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This more closely resembles a traditional forum game, but it's related to Mafia and I think it'll be interesting, and we might get some really neat roles to use in future games.

The idea: Make a role, then post the name of a character, object, etc. The next poster makes a role based on that thing, then posts a new thing.

Make a role based on Mario, from Mario.

You are Mario, the jumping plumber from the mushroom kingdom.
You win when it is impossible for Princess Peach to be eliminated.

Active abilities: Super Mushroom

You start the game with 2 super mushrooms. Every night, you may choose whether or not to eat one.
If you do, you will become Super Mario and your vote will count for two votes until either you are voted for or the day ends.
You may only eat one super mushroom at a time.

A couple guidelines, which we can edit as this thread evolves:

- Feel free to add alignments, restrictions, etc. to your roles.

- You may only post if either 3 people have posted after your last post or 72 hours have passed since the oldest post in the thread.


For starters, make a role based on the Ugly Duckling.

YouTube Video:

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Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:24 am
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Ugly Duckling

You're disdained and bullied by everyone. But you keep trying. Some day, they will appreciate your beauty... and pay for their mistakes.
You win if you survive the whole game or it is logically impossible for you to not do so.

Active Abilities: Shy away.
Being so ugly has given you a good knowledge of places to hide. Once per game, during any night, you may hide from any other player, and you won't be affected by any abilities, either targeted at you or global.
Passive Abilities: Bullied.
Not many people actually like you. You need one less vote than usual to be lynched.

If Ugly Duclking survives up to Day 4, it changes to Beautiful Swan.

Active abilities: Remember me?
Once per night phase, you can visit a player. That player then will be roleblocked.
Alternatively, you can visit a player and do nothing to said player.
Passive Abilities: Show-off.
Your beauty makes you stand out anywhere. If you visit a player, that player will be informed of that.

Make-a-role based on Athena Cykes (Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies).


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Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:25 pm
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C'mon guys, it's not hard. In the interest of keeping this alive, I'll add a 3 day clause to the "every 3 posters" rule.

You are Athena Cykes, the analytical psychologist.
You win when the case is closed!

Active Abilities:

Hey, listen!

Every night, you may choose a player. You will listen to a radius around that player, targeting them and the players above and below them on the player list.
If any one of those players performs or is targeted by an action, you will learn the number of actions performed and the type of every action. (investigative, protective, killing, utility)

Passive Abilities:


If you do not use your active ability on any particular night, you will learn the exact effect of all actions that target you on that night.

Make a role based on Cinderella. (any version, though the Disney turn-into-a-pumpkin-at-midnight version might be interesting)

YouTube Video:

Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:57 pm
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You are Cinderella, the hopeless romantic slave
You win when the Prince is still alive.

Active Ability: Fairy Godmother
Used during the night, it saves you from being lynched during the following Day phase. You cannot use this ability if you have been targeted for any action during the attempted Night phase. You can only use this ability once.

Passive Ability: The Glass Shoe was found by...
If the Prince is lynched, the last vote to lynch will become the Prince. Only you know who the new Prince is.

Make a role for Ken Masters (Street Fighter).

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Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:50 pm
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