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Land of the Setting Sun - Discussion 
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Co-GM'd by Deciton_Reven and myself.

- The Map -

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- A bit of Background -

March 17th, in the 12th year of His Majesty's reign.

It has been 26 days since the last sunrise. His Majesty's astronomers have yet to find a conclusive explanation for the cataclysmic event, but hope remains. The common folk have their own theories, legends still spread like wildfire. Some assume that the sun was swallowed by a whale as it set over the sea, others proclaim that the heavens are punishing His Majesty for once again raising taxes. Personally, I am unconvinced of either theory, though the former seems to arise from a more hopeful spirit in these darker times. We need what light we can find.

The villagers appear to be adjusting themselves to the change rather well, all things considered. Famine is no longer the wide-spread concern it once was; crops still seem to grow as long as they are placed outside. That being said, the price of lamp oil has skyrocketed these past few weeks. Though His Majesty's reserves are quite well stocked, he has instructed his agricultural engineers to find ways to increase production. The relative peace that has settled in since the initial panic will not last if the common folk cannot afford to illuminate their lives. We must hurry.

  • Chronicles of the Kyurikese Court, volume IV

Welcome to the land of the setting sun! Full of strange creatures and stranger happenings, Yoikoro is a small, isolated continent whose culture resembles that of Sengoku-era Japan. Yoikoro has enjoyed an uneasy peace since being united under the banner of Emperor Mushimoto Ryuken a short 12 years ago, but the political atmosphere still rests on a knife’s edge. To make matters worse, the sun is gone.


Peasants and politicians alike live and work under the constant light of a motionless moon whose phases seem to have reversed. The rest of the perpetual night sky’s celestial bodies seem to be having a fit about it. No one knows why or how the sun disappeared, but everyone’s getting antsy to do something about it. As a character in this RP, you’ll have received a royal summons to participate in an expedition to follow one of the leads that the emperor’s scholars find promising. Why your character, specifically? Because the emperor’s informants have reported that you’re in possession of a relic. What’s a relic? I’m glad you asked.

July 26th, in the 6th year of His Majesty's reign.

It has been confirmed: the sword that His Majesty used to unite Yoikoro was, indeed, one of the fabled relics. There is no record of them in all of the royal chronicles, so I will file this entry as the first. Relics are legendary tools and weapons. Though the origins of most are not well documented, all of them are shrouded in one or more myths detailing either their creation by a great artisan or their acquisition from some supposed mythological beast. Each is a masterwork of craftsmanship, remaining beautiful in appearance and sound in structure regardless of the passage of time. In addition to their apparent indestructibility, relics are easily set apart from other outwardly similar tools by their seemingly supernatural powers. A sword that can release a shockwave when drawn, a mask that makes the wearer appear as another, a bottle of never ending smoke: these are only a few of the more well-known legends.

  • Chronicles of the Kyurikese Court, volume III

Every character created for the RP should possess a relic, and every relic needs a legend detailing its origin. A heroic (or perhaps villainous) tale that made the item famous, an explanation of how the character came into possession of the relic, and a description of its physical appearance and ability.

- Character Creation -

Character Template:
[b]Name:[/b] Most characters will likely have real Japanese names or names made up of Japanese phonemes. That being said, feel free to use any name so long as you can justify its origin.
[b]Age:[/b] Most characters will likely be 16+, but, again, feel free to make them of any age so long as you can justify both their age and the fact that they possess a relic.
[b]Sex:[/b] Male or female.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Give a physical description, with items such as height, hair colour, build, general posture, etc. Include the clothes they’re wearing and any items they’re carrying with them.
[b]Personality:[/b] How does your character act around others? What motivates them?
[b]Background:[/b] Give a broad summary of your character’s life, what shaped them into the person they are and the way they came into possession of their relic.

[b]Physical Ability:[/b] A special sword technique, a refined sense of hearing, etc. Something that your character would lose the ability to perform if the associated body part was physically damaged.
[b]Mental Ability:[/b] Medicinal herb knowledge, a silver tongue, having an easier time when trying to tell if someone’s lying, etc. Something your character wouldn’t lose after physical damage.
[b]Relic:[/b] Tell us (one of) the legends surrounding your relic. Remember to give a physical description of the item and to describe its special trait.

Currently Active Characters:

Shrapnel - Hitomi Sekichi

Semicolon - Yoko Takekawa

Savvy, eh? - Chouko Sasaki

Deciton_Reven - Umiko Ryuujin

Wizzquizz - Captain Heiwa Yoki


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Name: Unmei Ketsueki
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Appearance: Unmei is a tall man with short cut brown hair. He has soft charming hazel eyes that you can't help but stare at. He is somewhat muscular due to his hardworking past. He wears some nice fitting leather armor. On his right hand he wears his relic. A pitch black clawed gauntlet. The gauntlet has red ruins and markings covering it. On his left hangs his trusty Katana. He carries a satchel with him fully of everday supplies such as rations, a waterskin, some fishing supplies, as well as some rope. Unmei walks with his head down avoiding the gaze of other often trying to focus on others' voices rather than the urges of his relic.
Personality: Unmei tends to stay away from others not wanted to grow to close to them. The few that get to know him will find he is not a monster and has a just heart only wanting to use his relic for good despite it's dark origins.
Background: Unmei was born to a small family doctor in Toboe. The village was a small trade village with frequent adventurers passing through. Unmei always wanted to be more like them but alas he was trapped to serve his father as an assistant. One day Unmei managed to slip out and began to run around the village. A trade village was quite large compared to the small boy. He wondered from street to street until he found himself in a dark alley. it was here he was attacked. Unmei was stabbed rapidly in the stomach. The assault only stopped when someone entered the alley. the attackers fled leaving the young boy. Unmei felt something slide over his hand. it was heavy. Then he heard a voice "When you recover, take off the gauntlet!" Suddenly the gauntlet became warm and slight pain filled Unmei's wounds. Soon it passed. He looked around to see an adventure dried of blood and dead near him. He ran away quickly to his home were he hid. It was then that he took off and hid the gauntlet. The years that followed he always felt an urge to wear the gauntlet that it could help him with his problems. He dreamed of a strange being telling him how the gauntlet could help him impress women, save the dying, and allow him to hurt his enemies. One day his village was attacked by a large raiding party/ The bandits began to kill and pillage the trading outpost. The guards were slaughtered. Then he felt the urges he finally fell to them and put the gauntlet on. Unmei was filled with a blood lust. He charged into battle with nothing but the gauntlet and a fallen guard's sword. He began to fight getting wounded only to heal using the gauntlet as his enemies blood poured over it. By the time it was over he was surrounded by the corpses of the raiding party. They were dried husks at his feet. He turned expecting a celebration for saving his village. He was met with fear and hate. It was that day when he was exiled from his village. He took off the gauntlet roaming the forest. Days later he found himself in a bear trap. He removed it limping along . He finally fell as the pain became to much. Then it showed again the urges. He put on the gauntlet and managed to kill a small rabbit. it drain it's blood and healed him. Through his forced exile he began to use the gauntlet for survial eventually accepting it as part of him but not allowing it's urges for blood to control him. He began to kill bandits and murders and drain their blood to state the gauntlet's thirst. After he cleared a bandit hide out one day he was surrounded by guards and given the summons but heavily warned that he would be killed if he tried anything.

Physical Ability: Unmei's experience always running has giving him increased stamina and speed. Allowing him to run faster and longer than the average man.
Mental Ability: Unmei has an almost supernatural sense of empathy. He is able to tell how other's feel and think about him with little to no exchange of words with them.

Relic: A long time ago, There lived a vampire, named Kiba Kemono, that ruled over the western lands. He was ruthless, vile, and fearless. Many brave and experienced warriors tried to slay him and became nothing but empty husked drained of blood. Kiba ruled with an iron fist often killing peasants for pleasure and to strike fear into those that were his subjects. Kiba finally began to raise an army. His army served him out of fear. Marching into neighboring dynasties Kiba Kemono began to take over. Kiba extended all a decision join him or perish in his warpath... But while other grow fear, hope began to sprout a rival dynasty took up their flag to halt the vampire's advance.
Their leader was a great warrior by the name of Oda Shingen. Oda's forces smuggled supplies into Kiba's forces and begin to bring hope of being freed from the vampire's clutch. As the war raged riots and rebellions began to break out within Kiba's empire. Kiba began to loose his grip on his borders. So Kiba sought out the leader and didn't stop till Oda was at his feet. Kiba however wanted to show others the true strength of a vampire lord such as himself. He had his slaves build a massive arena and focred all to watch as he fought Oda one on one to the death.
They both entered the arena Oda weakened and armed only with a small dagger. While Kiba was ready adorned with his personal samurai armor and a freshly sharpened katana. Dispite his disadvantage Oda made the first move. He ran at Kiba swinging his small dagger at the vampire's throat. By the time the blade had reached it's destination Kiba was gone. Kiba swung quickly giving Oda a massive scar along his back. Oda fell to a knee before spinning around and cutting at Kiba. with the slash he managed nothing more than to cut the straps holding his chest piece in place. Kiba began to laugh at the weakened rebel. He tossed aside his chest piece before kicking Oda over. He stabbed Oda in his leg smiling as the rebel cried out in pain. Then he picked up Oda by the neck showing his dying prey to the crowd. It was then in that moment that Oda used the last of his strength. Oda's Dagger punctured the vampire's chest, penetrating the heart. The beast screamed throwing aside Oda. He grapped at the dagger trying to pry it from his chest. Soon he began to turn to ash fading away. Soon his gauntlet landed on the ground with a thud, Kiba Kemono had been defeated. Oda slowly walked over placing the gauntlet on his hand and claiming his place as ruler. Emperor Oda Shingen was a right and just king leading his people over many years. He wore the gauntlet as a symbol of what they had faced. As the years went on Oda too began to hear the call for blood. He fought the urges and temptations no matter how strong they were. Then one night the emperor was attacked. Oda fought with the assassin eventually puncturing the man's throat with the sharpened claws of the gauntlet. The emperor closed his eye expecting blood to rush over his face. But it never came. The gauntlet absorbed it all. The assassin once nothing more than a husk like those Kiba had made. The ruler in a panic ran to his guards. On his way he discovered his limp was gone. He had the guards dispose of the assassin's body. Oda began to realize the power of the gauntlet and how it could be used against his people. When it absorbed blood in rapidly regenerated the wearer to a completely healthy state. So he removed it from his hand hiding it to never be used again. He hid it so well not even he could remember where it was. Legend says that Kiba's Soul is trapped inside, others say it allowed him to rise to power in the first place. whichever the case it was locked away never to be found again.


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Name Kaguya Nakigame
Sex M
Age ???

Appearance Kaguya is 6'4 and clad in a black kamishimo. At his side hangs his katana. On his head he wears a helmet with a crimson mempo depicting an oni.

Personality Kaguya is direct and to the point and speaks only when he believes it necessary or when he has something relevant to contribute and dislikes small talk or talking simply to fill the silence. He prefers to be alone and is always willing to fight.

Background Many centuries ago Kaguya was a powerful and ruthless warlord who led a large army. He was successful, able to carve out a small territory of his own. He eventually married and had 3 sons. He even achieved what few of those in his profession had ever achieved, growing old. As he aged though he began to fear his impending death and those scoured the land searching for a way to cheat it. He committed many sins during his search and grew only more desperate and cruel as his search went on. Finally after years of searching he heard tale of a hermit high in the mountains who dealt in magical or enchanted objects. This hermit offered him a an enchanted mask that would restore him to the prime of his youth and ensure he would remain untouched by age and sickness. Kaguya eagerly accepted and the hermit gave him the artifact, a red mempo. Once placing the mempo upon putting on the mask, his body changed, old muscles filling with renewed vigor, his once wrinkled and spotted became young and pure. The warlord quickly returned to his home and held a large feast with his family in celebration. It was then that he realized the price of his immortality. His delicious food prepared by the greatest chefs on the land tasted like stale bread, his flavorful, vintage wines tasted like old water. When he tried to tear off the mask in shock and anger he discovered it was attached to his skin. He returned to the mountains in search of the hermit but found the hermits home empty except for a letter intended for Kaguya. It revealed that the hermit was an agent of the gods and that as punishment for his many sins he was given the mask and cursed to live untouched by illness or age only able to be redeem by being felled by another being be they man or beast cursed to never feel the pleasures of life again. Not long after his life began to fall apart, his beloved wife succame to illness and passed on. His many enemies invaded his land and his sons were slaughtered in the fighting. Left with nothing, he decided to roam the land to find an opponent capable of defeating him. However, after centuries of fighting, and countless opponents felled by his blade, he grew weary. He retired to the mountain where he first received his cursed mask and built a small cabin and waited, meditating on his life, his actions. After 100 years of meditating a mysterious even happened, the sun set and then refused to rise again the next day. Kaguya was happy at this, as he saw it as a sign of the end of the world, and thus his life. However, he was disappointed when life continued. Nearly a month later a group of the current emperors soldiers came to him and offered him summons to His Majesty's court, curious he decided to attend.

Physical Kaguya has had lifetimes to perfect his sword skills to near superhuman levels.

Mental His centuries of battle has made him a master of tactics.

Relic Kaguya's relic is the Crimson Mempo. A cursed object given to him by an agent of the gods as punishment for his misdeeds. It has maintained Kaguya at the peak of physical health for centuries, forcing him to endure the loss of everything he once held dear and blinding him to earthly pleasures. the mask protects him from the ravages of age and sickness, preventing anything other than another being, man or beast, from ending his life.

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Name: Hitomi Sekichi (瞳 積知)
Age: 22
Sex: F
Appearance: Hitomi commands a presence of elegance with her tall, slender build and impeccable posture. Her long, raven hair is loosely drawn back and tied in the taregami style, falling to the small of her back. A few errant strands cling to the side of her oblong face. Two painted dots mark the inner corners of Hitomi's brow ridge, where one's eyebrows would normally be. Her smoky, almond shaped eyes betray no sign of emotion, cleanly separated by a petite nose. The young woman's regular ensemble consists of sandals, a conical hat with a translucent veil, and a jade kimono, which is tied with a teal obi and boasts a white and gold foliage pattern on its sleeves, waist, and hem. Combined with her afforementioned physique, this outfit serves to make her look not unlike a frail tree. Hitomi always carries calligraphy supplies, including brushes, inkstones, inksticks and mulberry paper. She also carries ink stored in liquid form for quick use.

Personality: Hitomi's behavior is very proper when in polite company. Otherwise, she's terse at best, and at worst downright dismissive. Arrogant to a fault, her respect is difficult to earn and arguably even more difficult to want. Often childish and petty, her penchant for retaining information means that she can hold a grudge with the best of them. Fortunately, her poor attitude is somewhat tempered by her inate curiosity, which sometimes borders on the naive. Despite her frosty exterior, Hitomi becomes flustered easily, especially where behavior she considers to be inappropriate is involved.

Background: Hitomi was born and bred to serve royalty. From an early age, she was separated from her parents and trained as a lady in waiting for a noble family in Shikame. Though she was taught various skills and duties that she would need to perform, she excelled in language and the art of calligraphy. For most of her life, she rarely ventured outside of her master's estate. She did her job as best she could, intimately familiarizing herself with every aspect of it until there was simply no more to be learned. When she tired of that, she began going through the estate's archives in her spare time, gleaning whatever she could about various subjects. Through these studies, Hitomi became aware of the existence of relics scattered throughout the continent, objects of unpeered craftsmanship that granted their supernatural abilities to whoever possessed them. She became taken with the idea of finding one of these relics and spent the next several years leveraging her status to track one down. Through powerful connections, diligent study, and no small amount of luck, she managed to locate one of these fabled items, a brush said to be able to write anything into being.

As she gripped the brush in her hand, Hitomi's heart pounded as if attempting to escape her body. She looked down at the blank sheet of paper on the desk before her as nervousness and excitement clouded the edges of her vision. In a moment, either she would experience soul-crushing disappointment, or many long years of searching would finally come to fruition. Ink began to drip onto the paper as the girl's shaking hand suspended the brush above it. Still, she couldn't bring herself to make the first stroke. Hitomi exhaled as a sudden clamour emanated from somewhere on the estate, glad for any excuse to put this off for just a few more minutes. Bringing her paper and brush with her, she stepped out into the hall to find the source of the disturbance, only to see a large man she didn't recognize carrying a bloodied spear. She immediately turned and ran in the opposite direction. As she made her way through the building, the sounds of combat became clearer. The clash of metal on metal, screams of pain, and perhaps most alarmingly, the sound of heavy footfalls growing louder behind her. With all the strength she could muster, Hitomi sprinted to the nearest exit and found herself outside. In the courtyard. The girl stopped running and collapsed to her knees, tears pooling at the corners of her eyes as she saw more armed men enter the courtyard from all sides. She was surrounded.
"Hand over the relic. Now." The man behind her spoke. The gravity in his voice made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to kill her if she did not comply. The girl did her best to wipe away her tears, holding up the brush in a posture of surrender. However, she could feel anger welling up inside of her. She had spent years pursuing this. It wasn't fair that she should have to give it up so easily. Hitomi's brow furrowed, her grip tightening on the brush and paper in her hands. Without thinking, she began to make a flurry of strokes on the sheet. The mercenary that had chased her down leaped toward her, shouting in protest, but it was too late. She made the final mark.

Physical Ability: Deft Hands - Hitomi's possesses remarkable manual dexterity and is skilled in any situation that calls for a light touch. A practiced calligrapher, she can beautifully and swiftly render characters with the utmost ease, even without a flat surface.
Mental Ability: Prim and Proper - Hitomi is well versed in the ways of high society and performs exceptionally well in the presence of nobility.
Relic: Brush of Zō-bun - The Brush of Zō-bun is an inkbrush made of ebony. The handle contains many small grooves that are golden in color. These grooves are rumored to contain the entire history of the world. Any single character written with this brush will become reality, though each character can only be used once a year.

Among the numerous gods of the world are three brothers called Zō-hi, Zō-ki, and Zō-bun. Zō-hi, the eldest brother, is a passionate and hardworking metalsmith that makes tools and weapons for the other gods. Zō-ki, the second oldest, is a loyal and diligent farmer that harvests crops to make sure there's always plenty to eat. Then there is Zō-bun, the youngest of the brothers, a quirky and whimsical poet who spends all day in his writing. Zō-hi and Zō-ki would often tease Zō-bun, calling him useless and indulgent for crafting words instead of something more practical. One day, Zō-bun became irritated with this behavior and challenged his brothers to see who was truly the greatest creator. Zō-ki was hesitant, but Zō-hi accepted the challenge right away. He lead his brothers to the middle of the ocean, then pulled out his hammer and went to work. All day and all night, he forged away. When the morning finally came, where there had once been only sea was now a large landmass filled with mountains and valleys, channels and caves. Seeing this, Zō-ki decided to participate as well. Again, he worked for a day and a night, plowing the land Zō-hi had made and sewing it with seeds. Come morning, the island was filled with lush vegetation and plantlife of all kinds. Zō-hi and Zō-ki looked down with satisfaction at the fruits of their labor. However, as they looked on, their smiles turned into grim lines.
"This is not right." Zō-hi said. "This is everything needed for life."
"There is food. Water. Shelter." Zō-ki concurred. "Why does it feel like something is missing?"
Without a word, Zō-bun withdrew a brush and paper and began to write. With each stroke, the island changed. Rivers that had once been stagnant began to flow. Animals died and were born anew. Before long, a boat arrived carrying humans, who began to settle the island. For years, Zō-bun continued to write, and his brothers continued to watch events unfold. Only after a century did Zō-bun stop, put down his brush, and speak.
"What you were missing," Zō-bun told his brothers, "Was a story."
It is said that when Zō-bun and his brothers departed the island, he left his brush behind so that somebody else could write a story of their own.

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[b]Name:[/b] Mocharatte Dai Hitto
[b]Age:[/b] 13
[b]Sex:[/b] Female
[b]Appearance:[/b] Mocharatte is about 4 foot 10 inches, with a thin build. Her hair is white and her eyes are blue, however they change to red while she uses her relic.
[b]Personality:[/b] She is mature and responsible for her age, however due to her past she can take things for granted. She doesn't really like being stuck with the job she's been given, but it is her new duty, and she is proud to serve the people. Usually she is quiet and even calculating, however a joyful atmosphere will have her cheerful and talkative.
[b]Background:[/b] Mocharatte is the princess of a Harratan mountain tribe. She is the golden child of the Dai Hitto dynasty. While training to wield her short sword effectively, she stumbled upon a powerful relic, and it's magic deemed her worthy to wield the ring. Using her relic, she pushed back the bandits and rival tribes that harassed them, and took their land for her people. During this process, she bonded with the spirit of the ring and left to explore the wilds with her new friend.

[b]Physical Ability:[/b] Night sight - near-perfect vision in dark or light.
[b]Mental Ability:[/b] Battle strategy expertise - Effective at the art of war and combat, Mocha makes an excellent general or lieutenant.
[b]Relic:[/b] A mysterious ring, with markings of bonds on the circlet, and a beautiful jeweled dragon statue in place of a simple jewel. Many are tempted to wear the ring, however doing so allows the spirit embedded within the ring to judge your worth. Be deemed worthy, and you shall befriend a life-sized dragon in the flesh. Be deemed unworthy, and the wise spirit will uncharacteristically turn tooth and claw upon you, and you shall become a part of the spirit of the ring.

Legend tells of a new relic, one created by the powers of the spirits. Deep within the mountains lies a temple where spirits can be transferred into objects. A village nearby was nearly destroyed after several attacks by a powerful dragon. In their desperation, they led the dragon to the temple, where the magical forces of the temple pulled the dragons spirit into the gem of an expensive ring. Few can wield it's power without being consumed instantly.

゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

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Name: Yoko Takekawa (横 竹河)
Age: 58
Sex: Female

Appearance: It’s hard to tell exactly how tall Yoko is, given that the hunch in her back induced by a life of farming rice makes her appear even shorter than she already is. A slender black staff grasped by her strong, age-worn hands supports her petite build, which she covers in a blue-grey traveling kimono of modest quality. Yoko’s hair is seldom visible under the deep blue bandana that she wears over it, but it has completely faded to grey. Smiling, dark brown eyes sit in the center of her roundish face, the whole of which is adorned in a truly venerable amount of wrinkles. Very much like her kimono, the rest of her apparel is of simple make: tatami waraji sandals and a brown cloth bag complete the ensemble. Her bag contains coin for two nights at an inn, a length of rope, 3 days’ rations and a waterskin full of a day’s worth of water.

Personality: If there’s one thing Yoko believes in, it’s tough love. She’s quick to rap young whippersnappers on the head with her staff, but stick around past the beating and you’ll likely find that you’ve somehow learned an important life lesson in the process. She speaks her mind when she sees fit (which is often), but does so out of a caring sense of generosity. Overall, Yoko would love nothing more than to see the world become a warmer, more loving place, even if achieving that world means knocking some sense into some noggins.

Background: Yoko grew up amongst the terraced hills of Song, the eldest child of a family of rice farmers. A simple village life encompassed her childhood, a period that she spent helping her parents take care of both their farm and of her ten siblings. She married at the age of 18, and lived happily as the newly wed wife of one of her childhood friends. Kichirou Takekawa was his name, and he was both a skilled flautist and a proficient wielder of the Songese bō staff. His tool for both disciplines was one and the same: a family heirloom passed down from his Hakotese ancestors, Kichirou’s intricately decorated long-flute was exceptional for both the softness of its music and the hardness of its strikes.

Two years into Yoko’s marriage, however, Yoikoro was once again swept up into war. A result of his renown as a bō-fighter, Kichirou was drafted off to the battlefield to serve the local lords. He was struck by an arrow in his first battle, and died some weeks later due to infection. News of his death came to Yoko heart-breakingly quickly, accompanied by her husband’s long-flute and a note from him telling Yoko that he loved her, that he was sorry that he had left her without children, and not to worry for him: he had died honorably defending his family.

Stricken with grief, Yoko moved back to her parents’ farm. When nothing brought her solace, she turned to the long-flute that her late husband had left her, thinking that perhaps she would find peace in its music. There were no flautists of Kichirou’s skill that Yoko could afford to hire, but she was determined to hear the flute’s song once more; thus she embarked on the long journey of a self-taught musician.

Decades passed. War ravaged the land, but Yoko’s family carried on. The farm was successful, and her younger siblings now all had families of their own. Yoko’s skill as a flautist blossomed after years and years of practice, eventually surpassing even that of her late husband. With her increase in proficiency came an odd change in the flute’s behaviour: whenever she played, the jade ornaments along the flute’s black body would radiate a warm light with every note. It was hard to tell what this power had been intended for aside from aesthetics, but one thing was clear: this was no ordinary flute.

Physical Ability: Strong Lungs - As a skilled flautist, Yoko has mastered breathing technique. She can breath silently when needed and can hold her breath longer than most.

Mental Ability: Sharpened Ear - Yoko has an ear for melodies, and can remember the lyrics and chords of nearly any tune she hears.

Relic: The Lover’s Flute

Takē was King of the toads. On all the island of Hakoto, no other toad was as influential, as graceful, as truly opulent as the great Takē. Even so, there was yet one thing Takē desired that he could not have; his heart was taken with a human. The daughter of one of the great poets of the time, she had grown up surrounded by theater, and she had learned to sing like the river and dance as flower petals upon it. Takē, accompanied by his most loyal toads, would hop onto the theater’s roof every evening to hear her performances, and he loved her more and more with each outing. When plays finished, Takē would hop out of the theater and onto the path outside the performer’s quarters, waiting for the poet’s daughter to pass by. When she did, he would croak as sweetly as his toad’s voice could, singing “I, Takē, love thee...” with every breath. Had the poet’s daughter taken time to listen closely, she would have heard the little toad pouring out his heart for her. But she didn’t, she couldn’t, and all she heard were mournful sounds blending into the night air. The truth was that, as beautiful and talented as the poet’s daughter was, her family pressured her still to live up to her father’s fame, to better herself, to become the most skilled performer in the land. So with all the times she hurried out of the performer’s quarters, Takē went unnoticed, and along with his flourishing love, frustration grew as well.

“I would give her all that is fit for a queen, and yet she pays me no heed.” Takē lamented to his attendants as he sat enthroned in his swamp. His servant toads were quick to remind him that, while he was a King, he was also a toad, and the toad’s gift was patience until the end of time. And so Takē resolved to wait, knowing that all would come together so long as he did.

One summer evening, early in the season, Takē felt that his love for the poet’s daughter was no longer alone. His eyes passed over the audience, but found nothing. He scoured the stage hands, but came up empty again. Then, hidden away among the musicians, he saw a young flautist gazing not at his part, but at his muse. Even Takē had to admit that it was impressive. The music being played was among the most difficult the toad had ever heard, yet this man had memorized it in order to lift his eyes towards his love as much as possible. Takē knew that even though he was a King, he as a toad could not compete with this man’s inspired passion. Hope faded from Takē’s heart, and as his love grew to frustration, so his frustration turned to grief. A month passed, then another. Takē still visited the theater, but all the joy was gone. The poet’s daughter and the flautist had taken a liking to each other, and seeing them together ate at Takē’s mind.

The toad king’s servants informed him that the young flautist was preparing to propose to his love. Seeing an opportunity, Takē went to work. Waiting in his usual spot outside the performer’s quarters, Takē hailed the young flautist. The latter was taken aback, at first, but quickly remembered that he was a character in a legend and that stranger things than talking toads happened all the time. Takē spoke - “I know what you seek, but are too poor to find. You wish for a beautiful wedding ring to give to your love, and I, Takē, king of the toads, will help you find it.” The flautist couldn’t believe his ears, but continued listening. It wasn’t every day that a talking toad offered to help you, after all. “Travel to the fire mountain, to the eastern swamp; there grows the finest bamboo in all of my kingdom. Once you arrive, cut down the finest stalk you see, and carve a flute from it. Use this new flute in your concerts, and sand off the end of the flute after each performance; in this way, after a thousand nights of song, you will have a ring into which you have poured music and life and love.”

Awed by such a small creature providing him with such great wisdom, the young flautist, not knowing that you aren’t supposed to trust jealous, vengeful toad kings, followed Takē’s advice immediately. He organized supplies for the journey, told the poet’s daughter that he would be back soon with a surprise, and set off. Upon finding the bamboo forest of which Takē spoke, he promptly selected a choice shaft, got out his carving tools, and set to work. The flautist carved the day away and kept on throughout the night, detailing the bamboo shaft with ornament after ornament. This was to be his bride’s wedding ring, after all. He spared no effort in its completion.

Meanwhile, however, Takē had not been idle. He sent an ambassador to his cousin, the Emperor of salamanders, master of flame and fire. Takē asked the Emperor if he would be so kind as to ignite the island’s volcano the next morning. Not seeing through Takē’s murderous intent, the Emperor agreed, stating that they hadn’t cleaned out the volcano in a while and it was time for a maintenance eruption anyway. The next morning, sure enough, the entire island of Hakoto trembled under the wrath of the fire mountain. The flautist, in a deep sleep from his full night’s work, did not hear the river of flame come for him. He, along with the flute, was swept away in the flow.

The Emperor of salamanders was a bit of a show-off, however. Whenever he did something, it was showy and off the charts. He gave Takē an eruption for the history books, with record magma flows blazing all throughout the island. Unprepared, villagers everywhere were caught off guard and trapped in the flames. Among them, Takē’s beloved theater, the performers still in it, the poet’s daughter, all were swept away and taken by fire. The toad king’s own subjects survived, hiding in the swamp, but Takē soon abdicated as their ruler. He was overcome with a terrible guilt, and took to wandering the land in search of peace.

Takē’s years of self-imposed exile were long and lonely. Accompanied only by his husk of a conscience, there seemed to be nowhere he could rest without fearing that his selfishness might bring disaster there too. Eventually, in a forest near the sea, Takē heard what could not be mistaken: the sound of a flute on the wind. He wanted nothing more than to run away, far away from the sound, but he had been compelled. He hopped on, closer and closer to the source, until he saw it. A flute, black as jet and charred by flame, its ornamentation beautifully intricate, every aspect of its design inspired by love. It was held aloft by the remains of a skeleton, and its tip had been sanded off.


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Name: Chouko Sasaki [ 蝶子佐々木 ]

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Appearance: Chouko is a tall, gangly sort of girl, with a wide, gap-toothed smile and eyes forever locked in grinning crescents. She wears her soot black hair in two messy low buns, the leftmost of which is adorned with a lovely hairstick. Chouko is quite fond of her takuhatsugasa hat, and with good reason – it’s great for taking naps. Her regular garb is comprised of a plain white han juban over which she wears an orange and black happi, while her legs are covered with a simple washed green hemp monpe. Her feet sport tatami waraji sandals.

Chouko is seldom seen without her bamboo messenger pole, at the end of which she keeps a cloth filled with at least a dozen daifuku, a carving knife, a wooden bowl and set of chopsticks, and, of course, the all-important messages that she delivers. Chouko also keeps a water skin strapped firmly across her shoulder and chest.

Personality: “Chouko brings the rain,” the village elders say, “because her pretty head is always in the clouds.” The elders are fond of understatement.

Chouko is carefree as a sparrow, a girl of perpetual good humour enamored with the simple pleasures of life. The glory of a golden sunrise, the refreshing vitality of climbing a tree after a torrential downpour, and the mouth-watering goodness of a large bowl of white rice; these are her reasons to live. Most of all, however, Chouko loves to run. She thrives on the feeling of the wind whipping against her face as she sprints across field and forest, river and mountain pass.

Despite redefining lackadaisical, Chouko does take her job as regional messenger very seriously. She is gullible to a fault, and indeed may not have a single discerning bone in her body. Her philosophy is always to trust and be hurt rather than to hurt by withholding trust, and thankfully – or perhaps unfortunately – for her she has yet to suffer for her polyannism. Chouko sometimes wishes that she had been born a man, if only so her poor father would stop worrying about no one wanting to marry her.

Background: Chouko’s father, Okuyukashii Sasaki, was a soldier in the service of Lord Shishi Zubon, a significant obstacle to Emperor Ryuken’s conquest of Yoikoro. Following the defeat of Zubon and the ultimate victory of Ryuken, Okuyashii retired with his wife and young daughter to the rice fields of Harida, eager to begin a life of simplicity and peace. This was the perfect environment for the absent-minded Chouko, who, silent and somber in the first years of her life, blossomed in the countryside. She made friends with the birds and flowers in addition to the village children, among whom she was the chief perpetrator of mischief. Her smile brought hope to the farmers still recovering from the long war, and her laugh made the air sing. All was well until Chouko’s thirteenth birthday.

On the day the girl was to come of age, her village was struck by a terrible monsoon. The girl and her father raced to the neighbouring village to request aid, only to discover that the storm was laying waste to the homes of their friends as well. They returned, distraught, and were greeted by the entirety of their village, standing in the storm, mouths agape. It wasn’t long before father and daughter learned that the tempest had lifted as soon as they had gone, and returned with them. An ill omen indeed.

Eventually the rain subsided, but clouds still loomed in the sky above. A messenger from the neighbouring village arrived, explaining that the mysterious storm had come and gone with the arrival and departure of Okuyukashii and his daughter. This confirmed in the minds of the village elders what they already suspected; Chouko’s coming of age had revealed her as an ameonna, a rain woman, bringer of misfortune.

It was terrible luck for a village to harbour an ameonna, but the people of Chouko’s home loved her too greatly to cast her out. So it was that they determined to transform this curse into a blessing. The already swift Chouko was made the official regional messenger, responsible for the majority of communications between the farming villages of Harida. The community kept her very busy – and, by consequence, far away; it seemed as though there was always a message to be sent somewhere. In times of drought, Chouko would be sent to deliver a message to the areas most severely affected. And, more oft than not, the rain would follow her.

Though Chouko’s fortune had once again turned for the better – she was well-loved, her arrival seen now as a fortuitous sign, and she was free to run for days on end – her father fretted still. He worried – justifiably so – that his daughter’s condition would be an insurmountable barrier to marriage. Desperate to find a way to rid his daughter of the curse that he firmly believed she bore, he made use of his old connections with upper society to research possible remedies to the ameonna phenomenon. Amidst his searching, Okuyashii stumbled upon the Ameonna no Namida, a beautiful hairstick of immaculate make and design buried deep within the archives of Lord Kowai Zubon, son of the deceased Shishi and sworn servant of Emperor Ryuken. Okuyashii was immediately taken with the object, and determined to offer it to his daughter. Though he was skeptical of the truth behind the inscription on the case, he thought it could do no harm to the girl to have a wind spirit on her side. Perhaps Kamaitachi would blow the clouds away.

A few more favours called in, and the ex-soldier was able to acquire the ornament. The thing was of no great importance to Kowai Zobun, who was glad to aid (and finally be rid of) a man that had served his father with such loyalty. What was naught but a trinket to Zobun was to Okuyashii the only potential solution to his daughter’s problem that he had found in a year of searching. Exhausted but moderately hopeful, he made his way home. It was the dry season, and crops were suffering. The heat beat down relentlessly, but as Okuyashii wiped his brow and gazed toward the horizon, he smiled. A figure was coming at him on foot, approaching at remarkable speed. It was none other than his daughter. The two embraced, rejoicing at being reunited after a year of separation. Chouko’s father handed her her gift, which she graciously accepted. The Namida fit her beautifully, though she wore naught but her regular travelling cloths. Okuyashii stood there, contemplating his daughter, proud of the young woman that she was becoming. Then, he collapsed.

Panicked, Chouko placed her father on her back and did the only thing that she knew how: run. Tears flying behind her, she raced back to the city in search of a doctor. Fortunately, her father knew a man in medicine, an old friend whom Chouko had met when she was but a child. She prayed that his practice had remained in the same building and brought her father to his door. The man answered, and, visibly taken aback, took them in. As her father lay on the futon, recovering from what thankfully had been but a simple case of heatstroke, the doctor sat on the floor, a look of s**** playing on his face as he sipped his tea.

“I did not know you remained in the city, Okuyashii my friend,” he said, clearly puzzled. “I had thought you gone three days ago.”

Physical Ability: Windrunner - Chouko is incredibly fleet-footed. Rumour has it that she once raced a horse across a mountain - and that it’s rider found her waiting on the other side with a bushel of apples for the winded animal.

Mental Ability: Windtuition - Chouko has an uncanny ability to read and predict the weather. She often predicts rain.

Relic: 雨女の涙 - Ameonna no Namida - The Rain Woman’s Tear

The Rain Woman’s Tear is a hair stick of great beauty. The immaculately polished wood shines a luscious red brown, inlaid with golden floral patterns. Atop the object sits a blue kyanite gemstone of unparalleled purity. The case in which it is kept when not worn is inscribed with a poem describing the power of the object.

The wind favours she whom with the tear adorns her hair.
She will be fleet of foot, and the spirit of the wind will guard her every step.
She will leap over great chasms and tread on the sky.
The earth will be her guide, and whisper to her things unknown.
When Kamaitachi smiles, she will fly.

The Tale of Mizuko and Kazeda
On the creation of the Ameonna no Namida

Long ago, in the mountains of Harida, there lived a beautiful shrine maiden. Her name was Mizuko. Mizuko was gentle, and her heart filled with kindness; she cared deeply for all living things. Yet in spite of this she lived alone, far away from people, for upon her was a deep and terrible curse. Misfortune lay in her shadow, and catastrophe befell any man upon whom it was cast. So it was that she spent her days caring for the inhabitants of the mountain glades, and in time she had learned to speak to the trees and animals that were her friends.

One morning, as she lay basking in the heat of a new dawn, Mizuko heard a terrible crash. Surprised, she wondered at what creature could have made such a sound. “It could not be the bear,” she thought, “for he is still sleeping. Nor could it be the monkey,” she continued mulling as she stood, her worry and curiosity rapidly growing, “for he is much too nimble and much too considerate to make such noise at this hour.”

Mizuko ran in the direction of the sound, towards the river crossing, as fast as her legs would take her. To her horror, she found that the old tree that had served as a bridge over the ravine was gone; it now lay broken at the foot of the precipice. As she peered over the edge, careful not to fall, she could make out another shape next to the split log. There lay a man, grievously wounded from the fall.

Gingerly, Mizuko made her way down the steep incline, placing each foot warrilly so as to avoid a fate similar to that of the man that she sought to help. Only as she reached the shore did she notice the large white weasel staring at her through narrowed eyes, fangs bared. The creature blocked her way and gazed at her intently, as though it were judging whether to allow her near the man. Then, to Mizuko’s great shock, it spoke. Not in the manner of beasts or birds, nor that of greenery. No, this weasel spoke like a man.

“I am Kamaitachi,” said the beast. Its voice was concurrently rich and hollow, as though it were speaking through a giant pan flute. “I bid thee save the life of my friend, for still he draws breath.” The weasel gestured with its long, elegant paw to the man sprawled in the dirt, bleeding profusely. Mizuko understood then that what stood before her was no mere weasel, but a wind spirit. She clapped her hands together, and, bowing slightly, acknowledged its request. “If thou wouldst carry he and I to my home, oh spirit,” she replied modestly, “I will do for him what I can.”

The beast nodded and closed its eyes for an instant. Then, without warning, it snapped its head skywards, and its powerful legs propelled the creature high above the river. A great gust of wind followed it, picking up the man and the maiden as with giant, gentle arms. The pair was carried up to meet the weasel in the clouds, and following a soft breeze they floated towards the shrine, and Mizuko’s home.

For several days the shrine maiden tended to the man’s wounds, and all the while Kamaitachi watched over them with great diligence. Whenever Mizuko needed another medicinal herb, or more water, the weasel would disappear in a gust of wind. Moments later, he would reappear with whatever was needed. Mizuko stayed perpetually by the man’s side, moving gradually around the house each day to avoid casting her shadow over him. She was very glad for the company of her new friends, but she dreaded what other terrors might befall the man were she inadvertently to place her curse upon him.

When the man was well enough to speak, Mizuko learned that his name was Kazeda. He was a great hunter, renowned in the neighboring province of Kyuriko for his skill. In his travels he had become friends with Kamaitachi the wind weasel, and the two of them had been tracking down an ogre that had been stealing and eating goats from the mountain farms of the area. Its trail had led them to the river bridge, but the log that had been strong for centuries had given way when they passed.

Mizuko continued to tend to Kazeda as he recovered his strength, and in time the two came to love each other. The hunter promised the shrine maiden that once he had killed the ogre, he would return to marry her. At this her heart leapt with joy, and she decided to keep secret from him the truth of her curse. After all, she had managed to save him, and no further harm had come to him. Perhaps he would be the one to free her. They parted at twilight of the 44th day since the man’s arrival, and already Mizuko felt the pangs of loneliness return. Her joy become sadness, but her sadness was quickly turned to grief. For as she waved goodbye one last time, the sun rose behind her, and a brief flicker of her long shadow passed over Kazeda’s face. Horrified, she turned away and ran, face buried in her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks. The hunter thought nothing more of this, thinking that his beloved was merely saddened to see him depart. He vowed again to return for her, professed his undying love, and was on his way. It rained that day.

Four months passed. One morning, as Mizuko came out the door of her home, she was taken aback. Before her stood the weasel, Kamaitachi, and at his feet the man she loved, bruised and bleeding profusely. Immediately she bid them enter and set to work, once again tending to Kazeda’s grievous wounds.

“There was a mountain slide,” explained Kamaitachi as he watched her work. “My friend slew the ogre some weeks ago and was on his way to tell you the good news. The mountain fell on him as he passed. I have brought him to you, for still he draws breath.”

Four months she tended to him, and once more the weasel guarded over them. When Kazeda was well enough to stand, Mizuko broke down in tears before him. She revealed all she knew of the curse that plagued her and begged his forgiveness for hiding it from him. Kazeda knelt down and, caressing her head, once again professed his love for her. “Forgive me, shrine maiden,” he spoke softly, pressing her against his chest. “I am in no state to take you as my bride. I will leave once more, and when I return I will have amassed riches enough to build you a home where you will never see your shadow again.”

Again they parted at twilight, and again Kazeda vowed to return. This time, the shrine maiden was silent, for though her heart ached still at the thought of being apart, she feared for the hunter’s life should he come back for her. It rained that day.

Four times four seasons went by, and Mizuko despaired. In the light of a grey morning, as she was coming back from the river, bucket of water in hand, she found herself wishing that she might see her love once more. She knew it to be a selfish wish, but still she hoped that he might somehow return to her unscathed. At that moment she looked up, and there, waiting for her atop the hillcrest, was Kamaitachi. The maiden’s face became pale. Her bucket hit the ground as she ran towards the weasel. There, at his feet, was her beloved. She fell to her knees, eyes filled with tears, and touched his face. He was clad not in the hunter’s garb by which she had known him, but in the armour of a great warrior. In his back, however, were a thousand arrows, each piercing deeper than the last.

“My friend slew the dragon that slept in the East,” said the weasel. “And from this deed he acquired great power and riches. He was on his way to tell you the good news when he was attacked by ten thousand bandits. For every ten he slew nine, but still one thousand arrows found him. I have brought him to you, for still he draws breath.”

Four times four seasons Mizuko nursed Kazeda back to health, as Kamaitachi and the animals watched over them. On the day Kazeda could speak, Mizuko stood before him. This time she did not cry. Instead, restraining the part of her that wanted nothing more than to be with this man the rest of her days, she pleaded with him never to return, for his sake and hers.

“Three times you have come to me,” she said, “and three times your life was forfeit. If not for Kamaitachi, you would have died. Should you come looking for me a fourth time” – a deep sadness could be heard in her voice, though she tried to hide it – “I daren’t think what might happen. Perhaps not even the spirit of the wind could save you.”

With great reluctance, the hunter agreed. He had seen the pain in her eyes while she laboured over him. No longer should she be made to endure it. When Kazeda was fully recovered, they met once more in the twilight of a grey dawn to bid each other a final farewell. Rain poured around them. And as they embraced for the last time, Mizuko shed a single tear from each eye. Each was perfectly clear, filled with love and anguish, a perfect twin of the other.

Now Kamaitachi, who had been watching, felt compassion for them, and wished not to see his friend suffer so. With a breath he caught Mizuko’s tears before they touched the ground, and brought them to himself. They were of an absolute purity, and through his power, the wind spirit formed them into two blue gems of kyanite, radiant and beautiful. Plucking a whisker from each side of his snout, he bound them to the stones. The whiskers became like polished wood, and as the rain fell on them and the weasel blew on his creations, magnificent patterns of gold like flowers and leaves took shape.

Kamaitachi presented the pair of hair sticks to the couple, and spoke this blessing upon them: “My friends,” he said, solemnly. “At your parting I present to you these gifts. They are tears in rain, the tears of Ameonna. Within them is the voice of the wind. Wherever thou art, wear these and the words of your heart will be lifted across the sky and be joined to one another. In this way, though apart you be, if still you breath, forever will you reside in each other’s presence. As I have spoken, let it be so.”

Never again did the lovers see each other, though through the gifts of Kamaitachi they were together in spirit for the rest of their lives. Mizuko tended to her mountain glade well into her old age, and, according to legend, she ate so little after the day Kazeda left that she died without a shadow. Kazeda continued to travel and hunt until the end of his days. Some say that he discovered the Well of Eternity and perished by falling into the abyss therein. Kazeda’s tear plunged with him to the center of the earth and was lost to the world.

It is said that those who come into possession of Mizuko’s tear can hear the voices of the earth itself carried on the wind. They know what they could not, and all around them things align to safeguard their passage. Some have even suggested that when the wind is right, when Kamaitachi is watching, he who wears the Ameonna no Namida can rise with the wind like the clouds themselves and learn to soar.

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Name: Umiko Ryuujin (previously: Umiko Satoriyama)
Age: 34
Sex: Female
Appearance: Short and fierce featured, Umiko has been likened to a claw or fang. Her skin is pale and her hair dark and short, cropped to a point just below her chin on her left side, hiding a missing ear, while the ear on the right bears an earring that dangles with an actual tooth or claw of some creature. Her banded tunic has only one sleeve, appropriate for her one braced arm, while her trousers are much more mundane. One top of these clothes she wears a small satchel on her right leg, a ninjato around her waist hanging off the small of her back and handle leaning to right, and her artifact, a perfect blue scarf that matches her eyes, lazily flowing around her neck- even when there is no wind to move it so.
Personality: Umiko used to lead not with respect, but fear, not to actually lead, but to makes sure others followed a better path. She still has that desire to lead others down a good path, but is now much more aloof in her ways. She is often short with people and shows little respect for others, however she has a certain way about her to distinguish if she's actually trying to be insulting or just playful, thought it might be hard to tell- although she's a malleable as water when it comes to changing plans, her humor is ironically a little dry. She often finds ways to get out of trouble, or if she feels like it, get into trouble, and will happily bring her companions along for the ride, even though she will often be the follower in the shadows.
Background: Umiko was born in a village simply known as Satori's village on a rocky coast somewhere she has long forgotten the location of to a weaver and an man of unknown origin, though, with his white skin, blue eyes, and golden hair her mother swore he was a sea angel. Umiko and her mother were not treated nicely due to this, and mostly begged and scavenged for food, Umiko learning and using ever more devious tactics to keep a fully belly, however once her mother got sick, no amount of hunting and stealing from fruit stands would keep her alive. "Luckily" her mother would be chosen as a sacrifice to the sea dragon that lived nearby due to the sickness, and Umiko would be treated slightly better for a time. Until she was also chosen as a sacrifice.

She did not go quietly or quickly like her mother, but in the end she was thrown in the cave and locked away anyways, without causing much harm to her capturers. Inside she found the many bones of girls and women before her, all piled away from one certain skeleton with a perfect blue scarf. They must have thought it was the dragon, "a beautiful blue snake of tremendous wrath". Even her mother, wherever her bones lay in the cave. Not content to be trapped or cold she took the scarf, thanking the bones of the woman who bore it, her fate seemly worst then most the others, each leg and arm broken, and tried to squeeze past the boulder that block her. Every day as she grew thinner she tried harder, and so did the scarf, acting as another pair of hands almost, until one day she was free. Unable to support herself the scarf acted as her legs and as she reach Satori's village she cried out. "Fools that you are, you would try to sacrifice his daughter to him? It is I Umiko now Ryuujin, I am the dragon born from the sea, returning with the gift of my father!" As she said this the scarf around her grew in size and claws of ice formed on it's tips, only to crash through a home. "Beg me for your lives and I might spare you. Kinder I am then my father."

From then on people always bowed before Umiko, willing or no as she began to carve out territory in eastern hijimage, only stopping to ally with it's lord when the great army appeared. Her ninja were a great obstacle, but alas, none could stop the man that would slay the great sea dragon. Mushimoto Ryuken.

Although she tells it a bit different, the even match didn't last long after he drew his sword. The snicker-snack of the blade not phasing her until she raised her sword to stab the man in the back when he turned and returned his own blade to it's bed. But her blow never came, seconds later hair realized it was cut and wisped away in front of her, her left ear and arm gone long ago from the same cut, so clean her arm forgot to bleed. To this day she can still feel it there, but only through the grace of the soon to be ruler of all men. He spared her for her skill, but in trade her ninja would conquer the rest of hijikage for him. It was too easy.

Umiko stepped down into legend then, a few say she actually died and now haunts the emperor, although in truth she trains some of his must trusted ninja for him in secret, and thus visits on occasion though still few know. For the few real friends he has, surprisingly the vengeful ninja is one of his greatest.

Physical Ability: Slippery Devil - Umiko's small athletic build lends her a great skill, the ability to easily squeeze in and out of tight spots. With hand or rope it's nearly impossible to bind her, and small spaces that would prevent a normal person from passing merely provides her a short lived nuisance.
Mental Ability: Small Packages - Umiko has the knowledge to make common ninja gear such as smoke bombs, black eggs, and bolas, given the right materials. She can also use any of these tools with proficiency.
Relic: It was a long time ago Satori Himeyaka spun and weaved. A time when it was not unusual for every village to live under fear, or protection, of a great beast. In the case of Satori's village it was a powerful and vain water dragon that demanded ever more beautiful gifts every ten years it would appear. It was so great in it's beauty that the second time it appeared in Satori's life she was inspired to make clothing of equal beauty.

Every one that shopped with her was given such beautiful clothes in a short amount of time, but no one had ever seen her work. At the being of her ninth year creating so a great ruler commissioned her, and was surprised when she said it would take exactly a year to complete, for a garb fitting of a king would take 100 times the time it took for a pauper. And at the end of the year she delivered a garb unlike any before to the ruler, but it was the same day the dragon returned to village. The dragon was enraged that the ruler's gift far exceeded his own offering and proclaimed her would destroy the town unless he was given something 100 times better.

"Oh great dragon" Satori proclaimed. "I may be the plainest thing you have ever seem, but it is I who made such a beautiful garb, mere practice so that one day I could make one to rival your beauty as a gift to use. Please take me and leave the village until your next offering!"

"While you are far from plain, you are not beautiful enough to met my demands. However I am intrigued by your offer, so I will destroy half of your village, and if you cannot make for me the most beautiful gift, I will return to finish the job."

And without further protest it swept up Satori and destroyed no more or less then it said before carrying her back to it's lair. A cave made of colorful shell, light dancing off the water and onto the walls, the cave was almost as beautiful as it's host.

"Now work, and in ten years I will awake to claim my beautiful apparel."

"Wait great dragon, you must know, it took me a year to make the ruler's garb, and he was but a hundredth as important, great, and beautiful as you. It will take 100 years to perfect yours as a result."

"So be it," the great beast claimed, "but if this is a trick, it will not be only your village I return to destroy, but all of mankind."

And with that it fell asleep. Satori wasted no time as she began, beginning as she always did, first a strand of her own hair, followed by a strand of the employer. Next she began to weave these things with an item the employer worked with, in this case it was the very water she began weaving. Next came the air of the hearth, and the light that danced on their face, so soon the walls of the cave became gray and rough. Next came objects of pure beauty, for this she spun three, first she took a whole winter to make a single thread, second her own ability to bear life, but these things still seemed pale, and would not appease the great dragon so she used the only thing that could possibly be so beautiful.

As the dragon woke on it's final day of 100 years of sleep it asked, "Are you done with my gift little one?"

"One last stitch," Satori replied, then sowed it's mouth shut completing her master piece.

It was then she left the cave and returned to her village, but the villagers did not welcome her. For 100 years none had seen the dragon, but they heard about it. Long and blue, the most beautiful snake swaying like the sea. They attacked the woman-dragon fearing it had returned to finally destroy them. They broke it's limbs and threw it back in it's dwelling and closed the entrance with a massive rock. To tired and understanding Satori shed not a tear, but her scarf weeped for her.

Umiko's relic is the Whiskers of the Water Dragon, a beautiful blue scarf that moves like it's alive, and has the power to change into the various states of water- liquid, mist, and ice.

When my eyes be rollin'
The haters get goin'
The seeds I'm sowin'
With a smile I'm flowin'
And if I be trollin'
Ya never be knowin'
'Cause when the haters get goin'
My eyes just start a-rollin'

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Name: Hideki (英樹)
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Appearance: Perhaps Hideki's most distinguishing feature is his incredibly long, straight black hair. He always wears it down, and it reaches to his waist. Combined with his delicate features and rounded, oval face, he is fairly effeminate and often confused for a woman (much to his dismay). His dark brown eyes are narrow and cold. Hideki rarely shows much facial expression, his face instead carefully neutral unless an extreme emotion catches him off guard.
His clothes are simple: a brown hemp kimono and black hakama. He wears no shoes, and the soles of his feet have become dark and callused as a result. He carries his bow over his back, along with a quiver holding only three arrows.
Personality: Ever since he was a child, Hideki preferred animals to humans. He has a great contempt for the vast majority of people, thinking them all pretentious, fake, and untrustworthy. However, he is not needlessly rude, but rather very polite, while his every word carries across his strong distaste for others. If people aren't driven away by that, then his pessimistic worldview will get them.
Hideki is incredibly observant, and will file away things he notices about people in case he needs them for future reference. His polite demeanor only lasts as long as he feels he needs to keep it up. If he believes it is beneficial, he will be incredibly blunt without regard for people's feelings.
On the other hand, Hideki absolutely loves animals. He will willingly give food to any stray dog that crosses his path and finds it easy to befriend them. He much prefers their company to humans', and absolutely detests people who needlessly harm them. This doesn't mean he won't kill and eat animals, but he does not do it needlessly, and tries his best to make their deaths as painless and clean as possible.
Background: Hideki's contempt for humanity isn't entirely without reason. He had an incredibly poor childhood. His mother was mentally ill and incapable of taking care of a child. His father fled before he was born, leaving only a bow and a single arrow behind. (To this day, Hideki refuses to acknowledge he ever had a last name to spite him). For the most part, Hideki was practically self-raised, with occasional help from a few of his mother's relatives, who took pity on the poor boy but weren't willing to take on the responsibility of another mouth to feed. He became frustrated with his mother, his father, and eventually all of humanity.
One day, when Hideki was becoming a young adult, his mother fell ill. Her condition worsened until she eventually died. With her death, Hideki felt he was finally free. He fled, bringing only the clothes on his back and the bow and arrow his father had left. For some years, he wandered throughout the countryside, largely avoiding human contact and hunting for food. He discovered that the arrow would never break and never miss its target, and used this ability to his full advantage, though he would have to go to great pains to retrieve the arrow at times.
Eventually, Hideki found a long-abandoned home high on the mountains, isolated in nature. While searching through it, he found two other arrows, identical to the arrow he already possessed, though with different arrowheads and a different abilities. He settled into the house, and found a content existence there, where he thought he was untouched by the rest of society.
Then one morning the sun failed to come up. Distressed by this inexplicable change, Hideki blamed it on man's folly. Not too long after, a messenger appeared on his doorstep with a summons from the emperor. Despite his misgivings, Hideki decided his dislike for people was less important than getting to the bottom of this mystery, and so he agreed to go on the expedition.
Physical Ability: Undeterred - No matter how steep the climb is, or how difficult the path may seem, Hideki can climb, cross, and travel any form of terrain thanks to his living in nature for so long.
Mental Ability: All-Seeing Eye - Hideki observes everything, and is able to use the information he collects to predict people's reactions to things or a chain of events with almost uncanny accuracy.
Relic: The Five Arrows - Five arrows (duh), each made of bamboo with red lacquer, all fletched with eagle feathers, and seemingly unbreakable. However, each arrow has a different ability, and a different arrowhead to match. The Straight Arrow has a simple pointed arrowhead and is unfailingly accurate. The Singing Arrow has a kaburi-ya arrowhead and creates a miniature whirlwind wherever it impacts. The Spring Arrow has an elegant willow-leaf arrowhead, and (somewhat counterintuitively) has the ability to heal minor wounds, or to grow plants if it lands on the ground. The Slicing Arrow has a split, karimata arrowhead, and will cut through anything. Finally, the Sinister Arrow has a chisel-shaped arrowhead, and will strike dead whatever it touches. Interestingly, it is the only arrow fletched with a feather from the left wing of the eagle; the rest have a feather from the right wing.
Of these five arrows, Hideki possesses only three: the Straight Arrow, the Singing Arrow, and the Spring Arrow.
The Legend of the Bowmaster and the Five Arrows
There is a legend spoken of by the people who live on the mountain. Once, among them, was a man who was unrivaled in his ability with the bow and arrow. It is said he could cut a leaf falling at the foot of the mountain in half with an arrow shot from the very peak. His skill had been honed over years of practice, and he was incredibly proud of what he had accomplished.
However, after some time, the bowmaster became displeased. "I can no longer improve upon my skill," he said. "I have reached the peak of man's proficiency with the bow." He felt he had lost his purpose in life. Surely there must be some way left to continue to improve his art.
In despair, the bowmaster traveled far and wide looking for an answer. During his travels, he hunted for his food with bow and arrow. One day, he happened across a golden deer. Confused, but hungry, he nonetheless raised his bow and was about to nock the arrow when he heard the deer speak.
"I know you are a good man," the deer said, "and I beg of you to spare my life. You could kill me with a single arrow. If you spare my life, I will grant you one wish." The bowmaster, startled, immediately lowered his bow.
"I wish to know what remains to improve my skill," the bowmaster said. "There must be some secret knowledge you know of, spirit, that remains for me to learn."
The deer shook its head sadly. "I am afraid that I cannot grant that. If there is any knowledge left to learn, it is knowledge lost forever. You are the true master of the bow."
The bowmaster began to despair, only for the deer to continue on. "Perhaps rather than the bow, you should learn the crafting of an arrow."
This confused the bowmaster at first, but before he could ask the deer to explain, he looked up and realized it was gone. Still hungry, but now with a new thought in mind, the bowmaster returned home. Although of course he already knew how to make an arrow, he practiced as he had practiced with the bow for years, traveling the world in search of those who could teach him. As his skills grew, he began creating unique arrows with supernatural abilities. The first could not miss. The second harnessed the power of the winds. The third brought life. The fourth was able to cut through anything.
The fifth arrow the bowmaster created while on his deathbed. As he finished it, it is said his soul became part of the arrow, and that is what granted it its deadly ability.
After his death, no one know exactly what happened to the bowmaster's arrows. Some say his home was looted and the arrows were stolen. Others say that he gave them away to some of his pupils. Most believe that they have simply been lost to time, as no one knows exactly where the bowmaster lived or where he stored the arrows. It is said that only someone as equally skilled as the bowmaster will be able to find them and use their power.


Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:32 am
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Name: 武蔵坊 鬼若まる (Musashibo Oniwakamaru)

Age: 39

Sex: Male

Appearance: Oniwakamaru towers over others like a giant. His advanced age has seen the start of the salting of his hair and the wrinkling of his skin. His brows and short beard are the only evidence of the former however. His head is shaved clean, rounding out the shape of his head. Wide are his dark eyes and mouth, further reinforcing his larger than life physique.

Oniwakamaru is clothed in the traditional robes of an ascetic. What was once a pristine white silk attire has now been sullied by the elements, its colouration now veering towards a pale grey. Atop his head and flowing down his back is the Forest Mother's Hide. The mantle is a furskin of a great black and white tiger. It includes the upper half of the tiger's head and the hide reaches all the way down Oniwakamaru back. Around his waist is a satchel, serving both to hold his meagre belongings and to tie the lower half of his garments together and keep them in place.

Oniwakamaru carries with him a walking stick which is actually a sheathed yari. It is only slightly longer than Oniwakamaru is tall. Its blade is easily the length of a man's forearm. There are no ornaments or adornments in its design. There is merely a small hook just below the blade from which he suspends his begging bowl.

Personality: Oniwakamaru prizes honesty and directness. Evil arises from the absence of good, where falsehoods begin and propagate, and where darkness conceals it from sight. Consequently he has little good to say of the court, and courtiers in general. Their elaborate and unnecessary social plays only seek to deceive others for their own gain. It should be that one can cut through all obstacles to arrive at the truth of the world than to merely sidestep and avoid it altogether.

Background: There exists an order ascetic spiritualists, beyond that of the typical souhei, who believe there is a fundamental truth to the world that many are blinded to by their worldliness. As such, they retreat to mountains and glades, meditating on nature and their place in it. Orphaned and unwanted, the Demon Child from Musashi, Oniwakamaru was found by a hermit who was passing through his town. He took the giant malformed child as his own and continued on his pilgrimage. Old master and young boy would teach each other and live off the land. Together they sought the fundamental truth of the world. Along the way, Oniwakamaru would acquire the skills that typically exemplified souhei of the day. Mastery of the spear, of the spiritual, and of the self were what he learned.

Many called souhei the, "unwanted s****." Half the time they accompanied lords on campaigns, bringing war and sometimes famine, the other half they asked for alms. Most of all, their presence often brought unsolicited help or vague advice that were not immediately apparent. It was a rare occasion that a souhei could be of immediate use. In one such occasion, in his nineteenth summer did Oniwakamaru lend assistance to a village within Kozan's southern forest. Its fields had been swept away by a landslide. The villagers' lamentations were only matched by their reticence to clear and work their fields anew. Having grown in to a fearsome looking figure, Oniwakamaru silently and stoically set to work. Alone he toiled until relief from the local daimyo arrived. Upon seeing him working alone, the lord stripped the local shrine of the village of everything and awarded them to the giant. Unknown to anyone at the time, it included the Forest Mother's Hide which had been used as a protective charm for the village.

For twenty years, Oniwakamaru wandered, aiding those on the path and those within his sight. His name would be spread far and wide, due to both his distinctive size and the relic that he had come to possess. Many had tried to influence him but the Demon Child of Musashi remained true to his training and his practice. Few bothered him twice. However his greatest trial yet began when the sun set and refused to rise again. With a land shrouded in darkness, evil can only be on the rise.

Physical Ability: ...The Spear is the King of All Weapons - Oniwakamaru is a modern master spear monk. Though accustomed to his personal weapon, he can use any spear in any situation without a problem and learn new ways to wield a spear-like weapons without much trouble.

Mental Ability: Knowledge of Respect and Harmony - Oniwakamaru can learn of someone through fighting them. The first exchange of blows enables him to grasp of the user's technique. The second exchange of blows reveals the underlying principles of their style. The third exchange exposes their personal interpretation and quirks. Beyond those exchanges, each blow further reveals the underlying psychology that drives the conflict and increases the possibility of resolving it, peacefully or not. Only the first three exchanges are worth remembering as no two fights are ever the same.

Relic: The Forest Mother's Hide - In the time before the White King rose to prominence, Haku Ou's first achievement was to slay the beast that was ravaging the land that had nursed and raised him. It was said that the beast's hide was thick, impervious to blade, spear, and arrow alike. Its fangs were the length of great swords. The silver and black stripes that adorned its boulder-sized flanks hid it well in the shadows of the Great Forest. As men had cut deep in to the forest, its guardian awoke to slay the interlopers. In the end it was not brute force that felled the beast but the intelligence of man. Haku Ou devised a trap of sticky honey and slippery oil. He lure the beast personally before it fell in to the trap and starved to death. As a reminder of his first victory, he skinned the beast, hoping to use its pelt to honour the forest and keep his village from further harm. Indeed it would reside, untouched by time, until the day it taken with him on his eventual conquest of country. It would serve him well, turning away blows that would have felled heavily armoured men. Upon his death it accompanied him back to where Haku Ou began. For a time, it lay undisturbed out of respect for the White King. The only record of its existence was remembered only as tales, and a footnote in the logistical ledger in the old capital. So long as the White King sleeps undisturbed, it is said that no disaster could ever befall the land.


Sat Jan 07, 2017 3:25 am
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Name: Captain Heiwa Yoki
Age: 34
Sex: Female.
Appearance: Heiwa is average height with long dark brown hair. Her head is topped with a black tricorne with a magnificent white plume in it. She wears with a nicely kept uniform of Hakoto's navy. Heiwa carries a sword on each hip and on her back.
Personality: Heiwa can come across as rude and snobbish. She has mild anger issues often walking away and destroying objects. But her loyalty to Hakoto is unquestionable.
Background: Heiwa was born to a wealthy family of traders on Hakoto island. She was raised with the best training her parents could buy. Despite everything Heiwa rebelled eventually buying her own ship and becoming a fierce pirate. Her training made her a fearful foe both on land and sea.
Heiwa ruled the sea until one of her own betrayed her to the high council. She was captured along with many of her crew. After being jailed for a brief time she was brought before council member Senso. He spoke with her agreeing to spare her life as long as Heiwa and her crew worked for the council. After some debate Heiwa agreed as long as the traitor was killed. Shortly the ex-cabin boy was brought to the councilor and executed before Heiwa. Heiwa then began to make a name for herself as one of the most successful and loyal captains of Hakoto's Navy.
When Emperor Mushimoto Ryuken began to raise Hakoto decided to meet with him on the sea to discuss a peace treaty so the war wouldn't injure the country's trade routes. that day two fleets met out on the open sea. Two ships one from each side closed in and boarded one another for peace talks.. One holding Hakoto's High Councilman Senso and the other holding the soon to be emperor himself tensions grew as the debate went on soon the two ships headed back to their fleets. Senso met with the captains telling them that Hakoto had a new emperor. It was then that Heiwa snapped she despite being told about her new allies readied to fire a cannon upon the emperor's navy
Before she could fire Senso ordered his ships to take aim at Heiwa's ship; He issued a warning letting her know if she fired at the fleet her ship would be sank. After what seemed like hours Heiwa yelled firring the cannon into the water. She purposely moved the cannon's aim downward. She flipped around and stormed into the Captain's Cabin. Muffled yelling and cursing could be heard as well as some crashes shortly she returned back out. She dusted herself off before saying that she respected his decision but her owed her a new bird for her pet one had died. Senso smiled and agreed to her terms.
Years pasted as Heiwa followed the council no matter how displeased she was with it's decision. One day she was once again called before Senso this time to be sent to the emperor for a special mission of upmost importance. After some persuading she headed to Kyuriko with hopes to advance Hakoto's standing.

Physical Ability: Triple Threat Duelist- Heiwa has been trained in wielding two or more blades with excellent proficiency.
Mental Ability: Captain Expertise - Heiwa is an experienced captain. She takes pride in being a captain and what she knows. She knows how to run and maintain a ship as well as navigate the open sea using the stars.
Relic: The Tricorne of Manipulation allows the wearer to move small solid objects except living things.
Long ago a man roamed the world searching for answers to life's many questions. He searched for decades before word reached him of a beast that could answer any questions. He's search began again looking for this mythic beast with a tiger's body but the head and wings of a bird. When he discovered the mighty creature, the man approached the beast and asked for it to use it's powers to make him rich beyond compare. after a long silence the beast spoke.
"You will become one if the world's richest men. But should greed fall upon you it will lead to much death and hatred for you and your kin."
Then without moving a stack of gold bars flew across the room into the man's hands. The man content with his answer left to continue his work. The man began to grow his company and become increasingly wealthy Although he had all the money one could want he began to feel the lonely. Not finding anyone suited for him he again sought the beast
Once found he asked the beast if it could find him the greatest and most beautiful wife in all the land. Again after a long silence the beast spoke.
"You will become irresistible in all maidens' eyes. You will have a wife and she shall bear a child the heir to your vast fortune. But I sense greed forming within you so be warned that should it continue death abd hatred shall find you and your kin."
With that the creature used it's powers to summon forth a robe from it's stash. The man put on the robe and headed toward the city. Soon he found a wife and she did bear him a child. However greed had fallen upon the man. He wanted power so he saught after the beast for one more time.
Upon finding it he asked the beast for the power to crush any foe. This time the beast answered instantly.
"I will not answer you! You have been filled with nothing but greedy!" items from the creature's stash began to swirl around the room "As I foretold death shall come to you!"
In a moment of panic the man grabbed a sword from the swirling vortex and smited the beast. The items came crashing down as the beast fell. It was then that the man carved the beast's hide and gathered some of it's feathers. When he returned to his empire he ordered a hat to be made form the parts. upon wearing it he gained the powers of the beast. He led a great campaign until one day his hier killed him in his sleep and ran away with the hat. Thus the beast's vision had come true death and hatred fell upon the man and his kin.


Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:18 am
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I was told it wasn't too late to join about 4 days ago, soooooooooooooo here I am

Name: Ishida Kenji
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Appearance: Ishida is about 5' 8", and skinny but strong. He has medium length jet black hair, which you can barely see in the eternal darkness. His eyes are a deep blue that will literally cut into you if he glares at you for too long. He wears a black and white kimono, and has an extra that's a deep blue, with some clashy light brown sandals to finish the look. On his left hand, he wears his relic, a dark colored gauntlet said to heal those who bother you, but destroy those who destroy you. In his right hand may be a short, shiny, silver blade, or nothing if there's no impending dangers
Personality: Ishida is not exactly a people person. He doesn't care for others at all, despite his occupation. He loves only his family and hates no one. He just doesn't care. He does often get angry, though.
Background: Ishida was born into a successful family in Shikame, with two younger siblings (a brother, 16, and a sister, 8). His father, a famous medic, is loved throughout the region for his work, and Ishida had always wanted to follow in his footsteps. In his childhood, was a happy-go-lucky child with everything he could ever need, in spite of the darkness. Ishida's childhood was perfect, pretty much. A loving family, a few friends here and there, and fame. When Ishida left home, he was given a gauntlet that his father called a "good luck charm" in the field, which Ishida later found to be a relic. Ishida, working as a medic like his father, was as good at this job as his father, keeping up his happy-go-luckyness. But, one faithful day, all of that changed. One of his patients died in his hands for the first time, and his wasn't wearing the gauntlet. Ishida knew that this happened occasionally, which didn't deter him. What broke him was delivering the news to the patient's family. The patient, a middle-aged man who had a strange infection, left behind a wife and 2 young kids, all of whom were devastated. The anguished look on their faces, their tears, and cries tore apart Ishida on the inside. When they left with the patient's body, he fell into a depression. Then, he got angry at himself, put on his gauntlet and tried to punch a previously damaged wall with it. But instead of worsening the damage, the wall fixed itself, looking as good as new. This is when Ishida realized that his father's good luck charm was a relic he heard about in his childhood. One that can heal any wound. That just made him angrier as he realized that he could've used the gauntlet to save the man's life. Ishida spent days, angry at everything and everyone before realizing that he wouldn't be so angry if he didn't care about it so much. So, he made himself not care for the fragile live of humans, other than his and his family's. Ishida, still needing to do his job, now uses the gauntlet on every patient just to get the job over with. He simply didn't care for anything anymore. Later, when he heard of expeditions for those who possess relics, Ishida hid his gauntlet and denies ever having it, not wanting to help to life forms he doesn't care for in more ways than one.

Physical Ability: Yoru No Kurora (Night Crawler) - Using the everlasting night to his advantage, Ishida and his dark hair and outfit can blend into the darkness and sneak around enemies.
Mental Ability: Hābumedikku (Herbal Medic) - Ishida has a fast knowledge of herbs and can heal most aliments with them. Good luck asking for him to help, though.
Relic: Te No Jōka (Hand of Purification) - Long ago, a king ruled over the hand of Yoikoro. The king was loving to his people and never waned them in any pain. It tore him apart to see any of his people, from the laziest servant to his own daughter, in any pain. That's why, one day, the king had his best blacksmith work with his best medic to forge a gauntlet that could heal the aliments of anybody he touched. They went to work, and after years and years of working tirelessly, they did it. They made the gauntlet just the king wanted it. A healing gauntlet, though he had to touch the target with enough force. The king passed down the gauntlet through his family for generations and generations, before his great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter an husband were overthrown. The queen, who survived the overthrowing, kept the gauntlet in the family as a reminder of their former glory, before ending up with a married in spouse of one of hr great-great-great grandchildren then, hundreds of years later, ending up in the hands of Ishida. The gauntlet itself is made a pure silver and has the word "FLOWER" written in black kanji on the back.

Mains: :kirby: :jigglypuff:
Secondaries: :gameandwatch: :pit: :yoshi:
Smash Ultimate Mains: :pikachu: :yoshi:
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Okay, I'll also be sending this as a pm to make sure you see it, but kp, here's the deal, you've been doing a lot of out of character stuff with Mocha and other players have been complaining about you so this last post is kinda the straw the broke the camel's back as it where, so I'm going to have to kick you out of this rp. I'm sorry dude, and I hate doing this, since I remember the good ol' days, but this would be just as unacceptable then as it is now. I sincerely hope you'll join us in another game sometime once you've calmed down and remembered how to play with others.

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I know and I'm sorry sometimes I physically hallucinate and you hate me so I just want to make fun of you for being a b****. But​ I love you so I also have to deal with how you are a crazed lying bastard cuz you can't admit that even you can't read my messages without snapping your brain.

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Anyway I'll stop being f*** insane so lemme rejoin the rp

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