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Dev Blog Mini Post #13 - Tails 
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Hey everyone, -Aura_Fear- here once again bringing you everyone’s favorite two-tailed fox, Tails!

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Character Video

YouTube Video:

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Character Description by -Aura Fear-

As many of you already know, back in 0.7, Tails was broken; there’s really no denying that. Between his insane recovery, his ability to zoom across the stage at hyper speed with Spin Dash, his numerous frame 1 attacks, and his air camping with Electron Shot, Tails was extremely unbalanced. He wasn’t fun to play as because his gameplay revolved around gaining a lead and then camping until the timer ran out. And of course, with most characters he wasn’t fun to play against either since he was pretty much impossible to hit (save for a select few characters). I am happy to announce that Tails is no longer an overly defensive, camp-centric character.

In the last demo, Electron Shot could be used in the air basically as many times as you wanted before Tails had to hit the ground. Of course, since Tails can already stay off of the ground for a while due to his multiple jumps, this allowed him to camp in the air without any way for other characters to counter him. Now, while it still maintains its shield-breaking properties, it can only be used once in the air, meaning you’ll have to land if you want to use it again (it has been made slightly faster to compensate).
As stated earlier, Tails’ Spin Dash in 0.7 allowed him to fly across the stage, making him nearly impossible to hit. His up special (and recovery in general) aren’t as amazing as their earlier counterpart; but don’t worry, Tails still has one of the best recoveries in the game. Finally, this time around, if canceled, Spin Dash doesn’t retain its momentum, and it can’t be used in quick succession. Now, it serves as a quick combo starter and ‘get away from me’ move.

Cancel a Spin Dash as soon as it hits, and...
Link it into a nair for extra damage.

All of these, on top of his powerful smashes, made Tails an absolute beast. But of course, our aim is to ensure that every character is on a similar level. His smash attacks were weakened in favor of speed, and he won’t be able to kill nearly as easily as a result. Now, these attacks are best combined with chasing opponents offstage.

Dsmash may not be killing at low percents anymore, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful.

So, how does Tails play now? Basically, he can still dominate the air, but in a different (and more offensive) way. First of all, his playstyle is far more geared towards his aerial moves, as they should be.

You'll be using these a lot more in 0.8.

More importantly, you’ll also notice when you play 0.8 that more of his moves, such as down tilt and dash attack, have been altered to cause upward knockback. In other words, Tails is based around you’ll be chasing down opponents in the air and keeping them there.

These moves, and even more still, set up Tails to do what he does best.

We believe that this more offensively-geared playstyle is much more balanced and fun to use than he was previosuly, so we hope you enjoy Tails in 0.8!

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Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:33 pm
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