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Remilia Prower 
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For some reason it won't let me post my bio in the character bio section. If Kiki could move this there I'd appreciate it.

I'm making an exception post from my official exit to post this for approval, especially from Kiki, whom has made this all possible with her bio guides.

This took me nearly a year to make from beginning to end, and over the past two weeks I got into high gear to compile all the information into this bio. It's amazing what I've learned in the past two weeks, from elements and magnets, to bra sizes. Special thanks to Reimu for assisting in the creation of the bio. Warning: this bio is very extensive in information and is thus very long.

Name: Remilia Prower

Age/Date of Birth: 27 / October 17

Gender: Under revision

Relatives: Under revision

Alignment: Under revision

Social Class: One of the three leaders of the Vulperian Nation; General of Reyn City Military Division. Her social class in other worlds will be different from place to place depending on her circumstances.

Occupation: In her home city within the Vulperian Void she is the General and Supreme leader there, with duties consisting of administrative tasks, to community service projects; in other worlds it depends on the circumstances she is under what her occupation is.

Race / Species: Kitsune (formerly human)

Physical Appearance: Height: 5'7"; Weight: 115lbs; Breast size: 32B; Waist size: 28"; Hip size: 32"; She has a rectangular body type that is rather fit and well toned as she exercises regularly, but she is rather lean as she does not eat very often; She typically only sports three physical forms: fox form, human form, and anthropomorphic fox form .

Fox form: Your typical fox look. She has vermillion orange fur, similar to her hair color. If she desires, she will have more than one tail (The maximum depending on how many she has at the time).

Human form: Under revision

Anthro form: Under revision

Wardrobe of Choice: Under revision

Personality: Under revision

Background: Under revision

Weapon(s) of Choice: Under revision

Talents: She is currently studying Japanese, Korean, piano, artwork and governmental politics. She is also good at giving speeches if given a little time to prepare. She is fairly adept at racing and fighting video games. She is impressively skilled at digging and hiding things.

Abilities: Kitsune Abilities consisting of: Kitsunebi (electrokinesis; see explanation below); Shapeshifting (male/female, fox/human only unless a storyline dictates otherwise); Enhanced Durability (Her body is very tough and resistant to damage. Her defense rises even higher with an electrokinetic trait called "electric enhanced condition" [explained below]); Enhanced Stamina (Kitsune have naturally high stamina, and Remi is no exception. She has a great deal of health, can move with great speed without tiring, and can withstand great amounts of damage without passing out); Moderate Environmental Adaptation (Excluding areas under the affect of an EMP); Decelerated Aging (Being a full kitsune, she can live for over a thousand years and is able to maintain youth and an associated image throughout her life); Electromagnetic Field Generation and Manipulation (The field is constant and is fixed to her position. It is 3 square meters in diameter. This allows her to control enchanted ferromagnetic material, or tether to regular ferromagnetic material within the same range.); Limited Shapeshifting (Only into the above mentioned forms); Respawn (see explanation below)

Her electrokinesis is greatly modified and is explained below in its own section.

Remilia's Electrokinesis

Definition: User can create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Electrokinesis is Remilia's most used skill. Because she was not born with the skill, control over electrokinesis is foreign to her. Jethro knew this and thus limited and modified her ability to use electrokinesis based upon her wishes and what he felt would be safest for her.

A quick summation of the changes:
⦁ She cannot use summon raw electricity. In other words, she cannot do things like shoot lightning bolts from her hands. In order to use her energy, she needs conduits to use her energy through. For example, she can attach a cannon to her back and use her electrokinesis to constantly charge it. The only “unassisted” skills she can use at this time are:
⦁ - Lightning Tether: A skill where she can attach herself, or latch onto to any ferromagnetic material.
⦁ - Electroportation: See notes below.
⦁ - Prevalent Discharge: See notes below.
⦁ - Force Fields: Pretty self explanatory. She can only make a form-fitting shield around herself. She cannot cast fields upon others.
⦁ She does not use particles in the air for her electrokinetic powers. She is unable to do this even if she wanted to. Her power is a form of “emulated electrity”. Think of it as energy with a DNA. It has the exact same functions and properties of regular electricity, but is only created by her. She cannot withstand foreign forms of electricy (aka naturally generated electricity). Because of this, she cannot use the particles in the air to generate electricity.
⦁ The only way for her to restore her energy is through eating or sleeping. She cannot go to a power station or electric outlet to recharge for the same reason mentioned above. There is an exception, which is explained below.
⦁ She is not resistant to electricity. Although she can block it with force fields, she comes into direct contact with electricity, she will get burned or shocked)

The most prevalent use of her power is running electricity through an object to store energy (aka a battery) or run it through any metal with a conductive property that has been enchanted she or her siblings have enchanted. In this way, she could build a weapon, such as an energy cannon and charge it limitlessly with her energy, she can also wrap electricity around physical metal constructs that she is holding. In other words, she could take a sword, and place an electric field around it. The electricity she creates is typically used to:
⦁ Can use ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, or diamagnetic metal that has been enchanted that she can reshape with her electrokinesis to construct cannons, rifles, shotguns, bit systems, and the like. She is further able to create ammunition for these weapons using her energy as well.
⦁ She can store her energy in batteries, recover it through eating or sleeping (typically sleeping) and then reabsorb the stored energy at a later time, increasing her energy capacity depending on how much energy is absorbed.
⦁ She can wrap enchanted metal with electricity giving it lightning properties, higher damage output, and increased durability.

A bonus skill of electrokinetics is the ability to control magnetic fields. Her ability to do this is slightly modified. Not only can she manipulate magnetic fields, she creates one within 3 square kilometers of her position. This skill is passive and only follows her around. She cannot move the field away from her standing position. The purpose of this generated field is so she can control, or tether to, ferromagnetic materials. Normal ferromagnetic materials can only be tethered to. In order to control a material, by means of combining electrotelekinesis, a ferromagnetic, diamagnetic, or paramagnetic compound must be "enchanted". To enchant a metal, it has to be sent home and processed over the space of many hours. It will then carry her “signature” and will convert any diamagnetic or paramagnetic compound into a ferromagnetic one. Once fully enchanted, all she has to do is keep the material near her by attaching it to her clothing or body or simply keeping it within range so that it remains in her magnetic field's area of affect. She carries a specifically enchanted set of metal plates with her at all times. The plates are made of a palladium silver alloy that have been enchanted to be ferromagnetic instead of paramagnetic. These plates are paper thin and amount to about 100 plates at about a square decimeter in size each (50 on each shoulder). These plates are specially divided so that they can be folded many times to form to her clothing or be reshaped into whatever she has in mind. They are typically worn as adornments on her vest shoulders. She also sports a pair of greaves, a wrist charm, a belt buckle, and buttons on her vest and shorts that have the same enchanted alloys. She uses her power to telekinetically control the metal, which can be used to move the metal plates on her shoulders around freely in any form she constructs them.

These enchanted metals can also be made into constructs. Typically she makes them into cannons, shotguns, bit systems, armor, spears, and shields. In the case of the bit systems cannons and shields, there is a great simplicity involved. All she has to do is shape some metal plates in the form of a cannon, shotgun, or bit, and charge it with electricity. When she is ready to fire she can either pull a trigger, or set an attack command for the bits to carry out. Commands are issued by a tech bracelet on her wrist (her hoshi-no-tama), or a scouter on her head (if she is wearing one at the time).

Although this is her most typical application of her electrokinesis, there are a few other skills she has associated with it. Here is a general list of what she can do:

Attraction & Repulsion (Only for her constructs carrying her own signature)
Lightning Tether (Cannot be used as an attack. See above for other notes)
Deflection (In the form of personal energy shields only)
Electricity Generation (Her most prevalently used skill. She focuses on this property of her electrokinesis the most)
Electrical Telekinesis (Only for enchanted metals)
Electroportation by using electricity to teleport. (Requires SEVERELY high energy use and thus cannot be used unless an incredible amount of energy is stored away and reabsorbed into her all at once. This is very dangerous and is not attempted as she could end up performing a prevalent discharge if she overloads on energy)
Electrical Healing by charging with electricity, which accelerates the healing of cells. (Passive skill. If she is too heavily injured, or she is out of energy, this power becomes inactive)
Electrical Enhanced Condition (Passive skill) [This skill is the ability to enhance one's physical (strength) and mental (reflexes) using electricity to stimulate the nerves. The user would be able to jump extraordinary distances due to the increase in strength, or react faster due to the mental amplification. {This skill empowers her mentally, but does not explicitly make her smarter, to clarify.}]
Electrical Regeneration users can use electricity to regenerate their bodies with the amount used defining the speed of healing. (This is used to regenerate lost limbs, such as a tail that has been chopped off)
Electrokinetic Flight (Although this is theoretically possible, she does not do this. She uses aircraft or her lightning tether instead.) [Although Kitsune can fly as a natural skill, she is too young to do this.])
Electrical Telekinesis (Enchanted metals only.)
Prevalent Discharge users is capable of discharging destructive electrical energy that flows through the air negating all resistance that may be received from air or space. The destructive electrical energy is capable of destroying an entire an area, location, region, village, town, city, country or world. (Although she typically cannot use her power to perform raw electrical attacks, she can “overload” herself with her own energy and cause explosions. To do this, she must store her energy in something else, and attempt [or be forced to] reabsorb it. Her energy capacity is very high so this does not easily happen, but it is still possible. A prevalent Discharge will cause her heavy damage, so she never attempts to use this as a form of attack. Think of this skill as a type of suicide bomb. She does not necessarily die from this skill.)

This is a list of skills that are either sealed, or cannot be performed at all:

・ Electric Touch (Sealed due to instability)
・ Electrical Exoskeleton (Unable)
・ Elemental Pressure (Unable)
・ Light Generation (Unable)
・ Shocking (Sealed)
・ Electric Transmutation (Unable)
・ Electrical Signal Manipulation (Unable)
・ Electrical Telepathy (Unable)
・ Electricity Empowerment (Unable, as this requires her to come in contact with natural electricity, which she cannot absorb safely)
・ Lightning Ball Form (Unable)
・ Electricity Portal Creation (Unable)
・ Electrokinetic Combat (This skill is raw and difficult for her to handle, and is thus sealed)
・ Electrokinetic Invisibility (Unable. This is also a natural Kitsune ability, but she is still unable to turn invisible.)
・ Electronic Communication (Unable)
・ Electrolysis on atomized water (Unable)

This is a list of general limitations electrokinetics experience. Not all weaknesses apply to her:

・ May be unable to create electricity, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources. (She is able to create her own electricity.)
・ Distance and the amount of energy depends of the strength and skill of the user.
・ Electricity can be insulated by non-conductive mater such as air. (Does not apply to her, as she cannot cast electricity through the air.)
・ Electricity may be redirected by certain materials.
・ May be limited only to the path of least resistance.
・ May become useless if confronted electrical resistant material such as rubber or silicate.
・ May have to find electrical sources of power in order to recharge. (She is not compatible with foreign forms of electricity. She instead recharges her own energy through eating or sleeping.)
・ Reflection Manipulation could cause a problem since it's unclear if users are immune or not. (Although she cannot use her electrokinesis to directly attack a target, she can indirectly attack it with the energy from the weapons she charges using her own energy. This form of energy she is completely immune to. She can only be damaged by reflected energy if the energy is tainted [mixed with] another form of energy. Think of her energy as a form of DNA.)
・ May have problems using electronics. (This is not an issue.)
・ Users may short circuit if hit with water. (This is not an issue.)
・ Electricity needs a conductor like metal or water too move through. (Water cannot serve as a conductor in any capacity for her.)

Aside from the limitations already mentioned, she has one more weakness. It is possible to extract electrical energy from her. This can be done by attaching her to a battery and either torturing her physically or injecting her with steriods. Combining both methods increases the severity of extraction, but will cause her more damage. Extraction can be sped up by injecting her with concentrated pheromones, but sometimes she might go feral and start burning energy on her own. Once all of her energy is extracted, she will immediately go unconscious to begin recharging. Energy cannot be extracted while she is asleep.

The last unique trait about her electrokinesis is that it is able to sustain her in a way that she only needs sleep and nourishment from food once a week. In the case of eating, A human eats so that proteins, carbohaydrates, amino acids and the like can be converted into energy for use. Remilia gets energy from a constant flow of electricity flowing through her body. She only needs to eat the same day she needs to sleep, as her energy level will likely be too low to sustain her as it would earlier in the week. Unless overexerted, she can skip a meal two weeks in a row at most, but she'll start to feel the pain of hunger if she does this. If she attempts to skip a third week, she will starve to death. In the case of sleeping, her energy lasts a whole week before needing to recharge. She recharges by sleeping for seven hours in one day or night each week. If she does not get the full amount of sleep, or if she burns a heavy amount of energy, she will need to eat and sleep more frequently. If she forces herself to stay awake, she will start to suffer from psychosis. If she forces herself to stay awake further, she will suffer from a stroke and die just like a normal human would. To clarify, if she is still awake past the time she needs to sleep, she will not have access to any of her abilities, save enhanced endurance.

Weaknesses: EMP's (Will nullify ALL of her elecrokinetic abilities); Solar Flares (Same as EMP weakness); Nuclear Weapons (Same as EMP weakness. The nuke itself will not cause her heavy damage unless her electrokinetic power has already been nullified.); The effects of curses and disease (She is able to resist getting sick and the like. It's when she is alrdy sick or cursed that she falls apart.); Energy overload (She could get sick and could end up being forced to do a prevalent discharge.); Rare psychotic fits (Associated with viciously high stress); Perverted thoughts; Low physical attack power; Sometimes loses her temper in or after battle.

Death of kitsune

For kitsune described above whose true form is that of a ghost-like spirit, they are regarded as little more than souls armed with a large amount of Chi. Thus, death for that interpretation of kitsune is a hard thing to accomplish, but there are ways to kill them according to some.

This section is devoted solely to the sort of kitsune that has the true form of a spirit, disregard this section if referring to a "Mortal" kitsune.

The ways to kill kitsune are listed here:

1: Eaten by a dragon or oni: A kitsune may escape death from being eaten by other creatures by going to their spirit form and simply passing through them, but dragon or oni are an exception. When eaten by dragons or oni their spiritual energy is absorbed and digested to the point that their being is starved and killed.

2: Exorcism: A kitsune can sometimes be destroyed entirely by a particularly powerful exorcism.

3: Blessed or Magical weapons: This is by far the rarest and least known about weakness to kitsune, and is almost entirely dependent upon the interpretation of the individual. Some say blessed weapons act on kitsune like silver on werewolves, others say it can harm them even in spirit form with varying effect, but instances where kitsune are killed by magical or blessed weapons are quite rare, and are pretty much unheard of compared to the other two.

~Directly taken from Wikipedia

As is stated in the above entry, the three methods above are the only ways to truly destroy a kitsune. Remilia and her fellow leaders seized the opportunity to capitalize upon discovering this fact. In order to protect herself and her nation from possible permanent death, her brother, referred to as "The Administrator", created a very special device that allows them to respawn upon being killed outside of the methods described above. The amount of time it takes to respawn is dependent upon the strength of the spirit requiring restoration. A typical Vulperian citizen takes about 24 hours to respawn. A more elite member will take a week to respawn. Remilia, Zeke, and The Administrator require a month to a year to respawn, depending on the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

A respawn device can exist in many places. There are three permanent ones in each of the Capital Cities that the Vulperian leaders control. They can also build makeshift respawn points in each colony they occupy. These makeshift points are directly linked to the permanent points in the main cities. There are only three cities, thus only a maximum of three makeshift points can be placed per colony.

The purpose of the permanent respawn points is to protect from permanent death, but the colony points serve a second purpose: they also serve as a gateway into the colonies. In order to enter a new world - once it's found - a respawn point is built there. From that point, one city's citizens can enter through it to access the colony.

Unlike the permanent points, which are indestructible, a colony respawn point can be destroyed. If a colony point is destroyed, it can be rebuilt as long as a Vulperian is still alive to rebuild it. If all Vulperians perish and the respawn point is destroyed, the colony get "sealed" and becomes completely inaccessible unless certain conditions are met to unseal it. The requirements for breaking a seal vary from world to world.


Rem is my main. Kinda looks like Tails doesn't she?

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I've added you to the RP user group and I'll move this to the bio section. You should now be able to post in all RP sections!

Though only Pro RPers can make posts in the academy


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Kiki wrote:
I've added you to the RP user group and I'll move this to the bio section. You should now be able to post in all RP sections!

Though only Pro RPers can make posts in the academy

Wait, did we lock that place up again? I though we specifically removed any significance of being a 'Pro RPer' and opened the academy instead for newcomers to learn and get a hang of roleplaying before diving into anything heavy and requiring commitment.

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In my case it's ok as I'm supposed to be "retired" I simply made the exception post cuz I wanted feedback on this bio. Particularly in the sense of missing information, redundany, etc.


Rem is my main. Kinda looks like Tails doesn't she?

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Deciton_Reven wrote:
Kiki wrote:
I've added you to the RP user group and I'll move this to the bio section. You should now be able to post in all RP sections!

Though only Pro RPers can make posts in the academy

Wait, did we lock that place up again? I though we specifically removed any significance of being a 'Pro RPer' and opened the academy instead for newcomers to learn and get a hang of roleplaying before diving into anything heavy and requiring commitment.

My bad. They can post, but ProRPers can make topics for tutorials, etc.


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