Taking SDI to a new level.
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Author:  NASAPeepo [ Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Taking SDI to a new level.

NOTE:- SDI is basically altering your character's position by mashing Right + Cstick Right, Left + Cstick Left, Up + Cstick up or down + Cstick down. It only works when you are in a hitsun or frametrap. There are certain characters that can do this during certain moves. Best example can be seen here

I am only listing moves that might be useful for you to SDI out of. SDI is your only trustworthy option other than shield or jab if you are in a frame trap, altering your position by 2, 4, 6 or 8 frames (depending on the mash).

It is possible that you can SDI and alter your position by even more frames if you are in a frame trap. Best example is Ness's sideb.

Props to Savy for listing characters that you can SDI as, in almost every move! You can see his list here: viewtopic.php?f=97&t=39264&start=360 (I don't know how to link posts, sorry)

Here's a list of characters' moves you can SDI out of :

:samus:'s N-Spec - Pretty useless since you get the knockback afterall. But hey, you can at least space yourself a bit to not hit the blast zones.

:megaman: 's Energy shot (The normal Nspec. I don't know s*** about Megaman so I don't know the name of this move XD) - Similar to Samus's N-spec but you have less frames to act upon.

:ness: 's Side-B - No more grabs into dthrow.

:wario: 's Bair - Poor Wario.

:sonic: 's Side-B - More frames of hitstun than Samus's NeuB.
:sonic: 's Fair - Same as Wario's bair.

:donkeykong: 's Up-B - You have to SDI it immediately and go for a punish or your opponent will notice you and follow you.

:zelda: 's Fsmash - Very good for a punish.
:zelda: 's Usmash - Same as her Fsmash.
:zelda: 's N-spec - Same as her Usmash.

:captainfalcon: 's knee - Similar to Melee's knee but has less frames of hitstun. Knee deserves to be in this list :3

:blackmage: 's NSpec - Probably the only move that has the longest hitstun in the entire cast (depending on the charge). Great for moving out of BM, he most likely would not catch up if you move out of the stage.
:blackmage: 's Nair - You have to SDI fast or he will follow-up to another attack.

:jigglypuff: 's Rest - Just as great to save a stock... or is it?

:yoshi: 's Dair - Great for a punish. Also, you will save like 20 % of your damage.

:lloyd: 's Dsmash - You can still get all of it hits if you are too close to Lloyd even if you DI. But if you SDI out of it, you will surely get at least 1 or 2 hits. Lloyd is open for a punish after this.
:lloyd: 's Nair - Finally something that can get you out of this jank move. SDI too slow and you end up getting another Nair.
:lloyd: 's Dair - Great for getting out of this jank move. For some reason, you get a wavedash kind of thing or something like that if you SDI out of it correctly.

:chibirobo: 's USpec - Just too good. Leaves Chibi for a cruel punish and sometimes losing his stock.

:sora: 's Dsmash - You can sometimes escape his last hit (which is the strongest) if you Smash DI up. No need to get away from him, his last second hit will give you a little wavedash.
:sora: 's Nspec - Leaves Sora open for a hard punish.
:sora: 's Sidespec (up or down angled) - It is recommended that you don't try to punish Sora as it is nearly impossible. Just move away from him.

:ichigo: 's DownB - Great for getting rid of those salty offstage down Bs :D
:ichigo: 's NSpec - Works like a charm if you Smash DI up or the opposite direction of the projectile.
:ichigo: 's USpec - You can only escape this move if you smash DI up if it's grounded. His aerial version is very similar to the one of Chibi's.

:naruto: 's dthrow - Everything goes to Godot for finding out that you can smash DI enough to get away from Naruto's followup attack after the grab. (And unintentionally interesting me for making this thread)
:naruto: 's Uspec clone - Good to escape most of Naruto's moves and sometimes leading into a powershielded rasenshuriken.

:goku: 's dthrow - Surprisingly, you can move away from your opponent pretty far while still getting the knockback.
KK Goku's dthrow - Similar to his base form dthrow.
KK Goku's Dspec - Great for moving out of him if your opponent spams DownB while in KK mode.

Author:  Starkiller [ Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking SDI to a new level.

You can SDI nearly every move in SSF2, it'd be easier to make a list of the moves that cannot be SDI'd. Have you seen my vid on SDI? :P

YouTube Video:

Author:  NASAPeepo [ Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking SDI to a new level.


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