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Dev Blog Mini Post #6 - Link 
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Looks like I'm back for mini blog number 6. Today we're tackling everyone's favorite swordsman, Link!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character Video

YouTube Video:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character Description by Panthera leo

By now, all of you know the long-time Smash Bros. and Smash Flash veteran Link, complete with the tricks and tools necessary to take over the battlefield in any situation he faces. Thus, Link has had for a long time a high placement in SSF2 tier lists. Upon closer examination of Link and his playstyle, especially focusing in on demo 0.7, we could clearly see that Link needed some major changes in his combo game, spacing abilities, and originality. Let's hone in on some of those key areas.

As shown in Ramsey's aesthetics dev blog, Link has received some massive updates in the graphical areas. Applied techniques such as emphasis stretching and flash-generated effects have made a large impact on the overall flow of the visuals of playing as Link. Link has also received the full audio treatment, receiving all of his voice sounds from Brawl.

Look at the pretty colors!

Link's playstyle is known as the Projectile Mario, in that while he is a well rounded and balanced character (hence the Mario part), but he centers around projectiles. Link's variation is that his playstyle focuses on the integration of ranged attacks into his gameplay. In demo 0.7, Link had the potential for some interesting gimmicks and tricks to keep opponents on their toes, but they were yet to be fully fleshed out design wise. Now, as referenced in dev blog 3 (Character improvements), Link now has the ability to pluck a bomb and shoot it on an arrow. The bomb arrows make for some amazing projectiles to keep control of the stage and to score some sweet and satisfying KOs. As an added bonus, try slinging a bob-omb onto one of those arrows and watch chaos ensue as you hurl your projectiles of mass destruction.

The bomb arrows aid in Link's new and improved projectile game.

Now that the Gale Boomerang is fully functional, expect to take advantage of it in your combos. If you accidentally knock your opponent too far, or you just feel like adding insult to injury while racking up the damage, just use the Gale Boomerang's push/pull effect to continue putting the hurt on everyone who dares to cross your path of destruction.

Speaking of fully functional, Link's Z-air now works as a spacing tool and tether recovery, further aiding Link in pulling off those once impossible but now in fruition chains and combos. Don't hesitate to mix in some neutral and back aerials to keep things interesting, and go in with either down or up aerial for the KO. For offstage KOs, consult your friendly neighborhood fair and the bomb arrows mentioned earlier.

Mix up your game with the tools you have at your disposal. Don't hold back!

All in all, you'll have fun playing as Link in the demo to come for he's been revised with optimum performance in mind. We are striving towards the goal of character balance, so expect to see Link standing up with the big dogs in SSF2 0.8 and beyond!

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Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:33 am
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