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The Clan 
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Go here first.
"W-we don't want any trouble... we're not even in a clan." Said a young Human girl, shaking nervously, as a Bangaa warrior pointed at her and the ones behind her with his sword. "Iss that ssso? ...Alright, give uss 3,000 gil and we'll leave you be. Unlessss you and the resst of your friends would prefer to engage in battle." The girl looked at the rest of the Clan behind the Bangaa with a scared look on her face, a tear rolled down her cheek. "Please, let us go! We can't pay or fight you, really!" She yelled as a Viera stepped next to the her "She's telling the truth. Why are you doing this? Aren't clans supposed to help us?!" The clan laughed and the Bangaa put his sword down. "No team, don't laugh. The Viera's got a point. I'll help you..." The Viera felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder, the Bangaa had slashed at it. The Viera yelled in pain and dropped to her knees. The ones behind her stayed in shock "Now. I assssume you're in pain, correct?" He asked the Viera with a smirk, the Viera looked at him and tried to stand up. "I thought ssso. Well, I'll help putting you out of your misery." A stab and the Viera fell for good, the ones behind tried to run, the clan followed... In a couple of minutes, the clan members had slain the small group. "Damn it. They only had 21 gil on them, total." Said a Human Thief, wiping the blood of his sword. "Oh well, maybe the next ones will have more..." The clan set the bodies on fire and ran into the woods.
These weren't their first victims, and they weren't going to be their last...People have been searching for them, but with so many clans, it's hard finding which is the one responsible. The other clans are offered a very high reward to find and bring the criminals in to face justice, but the ones who have tried...have failed. Despite this, the Clan Wars for turf are still going on, it seems the criminal clan isn't in that. Still, it's best to be cautious, many clans have...disappeared. Will you stop this? Or...will you be next?

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None at the moment.

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