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SSF2 Online Partner Listing 
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You might be asking yourself, what is the point of this thread? and the answer is simple, the basic premise of this thread is to find other people in the same state as you / Closest to you to play SSF2 online with, this will hopefully reduce lag and give you a better online experience overall.

So how does it work? Simple, just type in the state/province that you live in, Your SSF2 Online username and what tag you want (Tags are located below this) and ill add your name to the list underneath the state you live in, then if somebody in your state is interested in playing with you, they or you can just shoot them a message over mcleodgaming to set up matches against them.

TAG NOTE - If you do not include a tag in your post i will automatically put LFC

I will also have tags (LFC), (LFCP), (NL), (FPPNL)
LFC - Looking for somebody just to have casual matches with
LFCP - Looking for somebody to have competitive practice with
NL - Not looking for anybody right now
FPPNL - Found Permanent Partner Not Looking for anybody else right now

If you want your tag changed please just shoot me a message, for i will be updating this daily

Total Users Listed: 110
United States: show
- Alabama -
Bad Dub Sage (MGNID: SageHarpuiaJDJ) (LFC, LFCP)
K1dNova (MGNID: K1dNova) (LFC, LFCP)

- Alaska -

- Arizona -

- Arkansas -
Playat (MGNID: Playat) (LFC, LFCP)

- California -
spid3y916 (MGNID: spid3y916) (LFC, LFCP)
IncredibleLuigi (MGNID: ProLuigi) (LFC)
Huey (MGNID: Hxey) (LFCP)
ARandomNoob (MGNID: ARandomNoob) (LFC)

- Colorado -

- Connecticut -

- Delaware -

- Florida -
Maya Fey (MGNID: Lucina) (LFC)
King Zao (MGNID: Zapperrix (LFC, LFCP)
Panthera leo (MGNID: masterp443) (LFCP)
koopakoop159 (MGNID: A Clever Koopa (LFC)
Shine! (MGNID: Shine!) (LFC, LFCP)
HDthunder (MGNID: HDthunder) (LFC)
Jstar269 (MGNID: Jstar269) (LFC, LFCP)
Royal-X (MGNID: Royal-X) (LFC)
BoxGhost (MGNID: BoxGhost) (LFC, LFCP)
Sorabotics (MGNID: Sorabotics) (LFCP)

- Georgia -
kingomar112 (MGNID: kingomar112) (LFC, LFCP)
kiddpwns (MGNID: kiddpwns) (LFC)
Bkid (MGNID: Bkid) (LFC)
HotPinkPanties (MGNID: HotPinkPanties) (LFC)

- Hawaii -

- Idaho -
Dai Tou Zai (MGNID: Dai Tou Zai) (LFCP)

- Illinois -
theblackmystery (MGNID: BlackMystery/Bl@ckButt3r) (LFC, LFCP)
yoshikid (MGNID: Gabumonkid) (LFC, LFCP)
Ken Takazuki (MGNID: Kento Takazuki) (LFCP)

- Indiana -
BensonObama (MGNID: BensonObama) (LFC, LFCP)

- Iowa -

- Kansas -

- Kentucky -
BioshockFan (MGNID: TaylorGang) (LFC, LFCP)

- Louisiana -
Sekitan (MGNID: Sekitan) (LFC)

- Maine -

- Maryland -
DrunkenRockman (MGNID: DrunkenRockman) (LFC, LFCP)
blackking1700 (MGNID: blackking1700) (NL)

- Massachusetts -
Coolnnice (MGNID: nonono) (LFC, LFCP)
osmposm (MGNID: blossom) (LFC, LFCP)
Beaver (MGNID: Beaver) (LFC)

- Michigan -
Pach (MGNID: Pach) (LFC)
huthuthuthuthut (MGNID: Slaypes) (LFCP)
sparty88 (MGNID: sparty88) (LFCP)

- Minnesota -

- Mississippi -

- Missouri -

- Montana -

- Nebraska -

- Nevada -

- New Hampshire -
Beast9999 (MGNID: Beast9999) (LFC)

- New Jersey -
Equi (MGNID: Equinox) (LFC, LFCP)
Prestigue (MGNID: Ivy) (LFC, LFCP)
seventeenn (MGNID: seventeenn) (LFC, LFCP)

- New Mexico -

- New York -
Envioux (MGNID: Envioux) (LFC, LFCP)
Ed415 (MGNID: Mullkaw) (LFCP)
Zalozis (MGNID: Zalozis Zemsis) (LFC, LFCP)
DeathRea (MGNID: DeathRea) (LFC, LFCP)
GreaterMaelstrom (MGNID: GMaelstrom) (LFCP)
Griffinigma (MGNID: Griffinigma) (LFC, LFCP)
Maven (MGNID: the arrogant elitist) (LFC, LFCP)
Kyoz (MGNID: Kyoz) (LFCP)

- North Carolina -
superkid (MGNID: Superkid) (LFC, LFCP)
Jazz (MGNID: Jazz) (LFCP)
Zenkai (MGNID: Getsu1307/Misen) (LFC, LFCP)
Flamealgs (MGNID: Flame) (LFC, LFCP)
RonsoRage (MGNID: RonsoRage) (LFC, LFCP)
Robo (MGNID: Robo) (LFC)

- North Dakota -

- Ohio -
lunarhalo24 (MGNID: lunarhalo24) (LFC, LFCP)
CaptCleveland (MGNID: CaptCleveland/Captain Cleveland) (LFC, LFCP))

- Oklahoma -

- Oregon -
Doqtor Kirby (MGNID: Zekirby7) (LFC, LFCP)
mightyXtreme (MGNID: mightyXtreme) (LFC, LFCP)

- Pennsylvania -

- Rhode Island -

- South Carolina -
Saikyoshi (MGNID: KarmaPilcrow) (LFC ,LFCP)

- South Dakota -

- Tennessee -

- Texas -
Riddles (MGNID: Butt) (LFC, LFCP)
Maboroshi no X (MGNID: OtakuDeNoche) (LFC, LFCP)
Aceprodigy (MGNID: aceblood01) (LFC)

- Utah -

- Vermont -

- Virginia -
AfroWarrior (MGNID: AfroWarrior) (LFCP)

- Washington -
Thomas Terminator (MGNID: ThomasTerminator) (LFC, LFCP)
bomono (MGNID: bomono3) (LFCP)

- West Virginia -
coollogic16 (MGNID: coollogic16) (LFC)

- Wisconsin -

- Wyoming -

Canada: show
- British Columbia -
Starkiller2 (MGNID: Starkiller2) (NL)
Derk (MGNID: Derk) (LFCP)

- Ontario -
Sot6P (MGNID: Sot6P) (LFCP)
Hisoka (MGNID: Hisoka) (LFCP)
samad (MGNID: Samad) (LFC, LFCP)
dsc (MGNID: dsc) (LFC)
Nakdbananas (MGNID: Nakdbananas) (LFC, LFCP)

- Quebec -
Shaske (MGNID: Shaske) (LFC)

- Alberta -
Swaee (MGNID: TheXenon) (LFC)
Smellyhobo101 (MGNID: Smellyhobo101) (LFC, LFCP)

United Kingdom: show
- London -
Descended_Sun (MGNID: DescendedSun) (LFCP)

- Middlesbrough -
wazzwatson (MGNID: wazzwatson (LFCP)

- Cambridgeshire -
Jammy (MGNID: Jammy0 (LFCP)

Mexico: show
- Federal District Mexico City -
Byllant (MGNID: Byllant) (LFC, LFCP)

South America: show
- Chile -
Felipe_9595 (MGNID: NyxTheShield) (LFC, LFCP)
Drarky (MGNID: Drarky) (LFCP)

Netherlands: show
Auraka (MGNID: Auraka) (LFC, LFCP)
Jorrja (MGNID: Jorrja) (LFC, LFCP)
0redyoshi0 (MGNID: 0redyoshi0) (LFC, LFCP)

Germany: show
- North Rhine/Westphalia -
Thessbmzocker (MGNID: Thessbmzocker) (LFC)

Malaysia: show
- Kuala Lumpur -
Terra (MGNID: Terra) (LFCP)

Australia: show
- New South Wales -
Yellokirbyguy (MGNID: Yellowkirbyguy) (LFCP)
Whaku (MGNID: Whaku) (LFC, LFCP)

- Western Australia -
zerovin (MGNID: zerovin) (LFC)

- Unknown Province -
eltoNNNNNN (MGNID: eltoNNNNNN/eltoN/4444Spare) (LFC, LFCP)

Thailand: show
- Bangkok -
VED (MGNID: Dreamer) (LFC)

Philippines: show
- Manila -
Warau (MGNID: Pyoune) (LFC, LFCP)

Viet Nam: show
- Ho Chi Minh city -
Meyguhmein (MGNID: VillagerIsLove) (LFCP)

Panama: show
- Panama -
Xlay3r (MGNID: Xlay3r) (LFC, LFCP)

South Korea: show
- Seoul -
Ark58743 (MGNID: Weedy (LFCP)
jellybean412 (MGNID: jellybean412) (LFCP)

Sweden: show
- västerbotten -
sirgabite (MGNID: sirgabite) (LFC, LFCP)

Dominican Republic: show
- Unknown Province -
Erre (MGNID: Erre) (LFC, LFCP)

France: show
- Alsace -
Paturages' (MGNID: Paturages/Smurf) (LFC, LFCP)

- Bourgogne -
Sekanor (MGNID: Sekanor) (LFC, LFCP)

- Ile de France -
flowmed (MGNID: Theflowed/FlowMed (LFC, LFCP)

Brazil: show
- Maranhão -
Lexis15 (MGNID: Lexis15) (LFC, LFCP)

- Rio de Janeiro -
Blierck (MGNID: Blierck) (LFC)

Belgium: show
- Unknown -
markd.self (MGNID: MarkS) (LFCP)

New Zealand: show
- Canterbury =
☻Danny☻ (MGNID: ;Danny;) (LFC)

Scotland: show
- Unknown Province -
ohgosick (MGNID: ohgosick) (LFC)

Poland: show
- Unknown Province -
Popcioslav (MGNID: Popcioslav) (LFC)

As we go along i will add more locations


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Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:48 am
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South Carolina - (LFC), (LFCP)
(MGNID: KarmaPilcrow)

You should probably put the states in a box, though, and list other countries in another one.


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Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:07 am

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Illinois, (LFCP) and (LFC).
(MGNID: BlackMystery)

My first meme you could say?
MGN: BlackMystery

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Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:10 am
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Maybe i should just add an (Any) tag, Anyways logging off for now but i will update it when i wake up.


Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:12 am
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Washington, (LFC), (LFCP)
MGN: ThomasTerminator

(Note: I'm located on the eastern side of Washington)

What is this?

Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:29 am
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Illinois (NL)
MGN: Gabumonkid

not looking right now but will be in a few hours

big computer freak on 24/7 and staying up till i can get back in my house....O.O.....damn it!!!!! back...after so long o.o


Thu Jul 31, 2014 12:09 pm
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Add Canada!
British Columbia, Canada (LFCP, LFC)
MGN: Starkiller2

Men that are trapped by the chains of "maybe" can never reach their dreams!
The weak are washed away by the tides of fate. The strong drink it up.
No matter the man, we all wear masks. Whether it be over our faces or over our hearts.

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Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:00 pm

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MGNID: Envioux
New York (NY)

Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:17 pm
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ZeKirby7 LFCP LFC Oregon, USA

ripping on stream design since 2014

Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:06 pm
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Ohio, (LFC), (LFCP)
MGNID: lunarhalo24

Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:28 pm
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Ontario, Canada.


Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:04 pm

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North Carolina, U.S.A.

Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:21 pm
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MGN: Jazz
My new favorite textface: :I
Region: NA East Coast

Face me in the arena!

Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:31 pm
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This is pretty fantastic.

MGN: DrunkenMegaman

FYI: I haven't been activated yet.

Gonna main Little Mac and Captain Falcon in SSB4.
SSF2 mains: ImageImageImageImage

Youtube Channel for mainly Smash content:
MGN: DrunkenRockman

SSF2 Offline: Godlike.
SSF2 Online: In good matches, it's great!

Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:41 pm
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DrunkenRockman wrote:
This is pretty fantastic.

MGN: DrunkenMegaman

FYI: I haven't been activated yet.
If thats the case just tell whomever messages you/Whomever you message that you're still waiting to be activated, i'm sure they're fine with waiting a bit.


Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:47 pm
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