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Flare is a robot fire dragon and (former) captain of the guard from Anticthon.
He is a capable knight and can use limited fire magic.
He is the leader of the D-Crew
---Character Name
--Full character name
Flare Faulkner Firedash
Fire-spitter, Androgynous Teenage Angst-bucket, Ash brains.
Robot fire dragon
Species name (scientific, singular): Fire Dragon
Species name (colloquial, can be many): Salamanders

Around 18 in Dragon Years. (180 in human years.)
Flare hails from the capital of the dragon continent, Magnum Zeishun, as the former captain of Queen Windetta's personal guard. He was recently sent to the small town of Warfang (name subject to change) for vacation where he became the leader of a super hero team called the D-Crew with 6 other individuals: Takeru Grey, Bryce, Huky, Selena, Zephyere, and Zephyere's pet carnivorous plant, Snapdragon.
---Character Description
Average Height: 5' 2" (Teenager)
Average Weight: 130 Lbs.
Planet of Origin: Anticthon
Physical Description: Flare is a robot dragon of about average height. He is pretty fit for his age and has charcoal black scaled skin. He wears orange gauntlets and boots (like a Megaman character) with fire red chest armor, shoes, and gloves. His chest armor is decorated with a dragon-like pattern with a glowing yellow-orange triangle core in the center where the eye would be. His face has a very skull-like appearance to it with spiky bright red, similarly large eyebrows, crimson horns, a Knight visor propped up like glasses on his forehead, yellowish-pink eyes, dark red circle markings under them, and two yellow headphone like ears where his visor attaches to. He also has a long tail with yellow spikes and a yellow underbelly that ends with a red spade-like tip. He also wheres a chain mail hoodie underneath his armor.
Colour Palette (Base colour, markings, colour tones, etc.):
Reds, Oranges, Yellow accents, and charcoal black.

Flare has a very fiery temper along with a biting wit and a burning passion for justice. He often times comes of as a bit rude, unintelligent, emotional, and abrasive at times but he is a very kind soul who greatly respects those who earn it and genuinely wants to help make the world he lives in a better place. He also is very well versed in literature, politics, strategy, music, and philosophy often having deep conversations about those subjects with his friends.
Justice, reading, fighting, food, work, his friends, weapons, classical music, animals, and cooking (But he's terrible at it).

Injustice, stupidity, his enemies, Netherworlders, Modern Music (he just doesn't get it), and crime.

--History of the character History in Short:
Flare was found in the deserts of Magnum Zeishun with absolutely no memory of who he is or where he came from. He was adopted by Queen Windetta and quickly rose through the ranks of her Knight academy becoming captain of her personal guard. He has been taking therapy sessions to try to restore his memory with little to no avail. He was recently sent to Warfang on vacation for his 18th birthday because Windetta thought that he was putting way too much into his work and needed a break.

Flare has no known biological relatives but is considered the adopted son of Queen Windetta. He also considers his best friend, a dragon girl named Pheonix, to be his sister.

A large flameberge sword with an engine in the hilt that can double as a surf board called Nethersbane. He also has a flintlock pistol that can fire plasma shots. He also has a very durable shield.

--Any Abilities your character has that are unique to them, can include anything as simple as a basic talent or magical whoozits

This is a work in progress

I'M BACK, BABY!!!! :mrgreen:

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what does he have against modernism? That's some of the best music of the century.


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