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private battle 
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Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:21 am
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OOC : A timer doesn't sound bad, but there might be explainable reasons why one of the fighters can't post, some of which can't be explained in advance. (Example, my computer was fried about a year ago, so I was stuck without any way to post here for like, what, two weeks? Minimum? ... I think it was more like a month)


Hakker let out a scream as he felt the electricity enter his body, no protection being offered by his skin as it coursed through his veins, causing him to drop to his feet, panting deeply. He felt sick to his stomach, mustering the power not to lose his lunch in the middle of a battle as he did his best to collect his thoughts, a sudden smirk dancing upon his lips as he staggered to his feet, looking at the female before him, his face looking rather pale as his legs shook, having trouble keeping him standing.

"You're holding back." He mused silently, a plan having hatched in his head, a chance to push her back into defensive for the first time in the fight. He raised his right hand, allowing his shield to block off his face as he allowed what little energy had remained from the magical attack he had not been able to execute to return to his left, soon raising it up so it rested against his right hand, the green hue of his charging spell clearly visible even though his hand was hidden.

It happened in a flash. A streak of green ran down the middle of the kite-shaped shield, the two parts being seperated as a result, each side now attached to the corresponding arm as he lowered his dual shields, for a lack of a better word, with a grin. "I'm afraid I'm not planning on accepting defeat just yet!" He grinned, before noticing her attack, muttering a curse as he stumbled back to avoid the sweep, stumbling backwards, raising both of his shields to block the thrust, forcing him to take another step back.

The Red Mage panted as he remained standing there, feeling the tip of the blade still press up against his shields as he took this opportunity to catch his breath. Despite not being lethal, the electric shock had his brain fried temporarily, coming up with an offensive plan was at this point in time rather impossible, so he decided to go for a defensive approach, beginning to take steps away from his opponent, deciding that if he kept moving, he'd sooner or later come across an advantage. He failed to realise, however, that the back wall of the arena was only about ten yards behind him, and that he would soon find himself with his back against the wall.

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Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:56 pm
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The first attack had been met with a slice of wind; the accompanying thrust slamming into the newly formed twin shields. blaring a sound of metal bashing against more metal. Perking her sensitive ears up at the high pitched noise. The three shadows within the area continued to move around as they would, taking a life of their own; sweeping over rocks and sand in varying ways. There was no source for whatever may be casting these random blotches of shade, but they always kept within Niniva's general vicinity.

After her second attack was met with a stalwart defense, her red eyes would wonder over his disoriented form and the wall none-too-far behind him. As if on cue to her very thoughts; a shadow would speed over and rise up against the siding of the arena. Positioning right behind where he would stumble against, making a tactical nesting. She set him up for her next maneuver.

With a vengeful grunt she'd keep on her offensive, following up her thrust; she would yank her back-blade away from the shields and with an agile motion, raven hair basking with the whiplash, she'd spin herself around; and meet his defensive stance with a horizontal slash of her fore-blade. Strands of her hair messily strewn across her face, she would give little time for a reaction to that strike, caring not for whether it hit; she would sweep the fore-blade back horizontally from the direction it first swung.

This continued aggressive movement however was taking its toll ever more so; the shards of glass were still stuck within her flesh and still ailed her with pain, causing her to cringe. Her body started to take a foreign reaction to it; one her otherworldly anatomy would naturally partake of. Thick strings of her Inky blood emerged from her wounds and wrapped themselves upon the fragments, as if they themselves were alive. An inhuman function indeed; they tightened their grip, attempting to snap them in half or remove the invaders. Had those shards been the claws of a beast; it was a mechanism that worked to cut-off the connection of the predator to the host body and thus free itself. This all happened without Niniva's outright will, it was simply how her body reacted to impalement.

All the while she contemplated, and finally would act upon her strategy. With the dagger held in her free hand, she'd slip it between in fingers in a throwing gesture; prepared to launch the small blade. Upon her second attack coming to an end, she would take herself into yet another elegant twist, working off the momentum garnered. Just as her figure turned, she would fling the dagger into her own silhouette on the sand behind her. The blade disappeared within it as if ceasing to exist before suddenly emerging in full force, out of the shadow cast upon the wall behind him; piercing through the wind and aiming straight towards his back. Meanwhile her twirl brought her facing him, stopping herself with a stomp of her foot in front of her and with an expression of malice upon her lips; she robustly thrusted her fore-blade at her opponent..

Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:27 pm
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