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The Ancient's Tool 
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Bad guy becomes king. Heroes rise like mentioned in prophecy. Must find four items be completing a test, while being hunted by bad guy’s army. Combine four items to get weapon. Use weapon beat bad guy. Full of twists and turns.
Ancient Prophecy-
The Shadow’s king arose,
A group of heroes must rise,
And vanquish many foes,
To claim the four items as their prize.
For the items are the key,
For certain Victory.
The each are guarded by a beast,
Each with a mighty test,
Though they remain hidden in the east,
They’re cries stretch to the west.
The heroes must finish each puzzle,
To shut the kings muzzle,
And to kill the simple fool,
Using the Ancient’s Tool!
Story- Once a child reaches the age of 6 they are put through a test to see if they are one of the chosen. Each put in a room full of weapons. If the child brings an arrow to the monk, they are chosen. If they aren’t a chosen one they are sent back to live out their lives. But Chosen ones are harshly murder by the Kings lackeys. But a brave monk by the name of Marcus saved some of the children. He began training them to find the items and defeat the Shadow King.
Religions of the Dragons- Worshippers of this religion believe that immortal dragons, one of each element, created the world and all that dwell in it.
Religion of the Shadow King- Disciples of this religion believe that the Shadow king is a god, As well as the kings decedents.
Religion of the Creator- followers of this religion believe that one immortal being created everything good while another created everything evil.
Various Cults also exist and are quite frequent around the land.
Map- None as of yet.
Character Sheet-
Age: (between 13-29)
Appearance: (Keep age in mind. And remember they won’t have fancy clothes or amazing armor….yet)
Personality: (Really describe your character.)
Biography: (Include they’re reaction to being chosen and they’re reaction to Marcus saving them.)
Skills/Talents:(Are they good with a sword or herbs? Please list them here. Try not to go over here guys.)
Weapons: (Medival. AKA swords, bows, staffs, etc


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