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The Omnivident Book 2: Chapter 1 - Rumbles & Ripples 
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The morning's events had rattled Joey, but spending time just hanging out with other students and eating pizza was simple and familiar enough that Joey almost felt normal. The fact that he could sense the feelings of the people around him, though, reminded him that things were not actually normal. When he checked his phone, he found a number of worried texts from his family, which he hurried to respond to to assure them he was alright.

As he and the others walked into the lobby, Joey whistled. The hotel was an impressive place, and the fact the school had gotten all the students rooms so quickly was even more impressive. It certainly wasn't the kind of place he expected to find a weirdly dressed bunch of people arguing with the manager. Joey winced at the volume, and at the negative emotions he picked up from them.

He would've just made an offhand comment about the blue-haired man and simply moved on, but the unexpected fear Joey sensed made him reconsider. "You know," he said, "I thought about dying my hair, but my parents weren't big fans. If I'd asked to dye my hair that shade of blue, they would've had a fit." Casually, he moved a little closer to the blue-haired man and the rest of his group, trying to listen in on what they were saying. "What do you think all the fuss is about?"


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Glancing with little interest at Damian’s arm, Evelyn’s eyebrows arched as she shrugged. “You should be fine. I’ve never heard of a venomous gnome.”

“Junior Grayson’s is probably right, there are probably more of them holed up somewhere underground,” mused Adi aloud.

“But why are they shaking things up, and why now?” asked Evelyn “It makes no sense.”

“I’ll look into this further,” replied Adi as they walked out of the classroom. “You two should head to the hotel with the rest of the students – and Damian – Make sure you get that arm sterilized and bandaged.”


Fiona dragged both girls into the room before they were spotted. She had never been in such a situation before, and she didn’t want to get in trouble…and yet, the curiosity of trying a few shots seemed to draw her. She looked over at Lotus with a shrug.

“I’ll do one, if you do?” she said more like a question than a statement. Chantelle had no qualms with drinking, though as the eldest she would keep most of her wits about her to make sure that none of the other girls hurt themselves. Meanwhile, Sangeeta raised her hand shyly, turning down her offer, but ready to sing another round of “Bollywood Bangers”


“What do you mean there are no rooms available!” exclaimed one of the men in the group at the front desk worker. “Is this not a palace?! It says it on all the signs!” He yelled while pointing at various flyers and the sign on the wall behind the front desk. To note, Joey found their accents quite foreign – seeming almost British.

“I’m sorry sir” replied the worker, clearly unimpressed “We received a sudden influx of guests this afternoon due to the earthquake earlier today.”

“Do you know who I am?!” replied the man. The woman accompanying him touched the man’s shoulder lightly to settle him down and then leaned forward, whispering something into the concierge’s ears. Immediately the body language of the worker changed, his voice even sounding much more enthusiastic.

“Of course, my lady, your rooms will be readied at once. Follow me to the lounge” He stepped out from behind the desk, the oddly dressed family leaving the area. It was a notable and distinct change in character that the group had witnessed. Sam looked at Joey with a questioning expression and then shrugged. Joey on the other hand, felt something strange that he could not quite explain. It felt almost like a brief electric shock had filled the air and flooded his senses for a moment before disappearing.


Without Adi, Evelyn and Damian walked in an awkward silence back to the hotel. Granted, she could have just flown back by herself, but she felt a small sense of kinship with Damian. They were in the same year and they were both Spiritorum disciples. Old Evelyn would have just left their commonalities at that, but new Evelyn knew she had to get to know her peers a bit better.

“So…” she began a bit awkwardly “Your arm alright?” Evelyn hated small talk like this.

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Facing away from her and idly rubbing his arm around the bite, he muttered with a discontented tone. "Doesn't mean they don't exist." Now settling for holding his arm behind his back, he grimaced at Adi's agreement, mostly from suddenly imagining a multitude of them. He maintained a raised eyebrow of interest asvthey spoke and nodded quickly to Adi. "Sterilize, got it." Not actually practiced in doing so, he didn't concern himself with it yet. There was a far greater challenge ahead anyways, talking to Evelyn.

It wasn't going very well. Granted, Damian had a healthy dose of respect for Evelyn as another Spiritorum and really one more experienced than he was. He also found her mildly amusing in a challenging conversational way but no words came to him. Hearing speech come from Evelyn first was a surprise, the exact words were stranger still. With some effort, he reduced a potential chuckle to a mere smirk he kept out of her view. "Oh y'know, stings, burns, but not too bad. Say, speaking of arms, I don't remember you ever lifting," emphasizing the last word, he gestured an imitation of her carrying him through the window.

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Lotus let out a sigh as the two were quickly accepted into the party. Then she began to ponder the thought of having a drink. She hadn't had one before but that's what all the popular kids do right? But under aged drinking could get her in some serious trouble. Lotus pondered the thought for a bit.

"I'll have some." She said as she waited for Id and the others.


Id was quickly pouring drinks.
"Have no fear I brought a little bit of every thing. So what'll it be ladies? I got everything from the purist of Vodka to Champagne." Idelia popped the cork on the Champagne to add emphasis. The cork quickly flew into one of the overhead lights. Breaking it with a loud crash. "OH and Tsubaki, I brought something specially for you. Here's some Sake, and none of the bottom shelf junk."


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