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SSF Strategy Guide 
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Welcome to the Super Smash Flash Strategy Guide page! Here I can post just about anything that has do to with my game. Please begin by reading the FAQ just in case there's something you aren't sure about.

Q: Can I download this game to play on my computer instead of the Internet Browser?
A: Yes, visit

Q: What are the controls to this game?
A: For Player 1 it's the arrows to move, 'o' to jump, and 'p' to attack. For player 2 it's the "ASDW" keys to move, 'g' to jump and 'f' to attack. Press BACKSPACE to pause the game.

Q: Why did you use a female voice as the announcer?
A: First off, my game contains a few extra characters so the audio wouldn't be consistent, and I wanted to give the game and extra twist. Plus the real announcer's voice doesn't rip very well, her voice is much clearer. Who did the voice acting you ask? Kagome, visit

Q: Why can Kirby switch with Meta Knight? Where's his copy ability?!

A: That would result in needing 28 different sprites of Kirby wearing a different costume with a new ability. I needed to do something to replace that ability since Kirby wasn' strong enough.

Q: Why can I only do one attack?
A: There's more than one attack, you have to try different combinations of the up, down, left, and right arrows. Also, when you attack down on the ground is different from attacking in the air.

Q: How do I go back to the menu during gameplay?
A: Hold down backspace and don't let go while the game is paused for 3 seconds.

Q: Where can I see the credits?
A: Anytime you beat the game. And there's a button to jump to the credits on the title screen.

Q: How come I can't go through platforms like the real Super Smash?
A: You can, just hold the "down" key for half a second and you'll fall through. Sorry it's not as easy as the real one. :(

Q: How to I change the match from Stock (Using Lives) to time (Timed match) and other options?
A: In VS Mode you can click the text at the top that defaults to "3-man survival contest!" and there you can change the options. Timed matches are different from stock matches since you get unlimited lives and whoever gets the most points wins. You gain a point for KOing someone (knocking them off the stage) and you lose a point for getting KO'd yourself. You can also play Stock and Time matches at the same time but the winner will be based on the amount of lives everyone has left. Also, to change teams you can click on the word "Melee" on the top left.

Q: I can't figure out how to unlock a certain character...
A: Read the Strategy Guide below!

Q: 100 Man melee is too hard!!!!!
A: Use Knuckes.

Q: 3-minute melee is too long!! I keep dying!
A: Run around, dodging the CPU's until the time runs out.

Q: 15-minute meless is WAY to long...
A: You don't unlock anything from doing it so don't feel any reason to do so.

Q: How do I unlock something other than what's mentioned above?
A: Read the guide below.

Q: Is there a Sound Test in this game?
A: No, the file size is already big enough.

Q: How come my save file is gone? It says to start a new game everytime I play.
A: Either your playing the game on a different website (different site, different save) or you need to adjust your local storage settings to allow at least 10 KB of save data. (Right click the flash, go to "Settings" and click the folder Icon. If you don't want to lose your save data at all I suggest downloading the EXE I will be providing soon.

Q: How did you make this game?
A: Ask questions on the forums, I won't explain it here.

Q: How long did it take you to make this game?
A: I'd say 4 months since I got a small game engine working during late spring.

Q: Will you make a sequel?
A: It's being worked on right now!

Q: Are you making any other games?
A: Eventually, but I will probably stop for awhile after SSF2.

Q: How old were you when you made this game?
A: 16.

Q: Where'd did you learn to make games like this?
A: Practice, Trial an Error, etc.

Q: Will this game ever have online play?
A: I don't know, it depends on how hard it is to do.

Q: Why isn't there a video intro like the real Super Smash?
A: File size.

Q: How do I get Burly Brawl Melee?
A: That comes with unlocking Cloud after beating 100-man Melee




Luigi – Clear Adventure on at least normal with Mario
Jigglypuff – Clear Adventure on any difficulty with any character.
Cloud – Complete 100-man melee with any character.
Crono – Clear 3-minute Melee.
Naruto – Clear Adventure with the original 13 characters.
Shadow – Clear Adventure with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles
Super Sonic – Clear Classic with Sonic on Very Hard Difficulty without getting Game Over. (Known glitch that you may be on any difficulty and it will still work)
Zero – Clear Adventure with Megaman on at least Normal Difficulty without getting a Game Over.
Young Link – Clear Classic with Link on any difficulty.
Inuyasha – Clear Adventure without losing any lives.
Mr. Game and Watch – Clear Target Test with every character but him.
Mr. Incredible – Clear Classic Mode with the original 13 characters.
Mewtwo – Clear Adventure with Pikachu and Jigglypuff.
Lloyd – Clear Adventure with any character after having one hour of total play time.
Blue – Clear Adventure with Blade on at least Normal difficulty.

Final Destination – Unlock every character
Battlefield – Clear All-Star Mode with any character

All-Star is available after you have every character.

I'll post more infomation later.

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SSF2 (Working Title) | Percent Done: 90% | Descrip: Sequel to SSF

Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:18 pm
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How to get certain Bonuses

Here's a list of all the Bonuses (Special Points) I put into the game:


Bird of Prey (4000) - Used only aerial attacks.
All Ground (6000) - Used all standard ground attacks against enemies.
Lethal Weapon(7000) - Used wide variety of attacks
Berserker (3500) - Attacked in frenzy
Smash King (3000) - Used many Smash Attacks.
Smash Maniac(3500) - Only used Smash Attacks.
Smash-less (1500) - Used no Smash Attacks.
150% Damage (1000) - Took 150% damage or more.
200% Damage (3000) - Took 200% damage or more.
250% Damage (7000) - Took 250% damage or more.
300% Damage (10000) - Took 300% damage or more.
350% Damage (15000) - Took 350% damage or more
Heavy Damage (20000) - Took 400% damage or more.
Stiff Knees(300) - Did not crouch.
Crouch Master (500) - Crouched a lot
Cement Shoes (4000) - Never jumped, including midair jumps.
Airhog (5000) - Jumped over - 100 times
Master of Suspense (2500) - Surprised the crowd often. (10 times)
Impervious (7000) - Didn't suffer a single attack
Switzerland (12000) - Never Attacked Anyone or took damage
Full Power (2000) - Damage at 0% at finish.
KOs(x500) - Counts each KO.


Self-Destructor(-2000) - Had a lot of Self-Destructs.
Falls(x-500) - Counts each fall
SDs(x-500) - Counts each self-destruct.


Melee Master (100000) - Cleared All-Star mode without recovering
Classic Clear (50000) - Cleared the Classic mode.
Adventure Clear (50000) - Cleared the Adventure mode.
All-Star Clear (50000) - Cleared the All-Star mode.
Very-Hard Clear (200000) - Cleared the Very-Hard mode.

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SSF2 (Working Title) | Percent Done: 90% | Descrip: Sequel to SSF

Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:23 pm
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100-man Melee Strategy

I suggest using either Knuckles, Lloyd, or Fox for this match.

Knuckles's Strategy

Use your Down+P attack to constantly throw rocks at your opponent. Make sure to change positions frequently when they start to close in on you fast. Also try not to kill them while your switching positions since they might respawn on top of you. If you get weak (around 200-250% or more) then avoid them until health appears. You can easily stay away from them by jumping up and down on the top platfrom since the AI won't be able to get up there.

Here's Zero's strategy for using Knuckles:

Zero wrote:
For #3, my strategy is line up all the CPU's and throw rocks rapidly (and go toward the CPU'S, so you have a better chance of hitting the CPU's) at them with Knuckles. If possible, grab a health item, quickly, before some annoying CPU gets it. And, if you're off the whole BattleField platforms, well just use a dash attack to nullify the quick speed effect after you got hit, and make the CPU's get out of your way, giving you a chance to escape from getting hit.

Lloyd's Strategy #1 (Harder)

Lloyd's strategy is very similar to Knuckles, however you will be using is Demon Fang attack, (Down+P). This attack has better range than Knuckles's rock and doesn't arc so it will damage the enemy instantly, however it may take an extra hit or two before you can kill your foes. You can also use Lloyd's Sword Rain attack by using just 'P' and no arrow buttons. It will help you break through when you need to jump out of the way. Also, while enemies are flying through the air, try to hit them with Rising Falcon (Down+P) since it is a great finishing move, just be careful not to fall of the cliff! Do the same as Knuckles keep on the lookout for health.

Lloyd's Strategy #2 (Easier)

Just stay in the middle and hold the Up+P buttons to use Tiger Blade. Just keep doing this and pick up any health items you see around. I've gotten down to about 50 enemies without moving or picking up any health, so it's probably the best for beginners.

Fox's Strategy

Fox's strategy is a bit more difficult since you will need a lot of control and patience, however it works. Simple use his Forward+P attack, which will make Fox dash quickly forward at top speed. Make sure you get as close to the enemy as you can before using it so you don't end up stopping right in front of them and get hit. Still, you must be careful not to dash of the cliff if you don't have any jumps left! It's easy to get back if you can jump since you can just dash back. Also, if you get hit really hard you can dash to nullify the hit completely. (Have you noticed Fox, Pikachu, and Kirby CPU's doing it?) I would only choose Fox for this though since Pikachu's doesn't have enough range and Kirby's is too slow. Same here, look around for health, don't let the comps get it!

Modified Strategy br mortalicus:

Stay near the edge of the right side and use Up+Attack on everyone that comes by. If they go in front of you then shoot at them until they get to a good percent. Then let them run at you and Up+Attack again. Every now and then look for health.

brandon123's strategy (Works best with fox)

Stand right below the left edge of the far left platform, just hold up+attack til you win.

The enemies spawn and run off the left side of the level, then they do a smash attack towards you and jump clear over you to the other side of the level, they run towards you and since you are holding up+attack it instantly sends them flying!

rat3000chet's Super Sonic Strategy:

Once you unlock Super Sonic, just use his spin dash over and over.

Taz91's Inuyasha Strategy:


1. Run around on the bottom platform using constant forward smash attack
2. Use any and all items (warning: do not use any weapons)
3. When your % gets to about 100 go onto the top platform, and jump alot (cause they cant hit you(DON'T DOUBLE JUMP)) until a heart container or the max. tomato drops and grab it.... and if your % dropped down to about 20%, go back to step one. otherwise repeat step three

js2003's Jigglypuff Strategy:

Use Jigglypuff, and hold down the attack button, no need to move, and you should be able to unlock Cloud without even doing anything.

3-minute Melee Strategy

This is the easiest Strategy of all, there's no need to keep fighting after you get weak, just stand on top of the top platform and keep jumping up and down and the CPU's won't be able to reach you!

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SSF2 (Working Title) | Percent Done: 90% | Descrip: Sequel to SSF

Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:24 pm
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Here is a list of glitches found by various people:

Pilchard VIII wrote:

Screwy Items
Go to Training.
Genearate a holdable item.
Pick it up.
Continuously generate the item you want to hold until your item flashes.

Effects :

Saber - Everytime you press attack, you hit yourself with the saber and gain damage.
Home-Run Bat - Everytime you press attack, you hit yourself with the bat and gain damage.
Fan - Everytime you press attack, you hit yourself with the fan and gain damage. Furthermore, after the fan is used up, you cannot attack at all, except for the down attack, as the game still thinks you have an item.
Flipper - You can throw the flipper over and over again by pressing attack continuously. If you are using a flipper, it follows your eyesight and you can move the flipper by moving your character.
Fire Flower - Everytime you press attack, you flame yourself and gain damage. Furthermore, after the flower is used up, you cannot attack at all, except for the down attack, as the game still thinks you have an item.
Shell - You can throw shells over and over again by pressing attack continuously. If you are using a shell, it follows your eyesight and you can move the shell by moving your character. Also, everytime you use a shell, you hit yourself and take damage.
Bob-omb - You throw it, you hit yourself. Boom.
Heart Container - You can hold and use it, but it will have no effect. If a CPU player runs into it, he will use it and recover health. After, you cannot attack except for the down attack.
Maximum Tomato - Same effect as Heart Container.
Motion Sensor Bomb - It follows your eyesight and you can move the bomb by moving your character. It will fly in an exact straight horizontal line, and once thrown, you cannot attack, except for the down attack.

Suspended animation items
Go to Training.
Generate as many bob-ombs as possible on top of your enemy.
Attack with a melee item, eg. Saber, Home-run bat.
If done corectly, the bob-ombs will explode and the item you attacked with will be suspended in midair and rendered unusable.

Mega Damage
Go to Training.
Generate as many bob-ombs as possible on top of your enemy.
Generate one shell, and throw it at the bob-ombs.
If done correctly, the game will freeze for about three seconds, and the damage will rise to just below 20,000%!

Other Glitches:

Master Hand Glitch:

You can avoid nearly all damage from Master Hand by pressing the pause button when he attacks.

bird1111 wrote:

When you use a healing item, ie a Maximum Tomato or a Heart Container, if you pause before you finish healing, another Maximum Tomato/Heart Container (whichever you used) will be generated.

RaGe wrote:

1. Hold down+jump and he'll do some weird thing where the screen starts shaking.

2.When someone runs at you, hold still until there in range and then punch them. Insta- K.O.

SuperKando wrote:

I combined both the screwy items and mega damage glitches and I ended up with over 30,000% damage!

narutorox wrote:

Go to Burley-Brawl Melee,choose Cloud or Crono(or any character),when you start,Press CTRL+ Right Arrow and it will say Cloud has challenged you,if you press the same CTRL+ Right Arrow twice,Crono will challenge you(When you beat Crono,it will say you've unlocked burly-brawl melee and crono)

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SSF2 (Working Title) | Percent Done: 90% | Descrip: Sequel to SSF

Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:24 pm
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