magic: stareomancy, the magic of nature; theriomancy, the magic of beasts; somatomancy, the magic of humanity; pragamancy, the magic of enchantment and alteration; cleromancy, the magic of the arcane; and necromancy, the magic of the dead.

All Western magic involves the knowledge of "true names" otherwise known as the nomen arcanum. It is with these words that one is able to stir magic into action. Some schools of magic required elaborate phrases, while others were simpler, requiring short commands.

Stareomancy: show
Stareomancy is magic that calls forth and manipulates nature, informally referred to as green magic.
Beginner Spells

Fire - Kakendare

Fire, in this place I summon you: Kakenda locus, ti kowosum
Fire, attack that place, I command you: Kakenda, pungyor ibus, ti rorosum.
Fire, go forth around me, I command you: Kakenda, pungyor mi serkus, ti rorosum.
Fire, go forth above me, I command you: Kakenda, pungyor mi supus, ti rorosum.
Fire, go defend this place, I command you: Kakenda, tutor locus, ti rorosum.
Fire, defend me, I command you: Kakenda, tutor mi, ti rorosum.
Fire, defend him/her/them, I command you: Kakenda, tutor si, ti rorosum.
Fire, defend us, I command you: Kakenda, tutor ni, ti rorosum.
Fire, heal me, I command you: Kakenda, medor mi, ti rorosum.
Fire, heal him/her/them, I command you: Kakenda, medor si, ti rorosum.
Fire, heal us, I command you: Kakenda, medor ni, ti rorosum.

Water - Rorinare

Water, in this place I summon you: Rorina locus, ti kowosum
Water, attack that place, I command you: Rorina, pungyor ibus, ti rorosum.
Water, go forth around me, I command you: Rorina, pungyor mi serkus, ti rorosum.
Water, go forth above me, I command you: Rorina, pungyor mi supus, ti rorosum.
Water, go forth beneath me, I command you: Rorina, pungyor mi fernus, ti rorosum.
Water, go defend this place, I command you: Rorina, tutor locus, ti rorosum.
Water, defend me, I command you: Rorina, tutor mi, ti rorosum.
Water, defend him/her/them, I command you: Rorina, tutor si, ti rorosum.
Water, defend us, I command you: Rorina, tutor ni, ti rorosum.
Water, heal me, I command you: Rorina, medor mi, ti rorosum.
Water, heal him/her/them, I command you: Rorina, medor si, ti rorosum.
Water, heal us, I command you: Rorina, medor ni, ti rorosum.

Earth - Orilare - Orila
Stone - Pidare - Pida
Ice - Fristigare - Fristiga
Wind - Lovolvare - Lovolva
Wood - Atosare - Atosa
Plant - Rosesare - Rosesa
Glass - Hysulare - Hysula

Intermediate Spells

From the cloud, rain, I summom you: Exus rebina, vulia, ti kowosum.
From the cloud, snow, I summon you: Exus rebina, evenia, ti kowosum.
Lightning - Fulgia
Fog - Rebinia

From the earth, iron, I summon you: Exus orila, rehfair, ti kowosum.
Copper - Ehsah
Gold - Muror
Silver - Gentar
Diamond - Damia
Ruby - Ropia
Emerald - Melia
Sapphire - Sabia
Peridot - Beria
Moonstone - Alunia

From the strings, silk, I summon you: Exus bynessa, risus, ti kowosum.
Cotton - Sybus
Wool - Alanus

Index: show
Kakenda – Call Fire
Rororina – Call Water
Orila – Call Earth (Soil)
Pida – Call Stone
Fristiga – Call Ice
Lovolva – Call Wind
Atosa – Call Wood
Rosesa – Call Plant
Hysula - Call Glass

Adama - Call Mineral (Diamond,etc)
Damia - Diamond
Ropia - Ruby
Melia - Emerald
Sabia - Sapphire
Beria - Peridot
Teheria - Amethyst
Ania - Garnet
Pacia - Topaz
Alunia - Moonstone

Bynessa - Call Fabric
Risus - Silk
Sybus - Cotton
Alanus - Wool

Curema - Call Metal
Rehfair - Iron
Ehsah - Copper
Muror - Gold
Gentar - Silver

Rebina - Call Cloud
Vulia - Rain
Evenia - Snow
Fulgia - Lightning
Rebinia - Fog

Dra'kas - Reptile
Vo'juk - Bird
Sep'nas - Amphibian
Squa'nin - Fish
Bel'is - Mammal
Reh'pah - Insect

Inquor - Away/Leave/Banish/Be gone/Relinquish
Noksopor - Sleep/Rest/Be still/Bind
Rextor - Awaken/Arise
Pungyor - Attack/Chase/Follow/Go forth
Tutor - Defend/Protect/Cover/Hide
Medor - Heal/Fix/Clean/Mend
Specor - Reveal/Uncover/Remove

Non – Not/No/None/Shall not/Cannot/Are not/Have not/Nothing/No one

Bedisus - You obey
Bedisut - He/She/It obeys
Bedisunt - They obey

Kowosum - I call/summon
Kowosumus - We call/summon

Rorosum - I command
Rorosumus - We command

Fiosimsum - I become/ I am like
Fiosimsus - You become / You are like
Fiosimsut - He/She/It becomes / He/She/It is like
Fiosimsumus - We become/ We are like
Fiosimsunt - They become / They are like

Sum - I am
Sus - You are
Sut - It is
Sumus - We are
Sunt - They are

Bellua – Beast/Creature/Monster
Amicus – Friend/Companion/Comrade
Phasma - Spirit/Ghost

Agamus – Great/Noble/Majestic/Powerful/Mighty
Nobumus – Good/Gentle/Kind
Salumus – Bad/Evil/Wicked

Domus - Home
Locus - Here/In this place/In my immediate vicinity
Ibus - There/In that place/Over there
Serkus - Around/Beside
Supus - Above/In the air
Fernus - Below/In the earth
Tratus – Between
Exus – Out of/From

Mi – me (to me)/my/mine
Ti – you (to you)/yours
Si - it/he/she/them (to it/he/she/them) his/hers/its/theirs
Ni – us (to us)/ours

Patefacoh - Be opened
Patecladoh - Be closed
Elwaoh - Be strong
Linacassoh - Be weak
Olemoh - Be soft
Rudoh - Be hard
Reskoh - Be big
Pordaoh - Be small
Motinoh - Be still
Refinoh - Be sick
Walsaoh - Be well
Ducaloh - Be hot
Gifrioh - Be cold
Utemoh - Be afraid
Minaoh - Be courageous
Livayoh - Be light
Sagroh - Be heavy


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Arclight Academy Faculty: show
Headmaster Doctor Julius Berkham: Despite age, Doctor Berkham remains spry and intelligent. His silvery hair is slicked back over his head, curling slightly upwards at the end at his neck, with a neatly trimmed beard hugging his face. Bright blue intelligent eyes keep a close watch on the school and its students. While he can appear laid-back, he takes education quite seriously and is very strict regarding schooling. He takes pride in Arclight Academy and holds its performance in high regard.

Mr. James McGovney: Head of the Business & Finance Department. Mr. McGovney carries himself with a calm and collected air. He looks very much the part of a business professional, wearing a suit and tie to every day of class. His eyes, however, are a soft gentle brown, indicating his true compassionate nature. Having worked on Wall Street and for a number of international firms, Mr. McGovney has a wealth of experience in the business field. Growing tired of the field, he took up teaching where he met his wife Alice, whom he loves very much.

Mrs. Alice McGovney: Head of the Fine Arts Department and Coordinator of the Arclight Theatre Company. A beautiful middle-aged woman, Mrs. McGovney has long blonde hair with tasteful touches of makeup to accentuate her facial features. She often wears bangles that jingle as she moves about and a shawl that she enjoys swinging about with dramatic flair. She spent much of her youth on the stage, mostly appearing in small, but notable productions. With an interest in shaping the minds of future actors, Mrs. McGovney took up teaching, where she met her beloved husband. Her dramatic personality at times may seem a bit overbearing to those who are unused to her presence.

Doctor Peter Von Kormich: Head of the Science Department. Doctor Von Kormich is a brilliant man, who at times may seem disconnected from the present reality because his mind is often elsewhere thinking of a theory to unravel. His eyes are a dark brown, appearing almost black, and unreadable, as his mind is whirring. He is a tall and slender man, with the beginning signs of balding of his brown mass of tangled hair and often wears a lab coat as he goes about. He is a well-established molecular chemist who dramatically stopped his research after deciding he wanted to teach. His classes are quite notorious for being heavy-handed with their homework and he is quick to become impatient with those who do not take their schooling seriously.

Doctor Ezra Kadeem: Head of the Social Science Department. Doctor Kadeem is a captivating and charming man. His black hair is buzzed short and his brown eyes glitter alluringly while his teeth shine in contrast to his dark complexion. The son of a diplomat, Doctor Kadeem has travelled across much of the world before taking on the role himself as an adult. A renaissance man, Doctor Kadeem undertook various fields of study in politics, law, and history, which helped him in his career. He has a wealth of connections across the globe and sets up most networking events at the school as well as secures sponsors. Teaching is his true passion, and Doctor Kadeem relishes in those who avidly take an interest in their studies, he enjoys sharing stories of his travels with his class.

Doctor Amanita Lucia Fuentes-Delgado: Head of the Modern Languages Department. Doctor Fuentes-Delgado is an outgoing and friendly woman. She is known for her bright wardrobe and hoop earrings. Her hazel eyes are playful and bright, making students feel at ease under her gaze. She is a polyglot, speaking Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, German, Latin, Greek, Korean, Japanese and a bit of Mandarin. She has loved languages all her life and was thrilled to work for a number of international organizations as an interpreter. Growing tired of bureaucracy, Doctor Fuentes-Delgado took up teaching to share her love of languages with the next generation.

Mr. Gerald Hightower: Head of Physical Education & Head Arclight Sports Coach. Hightower can come off as a stubborn and serious man. He is incredibly fit, having maintained his fitness after attending two Olympics. His light brown hair is buzzed low on the sides, as if he was serving in the military and his piercing green eyes seem to delve into your soul. As a former Olympian, he places a great emphasis on training and teamwork. There are a few things that make him smiled besides blood, sweat and tears.

Mr. Alexander Donaldson: Music Teacher. A quiet and somber man, Mr. Donaldson is quite introverted, preferring to keep to himself. His eyes are a muddy brown, and his face has become deeply lined over the years. He is completely bald and dresses simply. It is rumoured that Mr. Donaldson is an excellent composer and talented musician. He has knack for bringing out the best in students under his tutelage. He spends most of his time in the music room, even after school hours. While not outright depressed, he seems sad, or to be missing something in his life.

Miss. Gwendolyn Mervyn: European History Teacher. Ms. Mervyn is a gentle woman with a strong appreciation of history and nature. She is a delicate-looking woman with bright blue eyes and light brown hair often kept in a bun. She has a touch of elegance to the way she moves and speaks, indicating her relationship to England and Wales (and her traditional upbringing). Although soft-spoken, Ms. Mervyn is quite capable of wrangling rambunctious teenagers. She loves history and believes it to be incredibly important, a fact she tries to emphasize with her students.

Ms. Julian Grey: Dorm Mother of Arclight Academy. Ms. Grey is an incredibly kind and compassionate middle-aged woman. Her dark hair is cut short and before her deep grey eyes she wears oval-shaped glasses, sometimes resting on the top of her head when she’s in deep thought. Ms. Grey was married once and had a young child but lost both to a devastating fire. The loss has stirred a great protectiveness in her heart for every single child that comes into her care. There are times that she seems to lose focus as she remembers the happiness she had as a mother and wife, which can make her become wistful.

Chef Jean-Claude Lorraine: Head Chef of the Cafeteria. Contrary to the stereotype of French men he is not a heart breaker, or a snob. His greatest passion in life is food, and it is beyond most people’s comprehension how he has maintained such a slim figure. The one thing he despises however is ungratefulness and those who waste his food. His methods of dealing with such individuals are usually quite creative.

Professor Elaine Johnson: Librarian. She prefers to be simply called Elaine as she feels titles to be superfluous. She is quite beautiful with her bookish charm. Her brown hair is long, falling in ringlets and her eyes are a greenish-blue. She is petite and short, looking especially small when climbing the ladders of the Arclight Academy’s library. She has accomplished much academically despite her young age. Acquiring degrees in History, English and Classical Studies she is a very well-read individual. She enjoys helping the students and actively aids them in their research when she can.

Nurse Samuel Lee: School nurse. Nurse Lee is a kind and gentle young man who sees to the health of all the students. His hair is coiffed slightly upwards with a slight undercut and his body is well-toned. His eyes are dark brown and convey a sense of kindness. Friendly and outgoing, Nurse Lee gets along with his peers and the students. As school nurse he takes the utmost care in the students’ health, even getting involved with the nutrition of meals served each day. He is active and enjoys a number of sports, sometimes acting as an assistant coach.

Doctor Rachel Dawn: School Guidance Counsellor and Supervisor of the Darren Archive Club. With golden eyes and long brown hair tied in a ponytail, Doctor Dawn, or preferably Miss Rachel has become quite recognizable to the student body. She was an instrumental source of support for the upper year students as they prepared for university and to many of the students who were still grieving following the accident two years ago. She is friendly and open, but also bears a no-nonsense attitude, wanting to get to the root of an issue rather than beat around the bush. Her uncanny sense of connecting with students on a deep level has made her quite popular throughout the school.

Miss. Greta Shields: Head Secretary. Relatively young, Miss Shields is a pretty young woman. Her hair is black and pin-strait, her bangs cut horizontally over her forehead. She has a cheerful smile and inviting deep blue eyes. An alumnus of the Academy herself, she is well acquainted with the goings of the school. She’s well versed with many of the rumours floating around the school, though she’s much too shy to gossip herself. To the omnivident, she is the sworn guardian protector of the school grounds, a powerful Angelorum bearing the donum of Sancti Scutum. She also serves to train those omnivident students who do not want to join the SDU, teaching them methods to cope with their abilities and prevent their arte from manifesting.

Arclight Students: show
Kimberly Able: Kimberly is practical, level-headed and determined. She has come to Arclight for one reason and one reason alone, to excel and get an amazing job. Having come from a middle-class family, Kimberly fully understands the sacrifices her family made to get her where she is today.

James Anderson: A gentle soul, James is incredibly sweet but also quite shy. He does his best to keep his head down and stay out of others way. He enjoys eating lunch in the courtyard and has a green thumb. For that reason, he has joined the gardening club to maintain the dorm courtyard gardens.

Lucia Carmelita Cortez-Ramiro: Lucia is an academic through and through. Spending most of her time with her head in a book or with her thoughts in the clouds, Lucia can seem quite absent-minded. Rather, she is often one step ahead of everyone around her, thinking on a level that most her age can’t comprehend.

April Chan: April is rebellious and has a penchant for getting herself into trouble. A rebel, April is not super fond of the strict rules at Arclight Academy. What most people don’t know is that she’s related to the bubbly Jenny, a fact she keeps hidden so as not to ruin her tough reputation.

Shabir Dogra: Shabir can be mischievous but his pranks are usually harmless. He enjoys making his friends laugh and being the centre of attention. He aspires to be a great actor someday and aims to take part in the many theatre productions of Arclight Academy over the next four years.

Silvio De La Costa: Silvio is most notably the tallest kid in his year. Despite his size, he is not interested in playing for any of the sports teams, preferring to stick to the library. He is an excellent listener, but generally not the type to contribute to a conversation.

Camille Ending: Camille is charismatic and incredibly friendly, making her popular among her year. She idolizes Mrs. McGovney and aspires to be an actress herself. Camille is an incredible singer and can often be found humming to herself as she does her homework.

Tyrone Philip Jackson: Tyrone is a socially well-informed individual and takes on many causes. Usually from one week the next, Tyrone will hold a protest or make posters regarding the plight of some endangered species, or impending ecological threat.

Rajesh Marishwami: Rajesh is a gifted athlete who attends the school on a scholarship basis. In particular he is skilled in rugby, soccer and cricket. His athletic prowess has made him quite popular within his grade and even the upper year students.

Sam McDougal: Sam McDougal is an excitable and energetic guy. Always up for an adventure and fiercely loyal, Sam is considered a great friend to have around. He can sometimes be a bit overbearing, but he means no harm.

Preethi Singh: Preethi is a party girl who is generally bored with the hum-drum of regular life. Born to super rich Bollywood parents, Preethi is accustomed to a vey lavish lifestyle. She finds Arclight Academy incredibly quaint and is counting the hours until she can return to her home in India.

Justin James Walker: Justin prides himself on being a novice historian. He Is incredibly curious and tends to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. He has a surprisingly deep working knowledge of the history of Darren City.

Sharon Wendleworth: Sharon is a computer wiz and loves all things to do with technology. An “ethical hacker” Sharon will sometimes support causes with her technical expertise. She loves tinkering with her cellphone as well as her laptop and has given them various modifications.

Timothy Azikiwi: Timothy is the son of diplomats from Nigeria. He is fairly calm, though is quick to get excited regarding The Arts. He is a talented painter, as well as a virtuoso on the violin.

Mohammad “Moe” Baqri: A new student, Moe is outgoing and charming. Incredibly kind, Moe is eager to make new friends but incredibly apprehensive of the prospect. He is a skilled fencer and has a collection of swords that he keeps.

Lukas Barkellner:His relaxed posture seems to suggest he's pretty relaxed about things, which would be pretty accurate. But that's only because he already knows what to expect, how to subvert it, and how to manipulate events to put himself at the advantage. He tends to view others as 'inferior', or at least 'of lower intellect'. If anyone were to uncover the mask, they'd find him monologuing to himself like a stereotypical villain, being both very full of himself and very melodramatic.

Julian Chan: Julian likes to think of himself as a philosopher. He's often found daydreaming about the oddest notions in life, or coming to sudden realizations. He's a cool and calm individual, though not in the sense that one feels they are interrupting his thoughts by approaching him. He's fairly open to everyone he meets.

Adam Gregorio Ferrorio: Adam is the second youngest of five in his family, which owns Antonio's Pizzeria. He is incredibly spoiled, though his character doesn't typically show this. He was pressured into the Newspaper Club, despite his general lack of interest in writing, but it gives him an outlet to discuss various movies.

Mikayla Freeman: Mikayla can come off as a bit harsh or judgmental when first meeting her, but she's simply just a serious and driven young woman. Her father, Lamarr, is a judge and her mother, Janelle, is a real-estate agent. Mikayla herself aspires to be a lawyer.

Sylvia Angelica Hatsfield: Sylvia is the younger sister of fairly popular Tyler. However, unlike her charismatic and responsible brother, Sylvia is very independent and unfriendly to most people. Her hair is a vibrant green and blue, and she dresses in the “typical” Goth style, which only serves to further separate her peers.

Bernice Yolanda Holiday: Bernice is a very timid and studious girl. Despite her mother being an international singing sensation, “Mizz Zay”, she prefers to spend her time in books, particularly spending time in the library. Unbeknown to most, she has a beautiful singing voice.

Kyle Mark-Henry Nelson: Kyle is the most popular student in his grade. After only a few days of living on campus, he has made friends among his peers as well as the students in the upper grades. He’s the entire package, charming, attractive, and friendly, which makes him difficult to dislike.

Harper Radisson:Social and perky, one can see her butting her way into conversations, a common incident that usually results in her being the center of attention. Despite her love for the compliments that she receives, she expresses a distinct interest in others. Curious and nosy to an extent, she is quite the gossip but is genuinely interested in the plights of others. This leads to her helpful and kind nature that many she encounters find adorable. Those that long for her attention are in little luck, for although she becomes involved in the relationships of others she has little interest in dating. In her endeavors, academic and otherwise, she shows a motivation unparalleled by many, but the goal must strike her passion to reach this fervor.

Stanley Samuel Sullivan: Stanley, or more commonly “Stan” or “Little Sullivan” and even “Triple S”, is fairly popular in his own respects as well. He is the younger brother of Peter, and has been also gifted with great athletic prowess. His ego can make him quite a handful though.

Daniel Eriksson: Daniel Eriksson is a brilliant mathematician, though no one would never know or even assume this on meeting him. He's a class clown, often making odd noises or weird jokes in the class. He hopes to top the pranks that have been accredited to Harold but for this reason the teachers keep a close eye on him.

Alejandra Caparina Maria Veracruz: Alejandra is chatty and outgoing, which tends to get her in to trouble when it comes time to work. Even though she is a freshmen she is already well known for her elaborate hairstyles that she gets done every weekend. While she gets her hair done professionally, she is also a whiz with a pair of scissors herself and loves doing makeovers.

Krystyna Illiana Zurbachev: Krystyna is the daughter of famous primadonna Anna Zurbachev, who was originally from Ukraine but joined a dancing troupe that travels the globe. Krystyna is described as doll-like, she is incredibly beautiful but she is incredibly guarded.

Leslie Adams: Leslie is an activist in regards to...everything. She wants to protect the rain forests. She wants to save the animals. She wants to save the oceans. She wants to save the fish. She means well, but her protests of the week have a tendency to get into other people's face.

Khaleem Al-Jazaar: Khaleem is a computer whiz originally from the Kingdom of Jordan who immigrated to Darren City with his parents at the age of 7. He has a younger sister who goes to Ephraim Elementary whom he is extremely protective of. His computer hacking skills are quite phenomenal for his age, and he likes to consider himself a "benevolent hacker", as he uses abilities solely for "good".

Jenny Chan: Jenny is a lively and fun-loving girl. She’s easily excitable and boy-crazy, much to her parent’s chagrin. She met her best friend Patty in Kindergarten when she went to Ephraim Elementary and they have been friends ever since. At the beginning of her second year she became a cheerleader.

Emilia Dawson: Emilia is a simple girl, well as simple as one can be within such a prestigious school. She is fairly accident prone, though her friend Felix is often there to support her. She considers herself to be boring.

Isaiah Engles: Isaiah is very unlike his older brother. Despite being a second year student his parties are often described as legendary. He is charismatic and incredibly charming, making all the teachers love him despite his rebellious streak. He is regarded as the school "prince".

Regina James: Regina is a brilliant up and coming chemist. While she often means well, her experiments have most definitely left their mark on the school. In her freshman year she had caused a chemical fire to break out unintentionally and the school had to be evacuated another time after she caused a chemical reaction releasing chlorine gas. She's also a member of the gardening club and helps to maintain the Dorm courtyard gardens.

Anujan Gujarthanan: Anujan is a nosey and inquisitive young man. Mysteries and secrets are his favourite thing to decode and reveal. He is the most active member of the school newspaper, willing to do almost anything to get a front page story.

Patricia Hamilton: Patricia, also known as Patty, is an outgoing and playful girl, much like her best friend Jenny. She is just as boy-crazy, though she is more likely to develop harebrained schemes to get a boyfriend. She also became a cheerleader at the beginning of her second year.

Sangeeta Purjati: Sangeeta’s parents emigrated from India to the City of Darren when she was just a child. Her elder brother, a doctor, Sangeeta was sent to Arclight Academy to take the first steps to becoming one as well. She is kind and patient, and has a strong nurturing aura about her.

Oliver Kingsly: Having recently transferred from a school in London, Oliver is the "new kid" for the second year class. Girls are spell-bound by his "Queen's English" accent, though he doesn't really care and in fact finds it a bit overwhelming. He's shy but an incredibly competitive football player.

Felix Manuel Jose San Juan: Felix is viewed as peculiar by most of the school, particularly the popular upperclassmen. He is incredibly attractive, and is essentially viewed as the most attractive boy in school, however Felix is completely unaware of this, furthermore he is hopeless in dealing with women. The only girl he gets along with is Emilia, whom is one of his closest friends.

Calliope Anastasia Stone:Calliope is loud and obnoxious, though the second most popular girl in school. Her parents are music producers, and she somehow believes that she is to be a singing sensation one day, despite her sub-par singing talents. She is condescending, and is quick to pick on others for their flaws, though will snap the head off anyone who dares to say she has any of her own.

Terrence "T-Man" St. James: Terrence is a fairly unpleasant individual. It's as if he goes out of his way to pick fights with people or bully the freshmen. Some believe this is because Charlemagne target him when he was in his first year for being very short. This year Terrence came back to school with the persona of "T-Man" and spent the summer working out to make sure no one picks on him ever again.

Aliyah Talman: Aliyah hails from Guyana and takes pride in where she comes from. She is an avid dancer, and one of the few people who are able to bear Calliope on a regular basis. She doesn't exactly have a mean streak, but she often watches from the sidelines. When not coming up with a new dance she, or waltzing the halls with Calliope she can be found in the garden club.

Tanya Zurich: Tanya is a pessimistic rebel. She smokes. She drinks. She makes fake IDs to get into the bars and clubs. She hates most of the students in her school, and finds them to all be pretentious douches. She’s particularly not fond of most of the “popular” students in school.

Fatima Abdula: Fatima is daddy’s little girl, and when daddy is an oil mogul, the little girl is simply uncontrollable. Fatima gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She’s the life of most parties, and in facts hosts many parties in her condominium suite. To her, money is everything, though popularity turned out to be a good bonus.

Zoe Addison: Zoe is hailed as the “Queen of the Theatre”. Ever since her freshmen year at Arclight Academy she has managed to take leading roles for the school play. She’s currently dating Peter, and they reign as King and Queen of the school, as they are the most popular students. Unfortunately, her cheerful display on the stage does not translate into her life, as she views all who are not “popular” as extremely beneath her.

Serena Chan: Serena is the stereotypical Asian student. She rarely leaves the library to eat, sleep and go to class, and chooses not to socialize with those she deems intellectually inadequate. She is fiercely competitive with her marks.

Charlemagne Pierre Ducett: Charlemagne’s parents are one of the school’s many sponsors. As such, he feels he has the right to do whatever he wants, which entails the suffering of others. Charlemagne is a bully. He preferably picks on the first and second years, though he’s also not afraid to give an unkind word to a third or fourth year as well. He’s rowdy and rude, though he actually does have physical might to back up his words.

Paolo Vincenzo Ferrorio: The third of the Ferrorio children, he is a loud and friendly young man. As a result it has led to his induction into the popular crowd. People are intimidated by his loudness, but once they get to know him it feels that he has been friends with you forever. He leaves his brother to his own devices not wanting him to become dependant on him.

Trisha "Trish" Genson: Trisha is close friends with Zoe, though a lot less vindictive. She often finds herself apologizing for the behaviour for her friend. Like Zoe, she too is an aspiring actress, though she often finds herself in the shadow of her best friend. Her other hobbies include the gardening club and school secretary to the president.

Crystal Harrison: Crystal is an extremely spirited and jovial student. Her energy may at times seem to be overwhelming but while cheering for a game there is no other cheerleader like her. She truly admires Amy and hopes to be captain of the cheerleading squad once Amy graduates.

Darryl Jones: School president. He is high-spirited and very outgoing. At times he may seem to be “in your face” though that’s just because he’s very excitable. Returning as a 5th Year student, Darryl hopes his final term as school president will have a positive impact on Arclight Academy.

Harold Kubalseigh: Harold Kubalseigh is a jokester to say the least. He’s laidback and fairly chill when one first meets him, though in the deep dark corners of his minds he’s planning various pranks to pull on the people around him. He’s accredited for flooding the school in his freshmen year.

Jerome Newman: Jerome's father is a professional american football player turned coach. As such, even from a young age, Jerome was made to play and appreciate american football. He is a big guy, making him seem almost scary or threatening, that is until he smiles. He has made good friends with the student Oliver lately.

Ardeep Patel: Ardeep is an observant and manipulative young man. In his freshman year he saw how Charlemagne was feared, and rather than be a potential target for the young man, he instead chose to work for him, be his lackey. By no means however is he unintelligent, he just attracts to corrupted power, so he can wield a bit of it himself.

Peter James Sullivan: Peter aka “Sullivan” is the most popular guy in school and reigns as King of the school alongside his girlfriend Zoe. He’s an all star athlete, and if the school could have him as captain for all the sports teams they would. He’s unawares of his girlfriend’s icy persona, but unlike her he’s got a heart of gold. He’s nice to everyone, though extremely protective of his younger brother.

David Michael Torrente: David is a calm and sullen boy. School rumours assume that his parents are in fact part of the Mafia, so most people don’t bother him. Whether this is true or not, David prefers to keep to himself, and is quite a competent martial artist.

Chantelle Vanier: Chantelle is a quiet and reserved young woman. She has a strong attachment to the dorm courtyard and is the president of the Arclight Gardening Club. As a result of her gardening work she is fairly athletic. Her dark red hair is often described as her most distinguished trait.

James Wong: James is the elder twin brother of Jocelyn. He is loud and at times flamboyant, though his heart belongs to gossip. As the “older” brother, he is in charge of the Arclight Academy Newspaper Club.

Jocelyn Wong: Jocelyn is the younger twin sister of James and is just as loud if not louder than her brother. While she does have a palate for gossip as well, she’s more interested in what goes on in school politics. She too is a member of the Arclight Academy Newspaper Club

Darren City NPCs: show
Father Albright: Beloved priest of St. Martin's church. He has presided over the church for many years serving as a friend and confidant to people of various walks of life. He is quiet and understanding man, having grown even more quiet following the death of his favourite nephew James Albright. He is "touched", which allows him to see beyond the veil and deal with supernatural phenomena accordingly. He remains in close contact with the Darren Archive Club, giving them missions or advice.
Sharon Ignianus:A mysterious old woman and owner of the Mystorium. She has no known family, and has been single for all her life. Nonetheless, she is a spirited woman, in more than one sense. Her knowledge of the supernatural is quite vast, but she keeps it hidden by speaking in half-truths and riddles. She is a witch, at the very least, and is capable of casting various spells with ease.
Dean Mason:Owner of the scrap shop and the scrap yard. A man who is a bit rough around the edges, he was helped by the Darren Archive Club in the past. Thankfully for him, he is not touched, but he knows that strange things go on in Darren, he simply prefers not to stick his nose where it doesn't belong.
Brody Somner:A graduate of Arclight Academy, Brody is incredibly attractive and dashing. While in school he was regarded as the most handsome boy in the school, though he had a reputation for being a player. After graduating, he turned down various university offers in business management so he could become skilled as a mechanic.
Ms. Tasha Sullivan: A secretary at one of the office buildings downtown, Tasha is fun-loving and a caring individual. After being attacked however, she has become very reserved and emotionally fragile. She has been feeling sick lately.
Vincent Turner:A friendly, and dutiful security guard. A family man, he works many shifts to give his wife and kids the very best.


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For my sanity's sake, each year sticks together for their classes.

1st Years

Kimberly Able
James Anderson
Lucia Carmelita Cortez-Ramiro
April Chan
Joonho/Joey Choi
Silvio De La Costa
Shabir Dogra
Camille Ending
Tyrone Philip Jackson
Rajesh Marishwami
Sam McDougal
Antilita Francheska Pavlushkin
Preethi Singh
Justin James Walker
Sharon Wendleworth

2nd Years

Lotus Acula
Timothy Azikiwi
Mohammad “Moe” Baqri
Lukas Barkellner
Fiona Brennan
Julian Chan
Adam Ferrorio
Mikayla Freeman
Damian Grayson
Sylvia Angelica Hatsfield
Bernice Yolanda Holiday
Kyle Henry-Mark Nelson
Harper Radisson
Evelyn Victoria St. Augustine
Stanley Samuel Sullivan
Janet Summers
Daniel Sweeny
Alejandra Caparina Maria Veracruz
Krystyna Illiana Zurbachev

3rd Years

Leslie Adams
Khaleem Al-Jazeer
Todd Brennan
Jenny Chan
Emilia Dawson
Isaiah Engles
Anujan Gujarthanan
Patricia Hamilton
Regina James
Oliver Kinglsy
Sangeeta Purjati
Aliyah Talman
Gregory Reid
Felix Manuel Jose San Juan
Calliope Anastasia Stone
Terrence St. James
Tsubaki Yamikatsu
Tanya Zurich

4th Years

Fatima Abdula
Zoe Addison
Serena Chan
Charlemagne Pierre Ducett
Paolo Vincenzo Ferrorio
Trisha "Trish" Genson
Crystal Harrison
Darryll Jones
Harold Kubalseigh
Xhu Chen Li
Jerome Newman
Ardeep Patel
Alice Pearson
Adi Shuresha Singh
Peter James Sullivan
David Michael Torrente
Chantelle Vanier
James Wong
Jocelyn Wong


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Omnivident Short Stories

Book 1 - Winter Break

Winter Break with the Aculas

Logan's wacky winter break adventures

Evelyn's Gift

Even now in Heaven there are Angels carrying savage weapons


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Live Grenade wrote:
Like... Ghostbusters and Harry Potter.
I'm in too, just for the record.

Yeah that!

Kinda cuz the entire school isn't really dedicated just what a super exclusive club.

Also yay <3


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I think I might join, I won't be able to post all the time because I'm on my mum's laptop, but I think I could manage.

I'll post when I think I got it all down.


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