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Rise Of The Ashen Wing (Assassin Rp) 
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Prologue: show
Tatsunar was a empire at war. 3 tribes fought for the throne. Brothers turned on brothers. Friends became foes. As the bloody war went on one of the leaders sought help from a group of assassins, known as the Ashen Wing. The leader of the tribe, known as Matthias, promised the guild of assassins riches and glory. All the assassins needed to do was help Matthias win. After some debating the Ashen Wing decided to lead Matthias to victory. The assassins began to attack supply caravans. They killed couriers ceasing requests for reinforcements. Matthias began to gain ground on the other 2 tribes. Although despite everything the Ashen Wing did it was never enough for Matthias. Finally the assassins killed one of the rival leaders. Matthias's hold began to tighten as he moved in on his last rival putting a end to the war.

Then it came time for Matthias to pay his dues to the Ashen Wing. He invited the guild to his newly built city of Arch's Pride. The assassins showed up to accept their payment only to be killed or captured. Few assassins made the escape only to be hunted down and slaughtered. As for those that were captured, they were tortured into giving up any assassins that were hiding and them executed. Matthias having defeated the rival tribes and the Ashen Wing, he took the throne and made himself known as a ruthless and merciless ruler.

Several years later people began to accept King Matthias as the person he was. Corruption began to spread through the Kingdom. Life became hard for the average person. As corruption spreads you receive a letter inviting you to a formal ball...

[Dear Guest, You have proven that you have a great skill and those so are invited to join us at a grand ball in Arch's Pride. Please be sure to dress for the occasion and have this letter to enter. Have a safe trip.]

The letter continued to list a house address. Little did you know your career and life was about to change.

TLDR: 3 tribes at war. One tribe leader, Matthias, gets Assassins to help him. Matthias wins war and becomes king. King kills assassins. Living becomes hard because of cruel king. You get a message inviting you to a ball. Your about to become an assassin.

This Rp's setting is non-magical medieval, So to emphasize no magic or guns/cars/etc . This Rp will be done as a drop in/out system. You will not be forced to do anything all of the contracts are presented to the player and you can accept/decline them as you want/need.

Accepted Characters

Gabriel Borcha - Backitup Thundercats

Lale Ygou - Savvy, eh?

Levi Messer - Shrapnel

Yagami of Hidden Grove on the Emerald Plains - Deciton_Reven

[b]Name:[/b] (I don't care what it is just remember, your character has to live with it.)
[b]Age:[/b](Let's try between 12-45.)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male or Female)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (What does your character look like)
[b]Background:[/b] (Tell me about your character)
[b]Skills:[/b](Why would the Ashen Wing want to recruit your character?)
[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] (What weapon will your character use?)


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Name: Levi Messer
Age: 33
Gender: Male

Appearance: Levi is tall, but slight. He has sharp green eyes and a long, pointed nose; his face is clean-shaven, and he keeps his dull brown hair slicked back at nearly all times. Levi’s over-all appearance could be described as scholarly. His wardrobe is altogether unremarkable, though he does have a pair of spectacles he wears when reading.

Background: At the age of eleven, Levi underwent tutelage in record keeping and documentation. He completed his apprenticeship at the age of twenty-one and has since been employed as an archivist. He has several pet orchid spiders, and has made a hobby of spinning their signature violet silk into thread. He finds the practice therapeutic.

It may also be worth noting that Levi is a serial killer and has murdered over a dozen people. His kills are marked by their intricate planning and meticulous attention to detail. He leaves nothing to chance and acts only when success is assured. Levi’s schemes often involve traps utilizing thread or rope, but his preferred method of killing is strangulation with a garrote.

Skills: Some might consider Levi’s organization and record keeping abilities to be valuable in clerical work, but more significant are his talent for planning and experience in killing discretely.

Weapon of Choice: Spider-silk thread

Sun May 22, 2016 7:40 pm

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Name: Gabriel Borcha
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Appearance: 6'4" and muscled. Gabriel has dark brown eyes on either side of a short flat nosed and jet black hair that he keeps cut short. He keeps himself clean shaven. He has several scars from battles fought on his body, the most striking is on that goes from the top of his cheek to the tip of his chin. He is also never without his leather archers bracer.
Background: Once upon a time, Gabriel was a young man full of patriotic vigor. As soon as he was old enough he joined up with King Matthias's army. He went through years of training as an archer and became one of the best in the army. However, years of war and then the corruption that spread like a cancer afterwards caused the once naive and optimistic youth to grow bitter and disillusioned. One day he simply had enough and went out on his patrol and never returned. His past 5 years have been spend living in a small town far from the capital where hes made a living as a hunter.
Skills: Gabriel is a highly trained and highly skilled archer who has seen real combat as a soilder and has learned stealth from 5 years as a sucessful hunter.
Preferred Weapon: Long bow

Sun May 22, 2016 9:21 pm
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Name: Lale Ygou
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lale is a short, stocky girl, well-built to begin with and strengthened from a life of manual labour. She wears her shoulder-length auburn hair up most of the time, wrapped in a large blue cloth tied in a knot that rests on the back of her neck. Her usual garb consists of a loose-fitting beige tunic worn over a white undergarment, along with a set of dull brown trousers and a pair of dirty boots. A smile is a perpetual tenant of her heavily freckled visage, a testament to the simple joys she finds in the rays of the sun.

Background: Lale is the third in a family of eight girls, born to a peasant farming couple. Due to the lack of men to support the family business, Lale and her elder sisters, Sila and Thea, were brought up doing the lion’s share of traditionally-male chores around the farm. Lale was nothing if not an outdoor girl, however, and she especially found the work invigorating. Hunting in the woods adjacent to the family property became a favourite pastime of hers, and by fourteen she was not only strong enough to set the household crossbow herself - and that fairly rapidly - but her aim rivaled her father’s. By fifteen she was the best shot in the family, and her gift of marksmanship had become evident. Most of the meat the Ygou clan ate was caught at the end of Lale’s arrows.

Skills: Lale is a remarkable marksman, with crossbow and stone alike. Years of farmwork have made her quite strong, and she often wins arm wrestling competitions at the local tavern. Though she is uneducated and illiterate, Lale is good at driving a bargain, a skill picked up at her father’s side in the marketplace. She has a fairly well-developed sense of intuition and can usually tell when someone is trying to pull the wool over her eyes.

Weapon of Choice: Cranequin crossbow.

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Sun May 22, 2016 10:47 pm
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Name: Yagami of Hidden Grove on the Emerald Plains (translated)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Appearance: Yagami is from the East, and it shows. She is smaller and less hardy then the women of Tatsunar, however tall for an easterner, and has smoother features and hair. It also means her heritage lacks many of the color options for eyes and hair, so she has just plain brown eyes and jet black hair. She often dresses in green and white, the colors of her land, and can be seen with many ceramic vessel that jangle as she gracefully sways about.
Background: Yagami was born in the town of Hidden Grove, an orchid farming town in the middle parts of the Emerald Plains in the Far East. Nearly everyone in the town partook in the care and harvest of the crop, and everyone shared in it's bounty or suffered together when it produced less then expected. All in all it was a simple life, until one day the Imperial Army arrived. They claimed that the town was harboring a ninja that had attempted to assassinate the emperor, and gave the town 24 hours to give him up or be burned to the ground. Whether the town wouldn't or couldn't, Yagami never did find out, though she remembers the flames, and the panic and horror they caused.

Who exactly saved her she can't be sure, but she knows that the ninja clan the town was accused of harboring one of took in the survivors of the town, as they felt responsible for their misfortune. And part of being part of the clan was training in ninjitsu, and Yagami was taught. For many years she was trained in the arts of stealth and death, but also civility. The ceramic jugs she wears are the basis of all her training. She would not be deemed ready until she could move without them making a sound, poor a man a drink without wasting a drop, could drink from them without getting drunk, and could use their contents to kill. Once she completed these tasks she was then expected to proceed to phase 2 of her training, that of a konoichi. However that was not a task she was willing to take, so she abandoned the clan and headed west so that she may live out her life without fear of them seeking revenge for her betrayal.
Skills: She of course has ninja training, so she has experience in stealth, hand to hand combat, and knife fighting, but those are hardly her main skills. She knows how to brew alcohol from 100% pure to water and how to mix some poisons, and is nigh impossible to get drunk without slipping straight into alcohol poisoning. She is trained in pleasantries, and knows how to put on an act. She has a small tool that sparks and can proved a flame when opened, with is useful on it's own, and more so when combined with alcohol in a fire breathing trick.
Weapon of Choice: Drinks and poisons when possible, otherwise knives or fire are preferable.

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All Accepted... Time to get started.
P.S. I will still take applications, since it will be easy to work characters into the story, but please allow some time after being accepted to be added in.


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