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The Untold Story. (Rwby Rp) 
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Story-While team Rwby hunts Torchwick, the other students of beacon were tasked with other objectives. Most of these tasks were meaningless and usually consisted of nothing more than some hunters killing off a bunch of Grimm. But one team would stumble upon a discovery that threatens Beacon just as much as Torchwick and the White Fang.

Character Name:
Weapon:(Remember it can also a gun and NO SCYTHES. The no scythe thing is canon that's not my decision.)
Background:(Include previous training and life up to joining beacon)

Rules- (Sadly I know)
1) Unfortunately Rwby needs teams of 4 so try to find a team before making a character. If your looking you could just post in here and ask. A team theme might want to be discussed.
2) No Script/No Green Text.
3) No one liners. Try and do at least a paragraph. If speaking add some body language in there.
4) Stay in character and use this thread as out of character.
5) No auto hitting,
6) You only control your character.
7) No Mary Sues, aka no smashing suns into earth
8) Try to stay somewhat active. I know stuff happens just try to post frequently.
9) Must know about Rwby. If it intrigues you but you don't know it click here


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Joined: Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:49 pm
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Character Name: Synaesthesia (Syna) Ledger

Gender: Female

Personality: A show off and a stage hog, but puts in the work to deserve it, even if it looks like she's only about rainbows and fun. Bit of a narcissist in public, she recognizes and thanks others that also put in time and effort to what they do. When things don't go her way, she of course gets upset, just a little, definitely not a lot (really though, hell hath no fury like a diva that doesn't get her way). She always has to be putting on a show so she also doesn't like when people get to see her being unhappy, or even not dressed up. Normally you'll find her projecting her speech and talking with grandiose body gestures.

Appearance: While at first her leotard-esque battle skirt, boots, and tiny top hat may strike one as decisively silver, truly one that looks will notice when the lights strike it just right it has rainbow iridescent highlights. Combined with the insides, hat band, and shoelaces being lined with a true rainbow pattern fabric, and the multi colored tie, gloves and long socks she wears, one could argue her attire is much more colorful.

Her hair is a pale blue, as is her right right eye, while her left is a darker and richer blue. Not that you'd be able to tell, as a part of her daily make-up routine includes rainbow colored stage contacts, along with a blue eye-shadow and nail-polish, and pink lipstick and blush. Size wise she's a little small, and a lot atheletic.

Weapon: Dual Destiny: A dust casting long staff with the ability to transform into a dust absorbing shield.
- Staff: As a staff Dual Destiny is white metal staff and only slightly taller than Syna. The tip is carved like a knot of some kind, and it is surrounded by various vials of dust, positioned slightly to the back of it. This allows access to any dust it will need when casting, and can still be used to bonk someone without the vials getting in the way.
- Shield: The transformation is simple, folding the staff in half causes dark metal plates to extend out and completely encircle the knot. The knot then folds out and becomes the grip, while the dust vials become inbedded in the outside of the shield. Dual Destiny's greatest power arguable resides in this form, as not only can it shield damage from weapons, at any give time it can absorb and hold one spell from and enemy (or possible an ally), which it can then discharge in shield form to turn it back to dust (around a 25% conversion rate, or discharge in staff form to cast the absorbed spell without the cost of her own dust supplies.

Semblance: Parallel Form: Syna can give her aura a solid shape and form, allowing her to access it's strength in a physical way. This also hardens it, making it tougher to damage her, but notably increases the size of her as a target, while lowering her mobility, given the form she takes. A phantom knight some have called it, a large and misshapen dark suit of armor, it's arms and hands so large it could rest on them, and sometimes does, to off set it's tiny legs and almost none existent feet. Between the gaps in the plating seem to slowly leak corporeal shadows hand in the helm, glow two will-o-wisps, both blue, with the left being significantly brighter, and lighter. When it rarely speaks, it does so in a deep, resonating voice instead of Syna's normal high, almost squeaky, soprano.

Background: "Yer bigger than a Beowolf on a blood moon, the baby's gotta be a boy." The old man said.

"It's so gentle, surely it will be a little girl." The woman said.

In reply the old man added, "Ye can 'ave gentle boy, they grow up tah be gentlemen. Don't ya know noffin?"

"We'll see any day now. Who knows, it might be twins?" The expecting mother gentle cooed to clam the old couple. But as soon as she finished, she let of a gasp of pain and nearly doubled over.

"Brown!" The old man began while the old woman finished with, "Baby is comin'!"

"Mmmommm! You alwayst tell me thist sttory when I'm in trouble." Between still begin mildly chilled and losing both her top incisors teeth recently, the little blue haired girl that now sat at the foot of the bed had an uncharacteristic lisp it seemed, which only let the bed ridden mother smile at a serious situation. "But I didn't do anything wrong. You and dad both staid I could play outstide until the weather sttarted getting bad. I sttarted home ast stoon ast it sttarted to stnow!"

"Yes, but you went so far away."

"-I alwayst go to the far hillst. That'st where all the kidst go to play!" The little one interjected.

"I know, Synaesthesia." The mother smiled even harder at imaging her daughter trying to say that with her current infliction before continuing. "Your father isn't really mad about the distance. He just... he was just so worried when you didn't appear, because the snow was much worse than expected. Not to mention, the thing that brought you home. Everyone though it was a Grimm."

"That wastn't a Grimm. That wast Brother! Brother couldn't ever be a Grimm! What'st a Grimm?"

"Grimm are the monsters, sweetheart. The bad things the Hunters protect us from. Why do you call the armored man Brother?"

The little girl shrunk back from the question some and answered in a smaller voice, though no less of a significant one. "I don't know. I never had a brother I guesst, but other kidst have stome and they're big. And stcary. But they alwayst look out for there stibling, and I think that a brother ist the kind of person that would help their stistter, and carry her home when sthe getst tired from walking in the stnow. Sto, Brother."

The mother nodded, and shook her head, many times. A tiny little girl that had an ego the size of a lion, and the attitude to match. The old couple was so wrong with their guesses, but the mother, she was fine with what she got, even if it was half of what she was expecting. A daughter that lived in a sleepy town, that took training under a local protectorate team, WIND, vowing to become strong enough to help her mother one day walk to the window and look out. A daughter that had grown so much, (and yet so little) from the girl caught in the blizzard, now heading off for her first year in Beacon Academy. She just hoped they both made it to graduation.

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