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August 10th, 2017 News (SSF2 Streaming Live @ Smash Con!) 
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But you can't speak for the people who play the game

You're just one person

Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:36 pm
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blackking1700 wrote:
To answer your question, I was saying us as in the players, since "we" are the ones who play the game. Again not complaining at his inclusion just saying that I was hoping the Devs would have revamped him a little.

To be fair, Pichu actually HAS been changed up somewhat. Similar to Luigi/Mario and Falco/Fox. Bedoop pretty much explains what I'm trying to get at here.

Bedoop wrote:
This is pure speculation + putting 2 and 2 together (And hopefully getting 4, but we may get a 3 or a 5 somewhere), but;
Pichu's role (In Melee, at least) is a Smaller, Quicker Pikachu with the "class" of a Glass Cannon. Fantastic examples of Glass Cannons in Smash Bros. games would be Mr. Game & Watch (to an extent,) Smash 4's Little Mac and Flash 2's Sandbag, their emphasis being they can hit hard but not necessarily take much punishment themselves for a variety of reasons, be it their lackluster recovery ability (Which is essential in a game like Smash) or their lighter-than-usual weight (Meaning they die much quicker.)

In Flash 2, Pichu has been de-cloned a bit as well as (seemingly) refined in some aspects to further fit both the roles of the "Smaller + Lighter Pikachu" as well as the "Glass Cannon," with his new array of Specials making him a bit more gimmicky than Pikachu.

As comparisons, let's take Pikachu and Pichu's Down and Neutral Specials.
Pikachu's Neutral Special--should i need to re-explain it--travels across the stage in a bouncing fashion, going along walls and usually ending when met with a ledge. Being an electric move, it deals a bit more hitstun than your average move and is great for Zoning.
Pichu's, unlike Pikachu's now travels in it's own unique way. Similar to Luigi's fireball, it "floats" in a specific direction depending on where you use it. Using Neutral Special when Pichu is on the ground causing it to float diagonally up, and using it in the air causes the ball of electricity to go diagonally downwards. This changes the Zoning feature of Pikachu's Neutral Special into a more Trap-like move designed to constrict your opponents movements and let you get in, especially with Pichu's greater speeds.

Pikachu's Down Special--for the sake of explanation--brings a thunderbolt from the sky that does one powerful hit and knocks the opponent sideways, as well as having a powerful hitbox should the thunderbolt collide with Pikachu. This can be useful for catching opponents trying to get back onstage and further hampering their progress, as well as a great "get-off-me" tool should you have the time to use it.
Pichu's has a similar-but-different purpose, as his thunderbolt is not only a Multi-Hit (Instead of one, powerful hit) but also send the opponent directly downwards (Not factoring in Direction Influence--or "Hitstun Shuffling" as Smash 4 would call it) making it useful for not only comboing into the hitbox that Pichu gains when the thunderbolt collides with him (Should they be caught early,) but also being an even more powerful tool offstage as Spiking an opponent usually has much greater results as opposed to sending them horizontally, as a lot of characters in Flash 2 have a much easier time recovering from above/horizontally than from below (Good examples of this would be Sandbag, PAC-MAN and Tails) so sending them downwards has much bigger room for results, and possibly sealing their stock.

Other moves have been changed to refine Pichu's aspects (Such as Up B and Side B going farther distances than Pikachu's, making recovery easier among other purposes) and whilst the Self-Harm mechanic seems quite damaging--pardon the pun--remember that Goku also has this gimmick with his Kaio-Ken x2 mode, which ramps up damage constantly (and at quite the fast rate) as the form is in use instead of just when using certain moves.

Overall, Pichu seems like a riskier version of Pikachu that you can get great rewards out of, provided you learn the ins and outs of him and learn how to hit his Electricity-charged Moves (As those are the ones that damage him, missing it might cause more harm than normal) as well as offering a different playstyle due to his speed and alterations on the aforementioned moves and others.
I could be entirely wrong once 1.0.3 releases, but here's my pepper and salt on the fine dish of speculation whilst we wait. :sandbag:

Bedoop wrote:
MeleeWaluigi wrote:
they nerfed Kirbycide. It now kills Kirby first. Unless Kirby gets buffs Kirby will be even more crap than he already was.

Why does Kirby's Kirbycide kill him first but Bandana Dee still gets the luxury
I'm getting very distinct Smash 4 Ganondorf vibes and I am not liking it :sandbag:

What the...? Kirbycide's been nerfed too? Hate to say it, but I'm getting Melee Kirby vibes here...

Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:59 pm

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kirbycide always killed Kirby first....

Beta is finally coming ;-; (≧ω≦)
I take it back, beta is a 1.0.2 is trash

Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:12 am
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Your right I can't, I made an assumption based on the negativity that I've seen and made a judgement based on it. That most of "us" would have preferred a revamped new Pichu instead of what we have. That said your point has been taken, we'll have to wait til it releases, test it ourselves.

Literally Nothing to see here

Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:54 am

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MaskofTruth wrote:
kirbycide always killed Kirby first....

actually, it killed both players at the same time when you used throws.

I say that because it's the only explanation i have to the result screen glitch that happens when you kirbycide with both players on their last stock. It doesn't work.
As in, both victory animations play.

Honestly, i don't really have a main.
Tails is nice. And marth. So i guess i like... combos?
And floatyness i guess.

Wow they actually fixed Ness' throw. kinda

PICHU HYPEexcept not yet /:|

Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:11 am
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Hey guys did they say when they would be releasing the next patch? I couldn't watch the stream :/

"Even when our eyes are closed, there's a whole world out there that lives outside ourselves and our dreams."
~ Edward Elric

Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:05 pm
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JPhoenix15 wrote:
Hey guys did they say when they would be releasing the next patch? I couldn't watch the stream :/

There has been no revealed release date yet.
Please wait warmly! :sandbag: -b

Stay groovy, wherever your travels take you. :chibirobo:

Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:07 pm
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