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(My first character bio was so bad it was laughable, so I made another hopefully not as laughable)
Name: Hank (No known last name)
Age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Personality: Hank is a sadistic person, not caring at all for his victim's lifes. He normally avoids talking so much of his personality cannot be defined.
Appearance: Hank appears to be a man, rather tall and strong with white skin. He always is seen wearing ripped jeans with blood stains all over them, along with a white T-shirt covered in bloodstains as well. His face is no doubt what makes him feared though since much of his jaw is literally missing skin so it's basically a big red smile with blood often oozing down to his neck, he may sometimes cover up his smile with a bandana though. His eyes are void of color and always white. His hair seems to be a bit long and unkept. His arms are covered in bandages that are soaked with blood though these bandages seem to be very old.
Biography: Hank was a normal kid for the most part though he had always enjoyed horror movies and reading internet creepypastas. His life in school however was unpleasant, he would constantly be bullied, normally by the same group of kids, and he never did anything about it. After a great deal of being bullied, he began to disturb his parent's with drawings he had made normally depicting kid's dying in gruesome and morbid ways. Eventually, Hank brought a knife to school and when the bullys came to beat him, he snapped and took the knife and jabbed it into one of the kid's eyes. The other bullys now which there was just 4 of, ran.


Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:29 pm
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