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Teslara (Plate RP) (Sign up's) 
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Now, before you think this is a joke because its plates, hear me out. this is an actual plate rp I came up with, and it's a half decent idea. Please, give it a try. Starts once 5 players are joined.
Lore: show
(Firstly, theres a TL;DR at the bottom for the lazy.) Planet Teslara, is the home of the 4 greatest races in all of the universe. The first of the four was created long ago when there was nothing but darkness. But when you have nothing, comes everything, and then out of what seemed like emptiness came the creation of a new era. This marked the ceramic era, the start of it all. The ceramic plates were believed to be the perfected race living on an "uninhibited" planet later known as Teslara. The ceramics were special, like nothing else in the universe, they could survive in almost any environment even the depths of space. The ceramics lived in harmony on the planet's surface often living a life of peace among themselves with little to no conflicts. During the ceramic era there were 2 head political parties, The Porcelain party, and the Stoneware party. They were complete opposites in almost everything and couldn't agree on anything. While they had there strong differences they still managed to work everything else and remained peaceful with each other. The stoneware party had the most control on the government of the ceramic people, but the porcelain party was always gaining more political power as time went on. This worried the stoneware leaders as they wanted to keep there control over the government. In response to the porcelain party gaining popularity, the stoneware leaders started segregating themselves from the porcelain party. They made special laws that only applied to the Porcelain party and there supporters and hurt there political power. This out raged the Porcelain party, thus starting what is known as the fall of the Ceramic era. A revolution began, the stoneware refused to live with Porcelain and they separated forever. The stoneware moved away, far far away, where they wouldn't be bothered by the likes of the porcelain ceramic people. the porcelain ceramic people stayed in there environment they didnt change much and remained the same way they were for many ages. The stoneware on the other hand, adapted to there new environment and over a long period of time changed into what would eventually be known, as the plastic plates. The plastic plates were not as perfected as the ceramic plates, as the plastic plates were not as strong and suitable for all environments. But they had courage and bravery allowing for them to stay strong and remain a strong civilization. The plastic plates were more interested in exploring the world rather then petty science work that the ceramic plates were well known for. As the explorers of the plastic empire went forth, they found a large area of volcanic islands. This place was extremely hazardous to plastic plates and they were far from suitable to the area, they had a hard time settling in the area and few of them survived. because few explorers and settlers survived the area which would latter be known as the "Foam Lands", it was mostly abounded by the plastic plates, as they seeked new land. But, what didn't realize was that some of the settlers remained on the foam islands, and over the next period of time, they adapted to become the Styrofoam plates. A race which wasn't famed for it's endurance or fighting strength, but instead by its incredible creativity and charm. They were able to create life on the volcanic islands and lived there in solitude for many years. Meanwhile the plastic plates found a new, more habitable land, known as the "Land of Papel". The plastic plates settled in the southern grasslands, as they lived a life of peace and little to any danger. But what they didn't know was that the ceramic plates had actually heard of the plastic plates exploration and decided to join in began there own exposition. The ceramic plates landed in the northern area of the land of papel, a land full of mountains and rough terrain. The leader of the settlement in the north was known as "Pardo Melone". His small town in the north had trouble farming and managing to sustain life there, due to the rough terrain and little to no good soil. Pardo ventured outwards into the mountains in hopes to find a betters location across the mountains, only to realize how far the mountain range went. He and his whole settlement had no choice but to make the journey across the mountains in hope to find a better settlement location. Along the journey many of the travelers died of disease and famine. Pardo and his crew were eventually successful in crossing the mountain and encountered a lake. To there astonishment, they found a vast city at the coast of the lake. This city, was completely abounded, no living thing in sight, but the city was still in tact. It was a ghost town with an eerie silence in the area. While Padro and his team searched the city for materials, it just happened that the plastic plates in the south started moving in land. The plastic plates encounter this same city very soon after Pardo and his team. The plastic plates and the ceramic plates were known to be very violent towards each other, and this encounter would be no different. The plastic plates encountered Padro's crew in the town square and began the "Battle of Rock and Paper". It was a terrible innocent with many lives lost. In the end, the plastic plates were the victors, and claimed the city as theirs. but the remains of the dead, cursed the city and turned the plastic people into a new race, a race of weak paper plates. Paper plates are very weak and not sturdy, as they can not survive in a wet environment and are very flimsy. The newly founded paper plate race, adapted to this new living style by becoming expert ship builders, allowing them to survive around lakes rivers and the likes. Paper plates were usually very scared and unsocial, they had many things to fear in the wild. Weather, Disease, famine. But they managed to survive in the great city they found. This city was latter named "Papel". But the emergence of the paper plate race, only angered the plastic and ceramic plates more, they were going to have even more competition in exploration and they both grew a disdain for the paper plates. However, the paper plates were very diplomatic people, they didn't find there strength in warfare and wanted to resolve any issues with peace. The paper plates wanted to unify all plates together for the better good of plate kind. To do this they searched for the perfect place to form the plate capital. Built amidst a large, rugged island, the Plate Capital is an extraordinary sight. Its beauty is matched by the backdrop of pristine skies which have helped shape the city to what it is today. Besides the climate these skies brought, they were also influential when it came to architectural designs, as the vast majority of buildings have been built with lots of glass and light elements to mimic the aesthetics of the blue skies around them. The Plate capital the was the finest city in all of Teslara. It was a gathering place for all plates to unite and solve world problems together. But 1 race refused to join the plate capital, the Styrofoam plates had no interest in uniting with the other plates. The once creative and kind race they were was gone. They had changed into a race of crime and theft. They roamed the open seas in hopes of raiding sea ports and ships for loot. They were savages to the rest of the world. The other 3 races worked together to try and put a stop to the rampages of the Styrofoam plates, but it was no use. The Styrofoam plates had an ancient relic, from the Forbidden lands (An un explored highly dangerous land full of hazards). The Relic allowed them to become unstoppable, their race gained incredible power. They were a threat to the entirety of the plate capital. This is where you come in, one of the many knights of the plate capital, you must work with your fellow plates to put a stop to the reckless destruction of the Styrofoam plates, they ravage and lands and burn the cities. But, not all Styrofoam plays are like the rest, some can be rationalized and reasoned with. To put a stop to the evil Styrofoam empire, you must first investigate there likely outpost at the "Cavern of Anchors". It's a rumored lair of one of the Styrofoam leaders, "Disaris". Best of luck, fellow plate.
TL;DR:There are 4 races, paper, Styrofoam, plastic, and ceramic plates, The plastic, paper and ceramic all joined an alliance known as the plate capital, while the Styrofoam plates ravage the sea with an unknown relic with immense power.
Map: show
Profile: show
You're applying to join the knights of plate capital, you heard rumors that they only accept 4% of applications out thousands. show them your best side with this this application here.
Age (minimum of 3 plate months):
Other information:
Starter Weapon:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Number:
Favorite Shape:
Favorite Musical instrument:
Favorite weapon type:
Favorite type of water:
And most importantly, Goals in life:
Races: show
In depth view on the 4 races of Teslara:
Plastic Plates:
Personality: Plastic plates are well known for their bravery and courage. They always do the right thing, and have an a good sense of right and wrong. Plastic plates can often be found working on improving their combat skills and psychical strength, as they strive to be the best warriors in all of the lands.
Attributes: Plastic plates are strong against water, and have no weakness or fear to it. But on the other hand they are very very weak to fire, they burn easily, almost as easily as paper plates. Plastic plates also have a unique bonus that allows them to survive large drops with little to no injury. They are also almost entirely immune to diseases.
Paper Plates:
Personality: Paper plates are famed for there incredible engineering and crafting skills. Paper plates, are very good at using their materials given to them to find a solution to a problem. They can often be found staying in large populated cities, not adventuring out to far. They tend to stay with groups to avoid being caught in a bad situation alone.
Attributes: Paperplates are incredible weak to almost all environments, including any wet swamp like areas, fiery volcano's, and even damp jungles or caves. But they do have their advantages, as they can come to some use in icy cold tundras where they don't slide as much on ice. They also have a unique ability allowing them to become incredibly flexible without any injury's.
Ceramic plates:
Personality: Ceramic plates like to consider themselves above the average plate. They are the perfection of plates, the originals, the strongest and fiercest. You don't want to get on the bad side of a ceramic plate or you're gonna be in for a bad time. Ceramic plates can often be found researching new weaponry and conquering land. Ceramic plates are also well known for their incredible high population in their cities.
Attributes: Ceramic plates are by far the plates with the most immunity to environments, they don't take much damage from any environments but they do have trouble crossing water due to their weight sometimes. The main downside to ceramic plates, is that if they fall from even the smallest of height's they take a lot of damage and get lots of injury's. The ceramic plates have a unique ability that allows them to roll forward at incredible speeds, allowing for quick transportation.
Styrofoam plates:
Personality: Styrofoam plates are often misunderstood, they prefer to stick with their own kind but they can get use d to other plates. They can often be found practicing Stealth and Survival in their free time. They are often very creative thinkers who can surprise people with incredible complex tricks.
Attributes: Styrofoam plates have a unique specialty, where if they are ever exposed to fire, they release a deadly gas that kills all other plates, making it very hard to attack their volcanic islands. Styrofoam plates hate tundras and icy fields, and prefer islands and caves. They also have a second bonus where they can safety float on water and even swim for periods of time.
Starting Weapons: show
This weapon was originally designed as a testing project, but it soon turned into a serious weapon with huge sales and is now in use by many recreational gun owners.
Its official name is the 4-ED, but it generally goes by its unofficial name: Comet.
This superior recurve crossbow has been delicately constructed of great dragon bone. Its string is made from superior silk, it's a very common material around these parts of the world.
Eternal Harmony:
The blade has a jagged, curved cross-guard, offering plenty of protection to the owner's hands and thus his or her life. The cross-guard has an intricate claw on each side, this weapon wasn't created by just any blacksmith.
A fairly small pommel is engraved with the symbol of the house this sword belongs to, a famous symbol and rightfully so.

Also, keep in mind all players will start out in the training at the knights of the plate capital. You can explain why you're there but it's not needed. Not gonna be strict about backstory either.

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Well, this is a lot more thorough than I was expecting.

I hope this takes off ^.^


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This may be fun. Cool how it's like an actual RPG, but with Plates incorporated well.

Name: Palauthcatait the Blacksmith (Paul for short)
Age (minimum of 3 plate months): Assuming 1 plate month equals say 4 human years, 5 plate months
Gender: Male
Skills: Blacksmithing, and adequate at handling a sword
Appearance: A light blue plastic plate with streaks of orange going around the outside
Race: Plastic
Background: Palauthcatait comes from generations of knights, but, to his family's dismay, he wants to make weapons instead of actually using them. His parent's have high hopes for him on the front lines, despite his rebellion. He's planning to secretly practice smithing right after he gets out of Knight training.
Other information: Palauthcatait's name is "plastic" in Myanmar. His parents are well-respected. Despite loving to be near water, he can't swim
Personality: Stubborn, with a purpose - Once he gets his mind on something, he sticks to it no matter what. This leads him to not be very well-liked by other plates. He has a great deal of courage, but below average bravery.
Starter Weapon: Eternal Harmony
Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Favorite Number: 1 because he will be the first non-knight he hopes
Favorite Shape: Oval
Favorite Musical instrument: Viola (true IRL for me)
Favorite weapon type: Sword (lighter ones)
Favorite type of water: Purified
And most importantly, Goals in life: To become a great blacksmith and start a new generation of blacksmiths in his family

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