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Originally this was supposed to be an RP character... 
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But, then some friends/family of mine said they wanted me to come up with a character for something. So before I ship it off I want your input...incoming huge post.

Name – Elmira “Mel” Pyliarre aka Mira
Age – 23
Gender – Female
Alignment – Neutral
Social Class – Commoner
Occupation – “Jane of Trades” Mercenary, pirate, treasure hunter.
Race – ½ Human ½ Ocean Nymph, however she seems to have taken more traits from her human side of the family.
Weapons – Mel regularly wields twin swords, with one in each hand. The steel has been tempered so that it has a blue-green sheen to it, and the hilts have been wrapped with purple fabric. They aren’t the fanciest of swords but she treasures them nonetheless. On her neck she has a triangular necklace comprised of various jewels, in actuality it is a dagger that she can whip out quite effectively and the pendant hiding the dagger is usually kept hidden under her shirt.

Physical Appearance – Mel stands five feet five inches and has an athletic build due to her work and training. Her arms a tad bit muscled for a woman though not overly so, due to her work at sea spent rigging sails. Her skin is tanned to a mocha brown colour due to her extended time outdoors and on the sea. Her eyes are blue-green and almond shaped; an unusual contrast to her skin tone. Her hair is black, with a slight sheen to it making it look midnight blue in some angles of light, though it is a rarely noticed fact. She keeps her hair in five different braids which are then tied into a single pony tail kept in place by a golden bangle, (of course it is not real gold). Due to her various professions, not all of them legal or safe, Mel has various scars over her body from the series of her misadventures throughout the years. They aren’t exactly unsightly, but they make her appear questionable to honest men and women. Her most notable scar resides on her right shoulder and extends in a squiggly way a bit on her shoulder blade on her back. She has three piercings on her ears, one set of earrings are aquamarine studs, another set are pearl and higher up on her ears she has commonplace gold earrings.

Mel enjoys wearing a variety of clothing, mostly from her various travels around the world. Currently she has come to love “Arabian” themed styled fashions with a few twists of her own added. She wears beige pants that are puffy and airy, while wrapped around her waist is a light blue scarf tied roughly to an angle on her side. It’s to be noted that Mel has an uncanny knack for hiding a series of objects within this scarf on her waist such as a lock pick, and various other assortment of objects. Also at her waist is a flask usually filled with water though on occasion it can be filled with other…”liquids” of an alcoholic nature. On her waist is also a belt for holding both her swords. She wears a blue-green brigandine which serves as armour as well as something she finds appealing to wear. It protects, as well as hides her necklace which she prefers to use as a last resort. On her forearms are steel guards which she has a habit of recklessly using as a means to protect herself from enemy blows. Her leather boots are brown and extend only to the mid portion of her legs below her knees.

Personality – Elmira is a spirited and lively girl always prepared to go on an adventure. Her passion is treasure hunting, and will almost always stop everything to go on a hunt as soon as she becomes aware of one. She is fiercely competitive, due to the nature of treasure hunting. She especially hates being underestimated, though she’s wise enough to use another’s arrogance to her own benefit. Her stubbornness is also connected to this competitiveness. She’s known for being a punch first; ask questions later girl, though she’s always calculating whether it’d be a good idea...after the fact.

Despite having what many would describe as a great magical potential, she’s perhaps more interested in fighting with her swords. She’s rather ingenious, using random objects to fight if she’s ever in a situation stuck without her weapons. That’s not to say she isn’t curious to learn more about summoning or windcraft. Due to the nature of her mother, she isn’t too fond of nymphs, specifically water nymphs, which is probably why she doesn’t seek to further develop the abilities that come with her water nymph heritage. Furthermore, she can’t stand flirts of any kind. She’s not too fond of promiscuity in general.

Spending time with pirates has made her not the most honest person around. She’d never steal while on her own island at home, but while away if she sees something there “just sittin’ there”, she’ll snatch it. She’s not ashamed to cheat or lie, if she deems it necessary. She’s the type of girl who can be considered “one of the guys”; she’ll drink, burp, speak obscenities and brawl with her pirate buddies.

Background – Elmira was born on the Island of Aiolos, an isolated tropical paradise of which the inhabitants had the uncanny ability to call the winds to do their bidding. Her father, Terence, was a fisherman who saved a beautiful woman whom he came to know as Cordelia. The two immediately fell in love, wed and then had a child, Elmira. Shortly after unfortunately, is when things fell apart. Eight months after Elmira’s birth, Cordelia disappeared, no one knew what had happened to the woman, and Terrence was distraught, thinking that she had been kidnapped by pirates. Immediately, he sold all his worldly belongings, including his beloved fishing boat and left his daughter with his parents and set off on a trek to find his wife.

Elmira was raised tenderly by her grandparents and when she was three years old her father returned, however he had not found Cordelia, he had found vast quantities of treasure. While searching for his wife out sea, he had been led to join various expeditions in hope of finding her. These expeditions paid handsomely and he became extremely rich, though he was still unhappy. Elmira looked up to her father, listening to his various adventures and wishing she could go on some with him, but he did not stay, and soon returned to the sea to continue his quest, unwilling to believe she was dead.

As the years went by, her father would continue to come and go, showering his daughter with gifts and treasures he had obtained on his journeys. It was one particular gift, referred to as a phoenix egg, which was in actually just a rock that somehow naturally emitted heat that seemed to set Elmira’s life on a path of mystery. One night, while sitting outside of a bonfire with her grandparent, the treasured stone fell from Elmira’s and rolled into the fire. The fire surged and then all but disappeared leaving a circle of charred wood and earth while the stone glowed immensely. Much to the surprise of her grandparents, and the child the stone cracked, much like an egg, and out crawled a lizard-like creature.

Before her grandparents could grab her, and stop her from approaching the creature, Elmira scampered towards the lizard got on her hands and knees and simply observed it. The lizard was very small, and was entirely black, that is, until it opened its eyes and stared vacantly at Elmira. Immediately various golden blotches appeared on its back and it hopped onto Elmira’s shoulder. Elmira screamed in pain, as the smell of burned flesh, and oddly enough, steam filled the air.

Once the steam had cleared and Elmira’s screams had subsided to sobs, her grandparents rushed over to her side and inspected her. There was no sign of the lizard but the clothing on her shoulder had been completely burned away and on her shoulder was particularly unharmed, though there was a burn in the shape of an oval on the shoulder and a squiggle on her shoulder blade, distinctly proving that the lizard had sat on her shoulder. However the creature was nowhere to be found.

Research and a few trips to the island archives revealed that the creature that had attacked her had been a salamander, a spirit of living fire. What they couldn’t answer though, was how Elmira had managed to only suffer such minor burns after being essentially touched by lava. The village elder suggested that Elmira was probably bonded to the creature and as such should learn to summon it. Once again, they were required to return to the island archives to study the few individuals who had ever managed to become summoners in the history of Aiolos. At first she was afraid, because the creature had hurt her on their first encounter, but once summoned she knew at once that there was a very special bond between the two of them. Of course, it was only a baby, and as such it required that they train the salamander, so that it didn’t burn down the village. She spent the next few years of her young life training the salamander, which she named Ardor, and even though the visits from her father grew infrequent she was relatively happy because she had the salamander. Unfortunately for her, the peace was momentary, for her life was soon to be made all the more difficult once again. At the age of ten, Cordelia returned, with a four year old child in tow.

Elmira was hurt, and she felt betrayed that this woman, her mother, had not only abandoned her, but had gone and got herself another child, while her father was endlessly searching the world for her. The boy, Felix, had the same facial features as Elmira, and the same striking blue-green eyes, they were their mother’s children, but his hair was brown and curly. Cordelia then told her tale. She revealed to Elmira and her in-laws that she was an ocean nymph, an immortal spirit of the sea. She truly had been in love with Terrence, but the true nature of a nymph was to journey, wild and free as the forces of nature they came to represent. On her journeys she had happened upon the father of Felix, who also was a fisherman, and fell in love with him, as ocean nymphs often do. She would have left him, as she left Elmira and Terrence, but one day the father was lost at sea while fishing during a storm and she had been left to take care of Felix alone.

This explanation did not do a thing to soothe Elmira’s pains, she was hurt and she despised her mother, as well as the her new step-brother who had got to spend four years with HER mother, while she could barely remember her, herself. Her grandparents were also hurt by Cordelia and truly wanted nothing to do with the woman, but to have the child raised by such a care-free woman, and an immortal spirit no less, was simply unacceptable, they offered to raise the boy to which they shared no blood.

Cordelia did not immediately leave to return to the seas, she honestly wished to make amends with her daughter. She also needed to let her daughter become aware of her nymph heritage and the “gifts” that came with it. However not much was discussed, as Elmira refused to learn of the heritage of her neglecting mother. To make matters worse, her father returned. The meeting of Cordelia and Terrence was bittersweet. The man’s heart was broken, though he was honestly relieved that she was fine and alive. It hurt him too much to stay on the island though, and he soon left, seeking out treasure as a means to fill the new void in his heart. For this Elmira hated her mother further and finally, much to Mel’s relief, at the age of twelve, her mother returned to the ocean promising to return to visit her children.

Elmira barely acknowledged the existence of Felix, avoiding him often and seeking the comfort of Ardor to which she shared all her troubles. Of course on the onset of puberty she discovered that she could in fact talk to various sea creatures as well as manipulate water to limited extents. She realized that these were the gifts that her mother was speaking of earlier but thought nothing of it. She had no intention to develop or hone any of these water nymph abilities.

At the age of seventeen, with only a note left for her grandparents she left the island. There were too many memories and the constant reminder of her mother through Felix was unsettling, she was unhappy. She left on the first trading vessel she could find and continued to hop ships, taking various jobs, and leading to her landing in various scenarios. She was captured by pirates, and then subsequently joined their crew, she was then hired as a mercenary for a certain treasure, and she also worked as a cook on a merchant vessel. Essentially, she was following in her father’s footsteps, and like him, she too came back to the island after spending time at sea for two years.

Her step-brother had come to admire her greatly, asking about her adventures and even taking a fond liking to Ardor. (It was later realized that it was yet another nymph ability that allowed both, Felix and Elmira to safely handle Ardor without being burned due to being able to handle extreme heat and fire.) Eventually, Mel came to love her step-brother, it wasn’t his fault that he was born, and it had been unfair of her to hate him, they both had been abandoned by their mother.

Elmira soon left the island, promising to return as both her parents had before her, and returned to the seas.

Talents: Ambidextrous, Singer, "Jane of Trades"
Windcraft - The ability inherent to those from the Island of Aiolos. It requires the use of the voice to "sing" the wind to persuade it to do various things. Those who are untrained use specific songs or humming to have the wind do specific things. Those who are adept in windcraft are capable of singing or humming any range of notes to have the wind do anything. (Mel specifically isn't very trained in the art of windcraft because she spent much of her youth, learning the art of summoning. She can sing the wind to blow in a specific direction, however that's the extent of her abilities, she is very unrefined in this art.)

Summoning - The art of summoning which allows Mel to summon her salamander Ardor. Ardor is a baby salamander of the elemental variety. Regularly he is primarily black with splotches over his body that emit heat and light that shift from various shades of gold, red, orange and yellow. As a fire elemental he can shift his body so that he comprised solely of fire, and has limited control over fire as well as magma. The extent of Mel's summoning allow her to summon Ardor wherever she wants (though most often on her right shoulder).

Nymph Abilities - As a descendant of a nymph, specifically a female descendant of a nymph, she has access to nymph abilities. One can never be too sure the scope of power flowing through the blood of someone with nymph heritage. It can either lead to the person being born a pure-blood nymph, which is fairly noticeable to having no apparent nymph abilities aside from an affinity to the element of their fore-mother. Mel seems to have a rather potent dose, being able to talk to marine creatures, breathe underwater, manipulate standing water as well as resistance to intense heat and fire, but she rarely uses these abilities due to her dislike of the nymph heritage and her mother.

*Note on the Nymph Race*

Just in case you were wondering. In this universe there is a race of nymphs. They are essentially the humanoid representation of various aspects of nature. You have: air nymphs, storm nymphs, wood nymphs, stone nymphs, mountain nymphs, river nymphs, ocean nymphs, ice nymphs and fire nymphs. They each have their own culture and various natures but I don't have the time, or will to write them all out.


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Kiki, I love you.

This is how everyone should write a bio.


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Nice, although now I feel like my seafaring RP bio that I felt like writing is now a inferior ripoff now.

Not much I could really say, but just that nitpick on alignments (I just like having a Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic addition to it).


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Whimzer wrote:
Kiki, I love you.

This is how everyone should write a bio.

Should have a teaching topic Kiki, I have to go write a bio of my own now

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