Pokemon Blue Lightning (Battle System Concept, please read!)
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Author:  Kurodyne [ Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Pokemon Blue Lightning (Battle System Concept, please read!)


Laziness is Over-----February 16, 2014: show
I haven't been working on this until just recently if you want me to be entirely honest. But now that I have, progress is continuing on the game and I have thought of a way to expand the battle system more than the simple "CLICK HERE CLICK THERE".
While the general battle system will be similar (click to make your pokemon go to a particular location), I have thought of many things that will change up the game, and it will all be done in the Attack Mode command. Here's how I'm aiming for it to work.

The attack mode command will be split up into two commands: Physical Attack Mode and Special Attack Mode. Doing so will change what the damage is calculated off of. So not many Pokemon will have the same attacking stats and can switch between them at free will. Charizard, for example, will be better off using its large 109 special attack instead of its 84 attack stat. Why do I keep the physical attacking an option for Charizard? To surprise your opponent! Pokemon like Steelix would wall Pokemon like Machamp. Let's throw them for a spin and use Special Attack instead!

Attack mode will also have multiple variations depending on the Pokemon, which will be determined by their type. Let's use Magnezone as an example. Magnezone can swap between Steel and Electric-type attacks. Getting walled by Golem's electric immunity? Swap to steel for some super-effective damage! Water-types, you say? Let's not use steel, let's swap to electric and 1HKO the opponent!

Doing this allows me to make more stats than just attack and health, and will bring more variety to Pokemon, and make the game more than a simple mind-numbing click game. What are your guys' thoughts?

Shiny rates-----November 25, 2013: show
Again, I haven't been working on this much (and as I said previously, my progress is on-off. Not sure when I'll pick it up, but I will!). There's been some recent news that X and Y have a higher shiny rate than the previous games. My shiny chances in this game are a perfect 1/8192, but should I perhaps change this to 4096? Or should I keep the rareness factor? I'm not sure!

Customization Plans-----October 26, 2013: show
After not working on this for a while (my progress on this game is on-off, but I'm sticking to it) I have been thinking about the trainer customization in X and Y and I decided that the customization is, overall, mediocre at best. I have decided that perhaps I would like to add a trainer customization option to the game. However, it would be better in multiple ways, such as being able to decide the exact color of the clothing, hair, eyes, etc. However, I'm not sure about this just yet.

Moderators, Battle Systems, and Gym Leaders-----September 1, 2013: show
We have been working on the game more and we fixed some bugs, along with making commands for moderators. We can now ban, kick, freeze, or mute any player we please. Pokemon can be nicknamed now, and a few bugs with the battle system are fixed. I have found some original sprites for gym leaders that a good friend of mine made specifically for this game so gym leaders can have both male and female alternatives. ...And I totally don't have a crush on the female ground gym leader, no no no.

Shiny Shinies and Non-Shiny Shinies-----August 30, 2013: show
Now that the battle system is in place and working, I'd like to ask about shinies. Shinies are a great part of Pokemon, and some people don't even know what they are or never saw one! They're differently-colored Pokemon, like the famous Red Gyarados. However, there are some Shinies that just aren't.. shiny. Let's take a look, with the sprites on the left being normal, ones on the right being shiny.
Garchomp barely looks different! So, MG. Should I keep these non-shiny shinies, or should I recolor them to a different color to make them look different?

Pokemon -
The initial opening of the game will have two generations of Pokemon, which are gens 1 and 2. Other Pokemon will be included for assorted reasons, such as Magnezone for being part of the Magnemite line, or some dragon-types so that gym leaders won't be Flint in D/P.
Shinies are present in this game with their original chances of 1/8192! Every Pokemon will be available Shiny, and a certain few Pokemon will automatically be found Shiny, including a very particular famous one. Shinies don't only have to be found by chance, though! There will be events in which users will get a shiny Pokemon of their choice, even if they already caught it and leveled it up.
Pokemon are caught in an incredibly simple way. They are found in the overworld and you just throw a Pokeball at them when they're close; the hard part is finding the legendaries. When/if a new battle system comes along, this will be changed.
I am not planning to have a level cap on Pokemon, but I have yet to decide how fast Pokemon will level up and what will be high or low.

Battling -
Battling will not play like the Pokemon franchise. It will play in a way that the trainer sends out their Pokemon and puts them on "attack mode". Any time this Pokemon comes into contact with another Pokemon that isn't the same trainer's, the Pokemon will deal damage to it. And obviously, when a Pokemon reaches 0 HP, it is KO'd. To move the Pokemon, you simply click and it will walk in that direction.
This battle system may not be permanent, but I remember it being liked and if it stays that way and there is little to no demand for change, I will not change it.
Leveling up will simply be a command where your character will sit still and the Pokemon will gain EXP over time. However, this will also be changed if the battle system changes to something where I can fit EXP in.

Trainers, Gym Leaders, Etc. -
Ah, this is one of my favorite parts of the game. Gym leaders are not NPCs; in fact, they are other players! These players must hit certain requirements; a particular amount of Pokemon that are that type, and a particular level must be hit (or total level, I'm not entirely sure yet). If they become a gym leader, their sprite changes into someone else (depending on the gender they chose in-game). Becoming the rock gym leader and being male will turn you into Brock, where being female will turn you into Roxanne!
These gym leaders will be responsible and will give the badge if someone beats them in battle. If they give the badge to players who haven't earned it, or didn't give the badge, their rank will be stripped and they will no longer be allowed to become a gym leader. It's just as easy to take a rank as give a rank.
Elite Members work the same way as gym leaders. However, they will have higher requirements; higher levels and more Pokemon of their particular type. Aside from that, they work almost exactly the same.
There are no requirements to battle a gym leader. However, you must beat 8 gym leaders to challenge an elite member, and you must beat 4 elite members to battle the champion (if any). There will be a gym leader for every type, plus one assorted gym. I'm not entirely sure how many elite members there will be as of now, but there will be more than four.

List of things I have done: show
>Catching system
>Chatting commands
>Entering/exiting buildings
>Badge commands (few bugs in it though)
>Stats panel
>Shiny Pokemon code
>Pokemon Movement
>Train command
>Level Up System

Things I have yet to do: show
>Put in more Pokemon other than Eevee and Charmander
>Attacking system
>A large map
>Graphics are not entirely put in yet

I am allowing people to design their own maps for this game. They will need to have particular requirements, though:

1. They MUST be made with a Pokemon tileset.
2. Must have a lot of room so wild Pokemon can be implimented.
3. If it is a town, it must have a gym with a note telling me what gym it may be.
4. Nothing too complex, please.
5. If you make a town, it'd be pretty cool if you would make interiors of buildings BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO THAT'S COOL
6. sixth rule if i want anything else

Screenshots are not made yet due to lack of content as of now. If a screenshot is 100% required no questions asked, I will make a screenshot.

Feel free to ask questions or make maps.

Kuro Korner
This is where I'll just type stuff up when it's on my mind/I'm bored!
If I were a Gym Leader...-----September 1, 2013: show
I got bored and thought about how much I liked the appearance of the female ground gym leader. So I thought: What if I had to make a team for every gym leader? AND SO I DID.

















Author:  <Awesome> [ Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (A "Revival" BYOND Project)

sounds cool, but could you explain the experience mechanism?

Author:  Tid [ Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (A "Revival" BYOND Project)

can you get a working prototype going soonish so you can upload a video of the battle system? im not entirely sure i understand it.

Author:  Kurodyne [ Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (A "Revival" BYOND Project)

~Awesome~ wrote:
sounds cool, but could you explain the experience mechanism?

the EXP mechanism is incredibly simple right now because it's well-liked and i have no good way to impliment EXP by other means. so, for now, all you do is basically click a button repeatedly for pokemon to gain EXP. this is a placeholder unless people really want this to stay.

Tid wrote:
can you get a working prototype going soonish so you can upload a video of the battle system? im not entirely sure i understand it.

it's pretty simple, i could take a video of it even without the battle system and explain it, really. people find it enjoyable (but to be honest it's just clicking around)

i'll make a quick video right now. and, as i said, it's really kind of beta and it'll be a placeholder unless it's liked enough. never got any complaints though and enough people played on the old MMO so eh.

EDIT: shablam 5-minute video of simplicity
YouTube Video:

Author:  <Awesome> [ Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (A "Revival" BYOND Project)

so I can make my pokemon lvl100 by clicking "train"


Author:  Kurodyne [ Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (A "Revival" BYOND Project)

~Awesome~ wrote:
so I can make my pokemon lvl100 by clicking "train"


well it's about the same as putting them in the daycare
obv. as i repeat many times, this is only temporary unless asked to stay

Author:  Kurodyne [ Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (A "Revival" BYOND Project)


Also battle system is up and running.

Author:  Kurodyne [ Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (Mods, Battles, and Gyms)

Update regarding, well, mods, battles, and gyms.

Author:  Kurodyne [ Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (Shiny rates 'n' stuff)

Added a new poll. I'm still planning to work on this; I just haven't been at it. ^-^ I will get to it sooner or later, I promise!

Author:  Kurodyne [ Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (Battle System Concept!)

I'm gonna bump this and I'm gonna want some ideas for this. I thought of a way to revamp the battle system to get type matchups and stats more involved. What are your guys' thoughts?


IVs work perfectly!

Author:  Kurodyne [ Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (Battle System Concept, please re

I've come to the conclusion this game's name is awful.

In my opinion (and another staff member's) this name sounds like something a child has come up with and we decided to rename it. We're locked between many choices, actually:
Jadeite (pff don't look at me the other person found these two and she doesn't even like tales)
Amethyst (On the fence about this one since it's overused)

We're having trouble. I'm trying to contact another member and she's not responding, any suggestions?

Author:  Psycho [ Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (Battle System Concept, please re

there are literally so many pokemon fan games that i cant even come up with one that wasn't used already.

the name should relate to whatever the game is about (like, pokemon emerald's "main focus" i guess would be rayquaza i guess? so the game's name was emerald like rayquaza's color)

Author:  Kurodyne [ Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (Battle System Concept, please re

as much as i'd like that, the game has little to no pre-set plot at all, since the game's player-run. :c

Author:  Kurodyne [ Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (Battle System Concept, please re

alright so i did a bit of snooping around on byond and i found a turn-based battle system
it's barebones but with tweaking i could get it to do some nice stuff. however, if i use this, it will sacrifice the multiplayer concept of player vs player, however only temporarily.

Author:  Kurodyne [ Sat Dec 13, 2014 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon Blue Lightning (Battle System Concept, please re

hey. i know it's been absolutely AGES since the last update (or me even touching this game), but i need to be in a pokemon groove in order to work otherwise i just get nothing done

i've messed around with a script i found which makes turn based battles, as i probably mentioned before.

i found out how to mess with the encounter rate as well, so now pokemon will have a 3.6% chance of being encountered. now, normally this is actually somewhat below average (it's the rate of a "semi-common" pokemon in Pokemon games) but i'm unsure how to get it to work any other way, so rarer pokemon will be able to be found consistently. the exception to these are legendaries.

i'm considering how to make encounters work, but i've got a general idea. now, as i've stated, gyms can be done in any order. i am considering looking towards the Pokemon Origins anime of doing things and making the gym leaders "check" how many badges their challengers have. depending on how many depends on what they can use, and how many they can use. these will be rental pokemon, and doing this allows not only for someone to be FORCED to lock into their specialty, but it will make the difficulty of battles steadily increase instead of having an erratic curve to the point where battles are literally unbeatable because gym leaders start before you.

also, i have thought about how encounters will work as well. since gyms can be done in any order, i can't have only level 50s around one gym's city/town and level 5s around another one, because that gives the sort of illusion that gyms are supposed to be done in a certain order. to fix this, i am going to have areas that are around a gym leader's town have lower level pokemon (2-4) and as the player gets further and further away from the gyms, stronger pokemon will appear.

i am also thinking about how i will make battle themes play. i might do it by generation (running into a gen 3 pokemon causes gen 3 music to play) which would be neat.

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