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My top 10 players in SSF2 
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Pretty hard, but for #10 I'm gonna go with Kyoz :pacman: due to his consistent placings in tournament, but he isn't doing as well as he was at the beginning of beta however, so here you go. (plus he quit tho lol)

At #9 I place Vash :fox:, just like Kyoz, for being able to consistently beat other top 10 players and placing top 8 a lot aswell.

(Skill Gap)

In the #8 spot I put MonteCri$to/Flavien :fox: :marth: he doesn't attend tournaments as much as other players, but when he does usually placed top 8, and does exceedingly well against the 10th-5th ranked players. But, due to the soul reason of him not attending as often as others, i think he'd be put around here.

This one was actually kinda hard, because of it being contested by 2 people, but for #7 In my opinion, it's Oreocacksters/Oreocakesters :marth: Just like Monte, he doesn't show up to tournaments as much due to college and such. Oreo's main strength is his very high peak, sometimes feeling like a top 3 player. But he's inconstant imo, therefore putting him beloowww

#6 Incinerate :sheik: :donkeykong: This spot was heavily contested by Oreo, but in the end I decided incin should take it. Incin is probably one of the oldest SSF2 players I know, and it shows. Very good fundamentals and reads, making him versatile with any character he picks up.

(Slight Skill Gap)

In the beginning of the top 5, is #5, Gax. :falco: :fox: :marth: being once the best player in beta, has recently been proving he's still got it, and having him take the last tournament of 2017 really bumped him up.

#4 spot currently being occupied by NoS :donkeykong: :lloyd: ( :sheik: ?) Being of the best DKs in the world, he has a lot of skill that is apparent. Placing top 3 every tournament is no easy feat, but he does it almost every time. In fact, there is little to no skill gap between him and

(Tied) #2 Chaos0 :tails: :lloyd: :mario: / MKZaiR :metaknight: :sheik: :marth: These two are basically neck and neck for the number 2 spot. I would give it to ZaiR, but Chaos' recent performances have given me a different idea. Ultimately, I think these two are tied in skill, but if I had to pick one, very slight edge to ZaiR.

(Medium Skill Gap)

#1, You probably expected this. The G.O.A.T, a crusader, and an expander of dong, Prolific. :donkeykong: :naruto: The best beta player at the current time of making this, places 1st at nearly every tournament, and practically carried DK to the top of the meta. He's also able to play naruto, fox, and tons of other characters at the highest level imaginable. Almost never loses, ever, and fighting him in bracket almost always means demise.

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Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:44 pm

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ye most things I agree about this list. I don't think everyone is far behind each other in the top 10 tho

id have oreo a bit lower becuas eof lack of results in .3.2 but hes got his s*** back. monte should be higher than incin and oreo, I could say the same for my self and kyoz but maybe I'm a bit biased(the only reason why is consistency and many results in the top 5) but is cool

Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:43 pm
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