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Author:  DettaDoodle [ Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:36 pm ]
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Term wrote:
idk how your code looks or what this is being written in but you know there's an actual Queue class you can use rather than faking one with a String, right?

In game maker? I doubt it LOL. The writeup stuff was more to explain my thinking and application.

Also since it was lost on the last page:
DettaDoodle wrote:
[ ]
Added a dishwasher. This should be the last appliance in this area.
Also gave the room a splash of color, and trimmed the counter towards the end.

[ ]
Began to program The Guy’s AI. At this basic level, messing with any appliance will add its index to the end of a queue (really just a string) and, while there is at least one index in the queue, The Guy will walk towards that appliance until he is close to it. Once he reaches the appliance, he will pop its value off of the queue (really just deleting the first index of the string). This continues until the queue is empty.
Eventually, he will have something like a suspicion level, and if you interact with the object while he is near it, it will startle him. A cool idea might be to build up a combo by having him go back and forth between appliances to increase his suspicion level, then cash in the combo by startling him.

EDIT: upon further inspection there is a queue in gamemaker lol. Whatever tho.

Author:  Peyton [ Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Poltergadget - Ruin This Guy's Day

Great work

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