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Platinum End -newest manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata 
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Platinum End is the newest manga by Death Notes creators, and this one is surprisingly similar to Death Note in lots of ways.

I highly recommend it, it's only 4 chapters right now so it won't take long at all to catch up. It's a monthly series.

Short synopsis: Main character Mirai has a s*** life. His parents died mysteriously at an early age and he was taken in by his evil aunt and uncle who inherited all of his parents money and treat Mirai like a slave.

Mirai decides to commit suicide. He jumps off a building but before he hits the ground, he's rescued by his guardian angel Nasse. She wants to help him be happy and want to live. She gives him 2 powers. Wings that give him the power of flight and an arrow, both which are activated just by thinking about it. The red arrow makes anyone who is pierced by it fall in love with the person who shoots it. (So the loyalty of the person shot will be with Mirai no matter what. ) And the white arrow kills the person pierced by it. Nasse makes him realize that he should live.

Nasse is one of 13 angels who descended to earth with the task of choosing a human as a candidate for the next God; So Mirai is 1 of 13 humans who became god candidates. Here's some of the ways in which Platinum End is similar to Death Note.

The powers all have very specific rules similar to the death note itself.
Both the death note and arrow/wings were given to the human by a god/angelic figure. (Ryuk =/= Nasse).
Like how Shinigami can only be seen by someone who's touched the death note, angels can only be seen by other god candidates.
And like how shinigami lurk over their human, angels do the same.

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Where it takes an interesting detour is when Nasse tells Mirai that he could easily use his powers to cheat, steal, etc. I thought to myself " this about to pull a death Note and have Mirai use his powers for 'evil' purposes?" But immediately Mirai says to her "You're an angel right? That sounds like something a demon would say". He makes it clear that he will only use his powers for good, and doesn't want to hurt anyone. So while it is similar to death note in many ways, it's also very different.

I mean it's its own series but as a fan of death note, it's impossible not to see the similarities.

Anyway go read it, it's awesome, 10/10.




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Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:17 pm
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Flight and arrows. So Mirai basically becomes a Cupid. That's nice.

Actually I'm gonna give this one a shot. Looks interesting enough and I was a huge fan of Death Note as a kid, so I'll go check it out.


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