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The Outstanding Snowbird #4 Friday Night Fight 
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“And there goes a fantastic 58-7 win by the Carver Bulldogs to start off the season! Anchored by star senior running back Adam Wane!” An elderly man read aloud from the closed captioning on his tv screen, “From humble beginnings to a college ball magnet, Wane has come a long way to the success he’s seeing today. Along with popularity with his home crowd, Adam has also gotten the attention of many schools searching for players with potential and playing ability as displayed constantly AND consistently by Wane.” The newscaster preceded to speak on the less noteworthy sports news of the other nearby High Schools.

~Dr. Carver High School, Hallway

“Wassup bro! Bruh, good s*** Friday!” Adam Wane strided down the hall with a pseudo-humble smile on his face. Passerbyers gazed and gave prayers as a small company of fellow football players accompanied him as he made his way to the officially unofficial Football breakfast table(s).

“Hey y’all know--” Samuel, a fellow footballer and friend to Adam attempted interrupting the loud prattle of his teammates to almost no effect, “AYE--”

Everyone seated at the table quickly stopped as their teammates’ voice resounded; he began again, “Y’all know this next game comin up is a district matchup, man. First one for the year, man, we gotta--we gotta keep it pushing one hunnit and nothin else y’all, like coach was sayin, we gotta work--to make it work an--!”

Samuel’s lip tightened as another player interrupted him, “Sam, yeah Sammy boy, just chiilll. We ain’t never gon get caught slacking on the field” Adam chuckled as a red haired girl rubbed his shoulder from behind, “We been ready, always ten toes down man, ain’t a thing!” the other jocks joveled jovially while Adams’ gal pals’ gal pal stood behind her with pseudo confidence.

“Daaaaamn Adam,” Exclaimed number 32, Darren, as he eyed the red haired girl, “You hit so many rebounds I don't know WHY you playin football; you playin the wrooong sport boy.” A couple good laughs were shared with Darren at Adams expense.

Adam sucked his teeth, “Bro, shut that s*** up!” He said dismissively as The red haired girl behind him chuckled, “Cass’s more than that.” As if on cue, Cassie leaned in to share a few smooches while Close friend Janice rolled her eyes behind them. Cassie's slightly uncomfortable companion, Janice, knew there was truth in the teasing, and the smarter half of Cassie knew it as well but that didn't stop her from enjoying her temporary enjoyment.

“Keep going, that sound is almost ingrained in my mind.” Janice snarked before Cassie and Adam demagnetized their lips.

“ got headphones in..” Adam squinted his eyes at her.

“Just because they're in doesn't mean there’s anything playing.” She faked a smirk.

Adam chewed his tongue for a second, “Aye ‘Nice,” A light bulb lit up above him, “My boy Sams’ well has been running a tinsy winsy bit dry lately and it's such a bummer at functions.”

Janice gave Samuel a restrained glance before looking back to Adam, “I'm not tryna join y'all’s ‘Boy Scouts of Flagler’. What makes you think I'd be interested in--that.”

“I dunno, I thought with the similar bone structure it might hit off…” He chuckled as Janice punched his shoulder.

Adam waved his hands innocently, “Hey, hey. Sam's a good guy, don't knock a brotha till you try him...I’m just saying.”

“Mmhmm” almost as if purposely coincidental, Janice and Samuel momentarily met eyes for a minute before turning back to their friends.

~ Temporary Rotating Agency Land Rover (a.k.a T.R.A.L.R a.k.a Merrisa Jones trailer)

“Yes...Yes ma’am...understood, alright. Jones out.” Merrisa Jones took a deep breath as she hung up the phone with her supervisors. Holding her head she remained silent to the dismay of agents Donald and Blake.

“Just...take a moment to process, Captain” Blake suggested with carefully selected words, “I’m sure it’s only a temporary setback—“

“Yeah exactly,” Donald chimed in, “We start going over data, we find an answer—“

“—Then we’re on the path of a solution.” Finished Blake as Jones took even deeper sighs through her uncharacteristic silence. The agents had their fingers crossed they weren’t about to be caught in her cross fire of anger.

“...ok.” Merrisa turned around and keyed in a few commands into her monitor, an image of the truck, an hour after the break out, appeared.

“The driver, died on the scene, no chance to make it to the hospital. A single tire was punctured which we assumed was a catalyst to the containment vehicle tipping over.” She paused for a moment observing the damage to the vehicle.

“I assume the hole in the side is from that..thing the wing guy was fighting,” speculated Donald, “but what, or who, caused the tire to pop and why does that look like—“

“Ice.” Merrisa interrupted.

The three agents shared a pondering silence before Merrisa queued up a file on the mysterious vigilante.

One word lit brightly upon the screen.


~Dr. Carver High School, Cafeteria, Noon

Ben stared curiously at the bootleg, school budget, “Asian-inspired” cuisine on his lunch tray. Across from him sat Jameal who seemed to have his mind elsewhere as he stared out the large windows nearby. As Ben observed his friend, a question attempted to fight it’s way into the air: “Why were you with that drug dealer and Barnyard monster mash guy?”. He hadn’t realized that this was the first time in what seemed like a while that he had been able to sit with his friend in a peaceful(mostly) environment and feared that line of questioning would prove too compromising, to the moment and to his own identity as Snowbird. Luckily, he wouldn’t have to face that truth today.

“Hey guys.” Janice said with a small smile as she took a seat next to her brother.

“What’s up ‘Nice.” Ben greeted as he stuffed his mouth with the fugazi cuisine.

“Just waiting for my superpowers to come in so I can save my little brother from doing stupid s***.” The boys shared a glance, “Has Ben met your new friends?” Ben’s eyes grew alert,

“Janice, whatchu you hollin’ bout.” Jameal with slight irritation.

“I seen you with that boy Da’Keem the other day, dude! Don’t play fool.”

Jameal’s nose crinkled, “And?! That’s my n****. Stay out my f*** business.”

“Oh so you wanna cuss at me now. OK.” Janice, obviously offended, turns to Ben, “Ben, you cool with him hangin with them type of people??”
Two sets of eyes glared through the powered teen in that moment, “I know nothing.” He shrugged.

Janice sucked her teeth as Jameal angrily munched on his food. Tension overtook the atmosphere before a familiar redhead tore through.

“Heeeyyyy Yaallll!” Cassie latched onto Janice as soon as she stepped near.

“Hey Cass--” Janice started before being interrupted.

“So did you tell them?? Did she tell you guys??” She grinned.

“Tell us what?” the boys asked in unison.

“Cassie relax, it’s ju--”

“Janice. J-Baby. J-Nasty herself--”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Our girl has gotten herself a man!” Ben exaggerated a cough while Jameal simply stared.

“Okay.” Uttered Jameal.

“Okay??” Cassie immediately looked heartbroken, “Are you not gonna hype up your sister??”

He took another bite and stared at Cassie indifferently.

“Wooww.” Cassie dragged Janice from her seat, “Let’s go ‘Nice. We got plans to make.”

A few silent moments passed as they walked away, “Used to think she was cute.” Jameal stated nonchalantly.

Ben laughed, “Facts, way back.”

“Like freshman year.” Jameal shook his head as he briefly thought back to then.

“Yeah...but, there is this new girl on my bus tho.”

“She lightskin?” Jameal raised his brow.

“Uhh yea.”

“Oooh that new girl. Okay boy I see you!”

Ben chuckled, “Nah bro we just friends, she sits with me on the bus.”

“She sits with you?” Jameal sucks his teeth, “Just friends my a**, we all kno what ‘Just friends’ mean.”

Ben shakes his head and laughs it off, “Whatever, you got that.”

“Nah my n****, YOU got that!” Jameal replied with a long forgotten enthusiasm, “Them Wisconsin females must’ve put a curse on yo a** cause I ain’t seen you mess with a girl not once since you moved back.”

“Nah, nah..” Ben rubbed his neck and sighed, “I just be busy bro, tryna stay focused. School and all that.”

“I don’t wanna hear none of that!” Jameal dismissed, “Ask that girl if she wanna go to the game--on friday!”

“Good idea,” Ben started, “but i’m already gonna be at the game. I’m in band remember.”

“Perfect, that way you can show her your instrument.” Jameal let out a snicker.

“n****, shut up.” Ben threw his arms up and chuckled as the bell rang an end to lunch.

~ Downtown Orlando, Florida

“It’s just that, his current mental state is...concerning…” An older gentleman gazed out the window view of his office as a doctor spoke via video call, “He doesn’t seem to be responding to basic language commands and he has yet to revert back to human form, let alone any other.”

The gentleman rocked in his chair as he pondered the predicament, “Thank you, good doctor; continue doing what you can.”

As he ended the call his office doors swung open, “Leonard! Old pal!” A gray haired man in his mid 30s strutted to the gentleman, “How we doing this fine afternoon?”

Leonard Clay scoffed as the young businessman took a seat and kicked his feet up on his desk, “Cut the theatrics Abram. You know the costs.”

“Tsk. So formal.” Spencer Abram eyed Clay curiously before reverting back to a smile, “Yeah, I know...I also know that you’ve been hiking the prices up as soon as your poster boy winded up on the news as an icicle.”

Clays glare remained concrete.

Abram continued, “Rumor has it, the feds got em. And now this--makes ya look scared; not a good look for you.”

Clay remained poised before scoffing, “My father used to tell me a story about an eagle and a snake. The eagle was on it’s way when it noticed the snake drowning in a river. The eagle, already full, decided to rescue the snake from it’s peril. Next thing the snake knew, he was in the air and when he realized who his savior was, he bit him. Both animals plummeted into the water. The eagle cried to the snake ‘Why!?’. The Snake only said, ‘You know what I am…’”

Spencer sat back and observed Clay before letting out a chuckle, “That’s the Clay we know to respect and fear!” He got up from his seat and adjusted his suit jacket, “I’ll have the money ready by friday night.”

Clay pondered for awhile after Abram’s exit. He got up and made his way down the hall to the elevator. After placing his hand on a scanner, a separate set of buttons appeared which he selected from. The doors then opened to a large computer room.

“Authentication: Leonard Clay.” Buzzed a sensor as Clay typed in a command. He watched as footage of a blond teenage boy dashed across a football field.

“Son,” Clay said into his phone, “There’s a game friday, yes?”

~Dr. Carver Football Stadium, Friday Night

Bright white lights shown past the swirling moths as multiple bodies stampeded down a football field. The chants of the crowd were only droned out by the consistent fanfare of the marching band. Adam Wane peered into the eyes of the crowd as cameras flashed and enthusiasm poured from their bodies. He thought of the countless college recruiters in the stands, unseen but observant, as well as the cameras recording this game live for public television.

“Wane! You’re up!” Adam grabbed a quick swig of his energy drink and jogged onto the field.

The school's signature fight song blasted with an almost pompous pride as the athletes raced towards halftime. Patrons, like Adam Wane’s mother, could be seen exerting themselves with excitement as their home team lead with the higher score. Each blast of a horn pulspounded the hearts of the players as they defended their honor in the eyes of their fans. Ben gave a resounding cheer as Adam dashed 40 yards and scored a touchdown with 11 seconds left on the clock, barely cutting it as the crowd erupted with cheers.

“I really don’t know what be goin on, I just scream with everyone else.” Ben overheard a Band member and laughed as he made his way down the steps. Crossing over from the band section, Ben waved to a friend of his.

“Hey, dude.” Amaya said with a toothful smile.

“Hey dude.” Ben gave a half hearted chuckle, “You hungry? I’m bouta go to concessions--”

“Oh I already got food--”


“But hey, say hi to my Dad!” Amaya leaned back as her father came into view.

“Your da--!” Ben quickly gasped within his mind before some of it escaped his breath, “Oh you!”

Detective Douglas raised his brow as he shook Ben’s hand, “You know me?”

A single image appeared in Ben’s mind but he maintained an expressionless mask as he stammered for an answer, “Yeah, I, uh, were you a cop in Wisconsin?”

“...Yes,” The officer looked the boy up and down, “Have we met?”

Ben quickly recovered, “Oh nah, you just had looked familiar. I had, um, visited some family up there before so, like, yeah…”

Amaya looked back and forth at her father and her friend before letting out a chuckle.

Ben broke the silence next, “Ahhhhh Imma go get something to eat, nice meeting you!”

“Alright, you too.” Douglas glanced at her daughter who watched Ben as he walked away, “You know, I used to be a ‘band geek’” He said with hand quotation marks.

“You’re still a geek, Dad.”

A few levels higher, Stuart Clay watched over the stadium and field area; eyes full of contempt. Seated beside his father, their difference in body language couldn’t be more apparent. Leonard Clay, in his usual sweater vest/dress shoe combo, peered through his fugazi reading glasses at his phone. Stuart’s demeanor changed, however, when a casually dressed Spencer Abram plopped beside Clay.

Abram gazed over the field before initiating conversation, “I see you’re one to dress for occasion.” He pulled a drive out of his pocket which Clay grabbed and plugged into his phone.

Clay’s device lit up with a ‘TRANSACTION VERIFIED’, “I’ll have him sent to the usual location.”

“Per usual. Hey Stuart, how’s it shaking?” Clay eyed Abram as he diverted attention towards his son.

Stuart scoffed at Abrams slang before responding, “I’m fine.”

To Clay’s annoyance, Abram continued, “It’s real nice seeing you and your dad having some quality bonding time..” Stuart shrugged, “Too bad it’s not you the one on the field, why is that?”

Clay glared at Abram as the buzzer rang. Halftime now over, the players returned to their positions on the field. The audience watched with bated breath as the clock returned. Nervous sweat rolled down Adam’s face as he eyed his fellow teammates, ready to make a move.

“Blue 18, Blue 18, hut, hut, HIKE!!”

Adam surged ahead as the ball flew through the air, his feat pounded the earth as he raced it down. Fanfare increased tenfold as Adam snapped the ball and charged as far as he could. An player of the opposite team charged at him but before he could get to close he, seemingly, tripped. 50 yards became 40 as Adam miraculously avoided, dodged, and juked out his opponents. His heart pounded with immense force as he made it to the endzone.

A few referees scratched their heads at the excellent play they just witnessed but the rising score was enough to distract the fans in the stands. As the players returned to begin a new play, Ben watched from the gate as he waited for the concession stand reupped on burgers. There was a strange series of...vibrations within the earth but it could easily be explained by the stomping of the hundreds of patrons in the area.

Until it wasn’t.

Sam shouted commands as the Bulldogs readied to run the same play. Once more, he launched the ball towards Adam who caught it quickly and pressed forward. As an opposing player rushed towards him, the ground shifted underneath his feet, causing him to stumble and fall as Adam leaped over him. Wane edged closer to the end zone, but his heart began to pound uncontrollably, followed by his head. The crowd gasped as Adam collapsed on the field. A Player from the other team tried to help him up, only to hesitate as the ground surrounding Adam began to crack and rupture.

“ERRAAAHHHHH!!” Ben watched from the gate as Adam screeched in pain. The earth shook with ferocity, prompting players on both teams to flee. Ben rushed to a spot underneath the stadium as the ground around Adam begin to rise.

“Adam!” tears fell from Adam’s face as he faced the earth, vibrations surged out of his control as the pain increased. Images of his mother and his friends and teammates flashed through his mind before being fully replaced by excruciating pain.

Janice, exasperated, watched as Cassie screamed in fear for her boyfriends safety, unwilling to budge despite the increasing danger. Before they could react, however, massive vibrations stunned them and sent cracks running through the stadium. Civilians swarmed out of the stadium as it began to crack and give way, some fell or were trampled by others running for their lives. It wasn’t long until the left side of the schools stadium collapsed, a woman’s scream of peril added to the scary situation but before the sound of death could silence her, a gloved hand had grabbed onto hers. Snowbird had appeared before everyone’s very eyes as he flown the woman out of the hands of danger. But before anyone could breath, large chunks of the field blasted into the air.

“Hey!!” Sam ran and dove over Janice and Cassie to shield them from the incoming debris. To their fortune, a pillar of ice formed, halting it’s potentially fatal impact. Janice and Sam looked each other in the eye, full of earnest relief.

“Hah!” Snowbird zipped and turned through the air, increasing his speed, before stopping another mound of earth from crashing into the fleeing band members.

Adam limped away from the fearful citizens before getting tackled by Snowbird who leaped off of him into a fighting stance.

Adam shouted as soon as he could see the vigilante, “Stop! Get away!!”

A quake of earth shot towards the masked teen, prompting him to leap out of the way as he launched small ice spikes at the crazed football player, tearing at his jersey.

“Hey! Relax!” Snowbird pleaded as he landed on his feet, “Look around you, look at what you’re doing!”

Adam gritted his teeth as the pain rocked his mind state, “Get. AWAY!!”

Both Clays and Abram observed as the vigilante was blown back across the field by the high school. A look of determination could be read from the older Clay’s expression before being ushered out by Detective Douglas and other school resource officers.

“Alright, I don’t really watch football so I can’t think of any clever jokes right now” Snowbird picked himself up and shot towards Adam, “So this’ll have to do!”

Adam sent another surge of vibrational energy through the ground, blasting a chunk of earth towards Snowbird who struck it with a large shard of ice, crumbling it to dust and smaller pieces. Adam ducked as Snowbird’s metal wing soared mere inches above his head. Before he could process his next action, Snow slammed his fist into the ground which caused a surge of ice spikes to rocket towards Adam, who retaliated with a smaller burst of force that shattered the ice, leaving himself wide open for a kick to the head, knocking his helmet off and himself out cold, literally as Snowbird preceded to cover the boy in ice up to his head.

The vigilante noticed a sole cameraman creep closer to them before taking off into the sky as Detective Douglas and first responders ran towards an unconscious Adam Wane.

An old man, hair grayed with age, gazed worryingly as the young vigilante disappeared into the night.

As Ben changed back into his marching uniform he remembered a vital piece of information.

“s***, my trombone!” Ben quickly slid back into the crowd as the marching band did a roll call, he took one last look at the ruined field and stadium before being huddled inside with the rest of the band.


Merrisa Jones once more went over the footage captured by the camera crew. The HD quality proved much better than the usual phone footage fare.

“Ice, ice, ice…” Jones muttered to herself after exiting her vehicle. She watched as special restraints were placed on a dazed Adam Wane while he was placed into the back of an armored vehicle.

“Thanks for your cooperation Officer..?” Merrisa reached her hand towards a local officer as she prepared to leave.

“Douglas. Detective Douglas.” He shook her hand and was surprised by her firm grasp, “I know this is a long shot but...what are you gonna do with him? He’s just a kid…”

Agent Jones could hear the genuineness in his voice, “We’ll take care of him. Thanks again.” Douglas sighed and shook his head as the government convoy dispersed.


A large armored van made its way down a country road surrounded by a convoy of three vehicles, filled with agents armed to the brim.

“Yes...Yes ma’am, we’re still on route. Everything is going smooth right now--” Merrisa glared at Agent Donald as he swerved in the road, “Yeah, The meta’s a 17 year...No, i’m tired as all hell, I won’t be getting sleep ‘til hell freezes over--!” Merrisa raised her bro as something landed in the hood of her vehicle, a long object similar to a spike. On closer examination she couldn’t believe what she saw, peering out of the window she observed a large cloud that had blocked the light of the moon. Before she could make out the shapes in the cloud, a rain of ice stalagmites poured onto the convoy. The first convoy vehicle’s tire popped, prompting the other vehicles to suddenly halt behind it, but before any of the agents could fully react, an object crashed into the vehicle, setting it ablaze.

“Defensive positions! Secure the van!!” Agent Jones shouted as the remaining agents drew their guns.

As the fire blazed, a man, clad in metal skin, stepped forward, a smile embellished on his face.

Merrisa grunted as she aimed her weapon at the assailant, “s***..”

To Be Continued…..

Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:45 pm
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