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The Spatial Break: Tales from another World: 
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The Spatial Break: Tales from another World:

In the year 3004, shortly after the arrival of the first extra terrestrial, and the consumption of the Asteroid Belt by Black Holes, creating a barrier of dark matter that would serve to prevent further space travel, Cybernetic technology has achieved such major advancements that the computer nerds of america are only one step away from molecular transfer of atoms into computer code. Ironically, MMORPGing has not changed much since then, merely expanding the complexity of software involved. Although one game created by an unknown teen boy would inadvertantly delve into a network larger than "The Knowledge Cube" (The enhanced internet) could ever hold. The boy, fascinated started a worldwide collaboration to create an RPMVG. (Role Playing Multiversal Game)
With universal help, an RP Multiverse was created. Its name was the Spatial Break. The problem was that there were already NPCs there with a pre-existing origin. Ignoring this fact, the Technicians open the Spatial Break, and even build an entire forum focusing on it...

Aside from the basic rules, (No GodMod, no Auto hitting, etc.) there are no other real rules other than:

No instant materialization: (You cannot make items that are not with you from the beginning, or through an ability. (Abilities like this should be limited to one skill. EG: |Sword Change| represents one skill that allows you to toggle bewteen any blades that you had at the start with the cost of a slight amount of Ki (energy))

Skill System:
This RP revolves around my newly developed "A,B,C,D,E" Ability System. Skills consume Ki (energy) which represents Magic Points. The amount of Ki that a skill consumes is determined by its level. (Levels are: E, D, C, B, A, S, SA, and SS, or Boss Only. PM your skills to me for ranking in the same message that your sheets are sent in... Do not rank them yourselves...) These skills go into various slots.

A: Special Attack (EG: Hadoken, or Kamehameha)

B: Defense/Counter/2nd Special (EG: Shield, Reflecting Shield, or Super Dragon Fist)

C: Normally a Self Enhanching skill like |Speed Boost|. Can be an Ultimate Atk I in Advanced Form.

D: Ultimate Atk, or Transformation into advanced form (EG: Super Saiyan, or Evil Ryu} which gives you another moveset from A-D only, and consumes 10% Ki per turn. (Ultimate Atk II in Advanced Form) (EG: Super Kamehameha, or Shun Goku Satsu)

E: Healing skills (Maximum 50% health recovery) Can be used on anyone.

The essentials for your bio:


If your char is without a Transformation:

E: (Is optional)

If you char Transforms:

D: (Transformation Skill Here, and below that, Advanced Skill Set)
..C: Ult Atk I
..D: Ult Atk II

(Obviously you start out with 100% Ki, and Health)

Geography of the Spatial Break:
Hub World: The world where your char initially appears. Has many Training Zones within Nexuses, and 7 cities protected by barriers. The Seventh sphere at the top of the highest mountain peak is where the Hub World's Guardian resides. There are gates to every other dimension (Besides the Netherworld Zone) housed within each side of the cube shaped barrier protecting Hub World.

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