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Jake, a seemingly ordinary student.... 
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Planning to make a duel soon, so this'll probably be my character. supertoku, my character may seem a little weak at first, but push him to the limit enough and he'll have... a little more power, to say the least. Putting background first because it explains a lot of my bio. Will make a separate Mia bio later, but lazy right now.

Character name: Jake Smith.
Background : A seemingly ordinary student in New York, Jake never, on the outside, seemed to be anything special, to his teachers, to his friends, to his parents. In his heart, however, he secretly held anger against his principal, not even knowing why he could easily get angry at the school for no apparent reason. That was until the day when his principal called him out during a special assembly of the school, for talking during one of the principal's typical long speeches. Embarrassing him in front of his friends, anger began to build up in Jake's heart more than ever. In a fit of rage against what he thought was evil, a force overtook him, a light shone, and he fell unconscious. As he awoke after the force overtook him, he noticed that he was in paralysis, and that a mysterious girl had taken over his life to use. He only heard one word from the girl and she faded out into his life: "Revenge." The girl, while Jake was paralyzed and unconscious, stabbed the principal in the neck with lightning speed, revealing the presence of evil in the school. The girl faded out again back into his unconscious, introducing herself as Mia and saying that she took over his body because one of the evil generals she had faced(principal) was in close proximity . Jake immediately ran away from his home, afraid of the imminent punishment of being sent to jail. He roams the streets of Washington, trying to suppress his anger at times against seemingly nice people. But in his heart, he knows that it's only a matter of time before Mia completely takes over, and starts unleashing hell.
Personality : Jake: Concerned with fitting in, cares a lot for the well-being of others, is forgiving and a pacifist.
Mia: Mysterious, reveals little of her motives. Shows no mercy towards those she feels anger towards.
Alignment : Jake: Neutral Good
Mia: Chaotic Good
Age : Jake: 13
Mia: Unknown, but looks around 20.
Race : Human either way.
Physical Description :Jake: About 1.8m tall, he's lean. Pale white skin, from many hours of staying indoors. Doesn't stand up tall, instead hunches slightly. Eyes are black, and his hair is black as well. Wears an unbranded blue t-shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of worn sneakers. Has a cheap digital watch on his left hand.
Mia: About 1.7m tall. Wears a black cloak that completely covers her body. Long blond hair, though prefers to hide it. Blue eyes. Slightly pointed ears.
Equipment : Jake has nothing on him. Mia has two daggers(Daggers of a sacred city(thinking of name), stolen), and a set of throwing knives, as well as her cloak, which shields her from minor elemental spells(magic, basic fireballs, ice and wind).
Abilities : Jake has no abilities by himself, but when he gets near a person who Mia thinks is evil, he is possessed by Mia. Mia, however.....
Speed: Very quick. Quite literally able to move at the speed of lightning, though only for very short periods at a time(a second or two, using a bolt, requires a lot of energy, only one direction). Even when walking and running, still significantly faster than the normal human, able to easily outpace a cheetah, all without using up too much stamina. Enhanced reflexes, to the extent of being able to dodge arrows consistently.
Strength: No super-strength or whatnot. Very weak body, not able to withstand a lot of damage.
Skill: Highly skilled with dual-wielding daggers.
Elements controlled: Lightning. Under this:
Lightning Bolts-Range is about 1km, and the bolt itself is about 10cm radius when striking an object. Accurate to the nearest 10cm. From above or from palm. No cooldown whatsoever, though only one bolt at a time may be summoned, and it requires about a second's worth of summoning.
Lightning Infusion-Self-explanatory. Uses this without thinking, often to charge up her throwing knives and her daggers.
Lightning Grab-Whenever she touches someone, lightning automatically goes through them, shocking them, enabling her to follow up.
Lightning Sphere-Requires about two second's worth of preparation. Surrounds enemy with a lightning sphere, which shocks them. Can be held for ten seconds, radius is about 4m maximum, and requires a substantial amount of energy.
Lightning Invulnerability-Invulnerability to lightning. When struck by a lightning bolt, is granted speed for a short amount of time(a second or two), while anyone who hits her in that state is fried by lightning.
Ravager: When this happens, the sky darkens and booms, already an indication of her power. She pauses for a moment, then teleports towards her enemy, whispering in his/her ear: "Ravager." before teleporting her enemy to a lightning sphere around their size, holding them in position for the hell about to ensue(the sphere already hurts though). She prepares multiple lightning bolts, keeping her knives inside her cloak. After a moment, the sphere is released, and multiple lightning bolts strike the opponent from all directions, while she very quickly slices through her opponents multiple times as well. Comes with a great cost, however, as Mia subjects her body to tremendous amounts of mental stress, making this move only viable during times of great emotional and physical pain.

Will edit later.

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