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Super Smash Bros. Story 
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This is the fangame of SSB that I will develop. The title occurred to me thanks to a fanfic that I will write in the future, which will be used in this game for the story mode. The game is a kind of "spiritual sequel" of the original games, some fangames (ssf, ssf2, ssbc, sml, ssb rumble / ssbu, among others) and parodies (ssb relatives, ss battle 2, ssb mayday), so all the characters that are inside the aforementioned games will be considered veterans. The game will be in 2d and will be developed in the Unity engine. Apart from having the typical contents of smash, new mechanics and original features will also be added (I will specify this later in this post). The game will have several versions, each with its own content and name (the names refer to the game Another Metroid 2 Remake, specifically to the evolutionary forms of the metroid). The first will be called "SSB Story Alpha" and will have the following content divided into 5 demos:
Alpha 0.1


Quote (Cave Story)

Mario Bros.
Luigi's Mansion
Hyrule Castle
Poke Floats
Dream Land
The Spider Lamps (Original Stage)
Dream Palace (Kirby: Star Allies Stage)
Lavender Town (SSL Stage)
Planet Namek (SMBC Version)
The Balcony (Cave Story Stage)

Maxim Tomato
Super Mushroom
Poison Mushroom

Note: The content of the following demos will be shown in following updates of this post.

Features that differentiate this game with others:
Single attack: The single attack is a special movement that the characters can use, but their opponent is not able to imitate it. To execute it, a bar must first be filled. That bar will increase each time the player attacks his opponent, but it will decrease if the player is counterattacked. When the bar is completed, the user must press a button assigned only and specifically for this attack. Depending on the character, the attack will have a time limit of use or it will be instantaneous.
Story mode: The story in this way will be different from "The Subspace Emissary" and begins as follows:
"A letter has arrived to the brothers Mario, which says that Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Metal Mario, who has joined forces with Master Hand." After reading, Mario and Luigi leave their home to save the princess. However, they will have to go through several franchises in the Nintendo universe to reach Final Destination, knowing characters that will help them or prevent them from achieving their goal. " This story will be called "Origin", since it will give rise to the union of these franchises to carry out a specific mission. This story will be accompanied by sequels, which will be added in future versions of SSB Story. Origin will only have the SSB64 characters and three more from SSBM, Peach, Zelda, Crazy Hand and Bowser. In the sequels they will be adding to the rest of the characters.
Editor of characters and stories: The game, in addition to the Stage Builder, will contain one editor to create characters and another to create stories. The user can now create an original character or include one that was not included in the character set but that he wanted it to be, also create independent stories to the main one so that they can be tested by other users and comment on those stories, including me. The only limit is the imagination.
Revive: The user can use this function to revive his character or continue in battle with another, depending on his decision. This function will be used in the versus mode and the user can choose between abandoning the fight or continuing it.
And many more mechanics that will be confirmed in a distant future.

I will require your help in the following fields: Character Spriting, Stage Spriting, Sound Effect Implementation / Voice Acting and Video Editing. I will take care of the programming.

Without more to say, I say goodbye and I hope it may require your help and collaboration in this game. Until another post.

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Interesting tactic to keep this game alive. Good luck

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Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:28 pm
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