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It could work as a longer Samus bomb I suppose


black keys will be removed in the future anyways


Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:39 am
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Like with other characters i made a list on how does [X] deal with everyone else's attacks, it's Link's turn now

His shield's blocking ability seems to have been buffed very nicely. so i will also update on the previous list.

Update on the old list: show
:mario: :luigi: No noticeable changes.
:peach: No changes.
:bowser: The fireball is now always reliably blocked, quickly crouching guarantees blocking the projectile from any angle if it was done on ground
:yoshi: Aside from much more reliably blocking the eggs, yoshi can still easily throw them over his shield (DownB's stars aren't considered projectiles)
:link: All projectiles are blocked with no problems whatsoever, a quick crouch will deny any incoming boomerang, arrow, or even bomb-arrows (be it the projectile or the resulting explosion). Bombs by themselves however aren't blocked
:zelda: SideB no longer causes Link to flinch if the hitbox overlaps both him and the shield.
:sheik: NeutralB no longer has a chance to stab through Link's shield.
:pikachu: A quick crouch quickly disposes of any incoming NeutralB (also is it just me, or does it stay closer to the ground than it did in 1.1?)
[Pichu] No noticeable changes.
:kirby: UpB's landing projectile is always blocked, even when standing still.
:bandanadee: NeutralB and SideB are much more reliably blocked. depending on Link's proximity when BDee throws a spear, standing still or crouching will quickly deal with it
:fox: :falco: No changes.
:samus: Her projectiles no longer have a chance to poke through Link's shield, and even a full charge shot is very easily dealt with by crouching or standing still.
:zerosuitsamus: No changes.
:ness: PK Fire is more easily dealt with, PK Flash now only deals damage if unblocked (and because of its enormous hitbox, Link's shield pretty much makes it useless), PK Thunder still unblockable
:pit: the arrows can no longer stab through the shield, forcing Pit to aim them behind Link (or go for his feet if he's standing, which i doubt any link main will ever do).
:isaac: NeutralB is still buggy and link can still SDI out of it for some reason, so no noticeable change.
:chibirobo: No changes.
:tails: No changes.
:gameandwatch: No changes.
:megaman: Crash Bomb and DownB are still unaffected. FSmash and NeutralB are now much more easily blocked without any problem (Jab is alright too, but they can spawn behind Link if Megaman is up close)
:pacman: No changes.
:lloyd: No changes aside from much better blocking.
:blackmage: Meteor is much more reliably blocked without problems (they still can go over the shield obviously), and full charge DSmash is blocked much more reliably. FSmash still easily blocked
:sora: Strike Raid is very easily blocked now, and DownB Blizzard no longer pokes through Link's shield
:goku: No changes aside from more reliably blocking the Ki Blasts.
:naruto: Shadow clones are much more easily blocked, especially grounded DownB (aerial DownB can still hit from above). NeutralB is unaffected by the shield
:ichigo: No changes.

shield vs the newcomers: show
[lucario] Aura Sphere is very easily blocked at any aura level, cannot "destroy" the charging projectile by walking into it and blocking. SideB is unaffected
:simon: Surprisingly, only the Axe can be blocked (Why the heck is the Cross unblockable? i can understand Holy Water bypassing the shield but the Cross?)
[Waluigi] The shield completely protects Link from the Dice, be it the dice itself or the resulting number's hitbox (2's Windbox is also blocked). Piranha Plant is unaffected.
:krystal: Grenades are easily blocked, both the grenade itself and their explosions, NeutralB bypasses the shield, and Down Smash's shockwave is unaffected.
[ryu] All hadoken variations are easily blocked.
:rayman: Unfortunately, SideB cannot be blocked.

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Well, old friends, this is the day where everything will be archived for all to see and reminisce about.
This isn't a farewell, but rather a "See you later", as we move on to the next world

who'd've guessed my secondaries bit would have a new purpose!

Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:56 pm
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