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pinkie pies story 
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I've decided to move this story and Ill be bringing my storys back but BETTER

well heres pinkie pies story

hi I'm pinkie pie and I'm here to tell you my story of how well let me say this will be loooooooong story okay let me set the scene I had invited my friends to a partay for no reason it was on the very next day but noone showed up so over the course of 3 days I started going insane I locked myself in my house I talked to plants books
(yes I have books) and even a bag of flour I started writing storys about death and destruction. after that 3 days after I finally amerged from my house my hair style had changed no longer was it frizzy instead it was straight and covered half of my face pinkie pie was dead instead there was PINKAMINA DIANE PIE and she was looking for revenge so she thought to her self well hows about I get revenge on the only person who seemed to care about my dissapearence rainbow dash so revenge is best served with SMILES AND CUPCAKES so I went and asked dash hEy want to come over to the bakery to make CuPcAcEs later dash said okay and whys your hair different I said nothing about the hair. about an hour later I heard a knock on the door it was dash I let her in and said I just need some help to make some cupcakes for celestia but first I want you to taste one I made earlier so dash did and imedietly fainted I said to my self perfect and I dragged her down to the s**** or as I liked to call it my CUPCAKE dungeon heheheheheheh right so I tied dash up on plank of wood suspended in the air that was able to be rotated at will when dash woke up she said where am I so I turned the one bulb on in the dark room and when I did it reaveled words written on the walls in blood LIFE IS A PARTY I then said to dash Ive ran out of the special ingredient for my cupcakes and you need to help me get them and to make sure you don't run or fly away I've took the liberty of chopping your wings off and tying you up so lets get started shall wE so I started by cutting her cutie mark off her flank slowly and I watched her cringe and cry in agony I then said to her we're not even halfway through so I grabbed the scalpel and made an incision down her stomach and ripped her internal organs out chopped up and made up into cupcakes then dash died then I said well I can just stuff her and she can be my bff. well that was my story. SCARED YET muhahahahaha


why does pinkie pie keep killing rainbow dash its not like shes going to get any thing out of it

Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:11 am
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pretty sure this is an actual flash movie on newgrounds

EDIT: actually here it is. happy tree friends all over again. YEESH.


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early 2k nostalgia mode

Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:14 am

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but it's not even clop???


Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:14 pm
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