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Here's a fun little Online Mode glitch for you to try! 
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Hey, you.
Yeah, you. Lookin' at the screen.
Have you seen a Black Mage wanderin' around Online Mode with the name "RTEAM" or "GTEAM" that looked a bit odd?
Well, that was me! And I was doing a fun glitch to make my game a bit more personalized.
Wanna do it? Of course ya do.
Lemme break it down for ya, so you too can have fun little cosmetic changes in SSF2's Online Mode.
First of all; log in Online Mode! That seems obvious.
Next, go into a room that follows these rules;
A; Isn't yours (If you're the host of the server it won't work because if you enable Team Battle for yourself when you're host, it'll enable Team Battle for everyone else and that'll ruin it.)
B; Is in Free-For-All Mode (If it's in Team Battle, it won't work. This is why being Host doesn't work either.)
Once you're in the room (Which is probably a 1v1 Match, none of y'all play Causally online anywho :chibirobo:) feel free to pick your favorite character, your favorite color and your nickname. But don't press Start! Please don't do that.
Once you got your Character, Color and Name picked (We'll call the color you chose the "Waiting Color" for now), drag your mouse and/or cursor over to the "Free-For-All" button and click it. This should enable Team Battle.
Feel free to choose whatever team you want (I suggest if you're Player 2, choose either Red Team or Green Team, Player 3 can choose whatever and Player 4 should choose either Red or Blue Team) and once you have that color picked (We'll call it the "Team Color") feel free to enter the Waiting Room now.
Once you're in the Waiting Room, you'll appear as the Waiting Color as Sandbag greets you with a blank smile on his face. Everything should be normal, so just feel free to strike up a lovely conversation with CLEOD-BOT on how your day was whilst you wait for the match to start.
And now, the match begins!
But, something's off!
You're not the Waiting Color anymore, you're in the Team Color!
And what's this?
Your fighter's HUD, your Player Display triangle thing, your KO Blast effect and even your announcer clip have changed to correspond with the team you chose! It's like you're playing as that Team! But you're in a Free-For-All!
For example; if you chose Green Team and you're Player 2, the HUD colors of the fighters (Assuming you're in a 4-Player Match) would be "Red Green Yellow Green" instead of "Red Blue Yellow Green," the Player Display thing will be Green, and when you get KO'd it'll give off a Green Effect. And if you win the match, you'll be called "Green Team!" by the announcer guy! How odd.
Sadly I seem to be the only one who's been doing this, so I don't know what happens if multiple people do the effect.
What happens if two or three people are on the same team? Can they hit eachother or not? Will it become a 3v1 in a Free-For-All? I don't know! I haven't tried because I have no friends. Maybe you guys can all rampage around Online Mode and mess around with the happenings of this glorious glitch. Just pray the hosts don't have Team Attack enabled or somethin'. :chibirobo:
Virtually nothing.
It's just a fun little thing, I guess!
If you're sick of being Blue, Yellow or Green in Online Mode, do somethin' about it!
Now you can always be Red! Or always Blue, or Green! Fans of Yellow might not have such luxury, though.
So yeah, if you feel like having a nice little personal color, go for it! I personally like having a nice Green color when available since I like Green a lot more than Blue.
Go nuts!...Or don't! I won't judge. :chibirobo:


Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:30 am
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This is the only way Bomberman can have access to his Green alt. in Green Team


Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:54 am
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Holy hell.
Devs, please do not consider this a game breaking bug.
Keep scrolling.


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Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:31 pm
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