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That stopped Kassidy in her tracks. In a place like this, being grouped with someone that agitated her would be a fate worse than death. She just couldn't catch a break, could she? Still, best to have her pick of the litter here. The last thing she wanted was to end up with Zane or Chris. There was Kayla, of course. She could certainly handle herself with that pole-arm, but she seemed to have a bit of a temper, something best avoided. The girl named Sydney seemed pleasant enough. She was shy and timid, not like the boisterous fools who kept prying into everyone's business. The older man, Pierre, was friendly enough. It would be nice to have that kind of muscle at her disposal, although to be honest, the man intimidated her. She couldn't tell if he was really trustworthy. There were a few others, but they had been mostly quiet so far.
The girl concluded that her best bet would be to team up with Sydney, though Kayla and Pierre were also options. If she couldn't go with any of them, she'd probably just head off on her own. Really, she surprised herself by how quickly she had come to terms with this situation. Any normal person would probably be panicking right about now, though nobody in the group appeared to be doing so. Perhaps that's why they were the ones who had been chosen. In any case, she returned to the group and introduced herself briefly.
"The name's Kassidy."

Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:54 am
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Exhaling and feeling a lot more calmed than she had when she had first awoken in this strange world, Kayla slid her hand over her vambrance causing her weapon to disappear. She walked back to the swirling chaos of the dinning hall, many of the locals having left to head home for the day. It seemed that their celebrations were not as enthusiastic as when they were watching in the arena. Kayla thought this was good though, despite the abilities bestowed upon the group, she didn't want them to get their hopes too high; she still had trouble believing that they were going to be saviours of an entire planet.

She arrived just in time as the girl who had been running around with the giant club all crazy-like earlier introduce herself as Kassidy.

"Pleasure to meet you," smiled Kayla before turning to the direction of the rest of the group with her arms crossed, "Ok, Chris was it? Yeah, it's cute and all how you're trying to organize us and whatnot. Really, it is, we need order. However, I'd rather not have some stranger, again no offence, choose who I'm going to be travelling with," she turned to the rest of the group "Ok, I get it, I've been hysterical since I got here. Well I'm a city girl, and this hocus pocus kidnapping has been a lot to handle. Frankly, I'm mildly disconcerted that some of you took this so nonchalantly, but craziness aside, I'm willing to work with-" she shrugged "Whoever I guess, I'd just rather someone to choose for themselves to be my travelling companion, rather than assigned."


Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:30 pm
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Zane already knew one person who could stand him and who he could actually view as a partner. Actually, he could view almost everyone, but he knew almost no one viewed him. Whether or not he would end up with that person he first had in mind was likely, but he didn't like to have his options limited. That was mainly because of what took place just a few moments ago. He had just wanted everyone to get to know each other, and that clearly exploded in his face. Now probably most people viewed him as public enemy number one. It backfired on him. How did that start anyway? Why did it start? Maybe he was wrong. You can't just expect to lump a group of people together and expect everything to go peachy. Maybe there is still hope. "How about we start off fresh and forget what just happened? We all got off on the foot and expected too much." Mainly him.

Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:17 pm
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"I'm sure all is forgiven, Zane." Chris called out, "And I've made my fair share of mistakes too. Change of plans. Instead of making me arrange everyone into teams, why not you guys arrange yourselves? I've already got a partner in mind, but I'm not sure whether you guys have one too." "Of course, doing this would not only make the group closer together, but also find out who gravitates to who." Chris smirked.

"With many sighs, they got up, and I followed, for what better way to spend the last week of your life than by watching humanity go about its usual failures?"

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Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:56 pm
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Little miss hysteria had voiced the truth of the matter. They were all strangers here. Despite this they were told to work together. Pierre resisted the temptation to find Eram and snap his neck. While it would be satisfying, and a great way to vent, it wouldn't do the others any good as they had no way of surviving without help. Which was rather troublesome if he had to look after all of them but thankfully, he wasn't. They only needed to find their "armour". Whatever it is, it was key but for some reason Pierre didn't feel any urgency to go find his. His vambrace showed him the path to travel but it was just sitting there in his mind.

"I'm in no hurry, and I don't care who needs me so decide amongst yourselves. Bon nuit."

Pierre got up and left to find his sleeping quarters. It was as he was doing this that he finally noticed that his Contender was missing. It was stored in his vambrace, the one with the symbol a gun. He reached for and it appeared in his hand. Holding it now he looked in to it with his strange power. The Pure Eyes of Structural Analysis gave him information in layers. There was of course the most obvious dimensions and materials. He could dive deeper in to the dimensions, getting the measurements for even the rifling of the barrel, how many times it had been fired and by whom. He got more information from the metal of the gun, like who altered it through the process of construction and when. The wooden grip would not yield the secrets of its history or construction only its recent condition (which was fine as Pierre had been taking care of it). There was a single shot in the gun but Pierre knew it wasn't a bullet as he understood it. It must have been a part of his power then. He could test it out later but for now, he wondered where the hell his sleeping quarters was in the first place.


Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:53 pm
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Hayden sighed. Watching the others converse was such a drag. He would rather be playing video games, or better yet, sleeping. Still, it couldn't be as boring as the sesquipedalian prose of the hundreds of scientific journals he had to read through each semester. He sighed once more. "I wonder what will happen next,"Hayden muttered.

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Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:35 am
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