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Define the Phrase 
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Boring stuff about my inspiration: show
Took inspiration from a video by Sir Finna Woke Jacksfilms.
YouTube Video:
Here's the video.
At around 1:42, a definition of "finna woke" is shown. For those who do not want to go there for some reason, here it is
finna woke
adj. to be of a higher quality than others
Man, Susie is finna woke, unlike Jim. f*** you Jim.

The basic premise is that Person A says a word or group of words, and Person B has to define it, use it in a sentence, and then do the same as Person A. Repeat process.

lowlife fool wrote:
the users of me irl

some other guy wrote:
a disgusting waste of carbon matter

Jim: Yo, look at the users of me irl!
Carl: Great, Now they're all gonna upvote a screenshot of this.

Ajit Pai

Kinda like Urban Dictionary.

To start,


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Secondaries :wario: :pikachu:

Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:21 pm
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A two tailed fox boy genius who can spin his tails around to fly.

Sonic: Tails? Tails? Tails? Tails? Tails?
Tails: QUIT IT!!

Mustard of [your/one's/my etc.] doom.

Through plenty of determination, I've beaten I Wanna Be The Guy and so I am a The Guy. My save proves it.

Flash Card: show

My thanks to Utah P. Teasdale (Harr) for the amazing Flash Card.

Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:36 am
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Sonario wrote:
Mustard of [your/one's/my etc.] doom.

Google wrote:
a pungent-tasting yellow or brown paste made from the crushed seeds of certain plants


mustard of [pronouns or something] doom -
heinz bottles cut into weapons used to threaten people

Jim: boi u wanna catch deez hands fam
Jake: boi u finna catch the mustard of your doom boi

Ugandan Knuckles Memes


my pfp if anyone asks: im a lazy normie whatever

Add me on Discord! If you want! I'm not really that active! @[BP] Krismic#4733

Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:01 pm
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