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The Outstanding Snowbird #1 
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“This is WOLF News at eleven; reports are coming in from the Lake Mary and Heathrow area; many witnesses have claimed to have seen the Mysterious Vigilante that officials have kept quiet about.” An old hand swiftly snatched the remote just before his baby niece could.

The Old Man gawked at the screen while raising the volume, the News Anchor continued, “And one family in Lake Mary had called us and sent photos from the encounter.” The newscaster disappeared in place of a photograph of a bent, metal door, “The mother, who requested to remain anonymous, Stated franticly that The Vigilante was covered in a blue and purple suit with shining wings,” She paused as the other News Anchor chimed in, “Sounds like a bunch of Fan Fiction to me.”

She continued, “She also stated that he forced his way inside and commanded them to call an ambulance for a wounded girl, one of the victims, he had brought them.” A photo revealed two men in black frozen to their neck in Ice. And finally, a shaky video, taken on a phone, showed a shadowy figure taking off. A glint of purple shined as a flashlight hit it for a brief second, “And Lastly, It’s been said that the victims, three Including the wounded girl, Had been taking into questioning…The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office has unsurprisingly kept quiet on the matter.” The Old Man shut off his TV.

~Lake Mary, Florida

The traumatized father wrapped himself in a blanket and shivered.

“So, you’re saying that a guy with metal wings saved you and your son?” Asked Detective Flannigan.

“And my daughter. Uh, he had a purple costume and he made ice from his hands. He kinda looked like a kid, but he had a mask on and it was dark and he was black and—“

The cop cut him off, “Really? Surprised he didn’t rob you, lot.”

“He saved my kids!” exclaimed the father.

“Flannigan!” The red headed officer turned to see Detective Douglas sprinting over as two White SUV’s pulled into the crime scene, “Why are these guys here again?” He said while catching his breath.

“I don’t really know, they said their investigation was done last week. I don’t like these government guys…”

Detective Douglas puffed out air and sat down with the victim. Meanwhile, Flannigan Walked over to the Agents in suspicion.

As he neared the vehicles, the Agents quickly began unloading various devices, paying him no mind.

“Excuse me, Lady.” He said to a young, Hispanic woman bending over and reaching into the van, “Where’s your boss? We were told that you ‘Tacts’ weren’t gonna interfere in our investigations.”

The Woman, who was wearing a beige Trench coat, Glanced at the Detective, “You need the Commanding officer?” She put the equipment in her hands down, “She’s two steps in front of you.” She smiled.

“Oh! You?” He made a confused expression, “But you’re a…so young. What are you, like, 18? How are you in charge of this, this---“

“We are a government sanctioned organization.” She cut him off, “This case, and many like it, make up just a fraction of our duties, and in order for us to complete our mission we will be taking over this entire investigation. Sir.”

“What!? Under whose jurisdiction?” Flannigan shouted, causing Douglas to run up beside him..

“Mine.” She stuck out her hand, “You may call me Commander, leader, ‘Oh Great One’…whatever makes you happy and productive.” She instructed her subordinates to examine the witnesses and the surrounding area.

“Oh, I’ll call you something--!”

Meanwhile, three yards away and hidden in the dark shrubbery stood two cold white eyes watching the humans at work…like a predator hunting small game, ready to strike quick as Frostbite…

~Darings Household, 7:50 AM

Ben checked his new shoes twice before carefully doing the traditional dance of skipping/running without creasing them. He scurried past the eldest son, Steve, as he lay in bed with his eyes open.

Ben grabbed the knob and twisted when his mother called, “Are you going to be here after school or are you staying?” Rachel Darings had her arm midway into the fridge waiting for an answer. Wondering if she was gonna catch a break and not have to make her youngest son's lunch as he refuses to even touch the school food.

“Uhh,” He rubbed his healing arm, “Yeah. I got, uh, band practice for my section…it’s mandatory.” He lied through his teeth.

“Oh, okay. Your Dad should be here by the time your back, Stay safe! Love you!”

“Bye, Mom!” He shut the door.

She sighed for her son, “Almost everyday he’s practicing.” She grabbed two slices of bread, “He’ll have a great future.” Mrs. Darings smiled while Steve silently grumbled.

Ben stood at the usual bus stop and watched as two birds pecked at an old skinny tree. One other student waited farther away from him and drowsily watched the cars pass by.

“Humph,” He felt his hands, “Ah, I’m ashy! ”
He got on one knee while taking off his backpack. Reaching inside, he grabbed his lotion bottle and squirted a few drops into his hands,
“Gotta Moooisteriiizee.”

“Oh! Can I get some?” Ben jumped to his feet as a girl his age smiled and waved.

Aw my god. Note-to-self: always listen.

“Whoa, you scared-, I mean, surprised me for a second.” It was that new girl with the curly, brown hair. She runs a lot.

“Haha, My bad.” She tugged at her stringed book bag, “My name’s Amaya.”

Well she doesn’t seem nervous at all. I wonder what she thinks of Florida so far. Its way different from New York…at least I think it is. She probably thinks so since she’s from there. I’mma go there someday.

“Hi, I’m—“ Ugh, my voice, “Ahem. I’m Ben. Nice to meet you.” We stared at each other awkwardly, or, I thought it was awkward, I don’t know about her though…Lotion! She asked for lotion!

“Oh, uh. Here you go. The lotion.” I hand her the lotion with shaky hands. Why are they shaking? I don’t know.

“Ah, thanks Ben.” She got some and rubbed her hands against her light brown skin until it shined. It was a nice shine. Almost like the sun, except, it’s easy on the eyes. She’s easy on the eyes.


Aw my god. Note-to-self: Never Always Listen.
We both winced as the bus pulled up. Not that spooky kid on the sidewalk, though. I guess it sounds just like the music he listens to…Hehe, I made a joke.

We silently stepped onto the bus while greeting my veteran Bus Driver: Mr. Joe. Hopefully Jameal has the same bus driver from last year. I grabbed the seat closest to the front and Amaya chose to do the same. Blocking my route.

Why is she sitting next to me? Is she expecting me to talk to her? I kinda want to. What am I gonna say? Come on say something!

“Um, have you been to Florida before?” Ugh. Good enough.

“No, I haven’t actually. It seems pretty. And interesting. It’s pretty interesting.”

“Pfft, the weather is ‘interesting’.” And it’s perfectly ironic this morning. Bright and Sunny on the first day of my junior year…

“Haha, yeah I’ve seen it.” *Gasp* She laughed. One point.

“What’s the weather like in New York? I’ve never been there.”

“How’d you know I was from New York?” Aw crap. What Ben sees and what Snowbird sees should remain as two separate things.

“Uhh…it was on your license plate. I saw it when you guys were moving in.” Whew. Good excuse, Bird Brain.

“Oh. You’re a great observer.” *Gasp* A compliment! Two points...wait was she being sarcastic?

“Well you gotta be when you’re a musician.” I said pompously.

“You’re a musician? Cool, what do you play?" *Gasp*
She’s Impressed. Three points, Score! Look at you Ben; You’re talking to people no problemo. And she’s a girl! (A pretty one too.) Where was this skill your first two years? Today is gonna be my day…Wait. What’d she ask? What Instrument?

“Uhh, Trombone. Some others too, but mainly Trombone.” Baritone, Some Trumpet, Tuba…I’m all about that brass.

“My dad used to play in a band.” Oh? Interesting.

“Oh? What’d he play?” I didn’t notice we were approaching the second Bus stop.

“He was a drummer, I think. ” Ah, Percussion! The Bus came to a halt.

“He was a percussionist. Nice.” I turned my head and saw a familiarly disgusting face waiting to get on the Bus.

“Yeah, that. He was crazy about the snare drum. He’s a cop now…” She noticed me staring at the door, “Are you okay?”

Am I okay. Am I okay? That dude, ugh I do not like that guy. That sinister smug painted on his face, ready to spit poison at those not “worthy” of being...ugh. Maybe I’m overreacting?

He steps onto the bus in “appropriate” black person attire. The Combination (which I assume was created by someone my age) of Jeans and sweatpants: Joggers held up solely by the free hand. A plain color, overly expensive shirt, a cameo fishing hat with cool designs on it and the newest Jordans that just dropped.

And in this Culture, if you don’t look like everyone else, act like everyone else, or talk like everyone else …you are wrong. Especially if you’re black, It’s how you’re “supposed” to act.

“Who’s he?” Amaya turned her head as Ca’liel, unfortunately, noticed me.

“Hah! What up dark skin!? Ain’t seen yo a** since last year!” He looked me up and down with maligning eyes, “So you think you swaggin now? N**** even got a gurl! Hah! You still need to fix your hair tho.” I jerked back as he attempted to tap my head with the backside of his hand. I liked my Hair.

Amaya looked shocked, “Ugh. Some People.” My people.

“Yeah, I know.” I stared out the window. How upsetting; In front of the girl I just met too! I don’t even wanna talk anymore.

“Don’t listen to him; your hair is perfect.” She c*** her head, “Wow. Actually, how is your hair like that?” Well, if hair was a language I’d be Bilingual. It can go from straight and spiky to a normal, basic fade. It’s a gift.

“Born that way.” If eating yellow snow counts as being reborn…”Doesn’t matter though. Here, Individuality is unacceptable.”

Uh, oh. Maybe I showed a bit too much emotion there? She’s staring at me like she’s gonna say something, I’m not sure.

“That’s pretty deep.” She sounded surprise, “I hear lots of angst in your voice; do you write? You sound like a writer.”

Me? A writer? Ahaha I’d laugh if I wasn’t upset, “No I don’t…what do you mean I sound like a writer?” What is she, a Therapist?

“Well, I dunno, It’s like…I’ve talked to people that sound kinda like you. With a similar voice.” …

She continued, “I’m a Therapist! Haha, that sounded kinda creepy.”

Interesting, “Oh Haha! How long you’ve been doing that?” I jumped up as the bus came to a stop, Jameal’s stop.

“I’ll talk to you later, gonna go see a friend!” I jumped up and out the door as the doors opened, running for the alternate bus stop that picked up the extra kids in this neighborhood. I stepped onto the bus just as the new, female bus driver slammed the doors shut.

I scanned the bus and spotted Jameal among the multi-colored heads of the various Morning Zombies. I squeezed through and made my way to the back of that musty smelling bus. See, The way the seating system is set up, all the country kids who should be living in the Mondex sit in the front and all the wannabe thugs convene in the back. The middle is fair game for anyone and where Jameal and I usually sit…but he was in the back for some reason.

“Aye, Jameal!” The Thugs stared at me as I went to sit next to him.

We slapped palms and he signaled to sit in the empty set in front of him.

“What up, Ben.” He said with little emotion, “Ooh them kicks, tho! Where’d you get ‘em?”

A store, “The Mall. Got them in, like, the middle of the summer. Where’s your sister?”

“Dang, They still clean too.” He tugged at his shirt as one of the Thugs made a joke, “Ah, one of her friends picked her up.”

“Cassie?” That crazy redheaded girl…thank god I didn’t go to that party with her. Imagine, ‘Police finally apprehend the Vigilante’.

“Yeah, my mom doesn’t want Janice to hang out with her anymore. She says she’s disrespectful or some s*** like that.”

“Oh.” I could feel the thugs behind us burning holes in my skull. Why are we sitting back here?

“So, how’s your fam?”

“Good. Steve’s still a jerk. Tim’s still…Tim.”

“Haha, You’d think he’d loosen up by now.”

“Yeah” Ha, “One would think so.”

~Downtown ,Orlando

On the highest floor of one of the few skyscrapers in Florida sat a middle-aged man with brown, graying hair studying a grainy camera video on his desktop.

“So, it works…” He muttered as a red laser melted a casing of Ice, releasing the foot of the criminal.

He slammed the intercom button and spoke into the mic, “Viper. Tell Charles to fast track the production of the thermal weapons.” a motivated smile grew on his face, “We found our bird.”

To Be Continued…

Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:53 pm
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