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notes and points* :
- mr.g&w :gameandwatch: is S tier because of his minimum end-lag , have you ever got combo'd by one , actual hell
- yoshi :yoshi: seems to be both a rushdown fighter , and a bait&punish character making him very effective against a lot of characters
- a good sonic :sonic: who knows what they are doing can do melee fox levels of combos
- pac-man :pacman: , being arguably the hardest character to master , makes him tricky to play against . you can't just READ a good pacman
- sora :sora: , puff :jigglypuff: and wario :wario: can have a great combo game if you catch your opponent off guard
- heavy hitters like DK :donkeykong: and bowser :bowser: are not as bad for combos as most players think . the difference betwwen a DK or bowser VS fox or falco . is that fox tries to attack FIRST to make the enemy helpless , heavy hitters attack LAST , they dodge , grab , shield , THEN punish . they are EXTREMELY great at edge gaurding and finishing off enemies with even 70%
- the only good thing about sandbag :sandbag: is that you are unpredictable due to the lack of unique animations , that's it...
- luffy :luffy: is s*** at this point
*characters are ONLY devided by tiers , i am too lasy to rank each one in every tier
** i wanted to post an img file but something f*** up , sorry :sweat:

mains : bowser , sora
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Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:37 pm
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This is such a bad tier list. I'm not the best of explaining why characters are good or bad, but I do know a lot more than you apparently. Also there is already a topic for tier list discussion here:
First off the tiers themselves are wrong, it definitely doesn't go as low as F tier. At worst it goes down to D-.
You also do need to organize the characters within each tier, because otherwise it's lazy and automatically makes the tier list worse.
Tails is fine.
Game & Watch is not S tier. His only projectile is slow and has lots of end lag. He doesn't have as good of a combo game as a lot of other characters. His only kill option are either risky or difficult to hit. He's more so around C tier.
Yoshi is too high. He's good, about B or B+, but not better than characters like DK and Ichigo. He can also get gimped pretty easily
Kirby should be around C. He has almost no approach options except for Bair. His only projectile is his Up-B.
Meta Knight is only slightly too high. I would put him in A-, because he has a great combo game, recovery and has loads of disjoints. But other characters like Marth just are faster, have bigger hitboxes, and an even better combo game.
Captain Falcon's placement has the same problem as Meta Knight, it's not that he's bad but other characters are just better in comparison. Again more of an A- character.
Fox and Falco are in a decent spot.
Ichigo is easily Top 5. He has some of, if not the largest disjoints in the game, he can approach safely most of the time, great kill options, and just a great character.
Goku is fine too, A or A- depending who you ask.
DK is too low. He should be A or A+ tier. He has one of the best combo games and has a large amount of reliable kill options.
Sheik's placement relative to the other characters is fine, but she should instead be in A- or B+.
Peach is too high. She is B- tier, and she isn't right next to Sheik. Her only projectile is not safe to pull and also has no disjoints. Except for sometimes F-Smash, but that move isn't as reliable as a kill option as a good amount of other attacks, so it shouldn't even be used.
Zelda is too high. She doesn't has a very reliable projectile, but it's good if it hits. She is also difficult to play unless you want spam Up-B. A lot of her moves kill but only on the sweetspot, which is usually pretty small.
Marth is way too low. He's A+ tier easily. Every single attack is disjointed and Fair especially is a great combo tool, almost everything he has either combos or kills.
Pac-man is too high. He's more so around C tier. A really good Pac-man can wall out their opponent for the entire match, but there's always a way in. If Pac-man doesn't have complete control of the stage then he's pretty bad.
Sonic is not good. C- or D+. Sure he can get some combos, but so can every other character. He can't approach safely at all and he can barely kill.
Sora is too high. C tier yes, but 18th best no. He does have a great combo game, but nothing else about him is good enough to place him that high.
Bowser is should go down with Sora. He is very slow and doesn't have as good a combo game as he used to.
Mario is too low. He's more so around B or B+. Hehas a pretty good combo game, recovery, neutral, killing. He's basically just pretty good at everything.
Wario is too high. You're right that he does have an outstanding combo game, but he lacks in approaching and neutral way too badly to be considered as good as Mario. He's probably C- tier.
Jigglypuff has the same problems as Wario, but can approach better. Another C- tier.
Samus is WAY too low. I'd say she the 2nd best. Fast, has one of the best neutrals, Fair is a great approach option, Charge shot is way too good, and she can reliably kill. There's basically nothing bad about Samus.
Mega Man is too low. He's A- tier. He has a lot of useful projectiles and Nair is great for up close scenarios. He does lack a bit in kill options and his combo game is not the best. Still a great character though.
Lloyd is about as broken as Marth. Lloyd has disjoints everywhere. Demon Fang is an amazing projectile. Tempest is annoying as hell. He has an amazing combo game and dash attack is one of the best kill moves in the entire game. His only down side is the his recovery is lackluster.
Black Mage is maybe a bit too high. Probably still C tier. For me it's a bit difficult to place him.
Zero Suit Samus is too high. She should be D+ tier. She has a pretty good combo game, but it's also very DI dependent. Her recovery is pretty bad, and and difficult to land a kill.
Sandbag is too high. You even said yourself that he has almost nothing good about him. I disagree with that because he has great combos and kill options, but he's just too difficult to play as and not being able to grab the ledge just makes his already risky recovery even worse.
Pikachu should be B tier. He has decent combos and neutral. Lightning can be used to catch your opponent off guard. And he can gimp people pretty well.
Bandana Dee is also too low, but he should instead be anywhere from C to B- depending who you ask. He can approach is played well and has a pretty good combo game and has a few kill options. He's overall just ok.
Link is way too low. He should be Top 10. The current meta revolves around disjoints and projectiles, and he has both in abundance. He also has great kill options and a great neutral. He just has not much bad about him.
Isaac is a bit too low. He has a good neutral and can kill pretty well. But he can be gimped easily and can it's easy to approach him.
Ness is too low. He's B tier. He has some useful disjoints like dash attack and Fair, he can kill and has some great projectiles. There are some clear downsides though.
Naruto should be a bit lower. He's bottom 5 definitely and maybe bottom 3. He has a great combo game some projectiles, but that's about it.His recovery is awful, he can't kill very will and any stage with platforms like Battlefield and Smashville make his projectiles worse.
Chibi-Robo is way too low. He has disjointed kill moves, which is always good, and a really good combo game. He can't be gimped, and he has a decent projectile that can be used to gimp quite a number of characters.
Pit is only a bit too low. He's probably the character I'm worst at explaining, but he is bad.
Bomberman should be B or B+. He has a great combo game, great kill options, easy stage control, and is pretty fast. His only downsides are his recovery and being pretty easy combo food.
Luigi and Luffy are pretty fine where they are. But maybe flip them. But E and F tier still don't exist in this game.



Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:27 pm
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I wanna die after looking at this tier list.


Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:19 pm
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