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Terra's Poetry/Story-Request Thread 
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Got bored one day so I wrote some poetry.
Forgetfulness: show
Pride at one’s past: how sweet!
Yet one’s past is a dark, dark beat,
Never people accept, never people see,
The decrepit past that they’ve once been.

Flames streak down that road, that heavy, hellish, road,
A suitable deterrent for the many unbrave,
Who lack the confidence to carry the load,
Just back and forth, water in a wave.

Forget, and forget, everything they’ve done,
All the battles, sorrows, sadness, past!
Nothing more here, they just carry on,
No more heroes, ignoring the war.

Never forget who you are:
Never ignore the glaring scars.

Arrogance: show
Souls forever detached, forever unaware,
That their mindless hearts forever despair,
For pride walks its path in minds insecure,
Leading the path to a mind impure.

The many, the few, that gather together,
In furious pursuit to make them all stronger,
Live in blissful ignorance of those on the streets,
Those that one day have much more to eat.

How hilarious it is in hindsight!
To see them scamper about, blinded by sight!
Far too late; far too late,
Far too late to atone for their mistakes.

Pride, oh deranged, demented Pride,
Always seeking, yet never finding, their eyes.

Expectations: show
What do they want? Not what I want,
I hunger after souls, not mindless haunts,
That they chase after, ever so eagerly.
Irony reigns: they are so feeble.

What do they understand? How they work,
In futile hope for something they church,
Forever, ever, finding the past.
Nothing ever lasts: Nothing Ever Lasts.

Insults everywhere: “Stupid, stupid, dumb freak!”
They think my future is but bleak.
Their dreams: mine, they think, they vision,
I’m not them, yet much incision.

What do they need? Just success,
Nothing more, no love, no care.

Anyone who wants me to write something(this can include poetry/a short vignette) for them can go ahead and ask: I'll need the practice.

"With many sighs, they got up, and I followed, for what better way to spend the last week of your life than by watching humanity go about its usual failures?"

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Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:51 am
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