Super Smash Bros Arena 2 - 80+ Characters and Stages!
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Author:  Yangfly Master [ Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Super Smash Bros Arena 2 - 80+ Characters and Stages!

Yo! Hello Yang Kai/Jio Inzagi here, I think it's about time I create a thread for this, so here I am, I'll start with a small introduction.

Super Smash Bros Arena 2 is what I consider to be a "revival" of the old Super Smash Bros Rumble, the idea is here is kind of simple: "Quantity > Quality", but even so, nowadays I only do extremely good characters, but back in the time I started it most characters were kinda bad(by bad I mean simple, with simple projectiles, simple moves, nothing hard to code). And by that I've made lots of changes to the engine, and it now kind supports 90% of what people would want to do, as long as they know how to code in gml. The idea also now is for it to be modding-friendly, kind like how mugen works, I created a separate exe file for a version anyone can add new characters they do, and that's why I'm creating a topic here. If you're interested join up the discord server and see the videos I uploaded on how to create a new character, and if you have any question I'll properly answer.

Go download it here:
Discord Server:

You can find videos and pictures in the download page.
Attention: Balancers and character coders are needed e.e

In case you're interested I have some videos on my discord server where I explained how to create a new character.


See ya(ideas and comments are welcome)

Author:  Yangfly Master [ Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Super Smash Bros Arena 2 - Discord server open!

First version of the game is out!

Go download it here:


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