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This character was designed for that fantastical/wild west RP that no one joined.

Name: Victoria/Dawn Star Alisha Thomson
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Social Class: Commoner
Occupation:Guide, situational exorcist and midew
Race: Human

Weapons: Victoria is a proficient wielder of bolas, specifically the kind made with three balled weights, and she normally carries them on her person. Along with her bolas she is capable of using her carved walking stick as a weapon in her defence.

Physical Appearance: Victoria is average height for a woman standing in between 5’5 and 5’6, however her stature and the way she carries herself can give the impression that she is taller. Having lived off the land with her people, she has an athletic build and healthy body. Her skin is a very light tan, an indication of her mixed heritage from her British father and her Ojibwa mother. Her eyes are light brown and her hair is a dark chestnut colour and straight. On the right side of her head she has two thin braids with eagle feathers intertwined.

Usually Victoria will wear a deer skin jacket trimmed with a fringe on the sleeves and around the waist. Underneath, she wears a plain blue blouse tucked into a pair of jeans held up with a multi-colour beaded belt. On her feet she wears moccasin-like boots tied in a criss-cross fashion up to the mid section of her legs. Slung over her left shoulder and resting on the right of her waist is her medicine bag, filled with herbs, and various articles of power necessary to perform mide. On the left of her waist is where she keeps her bolas wrapped up. Around her neck she wears a gold crucifix necklace, as well a leather thong with three hummingbird feathers attached.

Personality: Victoria isn’t shy but she isn’t outgoing either. She prefers to keep to herself, unless her services are needed, in which she will go out of her way to help those in need. She’s compassionate and holds a deep respect for all things pertaining to nature. If she has to kill an animal she will thank its spirit for providing her with meat and sustenance to continue her own journey through life. Victoria is patient and observant. Oftentimes not saying anything for long periods of times, but still managing to keep up to speed with the present occurrences.

Seeing as she is of mixed heritage there are times when Victoria feels confused about who she is. Not quite Ojibwa but not quite British she’s unsure of where she belongs and how she is supposed to act. This is generally another reason why Victoria prefers to stay out of the limelight.

As a guide she is knowledgeable about the various happenings in nature, leading her groups through the wilderness in an efficient in safe manner. All the while, she is also imparting her knowledge on plants and herbs that are safe to eat and their medicinal properties.

Victoria’s quiet demeanour seems to disappear as she steps into the role of exorcist. Her father trained her expertly in the use of dispelling and exorcising evil from locations or individuals. She becomes a commanding individual, channelling the essence of purist holy energies to banish evil. Also, as a midew, defender of nature and healer of the soul, she will aggressively attack with the forces of nature. She is also known to have cleverly bridged the “white man” holy magic with the “red man” nature magic in order to create her own distinct variation of both styles of magic.

Background: Victoria is the first and sole child of Reverend Mathias Thomson, a missionary who went into the wilderness, and Talise/Graceful Doe, an Ojibwa woman. Reverend Thomson was a traveller from Britain who sought to spread the word of god to the various heathen tribes in the “untamed west”, but as he spent time with the Ojibwa he learned that they too had a great connection to the creator. He never revoked his beliefs but instead decided to become more accepting of others. It was then that he met White Dove, the midew of the tribe and her daughter Talise, otherwise known as Graceful Doe to her people, and the two fell in love.

Their relationship was stigmatised by the people of the tribe, but the couple prevailed in their love through the support of Talise’s mother, and the chief of the tribe. Following a demon attack on the village, and the reverend’s brave battle against it alongside the rest of the warriors from the tribe; they came to accept him as one of their own. They officially adopted him as a member of the tribe and a bonding ceremony between Matthias and Talise was held. After which, Matthias and Talise were married in the nearest settlement. It was not long afterwards that Talise gave birth to Victoria but she was also given the name Dawn Star, for she was born at dawn.

Victoria’s childhood was largely uneventful. When not playing with the rest of the children in the tribe, she spent her days harvesting fruits, and herbs with her mother and grandmother. As expected, she was taught the traditions of her people. She learned how to set traps, hunt and essentially survive in the forest. Her father on the other hand taught her things such as, public etiquette of the “white man”, world history, geography, and literacy.

At the age of 16, Victoria left her tribe to go on a vision quest, as was expected of all those who came of age. She journeyed into the forest with nothing but the clothes on her back and meditated for 6 days living off the land. On the seventh day she drew a circle in the dirt and sat in it waiting. Nothing happened the first day, neither the next, nor the one afterwards, but on the fifth day after sitting in the circle, simply meditating and being one with nature she received her sign.

A hummingbird approached her, and passed through the circle she had drawn in the earth. Its wings hummed as it flew around her head circling her, until three hummingbird feathers fell into her lap and the bird was gone. Victoria immediately returned to her village where she showed her grandmother the hummingbird feathers. Her grandmother was shocked and elated, for the hummingbird’s feathers were often believed to have magical properties. It was then that she was trained mide, so that she could become a midew, essentially a Native American shaman.

The teachings of mide brought conflict to her father, who had been taught that such things were witchcraft. In order to feel more comfortable with the things she was learning he thus decided to teach her the art of exorcism.

By the age of 20, Victoria was believed to be a fairly accomplished midew as well as an exorcist. Time had allowed more settlements to have been founded during that time, though there had also been an increase in creature attacks and restless spirits out in the Wild West. Wanting to see if she could stand on her own two feet, Victoria left her tribe and became a wandering pilgrim of sorts. She would go into town and see if anyone needed a guide through the wilds and she would then offer her services. Occasionally, the group she was guiding would face a creature, or a monster would be preying on individuals in the town she was in for the night, and she would deal with them.

Talents: Knowledge of the wilderness, survival instincts, hunting, first aid
Spiritual Sense – Victoria is capable of interacting with and sensing various spirits in her vicinity. It also lets her know when people are going to die. This skill is a result of the teachings of both mide and exorcism.

Mide – The teachings of Mide allow Victoria to have a very strong connection with nature. Essentially she can commune with the spirits of nature and bid them to do things with her, or tell her things. While this means she has access to the forces of nature, she actually prefers not to use it unless circumstances push her to call on the nature spirits. Generally she uses her Mide abilities to heal wounds.

Clerical Teachings – Victoria’s father has taught her how to effectively banish spirits of any kind in her vicinity. However clerical teaching extends beyond purification of corruption and producing a holy aura of protection. Under the tutelage of her father, she’s managed to call forth what she refers to “Judgement Blasts”. Her judgement blasts can be fairly small, allowing her to shoot them from her finger, or large enough to encompass her hands brought together. Using her judgement blasts she can fire beams from her hands that do concussive damage rather than explosive.


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